Gone to the Crazytown. BRB...

Had a nice weekend - my birthday was lovely and relaxed. Had wine and cupcakes. :)

Used my workout time this AM to come in early and plan out my next two weeks...which look to be INSANE. I feel much more relaxed and ready for the chaos now. This next while I may not post much. I'm hoping to hit my morning exercise classes when I can, and if I'm in on the weekend to work I'll workout then too, but I must say...I won't have time to be here much. I do not lie when I say time will be a premium and sleep a luxury...but as of the 14th things should slack off a bit once I start my new job. Hopefully life will be more normal then...
So...talk amongst yourselves. Have a cup of tea.
I'll be back before you know it :)

the shape of things to come

Last night I had a nice supper out with my Dad and family and then had a relaxing evening watching the World Series with Dad. I'm not a huge ball fan but it was nice to visit. I came in for workout B plus abfest plus 26 minutes on the stairclimber. It was modified to not do the things I did yesterday in exercise class, which was kind of nice actually...I was a bit slow from being rather stiff from wednesday and thursday's hard workout classes so it gave me a bit of extra time :)
I've noticed a slightly annoying thing about focusing on exercise and weightlifting which makes sense, but I hadn't thought about - my pants and shirts fit differently now. I have more muscles on my butt and thighs and shoulder upper arm. This is all logical, but women's clothes are not cut for this really. Thankfully I'm not really a different size, just...well...differently shaped. I like it, but it's frustrating. I'll have to do my shopping accordingly. The biggest annoyance I've found is the dainty little arm holes they put on women's shirts. I am far from being SheRa and I find some of them uncomfortable. Anyone recommend a more fitness friendly store to shop in? My new job will require me to wear more than scruffy shirts and jeans, so I need to do a few wise purchases to build up my not so scruffy wardrobe...I'm hoping to do some wardrobe updating when we go to West Ed in December to get our christmas shopping done.

ANYways. Must go. LOTS of work to do...
Hope you all have a great day!

sneaking in a bit late...

Sorry for the late post. My computer was down to less than 200MB of memory (long story...it was not working well) so it has been wiped, rebuilt and had some RAM added. Woo! It's so fast now.
Pity I'm only here to use it 2 more weeks :)

Anyhoo...this AM I was in for spin and sculpt class and it was hard what with my legs and butt being on fire from boot camp yesterday. I did it all though and ate healthily, since I know tonight will be a bit of a write off food wise. I'm looking forward to an evening of visiting with my Dad and family. We are going out for supper to a favourite mexican place to celebrate my birthday and my new job. One of my supervisors even gave me some $$ to buy a nice bottle of wine :) How cool is that?

So I must dash. Just nesting out the new incredibly fast computer I have here. It was so screwed up before I have forgotten what a real normal computer runs like :)
Good day all!

hey. where'd tuesday go?

Whoops. I forgot to post yesterday.
Can't really blame me though...it was one heckuva day.

Got up and came in for my spin and sculpt class with a full day of work, and at the end I was called up to be given a shiny letter of offer - yes indeedy! I got the job I interviewed for last week! I have to pick a start date, but it will be much sooner than expected. Likely mid-november. Meep!
To celebrate, J and I went out for El Salvadorian food at a favourite local place. Mmmm...I had Stuffed peppers and rice and beans and horchata and one damn fine mojito to toast my brilliance :). THEN, as luck would have it, J scored tickets to a play, so we took the night off to celebrate. Which was FANTASTIC. We saw Nevermore -It's a morbid musical on the life of Edgar Allen Poe by a theatre company from Edmonton. Creepy and dark and very Tim Burtoney in costume style and humour. I absolutely loved it. Fell into bed happy and full of food and imagination.

Now today begins the handing in my resignation, picking a start date and then adding the craziness of a new job and closing down the old to the pile of nustofaction already in place for November. Oh, and did I mention my dad is coming to visit tomorrow? We're going out for supper for my birthday and to celebrate the new job. Yeah. Busy crazy few days it's been and will continue to be.

