oh snap

It is amazing how much less space glasses take up when they snap right in half.
This morning my old favourite glasses I've had for 10 years fell of the bench at the gym and snapped right in half across the nose.
Guess I need to go get a new pair then huh? I have another pair I got that I've never liked so I'll have to wear those for a while. I'm glad I am not stuck with nothing...and thankful my eyes aren't too bad. I am nearsighted and mostly need them as safety glasses and for driving and seeing as I bus it everywhere I'll be OK until I can get a new pair. I just really liked them...I'd hoped to turn them into sunglasses when I planned on getting a new pair in the spring. Guess that new pair will have to be sooner.

This morning I tried a different exercise machine to try and distract myself from my clumsiness...I was bored of the bike and thought I'd try the elliptical - my old trusted favourite. When my knee was weaker it would give me pain on one knee...but today it didn't bother my knee one bit. Cool. I am tired tired tired this AM so I could've pushed myself harder, and I forgot my robot to tell me how I did, but I had a good 30 minutes of cardio and then did arm work and some situps and crunches.
That'll do pig. That'll do :)
Breakfast is done...and now I'm trying to figure out how to get everything done that I need to do because I have 2 major assignments due tuesday and saturday is my birthday so I don't want to do anything on it for once in a long time. Sunday I have to work and have family commitments in the evening. I just have to keep it together and work hard...and maybe not sleep. We shall see.
I'm determined to relax on my birthday and see my husband.

And get new glasses.

Quick stop in

This morning I felt a bit better. Some sleep and supper helped...today is a new day.
I was up and in for my leg exercises and then a nice 25 minute swim this morning. I actually counted pool lengths today...13. Swimming is such a nice way to start the day. SO relaxing.

The rest of today is another long long day. I have healthy food packed and lots of tea. I am hoping it will be a good one.

Later taters...

keeping it together....so far...

Despite my fervent goals not to, I keep looking at food and counting calories.
I hate doing that. Right now, I don't need that. And I don't need to.
And honestly - that isn't what OU is about...

I do wish that at some point I could just enjoy what I eat and be done with it. Let it be fuel. Some days I'm fine. Today? Nutso city.
I just keep reminding myself...intuitive eating. I'm healthy...it is not about numbers.

I can tell I'm tired and stressed out about work and school because I'm feeling rather...weird about everything. Just had to get that off my chest...I've still got 4 hours of work before i can go home. *sigh*
Time for supper...then back to work.

oh lordy...

I am so tired.

What with 2 classes and work and my MSc project, and prepping for my progress meeting in December I am...well...nuts. And it hasn't even begun to get nuts yet. My sweet hubs has given me a goal to work to...he's going to take me away on a romantic holiday weekend at the end of November...definitely a goal to work towards.

Day three of OU was less than I'd hoped, but it did happen.
This morning I woke up at 4 AM upon remembering that I skipped a part of the experiment I finished up yesterday...essentially meaning I now have to repeat it...which means another week of cell culture. I was so annoyed at myself I couldn't get back to sleep again. I came in to the gym and did 30 minutes of HIT on the bike...I couldn't seem to get my heart rate up at first, but eventually I found a groove. I really had to convince myself that since I'd come in I might as well just work hard...it was tough, I admit. I was still bummed out about my lab blunder and wanted to go back to bed. But I persevered and felt better towards the end. I did some focused core work - medicine ball twists and some planks (man those are hard!) and a bit of ab work. The robot says I burned 362 calories. Not my best, but considering my heart really wasn't in it today, I'll take it.

I have a healthy lunch and had my morning cottage cheese and protein shake before workout and my yogurt, granola and banana afterwards. I'm hoping this big cup of Tim Horton's coffee will give me a buzz cuz I have a looooooong day ahead of me. Again. Can I get a woo hoo?

Well nothing for it. Here we go.

