My baby's back!

Yesterday I ditched belly dance, because it tends to aggravate my knee. I want it to rest up and be my friend again. I'm making a conscious effort to not mope about it. It just is what it is.

On the plus side though, last night I went to pick up my bike from the shop - my bike is back! YES!!!!

I love my bike - a girly bar style Trek 3500, with 18 gears, fenders and comfy seat...She had a flat tire and needed a tune up after a winter of rest and use, so on the weekend I cleaned her off and took her in to Doug at Doug's Spoke and Sport (great my bike there too). He took my girl in and shined her up, tightened and oiled the chain, checked all the bolts and screws, adjusted the brakes and fixed my flat back tire. We took her home last night after work and she's all ready to go. And Doug, being a sweetheart that he is, wouldn't let me pay him for the tune up. What a guy :)
It rained to day, so I left her at home, but I'm hoping (knock on wood) that since my knee feels better today, by monday I'll be able to bike again. I do so love the walking to work in the mornings, but at the end of the day, the last thing I want is a 35 minute walk in the hot hot heat (or rain). On my bike I can zip home in about 15 minutes...and, even better, there will be no more bus delays. You have no idea how grateful I am for that. J has been sweet in picking me up when he can after work after I do my MSc work after along day's regular work, but a lot of days (with the crappy summer bus schedule) it can take me up to one and a half hours to get home...which after a 12-13 hour day is not what I'm up for. I bring a book and my iPod, but having my bike back will be so very very sweet.
This weekend I have lots to do in the lab, but things are working so far and working well. It's supposed to be rainy and miserable all weekend so I won't be missing too much. AND it's my Mum-in-laws birthday on sunday so we're going to get together and make *her* supper for once. She wants turkey. Heh...I've only made one, so I hope it'll be edible! Ah well...there will be mashed potatoes, and gravy drowns all mistakes doesn't it? :)

Have a good weekend all...

I'm baaack!

Well this Am my knee is a bit stiff so I did stretches and used a tennis ball and my foam roller to try and massage out my hamstrings, knee and ITB... No workout. I walked to work, and by the time I got here it had the odd twinge...going up the stairs I get the odd twinge. One that feels like the old Chondromalacia Patellae acting up. Yup. Goody.


I suppose it's up to me to take it easy again until it goes away...I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor to see if I can get some physio...this is just not acceptable. Maybe I need a brace to keep my knee in check. Perhaps my super stiff hamstrings pulled things abit out of whack. Who knows?

All I know is I can't stay in shape if I have to stop exercising every time I get there.
Grrr...I'm trying to not let this get to me but I have to say. This is really not a good day for it...makes me want to crawl back into bed under the covers.

The horror. The horror.

When I was out today on the walking part of my Endurance day of the Core Performance workout, I did that thing again of stepping up on the park bench to get my heart rate up. I only did 10 on each side and then kept walking, as my legs are pretty fatigued...and as I was walking my knee did that "thing" again.

Just no.

I walked at a lighter pace and it went away, and I walked to work and it didn't come back but now I'm terrified. I am not ready mentally to have to stop exercising AGAIN for my knee. I chose this program to strengthen it. I know perhaps I am doing too much...but don't you have to push yourself? I'm just following the program. I'm not even progressing at the speed you're supposed to for the workouts, I'm just moving up levels once my muscles sort of get used to the current level instead of a step up every week. I do not want to stop exercising for my knee to heal. For the 6th time. I've accepted the fact that I might not be able to run anymore...but why can't I do this? Am I just trying to do too much?
I am hoping it won't come back. I want to ride my bike to work once it gets tuned up. I want to keep working out. I can see the difference in my body now.

I know I'll be very paranoid about it. I'll be doing some extra stretches and things.
They don't make robot knees yet, so I'll have to be careful.

Here's crossing my fingers. And toes.

Stupid knee.

And the forcast is...more rain...

It's raining again today. It's' rained more this spring than I can recall for many years. The rhubarb in my backyard that I just assumed was a runt bad plant is this massive thing with a huge stalk flower out the top...guess I just wasn't watering it enough :)

I had a great weekend. I got some lab work done Saturday and a bit on Sunday, with lots of relaxing with friends and my husband. It rained a lot, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Monday was actually cool but sunny, so I attacked the yard - it's the first time all spring I've been home when there was no rain, so I wanted to try and get the safari under control! The yard is mowed, snipped and partly weeded. It looks so much better. J went out to golf 18 holes with some friends so I thought I'd catch up on some stuff at home - boring chores and then I finally got the time to paint the top trim of the cupboards...yes I know I technically started renoing the kitchen in January...but I'm in the home stretch now! Cupboard doors and top enclosure are now all painted to match the cupboards. Once they've set a few days we can put them back on. I'm hoping a fit of energy will strike next Saturday and we'll get the doors back on the cupboards. The kitchen is done except for that, and it would look so much more tidy in there with cupboard doors...lately when it's come down to a choice between spending free time on chores and spending it with J I've just hung out with J. Spare time has been precious lately.

