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a delicious, but long day

This morning I had to come in to work early and finish up a statistics assignment on multiple regression and get some work done before work and classes started, so sadly, no swimming. I could have taken the risk to fit it in but quite honestly? I'm exhausted.
Last night (after another 12 hour day...) we went out for a late supper with some family who are in town visiting. It was great to see them - I truly enjoy their presence. We went out to a local very "foody" restaurant. Pricey but delicious. Truly delicious...the kind of place where the food is art and you groan with delight at every bit. They refused to let us pay which was a bonus (as it's a rather high end place). I have to say - the beauty of good quality, locally sourced food in normal portions of healthy food was a pleasant change. Even my dessert was lush, but small (a small pot of pumpkin custard with 2 tiny gingerbread cookies...heaven). I had a full meal and felt satisfied but not overfull and after a g…

Rest day

Yesterday I got up and went swimming. I finally got around to getting a set of noseplugs so it was nice to not drown as I swam! In my last lap my knee went *TWINGE* big time. So I got out and went on with my day. It was OK at first but towards the end of the day I kept getting random twinges in it, mostly when I sat for too long in the lab chairs, which are at odd heights.
I am tired of my knee being an issue. This morning I slept in a bit and just came in to work to get some stuff done early. I let the knee rest...and it still hints of stiffness but hasn't twinged yet. Here's hoping. I'm really really sick of this. It doesn't hurt, but I keep wondering what I'm doing to my knee...why it keeps doing this. Is it just me getting older or is it more? I no longer run. I swim. I bike. I do hamstring and quad strengthening. I've even started taking glucosamine supplements. I don't know what else I can do.

So tomorrow I am going to my doc and getting a refer…

Full on Cardio :)

The weekend was busy but still relaxing. I got some work done on my MSc and still got to go out to a show with J. Sunday was extra nice - slept in and then J walked with me the 3K to work and hung out in the sunshine while I did my cell culture stuff and then we walked home again together. The weather was gorgeous all weekend - a pleasant change from all the rain all summer. I got done all the little things I felt I needed to do to keep up on life at home and even got to crawl around on the roof trying to fix a small leaks around the flashing by our roof vents. We can't fix them until spring, so I'm hoping massive amounts of caulking in obvious gaps will help :) It was so nice and toasty up there I wanted to just lie back and relax in the sun a bit, but I figured me + roof = dangerwillrobinsondanger, so I did what I had to up there and came back down.

This morning I got up and headed into the that it's routine it's not even an issue. Funny how easy 5:30 can be…

Step one: Obtain underpants

This morning I got up and tried on some of my new workout gear. There was a lululemon sale so I have a new top, bra, headband and shorts (on sale they are the same price as normal stuff!). Man their stuff fits so well and breathes so well. Pity it's so pricey. The shorts are nice with a built in shortyshort bit so I don't flash my butt when I stretch. I get the impression they're made for yoga though because they're super comfy for stretching and weights, but by the end of my 30 minutes speed walking on an incline in on the treadmill they were riding up all over like granny undies...annoying. If I could return them I would but they've been sweated in, so I suppose I'll just live with a slight undie line when they do that and make it an inspiration to firm up things in my netherregion more so they don't!

It's hard to just speedwalk, but I did it. I didn't feel right hopping on a bike...I'm just freaked I'll get "the pain" back again.…

Back to the pool

"Doctor it hurts when do this"
"Well then don't do that then..."

This morning I went to the pool and swam for 25 minutes. I actually remembered my goggles which was nice. Swimming felt really good. I only had the odd knee twinge when I tried to kick breast stroke with the weird froggy legs so I just didn't do that and it was OK. I'm still a bit stiff, but it's nice to know I'm still OK for swimming. I do think I need a nose plug thingy tho as I keep getting water up my nose when I try and do the stroke stroke stroke breathe thing for freestyle swimming. I used flippers for half the swim...I like it, as it forces my legs to move right...but when I take them off for the last half I feel sooooooo slooooooow!

image source
Yesterday was another stupidly long 14 hour day, but tonight is only about 12, and I'm meeting a friend (the one whose wedding I was in in August but haven't seen her since she go back from her honeymoon) after work for a bit..…

and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Well, I'm back again. I left here at 9:30 and am back again at 7AM for another long day. Sheesh.