Courage :)

Day two...OU

This morning was day 2 of Operation Uberfrau. I came in bright and early to do arm, shoulder and back weight work and then went swimming for 25 minutes. It just snowed here (goodbye fall) so it was nice to slip into the warm pool for some laps. I still use flippers, but I love it. It's very relaxing for me, even though it's hard work!

I tried the cottage cheese as a pre-workout pre-breakfast again and it seems to be OK for me. I remembered my protein shake for after and had a healthy breakfast as well. I have healthy foods all day and it's gonna be a long day, so I'm glad for the energy I have right now.

I made quinoa for the first time last night...had it with some curried lentils. YUM. I love the nutty flavour and the texture. It's simpler to make than rice and I suck at making rice, so it will definitely be on the menu at least once a week here at Casa Geo. There's enough leftover for a nice salad with beans and corn for lunches. A bit of a change up from my salads recently. Mmmm...

I can tell I did full leg work yesterday. My legs are stiff...it's been a while! I'm happy to report there is not a single issue from my knee. I guess the 6 weeks of prep and strengthening with a few weights and swimming has helped -my doctor does know what she's talking about :)

Have a great day everyone :)

I love it when a plan comes together

After a nice weekend of much encouragement, I've begun Operation Uberfrau.

My plans are thus:
M/W/F: 30 min HIT cardio on the bike
T/Th: 25 minute swim
Weekends: what I can fit in. Maybe nothing...maybe walks, elliptical, exercise ball DVD...

Muscle work:
M/Th: Lower body and abs
T/F: Upper body weights
Wed - a bit longer cardio and a focus on core and back

Seems doable. This gives me 48 hours between muscle groups for recovery. Anyone with actual workout training see any things wrong with that? I'm just trying to build up a program from what I've read to get good overall muscles and tone. I'm only at the campus gym monday to friday, so this should hopefully give me a good overall workout.
I also have some not bad tasting vanilla protein shakes and a trusty shaker for me to snarf up some extra protein after every workout. I've been told over and over that it matters and I'm finally doing it. Here's hoping it will help. I also have some multi vitamins, B12 complexes and Omrga/fish oil supplements for my health. And healthy food...
A challenge for me is eating before I workout. I know I really shouldn't exercise on an empty stomach, but every time I try to eat before I do I feel queasy and yech all thru the cardio. Afterwards I can eat fine. I keep trying to find things that won't make me queasy that early in the morning. This morning after my weekend's shocking discovery that I like cottage cheese I had 1/2 a cup this morning before I set out on the bus. I figured it's good for me, with fats and proteins...and even tho it's a 30 minute bus ride before I work out I still spent all workout burping cottage cheese. Not great...but at least I wasn't nauseous. (Yup, new thing. Haven't had it since I was a kid when Mum kept trying to make me eat it, and I didn't like it then. Turns out, along with a lot of stuff I thought I hated, now I do. It's pretty tasty actually...and good for me with lots of protein. Mums do know what's best after all! )
Now the robot says I burned 501 calories on day one of this journey. Not too shabby.
Time for some yogurt and granola and it's off to work.

I want to work better not harder...am I on the right track?

The legend of Uberfrau

My husband is a great guy. When I yammer on about how great I've felt lately he doesn't tune me out...he just hugs me and tells me I always look great to him. A few days ago I told him about my plans to try and really work to lose my last few pounds and sculpt myself up with a bit of muscle and he was very supportive. He smiled when I said that I want to step up and try protein suppliments...because he loves me just the way I am. He is amazed at how I look now...he fell in love with me long long ago and I know that when he looks at me, it's just me. That's it. That is so huge to me that I cannot even put it into words.
Yesterday he got that cute little wrinkle he does between his eyes when he's trying to say something tactfully and told me he doesn't want me to get all manly: I giggle because I get that. I don't want that either. I just want muscle definition. Strength. I want to know what I can do between now and the end of the year to sculpt myself into uberme...I'm so curious. Even if I can't stay there as uberme. Because honestly I'm not really prepared to be crazy about diet and take protein supplements for the rest of my life...because life is more than that. I want to really see what little things I can do with my life to make me the best me I can be...the me I keep calling Uberfrau in my mind. :)

