Sunday and mamamamonday

Well sunday, after jogging and then going out monkey dancing left me wather wiped on sunday. I still managed to haul my butt out to weed most of the front yard (bleieve me this took HOURS). Then it was off to a play and for a friend's bithday at a local Irish pub...
Consequently I was out til 1 on a night before work (not the best idea) and so this morning I could not drag my poor body out of bed to do my exercise tape. Perhaps I will when I get home. Perhaps not. I dont' feel too bad about it though...after all - I've been good. I just hav to get next weeks workout fromt he paper today and try not to freak out when I see how hard it will be.

Saturdays are fine with me

I woke up this morning twitching with I went for my run outside.
Then I came home to make a yummy breakfast of scones and strawberries and spending the day getting stuff done with J.


Thursday and friday

Well I got up yesterday morning after going to bet super early after I kept falling asleepI felt SO much better with some sleep and did my walk/run workout. After tuesday it seemed too short. I ended up running an extra minute at the end.

This mornign I slept in a bit and did my ball workout.
I feel great, but have lots to do....bye!

Day 14

So very tired today!
I did manage to crawl out of bed to do the ball workout tape this morning but I slept like the dead and I really couldn've slept for hours. Yesterday left me absolutely exhausted at the end of the day...Naps are nice. I think I'll have one today.
I got a compliment from a coworker on how much more in shape I am...felt good!

Day 13

Early day today - I had to get up at 5:15 to get all the workout in-blech. IT was a chilly morning - just above zero and my hands were cold, but my allergies seem to be on the wane...makes it easier to exercise when you can breathe! I did the whole workout - I'm very proud...It was beautiful to watch the sun rise over the weir this morning as I ran by. There were geese and pelicans feeding and one goose was aslep with his head tucked under his wing floating down the river. All that beauty is my reward for being good I suppose.

I did do it all though - 4 minutes fast walking plus 2 minutes jogging 7 times plus 10 minutes of fast walking at the end. I went all the way to the university bridge today and around kinsmen park and back...52 minutes plus a minute or twop cool down at the end. The front of my shins are sore today from wearing heels yesterday - I have to get my legs used to girly shoes or give them do women wear them all day? They're only 1 1/2 inch heels on boots...I can't imagine wearing heels all the time.
But then, I'm a wuss.
I need to stretch out more. I suppose I'll have to get up a few minutes earlier to have time to...I don't wanna!
I had some cereal instead.

This weeks assignments

Just got this weeks assignments. Now we seem to be having to try harder...hoo boy.

Day 1: (Walk 4 minutes/Run 2 minutes) 7 times plus 10 minutes walk = 52 minutes (LSD)
Day 2: (Walk 3 minutes/Run 2 minutes) 6 times = 30 minutes
Day 3: (Walk 3 minutes/Run 2 minutes) 7 times + 10 minutes stronger walk = 45 minutes

I've gotta be careful to watch my stride, relax, keep my arms near my sides and not bounce too much...

Day 12

Well I'm feeling less wheesy today - I'm crossing my fingers tha maybe my allergies are on the way out...I'm certainly not taking another "Eliminator" today - I wouldn't be able to work well all fidgety like I was yesterday.
I got up and did my ball workout today like a good girl and had breakfast.
Long day, so off I go!

Alive and Kicking...and wheesing

I did it!

Thank the gods for ventalin.

Gotta love allergy season

Days 10 & 11: Eliminator to the rescue

DIdn't work out Saturday BUT I went to hear Bassnectar spin friday night, so I danced like a monkey. I figure a few hours of dancing counts for something. I was well stiff on Saturday and took it easy. Made meat buns and did chores and all those sorts of boring things...very mellow day.

Plus with my allergies on overdrive the past few days I feel like my head is a balloon and my lungs - well I sound like a smoker of 40 years with emphysema...not pretty. To try and get some respite I took an "Eliminator" allergy medication for today. Not sure how well it's working so far but my head is a bit clearer and WOW am I hyper...I'm going to go and try my workout for the day and hope I can squeak through it - my lungs are in pretty rough shape. We'll see- I may just have to walk the whole 41 minutes...*sigh*. I refuse to give up though.

Day 10

So very tired.
I did my ball work out...but I must admit it wasn't filled with the most effort. BUt I did manage to make myself do it...even so, I'll be doing well to be alert today.

Day 8 and 9

Busy day there yesterday so I never made it by here...but I've been good.

