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Late night

No workout today as I was up until 3:30 working on an assignment.
I still need to finish I'm outta here :)
Just had my granola blueberries and yogurt.
Now for coffee and some more statistics. Bleargh.

I love rice pudding

This weekend I basically did homework, with a small break to build tonnes of little gingerbread houses and trains with my neices, and ate rediculous amounts of rice pudding at family supper. And we got sent home with the leftover pudding. Oh. Yeah.

Mmmm. :)

Today is my MSc bi-annual progress meeting. I'm hoping it will go well. I've worn my pirate boots and a skirt for luck :)

This morning I was up and did my leg and ab workout as well as 30 minutes hard biking - tried to keep it between 80 and 90 rpm the whole time. A delicious breakfast of yogurt, blueberries and granola and I'm here with my coffee ready for my day. After my big presentation meeting today I have another huge assignment due tomorrow, so it's gonna be a LONG night.
But things are coming's the last official week of classes. THAT is a very cool thing.
It means it all has to end soon.
For realz :)

Have a great day!

Workout tunes today: Beck - The Information

apple bottom booty

Mmmmm...I had organic yogurt with fresh blueberries, some honey and granola for breakfast.
This morning I crawled from bed to come in and do some upper body and ab work and then 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I did some HIT intervals, but mostly concentrated on pedalling faster. My butt was really stiff from the new lunges I tried yesterday so it just wouldn't let me do more.
I *will* attain an apple bottom booty if it takes me all winter :)

6 days of classes left. I have my MSc 6 month meeting monday and a major thing due then too so I have to be good and work this weekend, but I'm hoping we can get out a bit on the weekend. There is a good DJ playing in town saturday night. And, every year I get together with my little nieces and girly in-laws and we decorate gingerbread houses and then have supper. It is supposed to be this weekend and I can't wait. I hope it still happens. It'll be so weird doing it without Mum there...but it has been a year of firsts. It will…

Last swim of the year

They shut down the pool for repairs tomorrow. It'll be closed until January some time.
Pity. I'll miss it. Especially now that the snow is here.
This morning I tried a few new leg things with my leg exercises before I did my swim. 2 sets of one legged lunges with my other foot back on a bench. Tricky and wobbly...I'm hoping it will help my balance. I thik I need to work on my form a bit. After 2 months of leg weight exercises to strengthen my knee I'm hoping they will add more strength and range of motion as well. I'll have to be careful with them. My legs were quite stiff around the knee today while swimming...I think that is what may have done it. I hope I can build up slowly and hopefully it will help.
I've learned that each person where I work gets a yearly $100 health benefit starting January - the rebate is eligible for anything fitness related (equipment, classes and the like) so I may use it to get a fitness assessment and a few personal trainer appointmen…

Coming along...

Yesterday was a real accomplishment. I finished and submitted 3 major things. It felt so good. It's so tempting to just relax all evening and do nothing, but I did some work last night and still spent some time with J. The end really is coming...and I'm not crashing and burning. And I"m happy to report my weekend of relaxation and burboun milkshakes has left me the same weight I was when I left. I think I'm finally getting the hang of how to live normally...whatever normal is!
Yay :)
I wore a skirt yesterday and felt very girly all day - gave me confidence for my speech I had to do. I do need to get some tights before I wear a skirt again in this weather though...chilly!

This morning I got out of bed to work out. I did my arms and back and abs and then was going to bike but suddenly thought...meh. So I hopped onto an arc trainer and did a crosstrainprogram for 30 minutes. It was fun. A nice change.
I listened to this funky Thunderball album to work out to...Scorpio rising…

But baby it's cold outside

This morning I dragged my ass out of bed to come in to the gym. I have to give a speech today (eep) on a poster so instead of swimming, I did my legwork and then biked for 30 minutes so I could read over my speech a few times in the morning. A good workout, and I feel a bit better about the talk. It's a timed thing - otherwise I wouldn't be so concerned. I'm fine doing a PowerPoint thing, but just talking by a poster is rough...and I only have 5 minutes max. I even wore a skirt to boost my confidence...and MAN it's cold out. Winter has arrived with a vengeance. I picked a day where it is -28 C and -37 with the wind to wear a skirt. In the future...let's jsut say I'll be checking the weather first. Not my best laid plan. Yeah, I'll leave it at that :) Brrrr....

