Finally the last day of the week.

Wow - forget all I said about yesterday's workout class not being a challenge. Literally. My post about the spin and sculpt class has vanished into the ether...I figured it wasn't very hard yesterday. Oh bwah hah what did I know - I ache all over today :) It was tough to come in and workout but I did, all stiff and foggy. I was really tired, but I pulled it off. And my knee is fine today. Since yesterday worked my upper body a lot, I stuck to a bunch of lower body stuff, my abfest and some cardio on the bike with modified bench lunges and still no squats. Not as intense as wednesday but I made it through...

Tonight I have to go out for a bit to a fundraiser, but I hope I won't fall asleep during it. I haven't been this tired in a while, but this should be a fun night if I can stay awake for it! The potluck last night was ever so tiny as not many people showed up, but that was OK. We got a lot planned and I made a couscous/veg/feta salad and muffins, which I have leftovers of today for lunch. I bought some baby tomatoes to throw in the salad and wow - I love them. I don't like a lot of tomatoes due to texture, but these ones are incredible...they're like grapes and taste slightly sweet and aren't soft at all. I think I'm in love :) If you told me years ago I'd be popping tiny tomatoes in my mouth with glee I'd have had you committed...

Tomorrow J and I have a day's been a nutso week for both of us. We haven't made plans yet other than sleep and pancakes. He has to work sunday so I may switch my day of working to sunday just to hang out with him more tomorrow. After long weeks of long days poor J was changing a flat tire on our car last night at 12:30. It turns out that we really needed the new tires we're booked in to get today on our car - they're so bald that BOTH back ones have gone flat- one 10 days ago and one a day ago. Since the spare was already on it J had to put on a winter one just to get it into the shop today! He was up for work at 4:30 AM too...what a guy. He's involved in the fundraiser tonight so he can't stop all day until the wee hours, but tomorrow? Tomorrow may just be a long giant napfest...we shall see. I know if I ache like this tomorrow I'm sure not doing a whole lot :)

It feels good to push yourself. A little ache lets me know I'm working hard.
Add in a little napping tomorrow and boy, I'll be a happy camper.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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