We don't have a button for that

Last night I discovered that what I was told I could do with my MSc software cannot be done - so I must do it manually - twice - to 330 slides - before friday. GAH! Like I have time for that. Sooo...the long and the short of it is if I want all my stuff even remotely ready for my conference next weekend, it's looking like I can't go visit my Dad this weekend which really pisses me off...but it is what it is. Dad hugs make it all better and I could really use one or two.

Last night I was up until midnight and this AM I was up at 5 to be in the lab at 5:30 to finish up what is hopefully my last cell culture experiment. Then it was off to the gym for a solid full workout. I pushed out all my stress and annoyance and sweated and it helped a bit. I did my same workout as tuesday with a bit of extra stretching and I'm in at work now ("regular work") with my breakfast and I'm trying to wake up for another day. Tonight is more number crunching...
And so...enough whining from me. I must be off to the lab.
Later taters.

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