On Monday I stepped up to the next level of my Core Performance workout...which essentially meant doing everything from level 1A only twice. Heh heh...oh the burn :) Today I'm stiff but not terribly so. I did my exerball DVD today as my regeneration day instead of the endurance level 1B workout, because I just couldn't bring myself to speedwalk in the rain (it's only 4 degrees!). Too cold to get drenched to the bone outside...I'll save that for when it's warmer. So tomorrow will be endurance day. It's not supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'm crossing my fingers.

I can already see muscle tone difference in my body from the Core Performance program. I feel stronger. My balance is improving a bit too...I'm not constantly tipping over for some of the coordination positions...only some of the time. And my knee is fine so far :) My stomach has crazy muscle tone if I can just shake those last 8 lbs from my butt! That's the project for the summer.
We'll see...I'm just happy to feel like I'm on the fitness track again.

I hope you all had a nice weekend...I know I did!

Friday at last :)

Last night I had a wonderful evening off just getting to hang out with mu husband...we've both been so busy lately it was so nice to just spend the evening together.

This morning I got up at 5:30 and did the endurance part of the Core Performance workout. For the H.I.T. training I went out on the trails by my house and speedwalked. While out there I had a flash of genius at how to get my heart rate up into the 80% zone for the high intervals...there are benches about 14 inches high at regular intervals along the trail so I stopped at one and did 12 step ups on each leg. That took 1 minute, so I did it twice. Brilliant. It got my heart rate right up there, so on the way back I did the same thing. I burned a whole extra 6 calories this way (oh boy) but it did get my heart rate up and I felt great after. I have a naturally low heart rate so it's a challenge for me to get my heart rate up there above 160...I made it up to 171! And I seem to be able to do this level of Core Performance without aching terribly the next day so I'm moving up a level next week.
I noticed today how important good shoes are. I have a crappy old pair of Pumas I use when I'm indoors doing stuff and the stretching and lunges for Core Performance so I don't track dirt all over the house. I forgot to change shoes before i went out on my cushion at all. No ankle support. Just poundy trudging. I can't believe I tried running in them when I first started newer (yet old pair) of running shoes I retired from running and wear to work feel like little pillows in comparison :)
I had a nice walk to work this morning. It's cooled off a bit and so I really enjoyed the walk...I figured out it's about 2.7 Km from home to work...takes about 30 minutes at a brisk yet not sweaty when I get to work pace. Counted over 70 gophers and 30 pelicans on my walk...I love living where I do.
I feel better when I do this workout thing, I really do. I'm happier, and less stressed. My whole attitude this week has been more positive. Sure I'm tired by 9:30ish and I find myself nodding off during whatever I try and watch or do after then, but my husband has been a sweetheart about just tipping me over onto his shoulder and letting me snooze away until whatever we're watching is over :)

Tonight is the monthly old horror movie flick at the community theatre, so I hope I can stay awake for it. Once a month they find old cheesy movies and play them at midnight. Tonight is Return of the Living Dead. It's usually a theatre full of of hyped up people who love grindhouse type films, with lots of Mystery Science Theater 3000 mockery...a lot of fun. My brother and I have a date to go..I hope I can stay awake for it. This weekend is a lot of MSc work, but since monday is a holiday I can relax a bit, and get some real work done on my MSc. It'll be nice...

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday already?

Yesterday I got up and did my Core performance Endurance Workout including speed walking for the 25 minute cardio part. It's harder to get my heart rate up into the proper ranges...guess I'm doing something right. I don't want to run just yet as I'm scared of hurting my knee, but it looks like I'll have to do something more to get into the higher heart ranges they're asking for. I'm open to any ideas. I was thinking of buying a skip rope and trying that out outside. After that I walked to work. It was great. I had a training course all day so wasn't in the lab and I could wear shorts and sandals. So nice...

This morning I got up and did my Exercise ball DVD, as it's the do your own thing/recovery day on the Core Performance (I didn't have any stiffness (wohoo!) so I didn't do any of the muscle massage stuff and looked for something else). I didn't have time to walk to work this morning because I spent a bunch of time looking for stuff (grrr) but I made it to the bus and to work on time.
Thankfully it rained a bit to cut the heat. It's gone from cold to very warm in the span of a week and I'm not used to it yet. Yesterday was 30 C. Nice and sunny, but the heat just sucks all the energy out of me when I'm not used to it. I didn't do much when I got home...I'm hoping I adjust to the heat soon.