My new gym bag ROCKS. it holds everything and has side pouches for stuff so it's not just all piled in a big sack. It's so nice...

AND after 17 revisions (sheesh), my biannual project report is …

There and back again

I slept in this morning. It was necessary. I had a nice weekend away with J in Edmonton...we stayed in a Polynesian theme room - so much fun. We spent most of saturday night out having fun, so I had less than enough sleep, so today I slept in so I have a chance of surviving the week. It was so nice to get away for a bit and relax. I got to go shopping and get some new clothes that fit and a few skirts so I can wear my new boots and feel a little more adult. It made my day to know I am a size 7 now. 6 at Esprit. Weird...I had to put things back because they were too *big*. Awhah?

Tomorrow it's back to workouts. I replaced my gym bag too so I won't be stuck toting 2 or 3 random totes with me to the gym. And today is healthy food again. I didn't go nuts over the weekend, but I did have a bourbon caramel milkshake (heavenly...) and a piece of nectarine pie and a new kind of yummy beer and champagne. Nothing I can't come back from - just new things on the menu I can't ge…

"I did nothing and it was everything I hoped it would be"

A favourite movie of mine is a Office Space. And lately the above line from the movie has taunted me. I cannot wait to just chill...this weekend is some US time with J. I have gotten work done so I can stop for a day, so we're hiding from everyone and getting away from work and everything. I can't wait. Saturday is absolutely no work or else day. Cool. There may even be pie involved :)

This morning, being my day off I slept in a few hours, came in to work out and I've done a few things at work so I can go home and stay there until sunday. I'm going to meet J for lunch and we'll take it from there.

Have a great weekend! I know I will.


Last night wasn't quite so late (12:30) so I crawled out of bed to come in for legwork and aswim. It's been slowing big fluffly flakes all night and it's gorgeous. I love swimming in the winter...the pool is so humid and awrm :)
Today is another crazy day!

Rest Day

Well, last night I was up until 2 working on data analysis and a report, so I slept in and cut the workout today. I needed that extra hour and bit of sleep desperately, as it is another long haul of work tonight to finish up even more work. I do feel well rested, considering I've only had about 5 hours of sleep. I've had a healthy breakfast of protein drink as well as some FiberOne cereal mixed with a bit of All Bran and some 1% milk. I'm sipping a large mug of tea and getting set for a long exciting day here in the lab.
I have lots to do, but I'm doing it. And this weekend I get a whole day off....once I make it there :)
Have a great day everybody :)

Up and at them

This morning after yet another long night of homework I was up and out the door to do my upper body and back work and then have a nice 25 minutes swim. They have decided to repair the pool all of December so I'll have to give up my splashy splashy time for a month. Pity... I love it. I'll going to see if the other small pool on campus is open tuesdays or's such a stress reliever.
I have a healthy lunch and am heading in to the home stretch work wise. This is the week of doom...sleep will be cast aside in the writing of a large report, a poster and 2 assignments...but I think I'll get thru it. We shall see. This weekend I am taking all saturday off to spend with J as a reward. I can't wait!
I have a healthy salad and tuna for lunch, so it's a we go!
Have a great day!

Monday again already?

It's monday again!
Well I got a lot done this weekend and still got to head out for cute little Zoe's birthday on saturday. It was a nice break with family. I did work the rest of the weekend though and missed a friends birthday party and a friend's show at a local coffee shop...wish I wasn't so busy. J went without me...sounded like a good time was had by all. I ate well all weekend, even with a carnival theme birthday party (complete with corn dogs and candy corn...not easy let me tell you !). Kept my splurges under wraps for the most part.
This morning I got up and in to the gym for my lower body weights, ab work and 30 minutes of HIT biking. I forgot to turn Robit on again until cardio, so I only know I burned 312 calories from then on, but that's a good sign...I know the cardio went good today. I caught up on my sleep over the weekend so I didn't feel too tired and was really able to push myself today.