In one week I will be 37 and I'm proud to say that right now I am in the best shape of my life. I have muscles in my arms, I eat well and I weigh 127 pounds on my rusty old bathroom scale. And yes, I hope that I can stay the way I am now for the rest of my life because I'm healthy. I am happy. I want to enjoy life and be me, with all the ups and downs that go with it.

I'm so happy to have such a supportive, loving partner to do that with :)

I feel GREAT

Today is my day off so I slept in a bit and waited for a repair man to fix my stove before coming in to work on some of my Master's stuff at work. It was so nice to saunter in to work mid-morning and have a full on, no time limited, workout at the gym. With all my sleep and breakfast I had a good hard workout and tried a few new machines out, because time wasn't so critical. I'm getting some muscles in my arms and shoulders now...it's very cool to see.
And yes - I feel GREAT!
Now I'm in at work for a half day...it's nice because I'm *technically* not here so I can work as I please and get done what needs to be done and no one can bug me :)
Best of all, tonight I can hang out with my husband.
We might go out. On a date. I *know* :)
I can't wait to cook a leisurely supper together and have a relaxed evening together. It's been a while.

Have a great weekend everybody :)

Too much of a good thing

I went swimming this morning. It was nice. 25 minutes of flippery fun. It'll be a long day so I had a good breakfast and have 2 healthy meals packed. I'm ready for my day.

I felt blechy this morning from overindulgence, even tho it wasn't very much. My brother had me over for an early birthday visit since I had a bit of free time last night. They don't eat very well in general, and tend to have lots of junk food, so I expected a bit of less healthy, but my innards are all healthed up and they weren't entirely pleased. We had homemade pork burgers (yum) and then fries (um...yum?), which I haven't had in a while. My appetite is a bit smaller and I felt quite full and a bit bleh at the end. Then they brought out the ice cream cake (eep)...yum but yuck. I felt bad because they'd gotten it just for me, and I do like ice cream cake, but they cut up majorly huge pieces, as they have sweet tooths and go for ice cream all the time. I tried to be polite and ate most of my giant piece...and felt off the rest of the evening. Too much sugar and fat for my body. Perhaps I should have waited a bit. Either way, it wasn't something I enjoyed like I used to...

It's weird to think that I used to eat more than this all the time and now, it's too rich and greasy. Weird how things change...

My temple deserves better. Today it will get it :)

Linda Hamilton baby!

It was hard to get up this morning. I should clarify that I technically was already up, just not up out of bed. My cat decided to grace me with his hairbally presence at about 4:45 and after that mess was dealt with I just couldn't fall asleep until my alarm went off at 5:20. Oh well...I made it out the door with a healthy salad for lunch. Yesterday I tossed some almonds and dried cranberries in it along with some leftover grilled pork tenderloin and it was very tasty...no tenderloin left but I'm adding in some cranberries and nuts again today with some tuna. yum

Today I did my 30 minutes on the bike with HIT intervals, but I have to admit, my "all out" 30 second bits were not stellar. I tried my best...when you're tired sometimes you don't have what you feel like you usually do. But I did it. That's what matters. I also did the arm work, situps and leg lifts as well as the stuff I am supposed to do for my knee. The robot says I burned 440 calories in all so I did quite alright. By a fluke all the free weights were gone but the 8 pound ones. I usually use 5 so it was a real challenge to do my reps for my arm stuff today. I kept giggling and thinking "Linda Hamilton baby! Here we go!" :)

My gym workout seems to be creeping up in minutes...there are new things I've learned that I like to do,and I'm just getting stronger, so it keeps getting longer and longer...I am starting to think that I might move the leg stuff to tuesdays and thursdays and come in early before my swim to do them, as the pool is only open at 7 and I do have a bit of time...I'll have to think about it. I have to be out the door of the gym on my way to work by 7:5oish to make work on time, so I need to find a way to do "more". It's times like this I had a trainer to tell me how to work better, not more and what I could add that wouldn't make my knee freak out. I'm still a newbie at a lot of this...

