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Wednesdays are dress like a ninja day

I so desperately want to hang this on the door to my lab...

Last night J and I accidentally stayed up late on the interwebs looking up stuff for our summer trip that has sort of snuck up on us and expanded. We are going to my friend's wedding in the UK and taking 5 days in the middle of our time there to take the train up north and spend 3 days hiking on the Arran Island up in Scotland. I am beyond excited. I'm itching to get a new pair of hikers and break them in. I can't wait to see my friend and share in her wedding. I can't wait to spend the days hiking along coastal fields. Meep! I have an uber goal now - finish my thesis before we leave for this trip. Reading all about the island and train schedules and B&Bs and local distilleries with tasting tours (ahem) kept me up rather late so my 5:20 alarm hurt...but I came in. I did my thing. With style. :) I dusted off my workout A + abfest from so very long ago and threw in 26 minutes on the elliptical at the endfor a …

breakfast pudding

This morning was spin and sculpt. It was a good solid (and less sexy!) workout and I made chocolate chia overnight oats for breakfast after. Oh my...just added a bit of vanilla protein powder, cocoa and stevia to the usual recipe and it's like heavenly chocolate pudding, only really good for me and it's for breakfast. Not too sweet...and keeps me full all morning. Mmm. Yum.Must dash. The world of science awaits! I am feeling pretty smug since I finished up my first hypothesis draft section last night. Time to step back from it and pick away at the other two. I feel like I may finish things someday. Yay!

here we go again

Well. This weekend was fun. I admit I got very little done on my thesis, but it was very relaxing. Saturday J and I went to see the a showing of The Thief of Baghdad, with live musicians form the local orchestra playing an accompaniment. It was fantastic. I am amazed over and over again at that film - considering it was made in 1926 - it is still incredible. The sets and costumes and special effects are amazing. Even flying carpets :)
Saturday evening we threw a little shindig to say thanks to all the people who helped out with our party on Dec 26. We threw it a a friends cozy old house, with good drinks and munchables. The weather was blizzardy so there wasn't much hanging out outside, but it was a nice relaxing time with friends. Got to goof around and just relax for once, mix up ridiculous drinks and laugh and have fun. A few buddies and I even brought some clothes we like but don't wear anymore and got to swap out too big/small stuff for other new things to love. I scored s…

Friday at last

I was up late last night at a meeting, but in the end of a long day we got home and fell into bed. The day went well. I was healthy and happy, and even made a yummy healthy supper (butternut squash saag). Other than the homemade small cake donut a friend made for me (which I ate...even tho I didn't need to- I mean how often do you get to have a homemade from scratch chocolate cake donut? Not often enough!) I had a healthy day...but a long one.
This morning, I was tired but I was up and in to the gym. I wasn't sure what to do and it was the yelly instructor teaching class that I don't like, so I did ZWOW #1, modifying the pistol squats into only half way down, plus same # one legged lunges (my knees won't do full pistol squats yet...but I'll get there...). Then I threw in 2 sets on the hip/butt machine, back raises, hanging crunches and side crunches at the end and a few minutes on the bike to cool down before a nice long hot shower. A good workout. Today is anothe…

here we go again

Made it in this morning for spin and sculpt class. The regular instructor was away and the replacement kicked out butts. :) Good workout, and now a long day: work meeting work meeting thesis sleep...oh so far from now!
Just popped in to log. Have a great day!

