too busy

Quick pop in to track.
So busy.
I was in this AM to do my workout B - step ups, bent back rows, one legged deadlifts, military presses and curls, squats and tricep dips with 28 minutes HIIT biking added in.
No time.
Must dash!

The weekend of numbers

Hey Hey!
Guess what I did all weekend? Compile data! Wohoo!
Yes...I certainly worked my ass off this weekend. My wondeful J kept me from going crazy with the endless numbers. I took time to make pumpkin oatmeal muffins (yum) but for the most part I was chained to a computer. I took a brief break saturday to get a few things to wear to the conference (most of my clothes are too baggy to be professional) and found a bunch of things I love. I'm used to not finding anything I like, so I got some shorts and shirts and a few pairs of pants in the end. It's nice to have a few more things to choose from and I'll definitely look professional at the conference.
I gave myself the opportunity to back out of a workout this AM if I needed to since I was up until 2 AM finishing my data (begone foul numbers) but I felt up to it for whatever reason, so I came in today to do my lower body workout A plus abfest and 29 minutes HIIT on the bike. Admittedly my HIIT was a bit lackluster, but I came in and that's the main thing. It felt good to burn off all the stress I've filled up my brain with over the weekend with the constant work work work work.

I have much left to do with all my numbers and things to catch up on before I leave for my meeting, so I must be off. If I keep moving today I should be OK until I can get home and have a nap! :)

Have a good day everybody...

Strange Days

Yesterday sucked. Like a Hoover.
Experiments failed so my cell lines are still with me. I was exhausted. People randomly and unknowingly screwed me over. I found out that instead of going to the lake to visit my dad this weekend I will be stuck at home crunching and exporting (again) data. No fishing for me. Dad was disappointed, I could tell. I was very dissapointed. My visit with him was one of my rewards for working hard this past week, but no amount of hard work prevents major I jsut have to suck it up and keep going.
I can't wait to be done my MSc.
The one thing that helps me feel sane is knowing I'm looking after myself. OK yes I am running on too little sleep, but I've been keeping up with my workouts and eating very healthily. I'm sure it helps keep me going on days like yesterday. It took a lot of J hugs and a few tears before I stopped wigging out and we had some supper and I got back to work.

This AM I was up and in to workout with a solid workout - same as wednesday. Yummy protein shake and banana after and then blueberries and cottage cheese for breakfast - which is one of my favourite things. Yum. I have a healthy lunch and I'm ready for another long day. More work...but by the end of the weekend come hell or high water I will have ALL of my data exported and compiled. That gives me monday and tuesday to do stats on it before my big meeting in Vancouver. I can visit J's favourite aunt and cousin and see my grandma. Meep.

We don't have a button for that

Last night I discovered that what I was told I could do with my MSc software cannot be done - so I must do it manually - twice - to 330 slides - before friday. GAH! Like I have time for that. Sooo...the long and the short of it is if I want all my stuff even remotely ready for my conference next weekend, it's looking like I can't go visit my Dad this weekend which really pisses me off...but it is what it is. Dad hugs make it all better and I could really use one or two.

Last night I was up until midnight and this AM I was up at 5 to be in the lab at 5:30 to finish up what is hopefully my last cell culture experiment. Then it was off to the gym for a solid full workout. I pushed out all my stress and annoyance and sweated and it helped a bit. I did my same workout as tuesday with a bit of extra stretching and I'm in at work now ("regular work") with my breakfast and I'm trying to wake up for another day. Tonight is more number crunching...
And so...enough whining from me. I must be off to the lab.
Later taters.

Towel Day

For all you nerds out there - happy towel day.

To the rest of you - hiya. How goes things?