Have a fantastic day! I'm off do do some SCIENCE!

image source

When to stop

This morning I went for a swim and it was good. I slept funny last night so I have a kink in my neck so I skipped the backstroke, but it was nice for the rest of it. With the time change again I got 2 extra hours of sleep. Glorious.

While in Toronto I made the mistake of stepping on the doctor's scale they had in the weight room. So, I have learned that my home scale is about 7 pounds lower than ultimate free weighted reality. I sort of knew that, because my weight at doctor appointments is always a bit higher than my scale, but it never really bugged me before. Now I can't stop thinking about it. For some reason, the more I think about this, the more irritated I am. I honestly try and not focus on numbers, but lately, since I've been working out again and watching what I eat I've lost about 8 lbs. It's given me a fire under my butt to keep at it and try and lose the last few more. I was thinking of trying to get down from 127ish where I am now to 120 and calling it quits and try and maintain that level...but now I'm thinking in the back of my head "120 on *my* scale or *that* scale?" Stupid I know.

I feel, for the first time in years of plateauing, that I just might get rid of the last 10 lbs or so that have jiggled around on my butt for a few years. And the thing is I'm OK with myself now...just the thought of having a relatively jiggle free butt has me so curious. The change in shape of my posterior in the last month has been...well...cool. Because I've never been that way. Ever. Hell, I weigh less than I have since high school now, and it bugs me that simply stepping on that scale has me all focused on numbers again. How can it be so simple to bring yourself down after accomplishing so much?

On the flip side, one of the good friends I visited this weekend is taking her health into her own hands- eating healthy, exercising and seeing someone to help her change her life, not just diet. She looks great and is so encouraged and excited to be doing something about her health and weight and the changes she has already made. It was so cool to see her happy about it and see her so positive about herself. I want to feel like that, without being all crazy about it. Talking to her has *me* all encouraged again to focus on healthiness and fitness. I'll never be a peak performance athlete-my knee is wonky and I like food too much.
But can I have a great butt? I feel like I'd be cheating myself if I didn't at least give it a try...

There has to be a happy medium.

Preferably one where I have arms like Linda Hamilton in T2 :)

Hot biking

While away on my brain expanding weekend I learned a lot. As much as I wanted to just sink into bed saturday I was too pumped from all the new things going on so I chose to head out and pick up some sushi (mmm...you can't get good sushi in the middle of the prairies) and some pear cider and come back to my hotel room and check out the gym. It was rather impressive...lots of treadmills, elliptical, bikes, weight machines and then a whole room of free weights with weighted poles and balls and mats. I had a great workout.
The exercise bikes were near the roof top deck so you could look at the city at night...very cool. I was dumb and picked the one right next to the sauna and hot tub. Holy humidity batman! By the time I was done biking I really couldn't have done too much more...the muggy hot creeps up on you!
I'm pleased that I still worked out on a trip even tho it was so tempting with the 2 hour time change to just go to bed super early. I've never done that before...it felt good. The reward of a hot shower and delicious sushi is one I wish I could offer myself more often! And I got to sleep like the dead in a king sized bed all to myself :).
This weekend I managed to sneak in a visit with old friends who also live in Toronto before I flew back this morning...we came milliseconds from missing my flight (stupid traffic) but I made it home thank goodness. It was a lot of fun to travel on my own. I liked it.
I'm trying to organize things for tomorrow to dive back into life again. My bag didn't make it home with me (that's how close I cut it to not getting home on my flight) so I have to go pick it up tonight and get set for another day...