My knee is still stiff from that stupid spin bike, so it's getting one more day of relaxing before I give it a go at swimming tomorrow. That should give me a bit of a guage to see if I need to lay off again until monday or if I can try some cycling on friday. We shall see.

I am encouraged. Once again I stepped on the scale. Not being at the gym I was actually home for a long hot leisurely shower and was curious. I tried to ignore it but I ended up stepping on the scale - and wouldn't you know it? 128.5. Lowest...well ever, in my adult life.

Apparently when you are insanely busy and only stopping for meals to cram food in your mouth and keep going it's easier to lose weight. As a nibbler I usually snack away at calories. Having healthy meals packed has basically taken that out of the equation lately - I've not have any time for nibbles. Just focusing on eating healthy and …


So it turns out the crap bike in spin class did leave my knee with a bit of a twinge after and it still hinted at me of slight stiffness this morning so I plan on taking a few days off to be gentle to it. I have no desire to be limping about when a few days rest is all it needs (knock on wood). This morning I just came into work instead of working out. Which is bad, but yet good as I am insanely-beyond-it-all busy.

How busy?
Well, I was in here at 7AM and it's 7:45PM and I still have about an hour left to do before I can go hop on the bus to go home and nom some supper and flop into bed.

Wait...what am I even doing here?
Buh bye!

Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be...

Well, this weekend was busy but I got a lot of work done on my project and my husband helped me destress. I got some frustrating news about my project on friday that means a lot more work for I ranted and raved a bit and then got to work, because really, I can whine all I want about how it's unfair, but it all needs to be done so I might as well get at it. Still angry, but it is what it is. To help destress J took me out for thai food and I got to visit some old friends on sunday so that helped.
I went to spin class today - another full on crazy workout. I forgot my chest strap so I have no numbers but I know I worked hard. I got there late so I ended up with a crappy bike and it bothered my knee a bit. Hopefully it will be alright...I asked the teacher to give me the "look" if I was doing wrong form for my knee or if there was a move coming up that I shouldn't be doing and that was great but the seat on my bike kept sloooooooooowly sinking. I keep forgetting …

"I give you my phone number. When you worry, you call, I make you happy..."

I got up this AM and did 32 minutes on the exercise bike and then weights and stretches...felt fantastic. I burned about 220 calories -I totally work harder with someone telling me what to do. Today I wanted to get in to work a bit earlier, so I cut it a bit short. Monday I hope to get into spin class and pump things up again.
It's friday...finally. I have lots to do this weekend, but right now I'm enjoying some granola and a coffee and at the moment I don't think there is a single thing that could come up today to bring me down. :)
This song came on at the gym while I was getting changed this and I've been humming it in my head since is indeed the song of today. Enjoy!

So. Tired.

Last night, thanks to the wonders of the newly revamped bus system and missing/losing buses(and their hidden unlabelled new moved bus stops) I didn't get home until 9. Bleh. I made a healthy supper of fish rice and veg, but after I ate I just did some chores and fell into bed at 11.
This morning I was still exhausted when the alarm went off. I was just going to sleep for an extra hour, because it was raining and I had a bit of a headache and had curled up under the duvet when my cat hopped up on my bed, mewed and licked my nose and then bonked my chin as if to say "Hey - time to get up! Come on you know it's good for you" and... I did. I was up and out to the bus to swim my 25 minutes and then get here to work.
Swimming was HARD today...I'm guessing because I'm just so tired. My butt seemed to sink a lot when I swam. I hopped in the pool and used my heart rate monitor today and altho it survived the water no problem it didn't transmit much of anything -in …

