How not to eat

Ah - back at it again this morning. It felt good to sweat. My knee feels basically normal after babying it all weekend, but I still kept off the lunges and squats today, although I did the rest of my usual workout and abfest. I did the exercise bike for cardio and my knee was quite happy about that so tomorrow it's back to normal, with a good swim for luck. Crossing my fingers all is good again...

This weekend was another family dinner and I tried to restrain myself. J's family eats so BADLY when we get's like an excuse to eat everything bad for you all combined in a meal...and I'm an emotional eater and to be honest I was missing my Mum...but I did OK. I was a little ticked, as it's hard to be healthy when your only food options at a meal are chicken balls, fried schnitzel and fettuccine alfredo with ice cream, frozen yogurt and brownies for dessert (hello? vegetables??) I'm not kidding - that was the meal. I suppose you could technically say there was lemon in the lemon sauce and tomatoes in the sweet and sour sauce but jeez...I restrained myself, but even so...I felt like I could hear my arteries clogging as I ate. I drank wine, but to toast my Mum. She was a grand lady :)

I made some yummy healthy ginger squash soup and mango muffins yesterday so I can stick to being healthy this week. I am determined to settle into a more balanced life as my life changes from being less crazy and not gain back any weight by eating poorly or too much. It's tricky, especially when I love to cook, and I have to catch myself and stop attaching food or wine to "celebrate" in my free time, as there's more of it now, and I really don't need that many treats. I'm trying to stick to one day of indulging a week to keep me in check, and cut out wine and beer except for weekends, as it's so easy to guzzle back empty calories on something that I don't really need. I can see why maintaining is the hardest part...I refuse to live a fruity calorie counting life, but I have to be reasonable to some degree right? I just want to eat when I need to and stop when I'm's trickier than you'd think :)

And so here I am, coffee in hand, cottage cheese and fruit in my belly and I'm off for another day.


Scrumpy said…
Sometimes it can really get me down when I realize it will always be a struggle. But if I can step back a little bit, that thought also makes me realize that one not so great day doesn't really matter in the long run.

We can do it, it is worth it!

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