After attacking the yard last night and making a it a bit less jungle like I attacked some data. We made homemade gyros - yum.
This morning I was in to do my complete lower body workout for the first time in ages, then 30 minutes HIIT biking and my abfest. It would sadly appear that yes, I must lay off the arc trainer. Since I've stopped using it, lo and behold I have worked my way back up to my full lower body workout with one legged lunges and walking lunges and all...knee injury is fading again. knee improving is nice, but boo to that. I'm going to try and sneak it in once a week just to break the tedium - it's as close to running as I can get and I like to break up things, although I think I'll start doing one spin class a week, just to push myself. It's good to mix things up a bit.
I must be off...busy time. I'm trying to get away to visit my Dad this weekend and I have so much to do...gotta get to it :)

Have a fantastic day all - and don't panic. Just have your towel with you and everything will be OK :)

One out of three isn't too bad

Whew! It was a long weekend here, and I still managed to get a little relaxing in. I worked all saturday on my MSc, but on sunday J and I spent some the day doing errands and chores after a fantastic lazy breakfast. Most importantly taking everything out of our screened in sun porch, hosing it all down and washing and mopping out the deck. All is clean and back in to complete the set-up - our deck is now summer ready for another year. I cannot even say how happy I am about that. We live out on our deck in the, eat, even nap there. We can be out in the rain and there are no's heaven. I'm so glad we had a nice day to haul everything out to wash and sun dry everything. We even got out into the bright shiny world to see some funk on sunday night - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings :) She was like a female James Brown...I loved it. It was nice to have a pint and relax and dance.
Unfortunately I spent most of monday working on my MSc data, but at least I got a lot done. The fact that the weather was miserable helped - it wasn't like I could have done a lot else really. I admit I had a bit of a moody fit before I settled in to work, but I'm chalking it up to hormones...mixing PMS and stress is never good. I kept it together in the end and didn't eat my way out of it, and managed to have a productive day in spite of far, so good.

This morning I was up and in the gym again. I did my routine with step ups, arm and back work, one legged deadlifts and squats and 30 sweaty minutes of HIIT biking. I feel really good. A healthy breakfast and good packed lunch and I'm here, ready to go again. I'm starting to get excited about my trip to Vancouver in 2 weeks. I just have to get all my data together by then!! Eep...

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and it didn't rain on you too much.

you spin me right round baby right round

Well...I found a way to relieve my stress a tiny bit. My post from last night was in the midst of preventing a stress out melt down...and I sort of did, I carried myself off sleep soon after.
This AM I came in to work out tired and grumpy and stressed. I went to put on tunes to start my workout to find my iPod was dead. I fumed. Then I saw a spin class starting. I said "that's it I'm going in" and strolled right in, wheeled up a bike and joined in as class began....and proceeded to sweat like a fool and push myself and have a long sweaty spin class. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it, as it was hard, but it was good for me. My knee did not complain a bit. After class, there was just enough time for my abfest and a shower before I'm in to work with granola, fruit and yogurt and my coffee and my mind is much clearer.
Yes I'm still tired. Yes, I'm still stressed out and have lots to do...but I feel grounded. I think I might be coming down with a cold, but I'm hopeful it's just allergies and my asthma acting up and I'm ging to push forward...I'm ready for the day now. I can do this-it's just one day. I only have to get through *this* day. The rest isn't here yet... :)

Have a good day everybody!

Tin foil is in this season

I am stressed.
To the gills.
Things I'm trying to do for my project are taking way longer than they should and I am exhausted. So much to do. I spent 3 hours scanning slides today...I needed those hours for other things. Something I thought was completed must be repeated again...and I am just *done* for the day. There is just not enough time and sleep. I really need to do more, but I am just tired. I want to sleep...and I think I will...even tho I feel like a quitter for not getting enough done tonight. I have so much data. Seriously. I'm swimming in it. It's freaky.

I get to work all weekend (whee) and I can feel the old defenses kicking in...I just want to stop and my stress away. Funny how I still get that feeling...but it's empty eating now. There's no comfort in it now...a work i almost ate 2 muffins out in the lunch room but realised i wasn't actually hungry so i stopped (just had eaten a huge meal so i knew i was full). When i got home I still felt this way so I had some popcorn, and after a few handfuls realised this for what it was as i wasn't even tasting it...just shoving it in my mouth...and since then I've been ignoring it and trying to get some work done and keep it together. I'm honestly not hungry. Just stressed.