Hope you all have a good day...

back from a busy busy week

Heh...oops. Sorry for the lack of postage.
Last week was a gong show. My busiest yet. 14 hour days and a concert and a shift working at the synchrotron and bellydance class and working on saturday and going to a musical...but finally sunday off with my love, a BBQ of some yummy marinated pork tenderloin and some salad, an ice cold Harp and all is better. I haven't been eating poorly, but I haven't eaten great either. I've tried to rationalize snacks....this stops as of today. I know how my brain is a comfort and I can't start using it to feel better when I'm all stressed out and busy. That road leads to Pietown.
I had a run in with mediocre food this weekend and it angered me. We were given a sudden windfall of a bit of money, and so J and I thought we'd go out for supper on friday to an Indian place we've always wanted to go to. Well...they were pricey (a $20 buffet...Sheesh) and the food was...well the most mediocre food I've had in a long time. It wasn't bad. Just...bland. Boring. We left feeling full and blechy (because due to screwy logic we comehow felt we had to eat our $20 worth even though it wasn't great) and spent the evening feeling uncomfortably full and wondering why so many restaurants are so mediocre. I'm a foodie, I admit it. When I go out I want to have food at least as good as I can make at home. It doesn't have to be super fancy or special...just tasty. Not something watered down to appeal the the largest number of people. I want food that someone obviously put some care into it...I am willing to pay for it. And I am not going back to the India Palace again. It was particularly disappointing as my favourite Burmese restaurant the Golden Pagoda is much less expensive and has a huge menu of delicious food that I rave over every time we go. We try and go to new places here and there just to see if we can catch a good place...guess they can't always be good. I love Indian food and was hoping we finally had a good Indian place in town. Pity.

So, to combat too much boring indian food and a week of far too little exercise this morning I got up and did my Core Performance strength workout and then made a fruit smoothie and walked to work briskly. It was a nice 35 minute walk, counting geese and pelicans and gophers and sipping smoothie. I was running behind ans was going to skip breakfast (I know I know) but I had a flash idea on my way out the door and took a minute to blend up a smoothie...peaches and mangoes and yogurt. Much better. Now that it's finally gotten warm all of a sudden I can start walking and biking to work. Extra exercise...and a great way to start the day.

Today for lunch I have some more of the delicious corn, bean salad we had with supper last night. Mmmm. I just have to keep doing what I can when I can and keep my sanity.
The rest will fall into place...

Slothenly sunday

Sunday was lovely...much napping, late breakfasty lunch of some croissants and eggs...fruit smoothies in the afternoon and more napping and snuggling...then some sitrfry and coconut rice for supper...and a movie. Amelie. Love that film.... We were going to order in but being Mother's Day weekend it was pretty much impossible (and I was trying to ignore the fact that it was Mother's day...but that's a whole other thing altogether) I made my own. Yum.
Stayed up too late last night and so I must do my workout when I get home today, as there was not enough time this morning. I slept in a bit and gave myself some extra time to make sure my hair worked - love my new haircut...highlights and low lights and a nice bob with shaggy bangs. I finally invested in a nice flat iron...I'm kicking myself for not having gotten one earlier. My hair is thick and tends to frizz and wave...a minute or two with the iron and I look smoking :) It really polishes things off and I don't look like I just hopped out of the shower and came to work (which I do...) I got a good one's work the $$. Man. I had tried to get a cheapo one before and took it back as it didn't work and was really garbage. This one rocks.

Now I am back at work again. I must get to it. I'm taking two days off this week so I have to keep on top of things...
Later taters...

Saturdays used to be a day off...

Because I am so awesome, even though it is a saturday I got up at 5:30, did the endurance part of my Core Performance with outdoor walking for the H.I.T. part of it, showered and was in to work with a healthy breakfast by 8AM. I have a long long long long day in the lab today, but I'm ready for it.
This morning I was reminded yet again what I'd miss if I wasn't getting fit. Not only would I have less energy, but this morning I watched the sunrise over the river, counted 8 geese grazing on the misty grass and chased a gopher or two on the path. So nice...

Yesterday I got a haircut and colour, made a delicious supper (almond chicken and spaghetti squash...) and and just relaxed with J. We were going to rent a movie, but J tucked me in early - sweet man could see how worn out I was. I got lots of sleep and feel great today :). Poor J has to go to a wedding by himself today because I'm in at the lab for my MSc, but it wasn't worth the lost work time on my project to spend all day at a distant cousins second wedding...I've offered her best wishes and she's fine with me not being there. J's only doing the ceremony part anyways, so it won't be too lonely for him I hope...I plan on being home by suppertime. It's been a busy busy week. Whew.

Tonight is Doctor Who and (oh boy oh boy) tomorrow I have no work at all to do.
At all.
This is monumental.
After a week of 12 hour days and craziness, I cannot wait! :)

Music to walk by geese to:
Freestylers: Pressure Point

Confucious say man who puts nose to grindstone wears out nose...