So this AM, to pay for unhealthy meals the past few days I got up for boot camp class and was NOT disappointed. She did a whole class of cardio intervals interspersed with many many tabata sets of things. Oh yes...it was as evil as it sounds. Tabata sets...of lunges. All on one leg. Then on to the other leg...heh. Then Tabata sets of many compiled exercises. Then more cardio. Then more tabata. I pushed myself...muscles burned...I swore...I now feel like jello.

It was brilliant :)

I am off to a busy day of much to do. Must add in closing down my job and winding up things for the department now. All the things on my "to do" list have to get done in a few weeks.

Heh...well, here we go!
GOod day to you all. I must dash!

monday already??

Well I had a relaxing weekend. Another family gathering with really unhealthy food (hello mannicotti and chicken lasagna!) but it was a nice one. I got some work done and had a nice bonfire on friday with friends.
This AM I was back in to workout to try and get back to "normal" again (whatever that is !)
Workout A + abfest + 27 minutes on the stair climber. Now some overnight oats and it's another long day. I get to cut out early to go home for an energy inspection on our house post furnace install to try and get some rebate $$ back from a government grant program and I hope it's the last time I have to miss work for all this. It's rather annoying. I'm hoping I can just work on my MSc while the inspector does his thing...we shall see.
Must dash.
Science awaits :)


Well. Here I am. In at work on my day off.
Actually I am hoping to get a lot done today - I haven't gotten much done the last few days. I've had my pumpkin pie chai overnight oats and some coffee and I think I can do this now.

The interview yesterday went very well. I'm a little freaked as the job it was for might start sooner than I'd expected, but what will be will be. Can't stress about that if I haven't even gotten the job yet right? :)

This AM I came in to do my workout A plus abfest and 28 minutes on the stairclimber. Felt good, although I am rather tired. Here's to another day of statistics.

Yes. Whee.

I Day is here

Last night was nice. No working, just hanging out with my supervisor and his wife and the other 4 students in his lab. They're all really nice, and there was great food and wine, so it was a good evening. I came home, picked out what I want to wear to my interview and then went to bed on time...
This morning I came in for spin and sculpt and left before the stretching part (don't worry I won't make a habit of it) and had time to make myself look all adult and stuff and curl my hair. I'm wearing my grey cords and a nice red sweater...dressy but not overdone. My cords have lycra in them and they are so comfy...like pyjamas. Heh heh...they're my "power pants" - you can't go wrong when you go to an interview wearing your pyjamas right?
No wait... :)

My interview is after lunch so I just have to not spill on myself this morning (you'd be surprised how hard that is for me to do!) and then do my best. I read up a bit but I don't know how else to prepare.
1:30 PM - I'm so ready for you :)
Crossing my fingers for a good day.

boot camp hurts

Just popped in to log. After another long night of statistics, I came in for boot camp class this morning and got my ass kicked. Still a lot of jumping so I had to modify some things but man...hard class!
I had a tasty lunch of the last of my soup (mmm...), some sourdough bread and tuna and an apple. Tonight I get time off from all my work so I can go to a BBQ at my MSc supervisor's place. I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit. Then home and try to rest up for my interview tomorrow.
I have no idea what to wear for it...I'm still debating if I want to workout after work and sleep in a bit or not. We shall see...
I figure I am pretty ready for things if all I am worried about is what I'm wearing :)
It's tricky being dressy but casual. I don't have a lot of dressy clothes that aren't super dressy, since most of my new clothes that fit are work level casual. We shall see. I think I have something that will suit and not make me look *too* overdressed...
I've gotta go. Much to do!
Later taters :)


Last night was a long night - worked until 10 BUT at the end I checked my email to see that


I was so excited that it took me a while to wind down for sleep. I buzzed about it with excitement to J and we put the fall duvet on the bed (so fluffy) and eventually I fell asleep. I'm so excited...I hope it goes well.