I will prevail.
Tin hat and all...
All day everyone was talking about how they were going to spend their long weekend...and i want one too.

ah well...this thinking gets me nowhere. to bed with me...

taco taco taco

Yesterday was a long day but I managed to finish I wanted to get done...altho I could have done more if I wasn't so tired from being up so early. I made a wicked taco salad for supper...I had a leftover flax wrap and I cut it up and put it in the toaster oven for some healthy chips for my salad - they were awesome...I'll definitely do that again! I've got leftovers for lunch. MMM. Giant salad. :)

This morning I crawled out of bed and came in to do my step ups, rows, one legged deadlifts, arm/chest raises and squats along with a wonderful 11 lanes in the pool. The pool was so nice and warm this morning...I loved it.

I'm trying to get more work done tonight, altho I may need a nap after work to get to it. So much to do...and so I should get to it. I'll leave you with this song that's been my head since I woke up. Have a great day!

early to rise anyways

This morning I was in at work at 5:30 to finish an experiment, and then off to they gym for my workout. I did my usual tuesday today - deadlifts, lunges and one legged lunges. I tried some back curtsy lunges today for something new. Then some more legwork, my abfest and 28 minutes on the bike. i was going to do intervals on the treadmill today but in my first interval sprint my knee started to get stiff so I just bailed on that and went back to the bike.
Now for a solid breakfast and I'm back in the lab again. Whew!
Another long day!

Later taters :)

Spin and Sculpt part 2 I am again after a night of data mining at work.
Not much time, but I wanted to pop in and log my workout. This morning I thought I'd try the spin and sculpt class again. It was the same workout, and same instructor as thursday and I pushed myself...I'm curious to see how stiff I am tomorrow :) I had sweat trickling down my face when the spin part was over. I'm finding as long as I don't do the standup-sitdown-standup-sitdown part of spin and stay up for it and watch my tension I can do it without my knee complaining. This is a good thing.
And so, I'm moving my tuesday "stuff" to's kind of fun to have something different to try. It's been a while and everything I read says you should shake things up every once in a while so your muscles don't get too used to things. I know my arms sure are feeling the exhaustion of being pushed...
I've got good meals today, and I must work hard - J and I are going out to see a film tonight, but I have to get some work done I must get at it so that I can go to the movie guilt free. Here's hoping I can be very good. I'll have to work this long weekend anyways (boo) but I don't want to add to my work then too much...

Later taters :)

New protein flavour - Oh my :)

Yesterday it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I haven't been so exhausted in ages. I kept falling asleep and couldn't pay attention to much. I didn't get much done on my MSc because I just couldn't focus on anything but how comfy the cats looked napping and how much I love my new pillow (I really do).

Today? I feel great :)
A solid night's sleep and I'm back in the game. I had a great workout this morning- did all my arm and back work, abfest, one legged deadlifts and step ups and and squats, but kept the weights lighter for the knee stressing things and I feel really good. Add in some biking for cardio and I'm good for the day. I still feel a bit thick around the middle but I'm thinking it's in my head. I weigh the same and my clothes fit the's funny how some days we just "feel" bloated...but honestly. I'm fine.

I bought some new protein powder on the weekend to replace my dangerously low stash of Iso Sensation 93 Cookies and Cream powder which I love. This time, on the recommendation of the Popeye's supplement guy I tried something new - Cafe Brazil flavoured Iso Sensation 93 protein.
Oh. My.
This is seriously the best tasting protein I've ever had.
No really.
As in I would drink this stuff for a regular drink given the choice over lots of other drinks.
It tastes like an iced cappuccino.
30g of purified whey protein in only 130 calories. Delicious. Dissolves completely. I've been taking protein shakes after a workout with a banana for carbs to help me repair my body after my workouts and this is the best protein powder I've found so far. It's better than their cookies and cream powder (which was my fave up until this point). It's a bit more than the generic soy or whey stuff in regular stores, but the extra few $$ is worth it for delicious healthy protein supplements like this. Completely dissolving great tasting drinks that last me about 1 1/2 months. These are my reward to myself for working out. I would heartily recommend it. Hell if I had free samples I'd give you's that delicious.

