Square One

...I have been cleared to exercise again. Other than a few spitting stitches on an incision I am fine and well healed. They annoy me, since I still have bandaids stuck on my boob and it means I can't have a bath, but at least I can exercise although I can't sleep on my side or front for another 2 weeks (I can't wait...)
Now that I can, I've been attacking our yard and deck all week and it feels good to be active again. Bonus points to have a yard that I will feel like chilling in as well and the deck is clean and ready for chilling. I have plans to get a bit of used furniture for the deck to replace some beat up stuff (like a futon or something)...and I have all the cool square bricks leftover from our chimney that I plan to make some planters out of...so once I get the worst of the weeds out of the front yard that's my next plan. Then tear down the old sheds and make a new one with my dad...and then paint the deck...and...and...man years of neglect while I was sick followed by a fall where no yard work was done have made for lots of things to do. So...time to do them I suppose...
After pulling out my summer clothes I see I've put on a few pounds while recovering from surgery and I'm not amused. It was tasty, but I drank too much beer and ate too many snackey cakes (mmm...delicious snackeycakes) and wasn't active enough. So...I need to get back to it. I've been walking to work the past few weeks but I'm in all of my "upper limit clothes" and they aren't too comfortable....and THAT is my signal to get my shit together. That and the fact that I like to wear some specific outfits when the weather gets hot and right now...well they currently feel dodgy...so time to get to it.
I admit I am really nervous to step on the scale and see what's up and take some measurements, but I need a baseline. I am excited to get back to a couch to 5K program and some weights again for strength though. Getting up 30 minutes earlier is not going to be fun, but I can work to get to bed earlier (she says as she is on the internet at 1140pm...um...derp). Lunchtime yoga at work is also something I'd like to get back to at least a few days a week too. I'm nervous...but I know once I get past the point where I am reassured I will no longer die while I'm running I will be OK. I shall log what I do here to keep accountable so I'll be around more again. Cya later tater. :)

Summer has arrived!

Well...it's been a while hey?
I'm mostly healed up now and have honestly just taken a break form a lot of online stuff lately. It's like facebook steals most of the things I would say here...I changed my latest format change back...I just hated it. I figured if I don't even want to read it who will...

I'm healed up pretty well from surgery. It took forever it seems and the surgical glue they use on incisions is insanely lingering... It was 7 weeks before I finally was almost healed. I've "spit" 3 stitches around my nipple which is annoying because basically your body just pushed the undissolved sitches out via the most easy place, which is the recent incision. So I have 3 tiny bandaids on my boob while it heals up. I honestly don't care except I really want a bath :) Patience...

My lifted boob looks pretty good and although my fat grafted foob is a bit smaller than it still they really point a lot closer to the same direction so I'm glad I had it done. I couldn't wear pants for a  few weeks until my hips were less sore, but overall it went well. Other than the maddening itching as nerves reconnect I've got no complaints.

I have started to walk to work again with the nicer weather and sould really get back to workouts - I've been cleared to start back in slowly and I really am jiggly so I should at least try to do a little work on myself to get stronger. I went to a small music fest this weekend where JJ did lasers and stage design and I couldn't dance like I used to. That must be fixed :)

It was nice to be out in the woods and hang with friends, relax in the sunshine while I danced to great music. JJ's stage and lighting and lasers were fabulous at Bass in the Bush - he used the grove of trees as a backdrop and created shimmering patterns all around the stage area. I helped him solder some LED light strings onto connectors that he attached to various parts of the stage so he could change the colors on it to match the other stage areas. A local wood carver created a big face out of wood and it was centre stage with glowing eyes that pulsed with the rest of the stage.  Our friends had their food truck there and others had a cookoo clown theme camp (complete with crafternoon tea)...other friends were DJing...it felt like family affair :) It was a great long weekend and a great way to start off the summer.  Even though JJ worked most nights and I volunteered a lot of the day I still got to spend a bit of time with him and had a lot of great people to hang out with in between. I tried to take some photos but my camera phone is pretty sucky so I don't have a lot to show for it...there was a photographer there so I look forward to seeing pics.

Now that I'm cleared to do stuff again I'm looking forward to clearing off our deck for the summer this weekend and planning just what to get up to around the yard and in the wide world. JJ is working almost every weekend at festivals and I can't be at all of them, but I will be at a few and I hope we can have some hiking breaks at some point. I have to do some yard work and build a shed as well so I'll be busy enough...from here on in it's bigger and better. No more surgeries.

I can rebuild each part of my life. It's tricky sometimes, but this life is like nothing else. :)