This AM I came in for my spin and sculpt class. It was a killer...but I did it all, with no holding back. Pushed all my eeekey energy out into my muscles and boy...my legs were shaking by the end of the lunges and squats, but I feel a bit more even keeled now. There is so much for me to do work-wise and school-wise this week that I'm going to focus on just being together for the interview. I can do a bit of reading up, but I'm just going to do my best to be confident and sell myself. What will be will be, with a little nudge from me and the good old sparkly pants :)

Have a great day everyone. I must be off...so much to do!


busy day

Today has been long and busy. I am still at it and expect to be for another 3 or 4 hours. I worked all weekend, but had lots of chores and things to do on top of the work, so I could have done more, but it is what it is. There is only so much time in the day. I have to print off a bunch of stuff so I'm in at work to do things (free printer heh heh) And of course, my computer is picking now to be all temperamental when I need it most for data, so I'm trying to be kind to it and I hope it will be OK...crossing myu fingers and toes...

This AM I came in and did my workout B with abfest and 25 minutes on the stairclimber, made me good and sweaty. I had healthy meals here at work (which is all 3 of them today...sigh) and just enjoyed some absolutely delicious kabocha squash soup I made last night with a blueberry muffin. It's very simple and healthy and probably one of the best soups I know of...the squash and smoked paprika...it's so gooood together :) The good thing about working in restaurants for so long is I can whip up some healthy muffins and soups for myself and still get other stuff done. And I get delicious rewards for working hard on my data. Fair deal, I think!
And so I must be off to d battle with my computer once more.

It's true :)

I'm confusing my muscles. Yeah. That's it...

This morning I came in to work out and altho I was very tired, I tried to make the most of it. Because there's been a lot of lunges and upperbody work in the 3 classes I took this week and I didn't workout monday (cause of all the hiking and run on the weekend) I sort of smooshed together my workout A and B and abfest and took out the stuff I've done in the last day or so in the classes. It was a bit of a hodgepodge, but still a good 30 minutes of circuits of exercises. Then I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes. Pretty good overall I suppose. I hadn't realised how much of a "routine" I'd built up for myself until I tried to mix it up :)

I've been experimenting with breakfasts too. I've been varying my chia overnight oats and come up with a few tasty winners. I'm all out of bananas so I'm trying to put something else in for flavour. So last night I added some greek yogurt, then decided to toss in most of a scoop of vanilla protein powder, some molasses, pumpkin pie spice and some cocoa...and MAN it made for some tasty slightly spicy and slightly chocolatey pudding-like breakfast. Really hit the spot. Good for me too.
Bwaha. :)

Now I must go do some boring data work. So I'm going to grab a coffee and get to it.
Have a great day :)


Busy day. Just popped in to log.

Up and in for my spin and sculpt class this morning, then off to work with my overnight chia oats. I added some protein powder, a scoop of greek yogurt and come cocoa to them...mmmmm...so good.
Time for coffe and science.

Later taters :)

"Girls, I have a mission for you"

Well I never did get back to work after heading home for the repairman (I would have gotten back just in time to go home so why bother). I'll be making up the time the rest of the week, but the faulty regulator is replaced and we have hot water again. So nice :)

It took me forever to get organized yesterday and I admit I could have done a lot more than I did, but I did some chores around the house and some planning for the next week - so I'm ready to go. I'm finding there is so much to do that if I just stare at it I get nowhere. I have a list to do now...and I'll just keep working down the list until I'm done it...it's just that simple...ish.
heh heh.

This morning I was going to try and do an online workout for my random wednesday workout, but I noticed there was a boot camp class today taught by the intense instructor who subbed for my thursday class last week, so I thought I'd give it a go...and it was an intense cardio/weight mashup. A bit bouncy at times, so I had to modify a few moves, but it sure got me moving. The best part? Techno remix of Charlie's Angels theme song for cardio...he hee. She has good workout music, I'll give her that...and less yelling, more of the dreaded hold and pulse moves, but a good solid workout. As a bonus, I had just enough time for my abfest and some stretching after and now, it's work time. It is always fun to try something new. I have some chia overnight oats with some protein powder stirred in and a nectarine and coffee I feel rather fierce.