Anyways - off my soapbox.
Must be off to the lab for some science :)

Abnormally normal

I've been thinking as I continue to avoid working on my MSc stuff today (ahem)...

How many of us set an unreasonable goal weight? I mean, I had no idea how much muscle I could gain and be thin like I am. I'm far from perfect, but I had this magical number in my head as to what I wanted to be. I didn't quite get there, I'm about 8 Lbs off...but I look great. Lower than I ever thought I'd get. I'm coming to realise that the way I would have to eat and live to be at the lower goal weight I had in mind and have the perfect ass may just not be something I am willing to do long term. And I may be OK with that.
Don't get me wrong. My body is my temple. I exercise 5 days a week and (mostly) eat very well. But am I willing to live on weird supplements and odd meals of things that aren't satisfying to me to look a certain "perfect" way? I don't know. What if that wasn't maintainable? I really like food. I like feeling healthy. I don't want to beat myself up about not being "perfect". I think I'm good just the way I am, but yet there's a little voice in my head whispering "that's just cause you don't want to try harder". And I want to ask that voice - "how much harder can I try? What else could I do without being miserable?".
I want to live, not spend my days obsessing over calories and food and exercise. There was a time in my life when I just lived. I ate. I did things. I was just me.I want to reach that point again, only be healthy about it...
I know it's a constant consistent thing. I'm OK with that part. I can exist as I do now indefinitely I think and keep an eye on myself so I stay around where I am now.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. All I know is as my life returns to normal after my MSc - THAT is where it's going to get messy. Having my life back. Free time. Blessing and a curse...

Thing is - I've been thinking and as much as I really want to be done my MSc and just be normal totally Freaks Me Out.

Finally the last day of the week.

Wow - forget all I said about yesterday's workout class not being a challenge. Literally. My post about the spin and sculpt class has vanished into the ether...I figured it wasn't very hard yesterday. Oh bwah hah what did I know - I ache all over today :) It was tough to come in and workout but I did, all stiff and foggy. I was really tired, but I pulled it off. And my knee is fine today. Since yesterday worked my upper body a lot, I stuck to a bunch of lower body stuff, my abfest and some cardio on the bike with modified bench lunges and still no squats. Not as intense as wednesday but I made it through...

Tonight I have to go out for a bit to a fundraiser, but I hope I won't fall asleep during it. I haven't been this tired in a while, but this should be a fun night if I can stay awake for it! The potluck last night was ever so tiny as not many people showed up, but that was OK. We got a lot planned and I made a couscous/veg/feta salad and muffins, which I have leftovers of today for lunch. I bought some baby tomatoes to throw in the salad and wow - I love them. I don't like a lot of tomatoes due to texture, but these ones are incredible...they're like grapes and taste slightly sweet and aren't soft at all. I think I'm in love :) If you told me years ago I'd be popping tiny tomatoes in my mouth with glee I'd have had you committed...

Tomorrow J and I have a day's been a nutso week for both of us. We haven't made plans yet other than sleep and pancakes. He has to work sunday so I may switch my day of working to sunday just to hang out with him more tomorrow. After long weeks of long days poor J was changing a flat tire on our car last night at 12:30. It turns out that we really needed the new tires we're booked in to get today on our car - they're so bald that BOTH back ones have gone flat- one 10 days ago and one a day ago. Since the spare was already on it J had to put on a winter one just to get it into the shop today! He was up for work at 4:30 AM too...what a guy. He's involved in the fundraiser tonight so he can't stop all day until the wee hours, but tomorrow? Tomorrow may just be a long giant napfest...we shall see. I know if I ache like this tomorrow I'm sure not doing a whole lot :)

It feels good to push yourself. A little ache lets me know I'm working hard.
Add in a little napping tomorrow and boy, I'll be a happy camper.
Have a great weekend everyone!

take that alfredo

Well - today I kicked ass at the gym. Kicked. Ass.