I have to say - I got some IsoWhey vanilla whey protein d…

It's friday everybody!

This morning I was up and out the door and in at the gym. Because it's friday and I won't be able to get in to workout on saturday and worked out at home on thursday I did both arms and legs on weights today...crazy. I did 2 reps of everything instead of 3, but managed to fit it all in with 30 minutes of biking...I was almost late for work, but I did it. The biking was hard today - my HIT intervals were pretty sucky...but I kept my heart rate up near 85% the whole time which is, in the end, the whole point. I think the faster more furious weights wore my legs out a bit. I know I was sweating when I was done my lunges, which isn't usually the case. I wore my robot, but only remembered to turn it on about halfway through so I have 300 calories off I'm estimating about 450 all told...ish...but really. Not so into the numbers.
This morning, feeling optimistic, I stepped on the scale and the needle was ever so slightly below 125. Coolio. Hopefully this trend sticks…

A day of remembrance

Because it is remembrance day, I took the time today to watch the local ceremony and remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives and work to keep Canada safe and at peace. J (I'm so proud of him) is the head of the crew that puts it on the air on the local channel for a few years now, so he was there at 5:30 AM and worked hard all morning to make the ceremony look good and be accessible to everyone. It went very well. Congrats love! You did good today.
After, with much cat howling, I dug out my old Dance Fusion Workout and did it - wow I'm in pretty decent shape. I did the whole thing with no issues...I recall it being pretty tough to get through. There was a bit of burning in my thighs when I did the squats but other than that - no prob :) Know why? Because I have muscles in my legs! I wore my little yoga shorts that I usually save for under my bellydance skirts to workout and I saw them in there. Cool! Not quite the same workout as if I'd been at work, but a good…

Feel like I'm missing out

Last night was a long night. I finally crawled into bed and got to sleep and blinked and my husband got home late from celebrating shooting/wrap party of the 100th episode of his local music show. A huge accomplishment. I'm so proud of him...I tried to celebrate with him and share his joy, but I was so tired. I couldn't be there...because I was working. Again. Being too busy to enjoy your partner's successes sucks. Like a super sonic hoover.

At any rate, enough moping. This AM I got up and went in to work out. Being tired and vaguely grumpy I thought I'd try something different than the bike so I did a 40 minute crosstrain program on the arc trainer. And after a few minutes I loved it. No knee issues, and by the end of it I was feeling better. I did come core work and broke out the ball and medicine ball and did a bunch of ab stuff. I have healthy meals packed and it may take a lot of caffeine, but I'll survive the day I think.

If you are looking for some good workou…

starting into the madness

Things may get very reduced post wise here in the next while. I am not kidding when I say I am entering into a phase of life where I will never have been this busy before. I still want to log my workouts to keep accountable, but unfortunately that may be all I have time for most days. Once the semester is over there may be more here...until then, bear with me. Not too interesting to read I'm afraid.

This morning I got up to a yard of snow - good thing I raked sunday! I made the bus and got in to work to do my upper body weight workout and then had a nice 25 minutes swim. I have a nice healthy lunch and supper packed, and hopefully, like last night, I can go home relatively early and work from home using my new netbook friend. We shall see.
There's a rumour of a transit strike and I really hope this isn't the case, as it would really screw up my daily schedule if it did...but people do what they must. With any luck it won't happen...we'll see.
Have a great day :)

too many leaves

This weekend was great. I got a lot of work done on saturday on my project and still got to sleep in that morning and have healthy pumpkin pancakes before I left...mmmm :). Sunday I raked the yard ALL day (yech) but the yard is done now for the winter. Given my ridiculous allergies to leaf mold I have to keep up on it in the fall or I'm really sick in the spring. As it is I am a bit squeaky from 8 hours of raking, but it's done for another year. J was busy winterizing the cars and doing other stuff...we were a team :) After all that hard work we had our last big BBQ of the season with some tin foiled veg and pork tenderloin and relaxed. It's nice to get everything done and still have time left over to relax at the end of the day. Time for that has been very precious lately.

