"Doctor it hurts when I do this"

"Well don't do that then..."

I had a nice visit with my Dad last night. We went out for food to a mediocre restaurant, but the company was good :)
Today I did my solid butt and back workout - step ups, one legged deadlifts, bent rows, military lifts, squats and T arm lifts along with 30 minutes of cardio. Being the clumsy person I am (and being rather emotional and distracted yesterday over some lab work I had to do that I strongly disliked) I managed to slam my bad knee into the desk twice. so. painful. In the end, while it didn't bother me at all in my workout, my knee is twinging a bit now that my workout is over, so I will try and be nice to it today. The last thing I need is to be out of it over a knee injury.

I've had another breakfast of fruit and cottage cheese and I'm ready to face the world. Dad is heading home today after finishing the roof (still in one piece!) and J is working all night so I'm going to try and catch up on my chores tonight (whoop de doo) and try and get an early bedtime. Maybe even watch a cooking show if there's something involving cakes on :) We shall see...

A most excellent day to you all.

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azusmom said...

Ouch! You poor thing! I do stuff like that ALL the time.
I hope you're knee is feeling better soon. Have a great weekend!