Goodnight all. I hope you had a great weekend!!

All by myself...

No workout this AM as I had to come in early to finish up some work to take with me this weekend to a meeting/conferencey thingy instead. Exciting and scary all at the same time. Me! Going to a conference! All by myself! Meep.
I've taken my workout clothes with me as the hotel claims to have a decent gym. On the weekend on my own in a large strange city after the meetings I have no exciting plans to see the city. After the long days of meetings I plan on working out...and then SLEEPING. For the love of all that is holy I need sleep. I will have a king sized bed all to myself. Saturday night is sleep time. Booyah.
Last night I managed to get home by 9 and we ordered in pizza and tried to just hang out a bit while I packed and we both were so tired we just ended up giving up and snuggling up and going to sleep...sad but true. I will miss J this weekend...I've missed him all week actually. Too busy for words.
I'm excited and nervous. I've never gone on a trip by myself before. Here's hoping it goes well...I feel like I may just put up my hand at some point and wave it around on the plane or at the hotel and yell "I NEED AN ADULT!"

Here goes nothing!
Have a nice weekend everybody. :)

I need my meds


Yesterday was another LONG day...17.5 hours at work actually. Lovely husband worked late too so he picked me up around 11 and we went home to sleep. Ridiculous. I do hope my schedule lets off a bit soon...

This morning I woke up before my alarm (??) so I got up, packed my food for the day and did a few chores before heading out for my swim. It was nice...not that many people there today so there was lots of space to flail. Swimming is very relaxing...I like it. I still use flippers (I really am not a good swimmer and they help me not sink!) but I enjoy my 25 minutes in the pool.

Today is my last crazy day of work for a few days. Tonight I hope to see J for a bit and get home at a decent hour, as I won't see him for the rest of the weekend and I'm a suck. Being busy leaves me very little J time...I miss him. I can't wait for the semester to end so my schedule lightens up a bit.

I have found lately that lists are a life saver. As someone with chronic bad memory and the ability to forget my own glasses are on my face and look for them for hours (I wish I were joking), I am finding lists are keeping me sane this semester. Learning what is important. Making priorities. Keeping up with what matters. On my daily list at the top since the semester started has been carving out little workout times in the morning -my "me" time. The one part of the day where it's just me and my thoughts and my body...physical exertion for the pure joy of movement...my "meds" to make it through the rest of the day. I've come to love how it makes me feel. How it keeps me sane.

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd love exercise and nibbling on healthy foods I would not have believed you...and sort of backed away thinking you were one of those crazy "health" nuts. I would have thought wistfully about it, but I would have smiled sadly. Now I know...I'm a health nut...and I need my meds :)

Cruel to be kind? Meh...