I've prepped healthy meals for another insane week. I'll likely be here at work for 16-18 hours a day all week (joy) but I'm prepared for it. I finally broke down and bought a cheap little ne…

The end is nigh

I managed to get to bed on time last night, so I woke up today feeling pretty fierce. I realised last night that although I have a ridiculous amount of things due in the next month with 16-18 hour days 6 days a week coming up along with preparing for my semi-annual committee MSc meeting and the report that goes with it, I also will be done these 2 classesand their insanity in one month (except the final). Only one month. That is doable.
I can keep it together day by day until then...the eternity of the semester is actually starting to wind down. Finally...
This morning I reversed some things...I keep fighting over weights and equipment in the mornings, so I did my upper body weights first before my 30 minutes cardio, which is when noone is using them and doing their cardio. I really pushed myself...I have that wonderful achiness that comes from really using your muscles. I read somewhere that it's beneficial for muscle building to do lifting before cardio...of course there is a…

Swimming is so nice on a chilly day

This morning I managed to roll out of my cozy duvet and come in for leg work and my swim. I can start to see some muscles in my legs now, which is cool. I wish I could uncover them from under the bits of wiggle, but that will come. I am unsure how much to do without giving myself larger legs or thighs...I'm just going for overall muscle strength at the start...I highly doubt I'll bulk up to She-ra status overnight so I'll have a bit of warning of when to let off a bit if I bulk up too much :) For now I am happy with how I feel...which is pretty damn good.
I was amused that my gym bag spectacularly exploded today...the main seam on top came apart when I pulled it from my locker. I could still carry it to work, barely. Considering it is the one I got in the 90s in university when I started down the whole fitness road I guess I should be pleased it lasted so long! Not sure if I should shell out for a posh one with a special shoe storage thingy or just another general purpose …

Super eyes!

This morning I had an eye exam so I could get new specs as I haven't had them checked in about 4 years. So, I just worked out at home. I used our elliptical...and stopped after 20 minutes because my knee was getting stiff. Ah well...guess it's official that ellipticals and me must part ways. Sad. I love that thing...I did my ball DVD instead for the rest of the workout and feel goooooood! Just a bit stiff in the knee, so I should be OK.
I survived yesterday and all it's insanity and discovered I got 83 on my stats midterm, so I'm feeling pretty good overall with all of my work and school right now. SO much more to do yet, but it's good to know I'm hovering along.
I'm more pumped because according to the optometrist my eyes have improved again and now, even though I'm used to "perfect" vision and will likely get glasses again, I can apply to have the restriction off my licence. THAT is cool...I've always been right on the edge and it f…

Beware the couch. It beckons...

I managed to get in a workout this morning after being up until 12 last night doing homework. I did upper body weights and then had a nice 25 minutes swim. Today is insane. I need the energy boost. Seeing as I woke up today at the usual time I figured I couldn't be THAT tired... I have a stats assignment due in an hour, which we just got some extra tips for this morning (yeah, that's the day it's can tell my prof really doesn't have our course high up on her priority list) and I think I did it right but I'm not sure...what with not having all the info until this morning...*sigh*. And I have a mock ethics review after lunch which I think I'm ready for that is worth 1/4 of my we shall see. I really don't have enough time to devote to my classes like I'd like, so I feel all rushed and unprepared compared to the normal super overprepared me, but what can ya do? Things have to be done and I have not yet invented a time machine, so I…

Older and wiser?

This weekend was really nice. I didn't go too crazy overboard being my birthday and all. I just relaxed. Saturday I slept in. J took me out for toast and eggs and bacon and coffee and then we relaxed and read a book. I drank some wine. Ate a cookie or two. We went out for Thai food for supper and watched something on TV. Not terribly exciting right?
I relaxed. I napped. I did NO work. I just spent time with my husband for a whole day. It was great...I ate a bit too much, as my appetite has really shrunk, but I don't think I'll have done any serious damage over a day or so. I suppose now that I'm 37 I feel like I should feel older. Smarter. Wiser.

Nope :)

I have learned over the weekend that I like eating clean though. I like light healthy food. Anything fried or oily just makes me feel off. It was a birthday dinner for my brother in law last night and he had manicotti with cheesy bread and some kind of mayo coated salad and then iced cream. I didn't over eat and…