I woke up all alert and chipper, gathered my gear and lunch and was out to the bus on time. Today I did a few back exercises and then 30 minutes HIIT biking...I actually had sweat trickling down my face when I was done! Booyah. THAT is a workout. Sweaty me. :)
Then I went to do my ab fest...since a few of you have asked - here's my Wednesday all out abfest. I've tried to look up the actual names of all things I do because I'm not exactly sure what they all are called...Minus the knee to elbow pull (I saw someone doing them and it looked like fun), this is my abfest that I do 2 or 3 times a week in my quest for a 6 pack...

50 captain's chair crunches (broken up into 3)
50 back raises (broken up into 3)
25-30 hip raises
50 lower ab crunches with exercise ball (broken up into 3)
50 half curl crunches with exercise ball (broken up into 3)
30 bicycle crunches
50 side crunches (each side)
30 V-up/pike situps
25 seated oblique twists with medicine ball (12 Lb)
20 knee to elbow pull (in pushup position)

Heh heh. Take THAT alfredo! :)

I've had my protein shake and my cottage cheese and blueberries and I'm ready with my coffee to work hard today. Another long day of data crunching. I'm all proteined up and ready to roll...

the curse of alfredo

I looked up how many calories are in the recipe of the homemade alfredo sauce I had yesterday. That was a dumb thing to do. Want to know?
Go on. Guess. It's 2 zillion times higher than you'd imagine.
968 calories in a cup. In a CUP.

Don't mind me. I'm feeling very plump today...I know I'm nor more than 1 or 2 Lb from normal, but for whatever reason, I feel huge. My eating has been way off lately and I get crotchety when my knee is being temperamental. We all have those days. Knowing I inhaled a days worth of calories in a pasta meal isn't reassuring...

This morning I got up for a workout. I didn't use any extra weight for my step ups or squats and my knee seemed OK with it. I did the rest of my workout as normal and had a nice swim - 12 laps. My knee got a bit stiff by the end of the swims, but overall I think it went well. I have healthy food today (not an alfredo in sight) and I'm trying to psych myself up as it will be a LOOONG day. I have a conference in the beginning of June at which I have to present all my data. Heh. Which means exporting it, compiling it, copying and pasting it together and doing some stats. And I have a LOT of data. I'm nearly done analysis, but the server keeps crashing and the It people are slower than slow at fixing it. I'm sure, being me, I will get it all done, even if I pull crazy schedules again to do it. I just don't want to.
I'm tired and I feel like I've eaten to much alfredo sauce...but I shall prevail...ish.

How not to eat

Ah - back at it again this morning. It felt good to sweat. My knee feels basically normal after babying it all weekend, but I still kept off the lunges and squats today, although I did the rest of my usual workout and abfest. I did the exercise bike for cardio and my knee was quite happy about that so tomorrow it's back to normal, with a good swim for luck. Crossing my fingers all is good again...

This weekend was another family dinner and I tried to restrain myself. J's family eats so BADLY when we get's like an excuse to eat everything bad for you all combined in a meal...and I'm an emotional eater and to be honest I was missing my Mum...but I did OK. I was a little ticked, as it's hard to be healthy when your only food options at a meal are chicken balls, fried schnitzel and fettuccine alfredo with ice cream, frozen yogurt and brownies for dessert (hello? vegetables??) I'm not kidding - that was the meal. I suppose you could technically say there was lemon in the lemon sauce and tomatoes in the sweet and sour sauce but jeez...I restrained myself, but even so...I felt like I could hear my arteries clogging as I ate. I drank wine, but to toast my Mum. She was a grand lady :)