In on my day off. Woo. I should get to things and stop procrastinating. Yesterday was a LONG day...12+ hours at work, starting an hour the time I got home at 8 I was exhausted...but still happy. GO figure :).
My lovely J took me out for Burmese food and after some coconut rice and curried veg with a beer I felt fabulous.
Today it's back at the lab, but I get a haircut and colour late this afternoon...can't wait. I haven't had my haircut since before the's way past time. I just haven't been able to fit it in. And my hair needs a new's boring my dahlings. Simply will not do...
Yesterday was the day off to do something day of the Core performance...and I took nearly 13 hours on my feet as my workout du jour.
This AM despite my bodies cries for more sleep I was up at 5:30 and did the Strength workout of the Core performance workout again...felt good. I seem to have a bit more balance...maybe I"ll get less stiff this time. I can hope right? :)
Today is work hard and then a whole evening off with J. Lovely. I have to work (boo) tomorrow again, but it allows me to get out of a wedding I didn't really want to go to. Poor J has to go alone...but I'll be stuck in the lab so I figure it's a fair trade off.
Busy busy. Me me.
And is good.
Yes indeedy.
Happy weekend to all of you :)

ow my butt

Day 2 of back at the core performance - endurance day. Various movements for muscle strengthening and then a bit of H.I.T. cardio. I'm following the program verbatim with careful attention to form and reps so I don't reinjure my knee. I'm not totally out of shape but I'm nowhere near where I was, so it's easier for me to not overdo it if I just follow the workouts exactly. It's so tempting to just do more...but I know I need to be patient.
Seeing as the weather is total sh*t right now (it's snowing May...ridiculous) I went on the elliptical on lowest settings and focused on form so as not to injure my knee accidentally. It seems to have gone OK.
Something I learned today - there are many muscles in my butt. Currently they are all sore.
Also...on a more serious note, the heart rate monitor on my elliptical is off. According to my Polar heart rate monitor my HR was between 160 and 175 during my workout. I sweated...alternating 3 minutes of 60% max HR and 85% max HR. I put my hands on the elliptical HR monitor during varying parts of my workout and never went above 150 on it. Perhaps that explains why on the 22 minutes on the elliptical it says I burned 270 odd calories, and according to Polar only 206. Not a big deal, just strange the difference it can make. I sure like having a HR monitor. I used to think I was pushing I know I wasn't always. I can actually do H.I.T. training now with confidence.
Now if I could just sit down without making little squeaky noises I'd be onto something :)

Good jorb

This morning I was up at 5:30 and I did my Core Performance strength workout day 1...starter level. I did it all and wow, is my sense of balance totally whacked! It will take a while to get the muscle control to not teeter all over the place for some of the things. I *did* do it all though, with careful attention to form (when I wasn't tipping over!) a good breakfast of oatmeal and blueberries before I set out into the rainy/snowy crappy weather that we've been having all week here. My cat helped by crawling all over me and occasionally howling.
Oh the howling...It's been learn not to howl or you get very wet week at the house of Geo...poor guy. He's suddenly, after 14 years of quiet, found his opera voice. I don't know if it's spring or what, but I'm trying to dissuade him. I hope his little brain gets it...he was rather damp when I left this morning from the spray bottle! I think he's attention starved with me being away so much.

Other than the guilt of soggy cat, I'm proud of myself for doing my workout. It felt so good...

One day at a time and we'll get there.
I'm looking at this as a daily thing.
Oh yes! :)

weak as water

OK. I admit it.
I was all primed to get up this AM and start my Core Performance again...but I wimped out.
I slept in 10 minutes and did a bunch of chores instead. Yesterday I ate something that didn't agree with me and I'd felt crappy most of the evening (and some of the night). Supergreasy cheap cheese at a family meal....blech. Never again. You could see cheesy grease pooled on the top of a dish in multiple places...and it was chicken greasy could it be I thought? Heh...well the chicken was tasty...but so much grease even with the cheese picked off of it that by the end of it I'd already started to feel foul. Yuk. Family dinners seem to be excuses for our family to use extra cheese and oil and stuff and be OK with it. Not for me, I should have left it. That stuff kills me now...bleh. Wonder how I ate that all the time before? Live and learn...I have to treat it like a food allergy I guess. It's lot worth the pain flushing I get after. Yes. TMI. Sorry...

Still...Not a valid excuse to have at least *tried* to work out.
I wimped out.
I am quite angry at myself for this.

And so I pledge to you...enough of this BS. My cold is gone. My allergies are under control. There is no reason to delay any longer...I WILL get up tomorrow.
No excuses.

I will post daily.
I will keep my self accountable to me through you.
Yes. tummy hurts. whine whine whine...