Well whaddaya know

Well, I got up this morning and worked out again. I do believe I can do this. I DO need to do a little more planning with packing the night before so that I don't forget things when I'm running around and out the door to the bus (*cough* bra *cough*)...luckily I'm wearing a sweater...with a lab coat over top...yeah...slick I know...
Because I want my knee to be my friend I didn't go to the spin class today...instead I speedwalked 35 minutes on the treadmill at 7 KPH for 35 minutes...burned about 260 calories. Then some situps and some weights on my arms, back and the quad weigh work I've been told to do do strengthen my knees. I used the foam roller on my hamstrings too, as they're still really stiff. I have to say that overall I am surprisingly unstiff from swimming. I'm not *normal*, but it's just my shoulders and butt really...not as bad as I thought. I'm looking forward to going again tomorrow. I'm going to wear my heart rate monitor just onc…

swimming swimming in my swimming pool...

This morning I went swimming for the first time in over a year. The university gym pool has lane swim every tuesday and thursday mornings so I thought I'd check it out. I got there way too early and had to kill time, but I wanted to be sure i had time to change and get ready and ask my nerdy questions...and it all went fine. I swam lanes for about 25 minutes until I really couldn't swim much longer. I was counting laps but was really zen about it all and stopped after about 15 laps there and back and just kept swimming until 25 minutes was up. I used flippers for most of it. I don't know if it is a better workout with them but I go further so I feel better...I know my entire legs are very...fatigued. It felt nice tho - the pool is a nice ambient temperature so I didn't get hot or cold and there were lots of people there, but everyone was friendly and I wasn't the slowest swimmer there (which surprised me). I think I will definitely make it a ritual of at least once…

Holy cardio batman

Well. I have now experienced the strange hellish glee that is a spin class.
I made it to the gym this AM and thought I'd try out their 6:30 AM spin class....never went to one before. WOW....holy cardio. I was sweating like a damp glowy pig by the end of it all...what a solid workout! I am pleased that I managed to keep my asthma in check (just barely) and had a crazy good workout - according to my robot I was in my cardio zone for 42 out of the 45 minutes and burned 398 calories...I figured since I've been biking to work all summer it was the safest bet for starting out as far as a fitness class went, and it's theoretically good for my knee, so hey - why not? I'm up for new things. I'll have to remember my inhaler next time so I can push myself a little more. Unfortunately their bike seats aren't as comfy as mine...but I suppose I'll live :)

I'm a little miffed at how the centre runs the classes as they have sign up sheets that only come up 2 days before …


Day one on the new regime has actually come to pass!!
I finally did it! I managed to get up, have breakfast and catch the 6am bus. My bus stops right in front of the gym on campus at about 6:25 (bonus because it has been raining for days...) and I went in and checked the place out. The class for today was cancelled so I put my stuff away and worked out in the it feels good. I did 34 minutes on the treadmill speed walking with brisk arms at about 7 KPH and couldn't resist jogging a few 2 minute stints. My heart rate monitor says i was in heart rate zone for 30 minutes and burned about 285 calories (and went 5.5K). Cool...
Then I used the ball and some free weights to do a few sit ups and push ups and a few lunges and had time for a shower and grabbed a coffee on the way to work.
The gym is nice....I do believe I'll try to get there at least 3 days a week...I'm excited to check out the pool too...if it's as nice as the rest of the place I will declare this to be t…

Bus annoyances

I am beginning to think the world has issues with me working out in the mornings.
This morning I got up early to catch the bus to campus and use the gym here. I somehow missed my bus by mere seconds and then sat waiting in the shelter for the next bus...which with the new bus schedule came in 30 minutes, which effectively ate up my workout time. I know that had I been early for the bus, it would have been late. It's just the way the bus goes...I will miss my bike when the snow comes. Only having to bus it when it's raining is nice. Schedules can be rather erratic.
I'm just trying to get the logistics of the gym figured out for the future...perhaps I can go there saturday after my MSc work. We'll see.

