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There's nothing like fresh baked bread

What a nice weekend.
I thought I dodged the stiffness bullet from my big workout on thursday but I was pretty stiff on saturday...less so sunday and I'm almost normal today.  It's beena a while since I've had that kinda muscle was good to know I'd done something. I had a nice visit with Dad and the party on saturday was a blast. The sculptures I built with J for the event (OK he built them and I helped- they were his brain child) looked great. The music was funky and I danced enough in the wee hours after Dad went to bed to have 17000 steps logged even on sunday when I mostly just made bread and hung out with Dad before taking him to the airport. I couldn't get a good feed of the Oscars last night so I just nibbled on bread and watched a movie - J is still away until late tomorrow night. I miss him.

A friend gave me some sourdough starter on saturday and I made my first loaf ever of sourdough yesterday. It needs tweaking and sourdough without yeast added …

Jello Legs

I'm taking advantage of J being away this week and using my free evenings to eat a bunch of foods he hates (hello fish and beets and sweet potatoes!!!) as well as do a bunch of errands and things I've been meaning to get to for a while but would rather spend the evening with him than do. Besides running errands for me and for work this includes trying out going back to the gym on campus where I work and using the treadmill for a run after work. It's been nice enough to walk to work lately but it is stupidly icy and I have no desire to break an ankle or something like that trying to run outside and I want to SWEAT a bit. I'm thinking I'm gonna make it a tuesday and thursday thing, either in the morning or after work. It was glorious. I did some solid lower body work and then got my sweat on.

First I did 2 X 15 of:
One legged bulgarian lunges (each side)
Sumo squats (10 Lb)
Box step up forward (both sides)
Box step up to the side (both sides)
Deadlifts (25 Lb)

Then 2…

It's good to have goals

Besides my goal to exercise I have a new goal for this month: take the time to enjoy my food.
Well, last night I was reminded again at the ridiculous speed at which I eat. I spent an hour making some insanely delicious thai carrot burgers and asian slaw and then just inhaled it. Earlier that day I had made french toast...and also I inhaled it. It was delicious, yes, and I had left making food until I was almost ravenous (bad bad), but did I really enjoy it? How much did I really taste it? It was delicious, but I was done my meal about 1/3 of the way through J being done his. We weren't in a hurry or going anywhere. I had a mug of tea to leisurely drink why the rush?

My fast eating has been a reason why I always need to watch my portion control because my "full" switch only flips about 20 minutes after I'm done eating...and I eat fast, so I can really pack it in when I want to. Sometimes, when I'm just cooking for myself I'll steam a massive …


Ah. I had a great weekend visiting Dad. The weather was foul and cold so there was a lot of eating, visiting and drinking wine. Relaxing...not too good for my butt, but great for everything else. Dad really appreciated the visit so I'm glad I went. When I got home I made a heart shaped pizza. MMmmm.

This week has been busy busy for both me and J. Last night I was called into work at 3 am for something so I'm relying on coffee to get through...another hours and I can go home and relax. J is busy all week and away on the weekend. I'm just gonna work hard to get through to the weekend and veg out at home with a good book.

I am trying to be healthier and walk to work this week. So far so good.

Gotta go adult for a bit. Back later...

I can haz long weekendz?

I can't wait for today to be done. After work I'm going to visit my Dad at the lake for the weekend. I haven't seen him since christmas and since monday is a holiday here and J will be away most of the weekend on tour doing lights it seemed like a good time to go see him. He's already got a few gatherings with his friends up there planned and it'll be good to just visit and putter around with him in the shop and have some father daughter time. When I visit him by myself I can really visit with him and spend time with him and I'm really looking forward to it. I can leave work a bit early so I'm not driving too late so I can get there at a decent time. May even get in some skidooing if there's enough snow. I plan on a few hikes at least.

Today was WAY too cold to walk to work (about -32 with the wind) so it's a bus day. Boo. According to my new rowbit when I walk to and from work I can get in about 15000 steps in a day. Without it it's closer to…

I'd like to be your hero - I am a mighty little man

Good morning!
This morning I did my physio and walked to work, listening to an old favourite album. Songs for Dust Mites by Steve Burns. I've been digging out old albums lately to listen to on the walk to work. I can usually get through most of a whole album and since I've subscribed to a few digital streaming music services I don't listen to a lot of my older stuff as much. It's been a nice way to start the day.

I'm sure it's gonna get stupid  cold again before spring, but for now I'll take the -12. It's nice enough that if you're dressed properly and walking briskly you're toasty warm. I love starting my day that way. My watch says it is abotu 5000 steps one way, so hooray. It also seems to think I go up and down a number of stairs on my way too - it is hilly, but I wouldn't say 15 flights hilly. Technology is weird...

My physio involves 10-12 of (with 5Lb or a resistance band):
bicep curls
bent rows
tricep extensions
side arm raises

Slow and steady wins the race

Hiya. How goes things?
Things have been busy and good here. I've been keeping busy and active and trying to keep my activity level up. Instead of updating the chest strap on my 5 year old heart rate watch I invested in a new one when I noticed it was cracked. I haven't had a new watch for 5 years anyways and my wellness funds from work can be used to pay for most of it so I got myself a new heart rate robot.
On friday I just picked up a Garmin vivosmart HR and am really liking it so far. It is a basic smartwatch with a HR monitor...and it's blue. Still figuring out how all the extras work, but I'm very pleased. I've enjoyed having the tracking available on my phone and like not having to wear a chest strap. It's waterproof as well, so I won't accidentally wreck it in the shower or forget to take it off for a bath or swimming. I'm liking it so far. I've yet to have a super intense workout with it, other than briskly walking to work, so I'm curiou…


Monday kinda sucked and yesterday was colder so I only got to walk home, but today was nicer so I could walk to work after doing a bit of work at home. I did 3 rounds of this before I headed out to work:
12 bicel curls (5 Lb)
12 shoulder raises (5 Lb)
12 low rows (resistance band)
12 high rows (resistance band)
10 ball passes (to foot and back to hand)
10 side crunches each side
20 sumo squats

I have a long boring meeting tonight and last night I spent all most of yesterday doing a bunch of errands myself while J covered a shoot for a friend who's wife's mom is in the hospital so they could spend time with her and look after their new baby. It's not looking like her mom is doing well, so it was worth it to help our friends be was just a lot of stuff to do alone tho - car stuff, groceries and picking up and dropping off. Long day. Bleh.

I have physio booked for friday so I'm looking forward to the assessment to see what I can work on to get stronger and less …

Hibernation 101

I had a lovely weekend hibernating with J. There was much wine and bubble baths and reading and relaxing. I have been enjoying my moka pot -- I picked up some delicious decaf espresso ground french roast and I can make my own americanos at home now. It's glorious. Wish I'd gotten one of these eons ago...good decaf is hard to find. It's a cheap one from Ikea  so I don't know how long it will last, but I wanted to try it out. Mmmm. So good.

This week I am starting to rebuild my strength. Besides walking the 4.5 K to work (it's still only -10!!) I took the time to do 3 reps of the following this morning:

12 bicel curls (5 Lb)
12 shoulder raises (5 Lb)
12 low rows (resistance band)
12 high rows (resistance band)
10 ball passes (to foot and back to hand)
10 crunches

It's a good start. Tomorrow I'll try some leg stuff and rotate back anf forth for about a month before I jump into a more hard core workout. I'd like to get up to more again. If I can get the ell…