I made some yummy healthy ginger squash soup and mango muffins yesterday so I can stick to being healthy this week. I am determined to settle into a more balanced life as my life changes from being less crazy and not gain back any weight by eating poorly or too much. It's tricky, especially when I love to cook, and I have to catch myself and stop attaching food or wine to "celebrate" in my free time, as there's more of it now, and I really don't need that many treats. I'm trying to stick to one day of indulging a week to keep me in check, and cut out wine and beer except for weekends, as it's so easy to guzzle back empty calories on something that I don't really need. I can see why maintaining is the hardest part...I refuse to live a fruity calorie counting life, but I have to be reasonable to some degree right? I just want to eat when I need to and stop when I'm's trickier than you'd think :)

And so here I am, coffee in hand, cottage cheese and fruit in my belly and I'm off for another day.

saturday again

I'm in on a saturday to get a bit of work done. It was nice to sleep in a bit until 9, have a leisurely breakfast (egg, toast, coffee, bacon, ah!) with J and come in to get some stuff done. Until I get all my data in I can relax a bit this weekend...poor server is chugging away so I am nervously awaiting all my numbers and doing a few other things. THEN boyo do I have me some work to do, but it's not crazy go nuts university right now...yet...
By the end of May if I can keep this horseshoe securely lodged in my tush I'll be done with my cell cultures. Just think - no more cell culture! Yeesh - it's been every day with the cell will be a relief to kill off those cancers and just focus on other stuffs...numbers. Results (ack!)
So, I must be good.
That's the next few weeks :)

J is going to meet me after work and we'll walk home together in time for Doctor Who and then who knows? BBQ maybe? Relaxing time :)
Definitely smoothie time!
I have an idea - I think I need to pick up some cheaper vanilla protein powder for mixing into smoothies (my prescious cookies and creme stuff is too good to pollute with other things!). I have an idea of when I get home to toss some coffee, a frozen banana. and some almond milk to blend up. Maybe even toss in some cocoa...or some tahini. Yum yum! If I had some vanilla protein powder I could have so many new choices.


This morning my knee was quite stiff and I didn't bother to try and stress it. I've been babying it all day - no going up stairs and nothing aggressive at the gym (man there's a lot of stairs where I work...). At the gym I still got a solid workout by working the muscles supporting the knee and some physio movements, but nothing involving lunges or squats, as pressure from that or going up stairs seems to aggrivate it. I tried walking on the treadmill for the least inobtrusive cardio, but after 15 minutes my knee was very stiff, so I decided to stop and go make friends with a foam roller and stretch out a lot. Then I did my abfest and came in to work.

I've been in on my day off pulling cases for my MSc at the 3 hospitals in the city. Not the most exciting thing to do, but necessary. I ran into my brother who works at one of the hospitals and got to see his office over there- that was cool :)

And now, some cell work and a bit more data crunching and I can go home and spend the evening with J. I may need a nap first...we shall see. I'd like to go out to the movies tonight, but we've both had a crazy weekend. We just want to hang out together...we'll see what else comes of it. We may both just nap :)

I must go snarf some nuts and fruit (I am now addicted to almonds and dried apricots) and finish up.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

"Doctor it hurts when I do this"

"Well don't do that then..."

I had a nice visit with my Dad last night. We went out for food to a mediocre restaurant, but the company was good :)
Today I did my solid butt and back workout - step ups, one legged deadlifts, bent rows, military lifts, squats and T arm lifts along with 30 minutes of cardio. Being the clumsy person I am (and being rather emotional and distracted yesterday over some lab work I had to do that I strongly disliked) I managed to slam my bad knee into the desk twice. so. painful. In the end, while it didn't bother me at all in my workout, my knee is twinging a bit now that my workout is over, so I will try and be nice to it today. The last thing I need is to be out of it over a knee injury.

I've had another breakfast of fruit and cottage cheese and I'm ready to face the world. Dad is heading home today after finishing the roof (still in one piece!) and J is working all night so I'm going to try and catch up on my chores tonight (whoop de doo) and try and get an early bedtime. Maybe even watch a cooking show if there's something involving cakes on :) We shall see...

A most excellent day to you all.