I wish to have this kind of time

La la la la laaaaaaah!I am in a rediculously good mood for absolutely no reason at all :) Woke up this way. Love it when this happens!
Last night I really got down with my thesis. I sat down for a bit to plan out how to discuss my three hypothesis and ended up spending 3 hours hammering out an outline plan for discussion of all of them. With THAT I can get down to writing them. This is the easy stuff - stuff I've DONE. I can talk about it. Already have the tables and figures. Finally feel like I'm onto something. Tonight J works all night so I'm going to head home after work and attack the first hypothesis while I feel all funkilicious about it. Also - on the mead front - things are burbling. I was a bit worried at first, because it's not a crazy explosive krausen like the last batch of strawberry beer I made that actually fermented so much it blew the lid off the primary fermenter, but if you put your ear beside the pail you can hear it fizzling away...sounds like bubble…

Battery recharge

AH. Nice long weekend. Yesterday was a holiday for some of us (I had it, but J didn't) so it was an extra day of relaxing. I got the first 2 (of 6) sections of my thesis done, right down to the formatting and am handing it off to my supervisor for them to go over...then it's on to the next 3 sections. Feels good to have it done. Wish I could have done more, but it's slow slogging some days. J and I got a lot of relaxing in. Went to the farmer's market, went for snowy walks, watched a movie or two at home snuggled up with the cats. AND (meep) I finally started up my very first batch of mead. I juiced (oh dear god it took forever...) 17 Lb of apples and boiled up 4Kg of honey (mostly gifted to me) in water and tossed in some cinnamon and cloves. After an overnight setup J and I went for a long snowy walk and after I pitched the yeast in it last night. I got to use my hydrometer...he hee...home science. Behold the hydrometer...please to excuse the mead making messy kitchen…

Froggy frosty morning

Boooooyah! booyaaaaah!
This morning I wasn't sure what to do, so I crawled out of bed and wandered through a winter wonderland of hoar frost and fog and fresh snow to the bus to the gym to see what I'd come up with.
And I decided it was a ZWOW kinda day. So, I did ZWOW4: One circuit was: 50 pendulum kicks, 20 burpees, 20 medicine ball swings (supposed to be kettleball but our gym doesn't have any), 10 push ups with turn around toe touch, 6 deep squats with medicine ball above head (supposed to be a broom...but I had none) and 2 minutes jumping rope. Used a 10Lb medicine ball, and the inprovization worked rather well I think. I was worried I'd toss it into the mirrored wall if it was much heavier than that...:) The gym just started putting out skip ropes with their gear so I could actually skip...and boy am I not the skipper I was as a kid...I can't do high knee skipping cuz of my knee, but it still gets your heart rate up even with whacking yourself with the rope ever…

Oh hello tiredness, what kept you?

This morning I am tired. I got up and came in for spin and sculpt and it should be a good day...just tired. SO tired. Last night I really could have gotten more done on my thesis. Lots of procrastinating and feeling tired made for only about 1 good hour of work. I'd almost fogotten what tired was like...ah the memories... I am hoping, since monday is a holiday, that I can really get some serious work done this weekend on the thesis. I am not looking forward to it, but it will get done, bit by bit.That and a nap or two or three Have a great day! I'm off to find some coffee to keep me going... image

And people say I'm not romantic...

This morning I was up and in to workout. I have a lunch out today as farewell for someone so my usual lunch plan won't work - did a spin class instead with a bit of ab stuff. It felt great :)
This was our supper last night for love day. No I'm not helping my christmas 5 Lb go away with this, but it was delish, followed by a snuggly watching of Across the Universe (love that movie). I will keep trying to be'll come I'm sure...heh... Hope you all had a nice Luv day.

Have a heart

Spin and sculpt this morning. Hard but good...I pushed myself. I am sad to learn our instructor is done school in May and won't be teaching anymore after that since her job will start too early. Pity...I liked her. She made it fun without doing the yelling a lot of instructors do. Hopefully they find someone cool to replace her.
I wish I could say I got a lot done last night, but only an hour all told, with lots of procrastinating. Made the mistake of watching TV while eating supper (J worked all night) and then couldn't really get started at anything. I kept seeing things I had to look after around the house and instead of ignoring them I actually tried to tackle a few of them. I did some proofing and a bit of work, but less than I planned. Oh well. It will come. I'll do some more tonight. My goal is to start a new section this weekend...
I have some heart shaped pepperoni to make a pizza with tonight. He hee. I'm not one for Valentine's tends to be pizza a…