I'm beginning to think working out at home makes more sense...I really do want to swim twice a week, but the key ingredient in that would be actually making it to the pool :)

I'll keep trying.

Still sane. Well as sane as I was :)

This AM I got up extra early (5:45) and continued my last night's stream of organising and getting my sh*t together. There is now a pantry full of healthy food. The house is sane...ish. The cats are tended. I figure if I make an effort to keep on top of life, maybe it won't combust...I've started classes and stayed late to make up time and my head did not in fact explode as I at first thought it might yesterday. My 2 classes look to be all practical stuff I'm sort of familiar with (HELLO directed graduate learning! I think I love you !).
I even made healthy lunches and had a solid breakfast...I was actually going to do my ball DVD this AM strangely but I got up in robot mode and went right into the shower on autopilot and at about shampoo rinse-off time I realised I'd sort of skipped that part...but fear not people! All is not lost. Because I'm still fitting exercise in. It and healthy eating are becoming a part of life...and I'll fit more in. It will happen…


I was just given a bunch of fresh low bush cranberries.

What do I do with them??
Ideas pretty please....
I'd love to try making a homemade granola bar only with them in it...
If only I had a dehydrator...

Oh no, I gotta go back to school...

Yeah - the best intentions can get hit over the head with a frying pan and pressganged...

I intended to come to work early, check out the gym and get organized on my "first day of classes" (I'm a student again - eep!).
And what do I do? Forget manuscripts I have proofed and have to hand in at 8AM sharp so I had to go ALL the way back from the busstop to my house (it was raining so I couldn't bike) and so I missed the early bus...and got to the stop again JUST in time for work. They revamped all our bus schedules as of today, so I have to leave 15 minutes earlier than normal to get to work at the same time...I did make it to work *just* on time, but unfortunately not with any spare time.
No healthy breakfast (just a muffin) and no workout plans...yet. I'll have to make the time to stop by tonight after work...grrr.
I want to know all about the campus gym and where I go and all that so that I don't waste any time. I'm planning on doing my exerball DVD monday, w…

Cha cha changes

Lately I've been noticing my taste buds are...maturing. I now really like a ripe firm tomato. I can tolerate raisins in some things now, altho they're still mostly too sweet for my taste. More of a cereal or trail mix sort of liking now. Mustard is OK sometimes...and strangely (used to be a salt fiend) salt is sooooo last year. And black olives? I like them now. I don't care for sweet pickles much anymore (except still in grilled cheeses sandwiches made with Cheez Whiz, but I don't much like Cheez Whiz anymore so it's kind of a moot point) and now love a good crisp dill pickle (didn't care for them that much before). I even dig some red wines (mostly Riojas) now...

I don't know if I'm using up some taste buds or just eating differently has woken up some new ones, but man - it's strange. The biggest thing for me is *liking* tomatoes. Actually choosing to eat them and not just in a sandwich or a long as they aren't soft and mealy they ar…

whew! a workout in up early to make J breakfast (it's his birthday and I won't see him much at all today. Yeah it's like that...:) )....then I left for the bus 3 times and walked partly there only to have to return for something... 3 times. Yeah. So I ended up having to bike madly instead to get to work on time because I missed my bus...into the wind...
I drank my fruit smoothie that was supposed to be my relaxing breakfast for the bus when I got to work.
What a busy day and it hasn't even started :)

Seems like yesterday has continued on unobstructed. Last night I was at work until (blech) 9:30, but on my way home from the bus I had a brain wave and stopped at the grocery store and bought a small preroasted chicken and a few salads. for $10 I had a healthy yummy supper when I finally got home. I was starving (I had a banana and some trail mix at work, but those only go so far...) and I knew I'd just eat a lot of whatever easy to make crap…