I must be off...science awaits :)

A little turkey is good for the soul

This weekend went very well.
I had a great time visiting my Dad at the lake. J and I discovered some great hiking trails that I didn't know existed (!!!) about 20 minutes from our cabin, so J and I spent a few hours on Saturday hiking through the woods to the Gem lakes on Saturday- a cluster of tiny lakes in the northern boreal forest named after jewels. It was a gorgeous walk...I loved it. About 5.5 Km - a nice afternoon. Got us out and away from crazy family and let us spend some time together. We both love outdoor hiking and it's been a long long time since we've been able to. It was great.

Sunday was a big gathering of family and friends and it went well. My dad had invited all his friends who've been so kind to him over the last year with Mum gone - I helped to take over the kitchen for the day and we made one heck of a thanksgiving dinner as a little thanks back to them all. We made a delish turkey, with wild rice stuffing and some gluten free dairy free mashed potatoes and veg and a gluten free pumpkin pie (my brother's wife is celiac). Others brought pie and salads and we had a great evening of eating and relaxing. I even got a break after the turkey went in the oven to go for a run down to the narrows and back - about 4Km. I don't run much anymore as my knee complains, but I kept it easy - 4 minutes run + 1 minutes walk and enjoyed the fall leaves and sunshine. It really was a gorgeous day - I earned my glass of wine and pie. It was a great stress release in the middle of a hectic dinner plan :)
Monday it was back home the next day to *another* dinner at J's family's, but we didn't eat too much and got home in time to relax and unpack and get ready for today.
I'm pleased with how the weekend went. We enjoyed ourselves but didn't gorge at the trough - and I didn't kill my sister in law. All around success I'd say!

Unfortunately our new water heater is on the fritz already (hello cold showers!) so boo to that. I'll have to go home early today to get the guy to come fix it. Lame. I shower at the gym so it's no big deal for me but poor J gets yet another cold shower (apparently it wasn't working well on Friday either). He's a good sport about it. I'm hoping we don't get charged for this - new things are supposed to work aren't they? It's only been in 2 weeks...

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. Very relaxing...a bit busier than I'd have liked, but I can't complain. Lots of Dad hugs. :)
This AM I crawled out from my cozy bed to come in for spin and sculpt class. I moved my leg weird during a squat and my right groin muscle is rather stiff, so I'll be careful today. My body's been great lately at doing everything I've asked it to - I don't want to push it.
Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to cottage cheese and blueberries and coffee and a lab full of surprises. :)

Turkey for me...turkey for you...

Well I feel much better today.

Last night we ran about and got everything for turkey time this weekend at my Dads (including stuff for gluten free snacks and wild rice stuffing...yum). I'm all packed and ready for the weekend. I'm bringing my gear in the hopes of a hike or jog through the woods up there - I'm thinking that my sis-in-law (who tends to drive me nuts when I am stuck with her for days) will drive me to need to run off some stress over the weekend. It will be so nice to see my Dad though and I can't wait.

I got up to workout this morning and did my workout B + 28 minutes on the stairclimber and adjusted abfest. We did a lot of arm and abwork in spin and sculpt yesterday so I didn't want to overtrain. It was a good workout. I am back to my preholiday status fitness and weightwise so I'm ready for a nice weekend. I'm feeling good :)

I plan on keeping snacking to a minimum and will not go crazy on the food and wine. I've got fruit for good snacks and I'm in charge of the taters and turkey and stuffing so I know it will be good. I've worked so hard to get back to a good space with food and diet so I"m going to try and keep it that way. I'm going to attempt a gluten free pumpkin angel food cake for my sis-in-laws birthday tomorrow...wish me luck. I'm hoping for a nice relaxing weekend. I'll just focus on not killing my sis-in-law and relaxing with my J and Dad...