what was that all about

Well. This weekend I got a LOT done on my thesis. I also had a complete freakout meltdown due to stress on saturday, as well as a large tortellini cheese fest on sunday with a bottle of wine and a good movie (King's Speech). Up. Down. Up. Down. Yup. It's like that...
So, trying to get back on level track today. I came in to workout...not sure what to do so I wandered into the spin class and let the lady kick my ass for 45 minutes. Then I did a few ab things and called it a morning. Hot shower and some granola and I'm in on the scene for work.
I have a few days to proof the first 2 sections of my thesis before I hand them in. I also have a lot of things to work on at my new job. Things to change in how and what I do so that I am feeling better about me and what I'm doing. It's terrifying and exciting at the same time that I have the job I do...I just want to be worthy of it...while writing a thesis...*sigh*. Just have to keep at it. Bit by bit. A good friend's Dad…

Up and at them

This morning I was up and at them like McBain (he hee) and came in for a workout. I did ZWOW #2...I enjoyed it. The manmakers made me feel all grrr and strong :). After that it was an abfest and whatever time was left (~15 minutes) on the bike before a long hot shower. Brilliant. I can haz muscle tone? he hee. Today I have another awesome day at my new job. This weekend is another few days of attacking my thesis in the hopes of getting the first 2 sections done for my supervisor to proof. Crossing my fingers and toes that it will all go together well. It will be nice to have parts of it completed. Meep.
Have a great weekend everyone. :)


Beer and balance

I've been thinking the last few days. I'm trying to get myself back into healthy living and away from holiday munchy slackery of the past bit. Oh I didn't go crazy, but I definitely was indulging more than I should have seeing as I couldn't work out for a chunk of it. I lost some muscle and gained a few, but it was a wakeup call for me to give my head a shake and be more choose my indulgences. I need to find balance.
Case in point: I like beer. I really do. I won't have more than one, but I do like a beer or wine with meals if I can swing it...and lately I've swung it a bit more. Last semester I just didn't drink much at all, so it wasn't a problem, but I do love a good ale, and holiday times are prime for me and ale and martinis. (There is a reason I do not have a martini shaker in my house). In meeting with my counsellor I talked about balance and not depriving myself of too I'm trying to figure out how I can have a beer her…

oh my giddy arms

Today I crawled out of bed for spin and sculpt class. Again with the pushups. Owie. I am indeed the amazon.My knee is just fine this morning, so thankfully my zealous attempt at office bootcamp yesterday did no real harm. Hate to cut it short, but I must dash. Long day ahead...
Have a fantastic day!

what to do with wednesdays

In my attempt to get more sleep and ease back into the workouts so as not to injure myself, I'm trying ot make wednesday a bit less of a workout day, where I sleep in a bit and go for a brisk walk at lunch. This AM I also popped out of bed a bit early (but still getting 45 minutes more sleep) and did my old but trusty exercise ball DVD and my abfest after, taking just over 20 minutes total. I still plan on a walk at lunch, but this was a nice way to start the day at home. The ball DVD is simple, but a good basic workout, one minute intervals of the following:-warmup
-squats, with back on the ball -situps on the ball -squats, with back on the ball -situps on the ball -pushups with feet up on the ball -back extensions on theball -pushups pushups with feet up on the ball -bird dogs extensions with stomach on the ball -lower ab curls with ball between the knees -hamstring/butt raises with feet on ball and should ers/arms on floor -lower ab curls with ball between the knees -hamstring/butt raises…

early night

Last night I was ever so cool and went to bed at 915 after dying my hair.'s a real exciting life here! I loved it, I must say. I so seldom get an evening to just do a few things for myself and sleep in. Just took some time to relax, snuggle with my J and read a bit and fall asleep blissfully early. It was lovely. I feel completely rested (and I look great) :)
This morning I came in for spin and sculpt class. It was a lot of fun. New routine for february, with lots of squats and pushups (60...ergh...I admit I did some on my knees) and planks. I feel very good. I can tell how much strength I've lost taking all that time off in Dec and Jan, but I'll build it back. Right now I'm making up for what I don't have in strength with stubbornness :) I am very excited - I'm wearing my spanking new work boots today - I get to go on site and see the new labs this afternoon. My labs! Meep. They'll be done in a few months...I'm very excited.