After all the hubub and whatsits about the rather mean article written in Marie Claire about fitness blogging I am finding myself to be more skeptical of...well...myself.
Many people blog for many reasons. I blog just for me. Not to disregard you readers (hello!) but ultimately this blog helps me be accountable for my health and fitness. Knowing I have to write it all down keeps it real. Plus I've met some great people in the blogosphere, and it encourages me to read their daily struggles and successes. I don't expect anyone to "tailer" their blog to make it more readable for me. If I like it I'll read it. That's it...I mean I'm a scientist. I write scientific papers. I won't even pretend to be a grippingly interesting writer :)
The article, altho rather cruel if you ask me, did point out something that I've often thought about. Sometimes when I read an article by someone who is REALLY into fitness or whatever exercise regime they're in and I stop and wonder why they aren't happy where they are at. Why they're pushing themselves so hard...why they aren't happy enough as they are. I'm not knocking striving for better or trying to be healthier, but really...I think it's so easy as a woman to keep comparing ourselves to each other and take our attitudes to beauty and carry it over, even in the fitness regime. To think that if we aren't sweating to the point of exhaustion or training for a mini marathon or counting every morsel that goes into our mouth we just aren't trying enough. In my opinion, that is sad.
I know for me I balk at logging all my daily food. It's not that I don't want to see it written down...I just don't like how fixated and paranoid it makes me about food. It's not good for me to look at food like that. I already give it too much space in my life...I'm looking at having a normal attitude to food...I know me. I know how I could get. I will not go there.
As for exercise? I want to feel healthy and fit. I want to rebuild my knee and have the energy to do what I need to do in a day. I feel like I'm on my journey there...and sometimes I have to really watch myself for not getting caught up in trying too hard...pushing too far just for bragging rights. At the end of the day I don't need to be an elite athlete...just me. I don't want fitness to take over my life where I'm counting calories or thinking about my next workout or how to be better. I really think it's easy to take it too far.
I count on those out in the blogosphere to give me a kind but reminding slap on the wrist if I go too far out somewhere and stop looking after myself properly. I personally think the support and kindness on the internet should be a force for goodness in our lives. In the end, although the article was mean (and totally biased)...it really made me think. It was a reminder that I should not look to others for the value I place on myself. That has to come from me. :)
And so today I'm proud that even though I have a midterm exam today (first in 10 years...oh man...) and a long day ahead of me I am looking after myself. I had a 30 minute bike ride with HIT intervals, some weights and stretching and healthy meals set out for my day.

All of you - remember that you are the reason you are doing this. You are worth it and I hope that at the end of the day you can look in the mirror and smile at who you are and all you've achieved.
Here's to another great day!

Thankful for many things at the moment

I had a nice, albeit slightly emotional, weekend away with family. First holiday with Mum away...vey odd. I sort of took over Mum's role and made the turkey and stuffing. Dad invited lots of people for a potluck supper and it was lots of fun. It made it less lonely to spend the day with friends. With everyone bringing food (and me making extra stuff too because I love to cook and find it relaxing) there were 8 pies. For 22 people. Bwaha :) I nibbled a bit and had a few beer, but all in all I just enjoyed myself. Food was not the focus. I didn't try and hide my emotions in food. Weather was beautiful...got some walks and a canoe trip in, along with lots of studying and wrestling with gender roles...er...I mean cooking for everyone. It was a nice weekend. Slept a lot. Laughed more. It was far too short...
And I got home to find I'm still the same. I'd like to say I didn't check my weight last night, but I did. And I'm the same...because normal life and normal eating = normal me. This should hopefully sink in someday soon as the way it is. I don't know why I doubt myself so much...I am trying to be more positive about myself lately in this regard. When it comes down to it I'm just fine :)
And so now it's back to the insanity of too much stuff to do. I have a big meeting this weekend with a lot of data to present that I've been working up to (and not yet ready for) so I'm insanely busy on top of regular work and classes and lab work. AND I have a midterm tomorrow. Yes - my first midterm in 10 years. In biostatistics. Meep. If you hear a loud popping sound tomorrow from the north at wbout noon it's my poor little brain!

This morning I got up and went for a swim and it's been a great day with healthy food. I'm off for a supper break right now before it's back to data analysis...then home for some last minute cramming.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Remind me of the story that I won't get insane

Well...this morning I did not go swimming. Not because of my knee (it's just dandy), but because I was at work last night until very late and didn't actually get home until 12:20 (yes that's AM). After 2 more hours of homework I finally got to sleep at 2:45...so I figured an hour of sleep would be more useful to me today, as it will easily be a 14 hour again today before I can go home.
Insanity looms...but if I can just make it to the weekend I have a few days off with family. I will still have to study and do some work, but it won't be the same insane pace it's been lately...and there will be turkey involved at some point! :)
I am awake and less tired than I should be and have healthy meals packed for the day, so as long as I can keep my caffeine levels up I think I will survive the day...