On Wednesday I did my ball muscle training tape like a good girl...and this morning, although the weather made it impossible to run along the river without being blown away (think Wizard of Oz scale winds here) I crawled out of bed ad 5:30 and did do my cardio run stuff indoors on our cross trainer machine. I did 6 replicates of 5 minutes regular cardio work out (2 orange lights) followed by 1 minutes all out as fast as I could 5 minutes extra at the end...just cuz I felt like it. I honestly did. Go figure...Thismorning I tried to drink water during my workout but all it did was give me a pain in my side...I don't get it. I thought water was supposed to be good for your workout? I'll just keep at it I guess...maybe you need to get used to it?? It's just weird. I didn't do too many stretches tho, as I was going to miss my bus, but I did have a granola bar and milk for breakfast, so I'm not all bad. I'm a bit rushed today, but I I had to update and say I have a bit of incentive for myself now...I have some swanky new Fluevog shoes that are bright orange that I got on Ebay...and I made myself a deal that I get to wear them when I've been good.
And I have been good - so it's an orange day for me - orange shoes and shirt.

And I go. Lots to do.

Day 7

4.5 min walk/1.5 min jog 6 times plus 10 minutes brisk walking.

I did it...I did it and I didn't die! Other than the crappy windy weather (which also kept me up most of the night) it actually went very well. I got to wear my swanky new red sweats and the route I took ended up going from the house all the way down to the Mendel Gallery and back for the 46 minutes. Then I stretched out and did some more stretching at work while having some coffee and granola bars. I thought there were water fountains along the way but I suppose not...guess I"ll have to carry my own water if I want it.
I looked it up on mapquest - it was 1.49 miles one way - so I nearly went 3 miles - WOOOOT!

Yay me! If I can do this I am unstoppable...

OH boy...

So I just tracked down this weeks schedule from a friend's paper...eep. Tomorrow is gonna kill me. I'm going to have to get up at 5:30ish. Oh boy...

Day 1: Walk 4.5/run 1.5/6 times + 10 minute strong walk (46 minutes LSD (long steady distance))
Day 2: Walk 5/run 1/6 times (36 minutes EZ (Easy))
Day 3: Walk 4.5/run 1.5/6 times + 5 strong walk (41 minutes MED (Medium))

Day 6

Well the paper only publishes this weeks workout later today for some odd reason, so this morning was a good old exercise ball workout complete with annoying grey cats trying to sit on my head and chest at every opportunity (to "help" me work out). I may have to lock them away to get in a work out without a cat on my head.

Day 5

Well, despite a lovely lazy morning and biscuity breakfast, I managed to convince myself that a workout would be good.
And it is...I always feel so good after I work out that I wonder what my problem was before. My lungs are still a bit resistant to being pushed int he last few minutes, but they're not spasming, so I can still do my 30 minute workout without my inhaler...although today was close on the last few minutes.
I did do 30 minutes of cardio on the crosstrainer at a 2 orange light speed and a 15% incline. Lemon Jelly helped me workout today. There's nothing like ending your workout with the Shouty Song...helps push through the last few minutes when I want to slow down the pace.
I'm all set for next weeks workouts...can't wait to find out what they are - they're posted every monday morning. I can't believe I'm going to do this. I'm trying not to drive J nuts talking about it all the time. I saw so many people walking and jogging yesterday when we were out for out walk and picnic and I kept thinking - "hey me too!" and grinning happily. I bought a swanky new pair of red sweats to jog in outside tomorrow - heh heh...all I can think of is "red run! red run!" :0)

Have a great day all! I'm off to paint a room :)

Day 4

Lovely day. Went for a very long walk outside.
Even had a picnic in the sunshine.
A walking picnic counts for something right? :)

Day 3

Well I survived another day!
Weather was crap so I used our crosstrainer...I alternated 4 minutes of cardio speed with 1 minute of all out exercise 6 times.
Then I cooled off at a low pace for 3 minutes.
I tried some stretches I learned from someone at work. I'm not sure how long or how many times to do them but I figure doing some is better than doing none.
Now I'm all sweaty and J just got home...shower time. Then breakfast. Yum.
It's so crazy how working out can make you feel like a zillion bucks.
Jut remembering to breathe...that's the key

Day 2

Well, it's my day off between joggy walky things, but I was a good girl and got up to do my exercise ball muscle training DVD. I'm not stiff today (I was kind of concerned about that) but I think I need to incorporate proper stretching into what I'm doing. I'm looking about for some weblinks to good discriptions of sstretching for runners. Anyone know a good place to go for advice?

Here we go!

So I signed up for a marathon...

Today is my first official worky outy day for my marathon.
The exercise plan we're given has it set out to do 3 days this week, witha break day in between:
-4 cycles of 5 cycles of 5 minutes fast walking and 1 minute jogging=24 minutes
-5 cycles of 5 minutes fast walking and 1 minute jogging=30 minutes
-6 cycles of 4 minutes fast walking and 1 minute jogging=30 minutes

Because I missed monday, I've started in the middle: Today I did 5 cycles of 5 minutes fast walking and 1 minute jogging! I'm still alive and breathing and I feel like a million bucks.

What did YOU do? :)