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Happy Halloween everybody!

I'm waiting to fill little goblins full of sugar. I've gotten sour candies and Fizz candies and am eating pizza and having a beer...because I feel 9 zillion times better.
Celebrate the little things :)

Happy birthday - I got you the flu!

I spent most of yesterday coughing and fevery and chills, but thankfully today my muscly aches are pretty much gone. Hot damn. It was like severe PMS...for 4 freaking days. Yes, lets say I'm overwhelmed and joyous at the less achy bit. I'm not too sure if it was me being sick or the vaccinations. Either way I'm glad it's gone. It was not cool.
Feeling better today - no more fever and such, and I have more energy. J feels guilty having given me what he has, but spending a romantic weekend away together pretty much guaranteed that whatever he got I would eventually. I'm just hoping it goes away relatively soon. J was feeling good enough to head back to work today, so I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend I'll be well on the mend. I already feel better than yesterday.
I'm supposed to go bridesmaid dress shopping together with a friend and her mom and sisters tomorrow, so I'm hoping I'll be at the drug myself up to the gills stage by then so I ca…

Achy butt is a symptom of what again?

I think I'm getting what my husband has. Last night I ached all over (even my butt...that was wierd...), especially my arms, which I'm assuming is from the shots. I'm still stiff in one arm today and generally feeling wiped out. This morning I have developed a nasty cough. Boo.
I think getting 2 immunizations pushed me over the edge and weakened me up a bit. After an important meeting I think I'm going home to bed to see if I can cut this off before it gets too bad. J is really really sick, and I have no desire to get that sick...
Here's hoping.

plague prevention

Well I didn't work out this morning but I had a very valid reason. I was waiting in a ridiculously long line to get both flu shots before work. Luckily my labs are part of the hospital, so asthmatic little me (who gets really sick when I get the flu) could get both the regular flu shot and the H1N1. I know the H1 N1 flu isn't too serious a strain, but for me it's worth it. My husband is coughing and appears to be coming down with the flu....I don't know if I got in on time to miss what he has, but I'm hopeful....
My doctor friends are freaking me out (since they know I've taken it) and telling me about all the potential side effects from the adjuvant in the vaccine in Canada, and admittedly I am a bit concerned at how it was rushed through approval. Still, given how VERY sick I get from complications when I do get the flu, it was not a choice for me. In addition, work paid for it, so really...I'm there. I find it strange that every province has been allowed …


We had a mini holiday weekend. It was lovely. Had tickets to Moby in Edmonton so we made a little romantic getaway out of it, seeing as it's my birthday this weekend. It was a great concert. Plus, we spent the weekend in the Polynesia room...bhwaha! A big hot tub. A giant bed shaped like a boat...tee hee! So nice. I didn't go too crazy food wise - I had cedar planked salmon and roasted veggies with brown rice when we went out for a posh romantic dinner...erm...OK, and pumpkin pie too....and a drink that tasted like a piece of merangue pie (mmm...heaven). I had bangers and mash for breakfast...just cause I could...personally I think you should be able to have mashed potatoes and peas for breakfast anytime. Oh, and wine...and lots of grapes.
OK, down on paper it was not too bad, but not too good...but, yes it was WONDERFUL!

Tonight I have a big family dinner to go to-J's Grandma is 80! I'll try and stay away from too much mennonite food and be good. No doubt there will be …

Cold turkey or luke warm chicken

Image a bit of sleep last night. Which is good, as tonight is 3 hours of bellydancing. I'm pumped. I also stepped on the scale this AM for my once in a while weighing in and (meep) I weigh 131. Mee hee. Lowest I've been in Yes, I need to gain some muscle so that could be the reason...but that magic 125 number that rolls around in my head seems actually possible now. For real. Only 6 lbs away. 6lbs is less than my cat. That's doable. Hmmm....:)