I leave you with the song from a great Egyptian heavy electronic group that always get me going in the mornings when I'm tired or don't want to work out. By the time I get to the end of it I *always* end up tapping my feel and bobbing my head...and when I work out to it I end up in a grinning puddle of sweat by the end. Enjoy and have a great day everybody :)

Learning curve

I'm slowly learning what I should not do for my knee. Today I tried out an arc trainer/elliptical thingy for my cardio workout and by the end of that my knee is stiff. Not sore, but it does seem to stress out my knee a bit more than it should when it's on higher resistance. Maybe I should lower it a bit. I think it's a bit too close to a stairclimber for my knee to like it very much. Pity. It was kinda fun. So, so far that's swimming with careful form, walking fast and the regular exercise bike that don't bother it so I know I can do those without harm.
I'm just trying to vary things up a bit, but I suppose I'll learn slowly what machines are not a great idea to use. I'm trying to ride the fine line between building muscle and pushing too far and hurting and having to stop. Today was close. When I noticed a stiffness at about 10 minutes on the machine I probably should have stopped. I decided to keep going and see what happened...dumb I know. No real harm done but still. I should know better. Perhaps I need to have a stronger knee first...we'll see. All I know is if I could heal my knee with attitude I'd be better by now :)
At any rate, I did do my leg/knee exercises and other arm & sit up stuff and after the robot clocking me off at 379 calories I'm in for another day. I'm all stocked up with healthy food and I know it'll be a good day. It'll be another 15 hour day here at Chez Laboratory so I have healthy meals and snacks and coffee (precious coffee).

The anti-Jared said something the other day. He was listing off a bunch of "happiness is" things (reminded me of the old Peanuts book I had as a kid). One of them was having to get your ring resized because you're smaller. This struck me, as I need to get mine resized again - I keep putting it off. Made me smile when I thought about it. When your fingers have shrunk you know you're onto something. :)
With any luck this will be a good day! Have a good one everyone!

Mondays seem to get longer every week.

Whew! Yesterday was loooooong. I walked home form work with J at 8, and made some supper at 9. THEN I had homework. Thankfully, my loverly J rubbed my very sore back and today it feels fine. My knee didn't get annoyed even with all that walking (~3km) after a long day. That pleased me very much. Maybe I really am strengthening it slowly. I hope so.
I went swimming this morning and it was tough but good. I used the flippers for most of it and focused on moving my knee properly and it didn't give me any issues at all. Yeah! :)
AND I checked the scale today and I'm back to 129. Another yeah!

So...in the end, I am insanely busy, but I feel OK.
Tonight is grocery night. We're going to get TONNES of healthy stuff for meals and snacks. It's funny-with me being so busy J is now having time to workout after work as well, so he's feeling better too. We're both making efforts to be healthy and it feels good.
I've just gotta keep it together until the end of the semester.

Later taters...

Bucket List

This weekend I was very bad. I wasn't careful and I ate whatever and drank whatever...and I gained 2 pounds. But, thankfully now, for me, it's easy to get back on track again and it was a great evening. I don't want to be so strict with myself that I never enjoy myself. It's a challenge because food and I are not normally related. Sometimes when I work at a crazy pace and I have the chance to relax I just have to. And sometimes that means indulging...I don't yet know how to entirely not do that. It's a learning process...

My friend Lisa, upon turning 40, has made a list of the things she wants to do before she dies. A bit morbid I'll admit, but to me, a great idea. She has so many things she wants to see and do and realised "what am I waiting for?" So she's checking things off the list bit by bit. It's given me a little bit to think about - what do I still want to do? How can I achieve it? At first I thought it was a bit silly and over planning, but with time to think about it I agree with Lisa -I've got my whole life to do things...why not make a list? I have my whole life to get through it, but if I don't focus...don't try...I definitely won't get there.
Saturday was one of Lisa's "list" items achieved and afterwards she, my friend Heather and I had a celebratory night of beer, girl talk and munchies. None of us are girly girls - and we're all scientists, so I feel so incredibly comfortable with them. It was a blast...too many chips and beers but I haven't laughed like that with the girls in ages. So much fun. Just what I needed. Sunday after work I got to relax with J and an old friend who popped by out of the blue who I haven't seen in ages. We had scones for breakfast (oh. yeah.) a nice BBQ and watched a movie, again, with munchies. I kept myself a bit more in check, but not that much. Still. Yum. I'm not perfect. I try.