I can tell I haven't worked out for a few is my butt sore!
This AM I was in again to do some abfesting, 35 minutes on the arc trainer and then a few new arm/back things I've never tried before. I feel great. Mennonite fruit sauce (yum - thanks Grapecat's Mum) and cottage cheese for breakfast and I'm good to go. We just went grocery shopping last night and we are once again stocked up with lots of healthy foods to eat. I have a giant salad with tuna for lunch and healthy snacks. Yum.

I get to have supper with my family tonight (except for J he has to work...poor guy) so it will be nice to see them all. I got to visit with dad a bit last night, but I'm so busy I haven't seem him too much and I'm looking forward to some visiting. He's almost done helping his friend shingle a roof - I've never seen him that stiff. I'm amazed at 66 he offered to do it. He said he'll probably get used to it and then they'll be done :)

I'm determined to lose the few pounds I put on this past weekend on my wine and food fest, so I'm going to be good for a while, stick to my exercises and eat healthy. I can do it :)

Have a great day everyone!

Jumping back in

Well I was true to myself this AM and got up and came in to workout. I did my usual tuesday - deadlifts, armwork, lunges, a few leg things on the machines and one legged squats together with 29 minutes of cardio on the arc trainer. Now I am in with a healthy breakfast and I'm ready to go. I already have more energy than I did yesterday, so that is a very good thing.

It is strange after all that to be back here same old same old, but I am glad for it. I feel refreshed, and it was nice to visit with my Dad last night. Poor guy - at 66 he's helping a friend shingle a roof. If it were possible to creak I'm sure he would...I know he'll be glad to be done it in a day or so. It's nice to see him...

It was election day in Canada, and while I'm not happy about who won, I am pleased that the party I've supported for many years has come up from being in the back to be official opposition. It gives me hope that people wanting change can really bring change...we shall see. For now I shall see what today brings...
Have a great day everybody! :)

Planes, trains and automobiles

I had a wonderful trip. It is good to be home, but what a nice time. There was a flash blizzard (WTF?) in Winnipeg the day I was to leave to come back so roads were closed, delaying my leaving until 8 PM...and so I got in this AM ~6. I had a nap and shower and came in to work for the afternoon...not quite the best way to end my trip, but my poor friend Grapecat was stuck all night in Toronto after beginning her trip home, so in comparison, it really wasn't so bad. I got to spend a few more hours there with her and her family and see her off on the plane before my bus actually left for real...not a terrible thing.

This weekend was wonderful. The train ride was GLORIOUS, with a glass domed viewing car the whole way...complete with full dining car (salmon!)for meals and the ability to sip a beer while hearing an old man play the mandolin and watch the countryside go by, reading a book for fun and feeling then tension sink out my toes the whole trip. I'm definitely taking the train again somewhere with J. I bet a trip thru the mountains would be beautiful...

I had a great visit with my friend and her family. Her Dad is in chemo right now, but still has a lot of energy, and I was able to help them put on a birthday party for him and catch up with her and her mom...and then take her out with me for an evening to unwind and destress, eat thai food and sit at a martini bar drinking ridiculous martinis and giggling. It was nice to see her and just be around at a time like this - we both needed to destress for vastly different reasons. It was a good visit. My food and alcohol intake were absolutely atrocious, and I should have shown some restraint...but it was what it was. I will simply get back on the wagon as of tomorrow and be good. When I have a bit to drink my food restraint is out the window, so I knew what I was getting into...and I don't think I did irreversible damage in 3 days!

Life is good...It's certainly too short for me to beat myself up about it, and in the end this weekend I have had reaffirmed to me that it is indeed this life thing that we're all muddling through that is the process to be enjoyed. You never know how much of it you have left, and it's the people you share it with that make it so much better. :)

And so, tomorrow it's back to the gym. I did work out at home before I left on the train thursday, but after a night of not really sleeping on the bus, a nap was in order far more than a workout...I still don't feel like I have enough sleep, but I am feeling OK enough to muddle in to work and see what I can get done over the afternoon.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!