Something J said yesterday has me wondering. I was commenting on how tired I was on my way to bed and he said "ah you caffeine drinkers! When will you learn?" Yes I had had little sleep, but he had a point. J doesn't like hot drinks at all or the taste of coffee (I think he might be an alien) and doesn't like fizzy drinks (they make him hiccup) so he gets pretty much no caffeine at all unless he chokes down a Starbucks iced cappuccino or caffeine pill to stay awake on long editing projects or car dri…


This morning I slept in, as I was up deliciously late visiting with my friend Heather, who I just don't get to see enough of. We spent the evening yakking, nibbling junk and lime diet coke and playing a bit of Tomb the old nerds we are. Felt like a college student again for the first time in years. You know...having fun? Just cuz? This adult so serious all the time stuff is for suckers :P.
It was nice to catch up and we totally lost track of time. I didn't get home until midnight and to bed far after, but hey - I'm not that tired and I'm glad for it all.
Today I will eat healthy and be good and then hang out with my brother for supper and have another good visit.
It's such a pleasant change from being so busy and rushed in September...I'm catching up with everyone, including myself. I can feel the stress dribble out of my toes and back into the river of life where it belongs. I'm sure a few days of consistent exercise haven't hurt either!


2 days in a row - oooh lalah!

Well, I got up again this morning (2days in a row at 5:30-woo!) and did my favourite Tribal Fusion Yoga DVD. I did the short yoga warmup and the first full set of drills and isolations. By June I had worked up to doing the drills through no problem, and this morning my arms ached by the end and I had to stop a few times. I definitely have muscles in my upper arms and back to rebuild. It was nice though to do familiar moves and drill them into muscle memory. Lots of upper body isolations and armwork.

The cooldown for this DVD is nice: good stretching and then some yoga poses and deep relaxation, which my cat is very grateful for...he can sit on my chest and purr while I deeply relax for 2 minutes. Helps me relax more too. Whenever I roll out the yoga mat both cats need to sit on it, so I have to retrain them to get off while I stretch or I'll end up squishing them!

One good thing - my husband will finally be off his ridiculous 4:30 AM morning show as of the end of October for the fir…

Busy weekend!

Yes this weekend was full of much smoochery, and we even got lots of chores done in between

We both got up early both days and got to a list of chores we've had for ages: we reinstalled a pane of glass in the bedroom window that I broke painting, I cleaned the windows, we painted a box for J's light kit that Dad built and primed and painted the bookshelf Dad & J built at the lake last weekend. I hemmed 3 pairs of J's pants, and I made a serious dent in setting my craft room up. I helped J install track lighting in the computer room and in our upstairs hallway and stairs. Sure only half of it works, but I haven't had a light in my hallway for almost 4 years, so I'm pretty happy that the one that works is that one. 4 and a half years ago the fixture up there started acting up and then quit working. We didn't replace it, as we meant to put up track lighting when I painted...which (cough) we did over a year ago...and then after having the track lighting fo…

Smoocherama here I come

Last night the beginner's class was a lot of Egyptian hip twists and turns...and then the advanced class...where we practiced a arm florio turn (don't remember the name of it but it looks neat when we all do it in synch), some group work and then floor work - the start of back bends. Very cool, but by the end of it all my major muscle groups were used all up. It's hard work to dance. Having two 1 1/2 hour classes back to back is quite a bit when you're out of practice!
I'm actually not as stiff as I thought I would be and if felt great to do so much. I need to do more practicing I think, to get the muscles back I had in the spring. Plus there's a lot different in tribal style I'm still learning. It was good to know I remembered so much of it...for a while there I thought it had floated away into the fog.

Ah. Just a creaky busy day in the lab and I get to go home to spend the weekend with J. He shaves his mustache off today (WOOOOOO! YEAH!!!!) after his obl…

Better with age

One of the reasons I don't mind taking the bus is I get to meet interesting people...yes some of them are nutters and some smell funny, but occasionally I get off the bus feeling 10 times better for having met someone new and interesting.