And so today it's back on the wagon. How do I know this? Well, because I'm at the healthy place I am now. I saw what I wanted to change and I changed it. In conversation that night we talked about high school and we all lamented about how the styles were back from then...but how we wouldn't fit into our clothes from then anymore. And I cracked up laughing because for me they'd be too big :) Yes I was pelted with snacks because of it, but it felt good. It reminded me of how far I'd come and that I've stayed here for a number of years...and that I am determined to remain here. It was a Bucket List thing for me...for the rest of my life.

Now the scale tells me when I need to keep an eye on things, so I'm back to my solid regime. A good cardio workout this morning with weights, HIIT on the exercise bike, knee exercises and ab work - robot says I burned 425 calories. My knee feels fine. After a healthy breakfast I'm off to a good start I think. I plan on getting rid of those pesky pounds straight away. It's Thanksgiving this weekend -I need a little breathing room for an inevitable snack or two -I'm not made of stone. I'm partly in charge of food so there will be healthy snacks, but family holidays are tricky for me food wise, and I know it will be especially strange for this one. I'm an emotional eater and I'm not sure how I'll do. It's going to be a strange weekend...very emotional for me...the first family holiday without Mum. She and I always spent holidays together in the kitchen. It was our time to visit. I will really miss that time with her- I'll try and do her proud and live up to her stuffing making standards :)

Have a fantastic day everyone. I'm off into the fray...

Question for you (yes you!)

I'm thinking more and more about how an interval timer would help me get the most out of my after cardio workout stuff. I usually only have 20 minutes and I bet I could do a lot more (or at least be more focused and intense) and stretch for long enough if I had a timer to make me it's slave. I've seen the Gymboss timers and the Everlast timers...they're about the same price-$20. I can get an everlast one locally, but it's not that tricky to buy either one online.
Anyone have any experience with interval timers and want to recommend one? My watch doesn't have that option so I'm checking things out.

DUDE. I found an online tabata timer. And best of all it lets you download timed audio tracks for your ipod.


I managed to snag a bike this morning and did some serious cardio. It felt wonderful. I'm one of those weirdos that gets a buzz an loves pushing myself to fast music. I put on a favourite funky old dance mix CD and after I was good and warmed up I tried a slightly lazy modification of something Charlotte at the Great Fitness Experiment was mentioning earlier in the week - going full out for 30 second intervals to get a more intense workout in a shorter time. I did that every 3 minutes for the last 20 minutes of the biking....man does that get your heart rate up there! The last one I could barely finish, but it felt good to push myself. My knee was fine until I did the weights stuff I've been instructed to do - I lightened up on the weights a bit and it seemed better...now it's fine. After some arm weights and some core work I managed to make it to work on time. My robot says I burned 425 calories. Booya. I forgot my milk so I had dry cereal for breakfast...oh yum. Ah well. It won't kill me :)

Today is another long day. I can already feel the difference a morning workout makes compared to the last 2 days...it really helps. I am trying to work hard today so I can enjoy a girls night out on saturday night - I'm going to hang out with 2 old friends and I'm looking forward to it. I have lots of work to get done on the weekend, but still time to hang out with J tonight and on sunday hopefully...maybe bake some muffins. Eat that spaghetti squash that I've had for weeks but haven't had time to eat. I'm on a squash kick lately and I have some pumpkin and butternut squash to use up. Mmmm....

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Music to pedal too fast to: Chemical Brothers - Brother's Gonna Work It Out