Have a lovely weekend everyone. To my Canadian peeps - Happy Thanksgiving.

creaky me

Now I know how old people feel.
My back and butt are so stiff from yesterday...I actually resorted to taking an Advil! I came in to work out some kinks this morning in Spin and Sculpt class. It actually helped. Our regular instructor is away and another girl taught and she ROCKED. The spin was challenging, and the workout after used resistance bands a lot and I've never really ahd much experience with them. I learned a lot of cool new things to do with them, and we worked hard. I pushed myself and feel a bit more and less stiff depending on the area of my body :) I feel good. Here's hoping the stiffness stays at bay and I have another good day!

Must dash...big day.

Later taters!

50 seconds is a long time

Last night was a night off from data. So very nice. I worked late for an hour or so and then headed out on a mass grocery run for the month. No J with me so I could take time to squeeze produce and read labels and stock up on good stuff. I got a few tasty cheeses and ingredients for wild rice stuffing for thanksgiving dinner at my dad's on the weekend. After I got home and put it all away and had supper ~9 I found my old CV. I am tweaking it for a new position here where I work and need to submit it by friday-it's exciting and scary all at once. We'll see what happens. I firmly believe that what will be will be, so I'm trying not to worry about it. All I know is I'm pretty damn impressive on paper let me tell you! :D

This morning I was stiff in the tush fromall the lunges in tuesday's spin and sculpt class but I still put myself through one heck of a workout. Wednesday is random new thingy day, so I did the Grab Your Balls workout from Bodyrock TV using an 8Lb medicine ball, and ended off with 20 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work. A solid 453 calories burned...and if I was a bit stiff before, I certainly am definitely stiff now. Despite managing to stab my finger multiple times with a paperclip end resetting my Gymboss interval timer (don't ask...) I must say that having an interval timer certainly adds intensity to my workouts. Doing an exercise full out for a set length of time, without having to count or focus on a clock gives me freedom to push myself...altho I have to say that 50 seconds seems like FOREVER when you're doing burpees!

Must dash - lots to do (what else is new! ).
Later taters!

2 days in a row

Ah yes...my bus broke down this morning (again...ahem...) but the next one comes along in 10 minutes, so thankfully again I was only a bit late getting started today. I zipped into spin and sculpt about 10 minutes late, but I figure better late than never. Still got a decent workout in and I'm in with healthy meals for another long day - hopefully not as nuts as yesterday tho. No word of a lie when I say that yesterday started at 5:25 and didn't let up until I finally fell into bed at 11:30 - work was nuts and there was SO much to do on my MSc for a deadline rapidly approaching.
I did get 6 solid hours of sleep last night though, which was brilliant. I feel much better today. Sunday J and I went out to a great late comedy horror movie that was showing as a part of the Dark Bridges film festival here in town as a reward for working hard all weekend...laughed and laughed - it was worth going to but it made for a late night and a tired monday. Sometimes you just have be tired you know? :)

I took a break saturday to do the zombie walk here in town. Me and about 300 others shuffled and moaned over the bridge in costumes. Some of them were really well done. I was a zombie scientist...what a hoot. What really cracked me up was the reactions of people who didn't know about the event. Some people actually treid to pretend they didn't see us or ignore us. Really people? Come on...how do you pretend to ignore 300 moaning growling zombified people (all ages!) giggling and shuffling? Silly !

Well my good peeps. It's another crazy day. I'm off.
Haave a good one :)

crazy from the get go

It's been a ridiculous day.
Started with the bus being 15 minutes late and has stayed busy all day. I did make it in and with some rushing I got in my workout A + abfest + 22 minutes on the stair climber and I am busy with healthy breaky and just snarfed my lunch and took a brief break on my way back to the madness.
Must dash...still have hours of insanity to go...