Tuesday night as I was on transit delivering a policeman's hat, I got to meet a 72 year old Scottish lady named Marjorie who was on her way to teach bellydance class :) Yup - teach bellydance at 72! She had been a Dance Egypt dancer for many many years (a local troupe) but they had started to hint at her that perhaps she was a bit old to be dancing. So she said "adeu" (I love adeau said with a scottish accent...made me giggle) and twirled up her hipscarf and shimmyed off to start a few classes for older and larger ladies at her local community hall and hasn't looked back.
As we took the long bus ride she told me about her growing up in Bonny Doon and going to the theatre every saturday to see plays. She felt the arts were sufferin…

Geo's Hat Delivery Service

Last night did not go as planned...
I had a in my head a relaxing evening of making bread in my new machine, posting blog stuff, catching up on chores and visiting a friend to bring him some thanksgiving nibbles my Mum sent home for him. Instead I spent the majority of it cleaning up the tornado search for a costume hat that went through my house (sigh), then finding this hat in a bizaree obscure place and delivering it (by public transit) to where J needed it for a project. I have had it reaffirmed that we need to complete our reorganising projects. Big time.
Finally, about 8:30, I could go home, have some food and drop quickly by my friends house to deliver the yummy goods before rushing home to do some more chores and squeak into bed at around midnight. Whew.
I had grand plans to get up and do my Dance Fusion Workout this morning and have homemade toast for breakfast...but instead I slept in and had some oatmeal. It'll do.
Life is always throwing a little bit out there to keep you …

So much to be thankful for

I had a nice relaxing weekend up at the lake. It snowed (and snowed and snowed) so it seemed more like christmas, but it was beautiful. The roads weren't too bad so we all made it up there OK. My sis in law wasn't feeling well so she stayed home with the cats, which made it a little less hectic in the cabin. Plus a few people didn't make it up to the lake with all the snow, so the number of people at the big turkeyfest was narrowed down to 20 - which was the perfect size. There was lots of space, and great conversation with friends and family.
My hermity old uncle brought up borscht (who knew bachelors made good soup? :) ) and I helped Mom figure out her new bread maker. With her arthritis she can't knead bread properly anymore and was getting pretty frustrated at the flat wimpy bread and buns she'd been making, so she picked up a black & decker breadmaker...we diddled with it a bit and I wrote down the reader's digest condensed instructions for her (to…

Turkey for me, turkey for you

It's thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada. I'm looking forward to some family time up at the lake. My brother's wife has decided to take their 2 cats and exchange student up to the lake, so I don't know where we'll sleep, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. I'm the youngest, so I'm used to being shoved in a closet for sleeping at family gigs. I think the closet is big enough to fit J and I in!
Mom has invited (gulp) 35 people for supper. Heh. I'm a bit nervous...I'll help her with everything, and hope we can all squeeze in!
Dad & I are gonna build a bookshelf. Mom and I are gonna build a turkey dinner.
Should be great!
I've been humming the thanksgiving song by Adam Sandler all morning...I'm ready for the holiday. I feel as tho I can control myself around the food, so I think it will be a good time.

Pass the cocoa please. Happy thanksgiving :)

No more outddor runs for miss injurious

It's snowing!
Lots of fluffy white stuff coming down.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures I'm now stuck with indoor workouts until it melts (yes it will melt shush now) so I don't slip on a flake and land spread eagle. (I've done it. Lots. Believe is for the best) I pulled out my harem pants and stuff for my bellydance class tonight...and I can't wait. :) Snow be damned, I'll have a great jiggly evening!