Gratefulness in Motion

Had a nice weekend. I got a lot of work done on my thesis. Well, OK, all I really did this weekend was work on my thesis, but I really feel like I'm sinking my teeth into it and getting somewhere...slowly but surely. We had a family meal last night where I totally indulged on chicken balls and trifle (My mum in law makes the best trifle on earth), but it was a good healthy weekend otherwise. I even discovered a new healthy awesome breakfast we tried out sunday morning - shakshuka -an Isreali dish of peppery tomato sauce with eggs poached in it. I cut back the oil a bit but other than that it was quite authentic...and it was awesome. I'm determined to make two new healthy recipes a month. So far I'm two for two with tasty ones. :)Today I came in to workout. It was a bit slack and unplanned, but I got it done...step ups, deadlifts, walking lunges, bent rows and t arm raises with my abfest and some HIIT biking. Woke me up and got me ready for today. I'm just glad to be ab…


I feel like a zillion pesos.This morning I dragged my tired butt out of bed to come in to workout. I was determined to make it good. I did ZWOD 1 and pushed myself:
10 divebomber pushups 5 burpees squats with side leg lifts (20 each side) 5 burpees side plank lifts (10 each side) 5 burpees pistol squats/bulgarian squats (10 each leg) 5 burpees. Repeat 2 more times
I forgot to time myself, but it took roughly 25 minutes. I didn't think it would be so hard, but it was. I really couldn't have done anymore strenuous stuff afterwards... The workout had pistol squat sits in them and I couldn't do as many reps as called for (I tried, supported by a bench) because I'm just not strong enough but I tried as many as I could (my best number was 5 per side) and then made up for a lack of them by doing 10 one legged bulgarian squats after in each set instead. I have found a new challenge for myself: to be able to do 10 pistol squats unassisted by the end of the year. Not unreasonable I don'…

In the middle of the night...

Last night after J got home form work we stayed up and talked for an hour or so. It was really nice. Sometimes we have our best conversations at 2 AM :). Usually I don't wake up when he gets home so late, but last night I think I just needed to talk. So, needless to say I didn't get up at 5:15 to workout. I think I'll go for a nice brisk walk on my lunch or do a ZWOD today. The step and core class has left me with new interesting aches to replace the ones I had yesterday. I may even make it an active rest day. I feel good...We'll see. :)

LATER: changed and went for a 30 minute power walk at lunch. It was what I needed. It's so nice out right now. Think I'll have to do this at least once a week. Feel much better...more alert. Well...I should get back to work. Later taters...

This day has been brought to you by the letters L and A and...

I have successfully and rather accidentally wasted an evening after having VERY good intentions. I really need to get work done on my thesis and despite my actual looking forward to doing some solid work tonight I have nothing to show for it.Yes I made muffins while making supper, but really, it was not what i planned. I slept in, went to work and then worked over some of my lunch so I could go take a step and sculpt class at 430 and theoretically be on the bus and home by 6. Yeah...more like 715 with our fun bus schedule. I liked the sculpt part of the class but the step part of it had a lot of really complicated moves and stuff and I really didn't quite get the groove until it was done...but it felt good to work out. It didn't help that once I got home I learned that I and many friends did not get tickets to an event we'd been planning for and by the time I got back around to being in a state of mind to do anything it is time to go to bed. I also get the fun of telling J…