team photos

I just heard back from our team leader and together we raised about $3000 for the breast cancer run. The Pathletic Lab team (eh? pathology and athletic? we're so clever...) is a great group of people made up of doctors and techies (and their families) from the path department and cancer clinic. Pledges are still trickling in from far away (thanks Kristi :) ) but despite the cold chilly day (yes, I wore a toque and fuzzy bunnyhug under my run shirt - I'm a wimp) we all had a great time. Here's me getting my pink ribbon tattoo...which later did not want to come off. Here I was worried the rain would smudge it. We all had one on our right cheek...I'm sure these were designed for the apocalypse and were not a problem to keep on :) Now that summer craziness is done, I'm looking forward to bellydancing and morning workouts...the gloomy weather lately has made it harder to get up, but once the rain switches to snow (*sniff*) I know it'll be easier to get up and do m…

I love you sleep

I slept in this morning and went to bed early after going out to see a great movie with friends.
(Zombieland is a hilarious movie - if you like cheesy horror movies and find movies like Army of Darkness funny...then my friend, this film is for you).
You don't realise how tired you are until you get sleep...not too much...just enough. 2 weeks of overdrive is enough to wear you down.
I feel like a millions smackeroos.
Off to the lab to do some.....SCIENCE!

Tah Dah!

It was a busy weekend...contrasting one day of exhausting cold work and utterly terrible eating and a day of getting up early, speed walking 5K on the Cancer run and then going out fro an awesome breakfast and then a family dinner later.
Saturday I helped J shoot a halloween episode for the music show he works on. It turns out there is a Camp Crystal Lake a few hours from where we live, so we took the crew and gear there and set up on the shore of the lake to shoot a Friday the 13th themed episode. It was fun...but cold, slightly rainy and full of crap food. Small town highway gas station and pit stop sort of snacks. Normally I pack snack for this sort of thing, but having lived 2 weeks at the work/pledge drive mine there wasn't much for food for me to pack, so we just winged it.
The next day I made myself get up and had a much better day. It was the breast cancer walk...a chilly misty day, but very inspiring. I really enjoyed it, and raised $250 for the cause...I walked in memo…

The C word. No not *that* one

In my family there has been a lot of it. My Dad's 2 brothers...close friends...their parents...sisters...brothers...fathers.
I see the faces of people every day who come in for chemo. For some, it's a relapse and they're ready to fight. Others, for the first treatment are nervous and twitchy, waiting to see what they're in for. Moms trying to comfort their trying to comfort their moms. Some days it gets to me. Other days the strength and humor of the people I meed staggers me and feeds me.
Every year we have a breast cancer run here in town. This year it's this sunday. I'll be out there in the rain with a lot of great people, remembering the people we've lost and celebrating with the survivors. The funding raised helps the families of those diagnosed with breast cancer...and helps fund research of people like me who are trying to figure out how this whole cancer things functions anyways, so we can try and figure out how to …

kids today

For our pledge drive local businesses donate prizes and gifts to give to the people who donate to our pledge is a way of saying thanks to the donors for us, and a bit of free adverts for them.
One of our donated gifts this year bothers me. Deeply.
It is THIS:

Yes - it is a kids "first fitness" exercise walker. I'll say that again so you can feel how creeped out I am:

A kids exercise walker

Jesus, Mary and Joseph on a pogo stick...

The company also makes a an indoor exercise bike for kids...Awhah??

Now, I should clarify that they're not all bad...they have a Rainy Day playset...which is a swing you can mount in a doorway. That IS cool. I get what they're trying to do, I just look at it and kids need this kind of forced exercise? Are we really that terrible of role models that this is the only kind of exercise we can show them? Are we that paranoid or just lazy about our kids that we can't put them into scouts, soccer, ball or...go for walks with…

The end is nigh

Two more days of insanity and double shifts and a weekend of hurry hurry.

Then I sleep.

Then I can workout in the morning like a regular person again...

My lovely J is minding the pledge drive for an hour tonight so I can sneak away to my first tribal bellydance lesson of the fall. I can't wait. It's at an actual dance studio this year...I haven't kept it up over the summer, so expect there will be much to relearn in muscle memory, but it will come slowly...

I just have to stay awake for it :P