I was here.
Then I went home to my Dad's for a bit...my brother and I packed up Mom's things-Dad just couldn't do it. Since he was away, we came in to go through things a bit for him. Thankfully my Mum was a very organised and simple person. There wasn't as much as we'd thought...
Bro and I spent a weekend going though old things in the attic and house. What could have been very sad was actually a very wonderful time remembering so many things. Mom kept so many little random things from our childhood...:) We spent the weekend eating all the gluten and lots of odd things he can't normally have (his wife has lots of allergies) and reminiscing about our childhood...slowly saying goodbye to some things in our own minds. AND realising that we don't have to say good bye to a lot of them...There are local charities that will give Mom's things to people who need them. She would have wanted that...

Then I came back to life here...busy busy. Small setback in my MSc project, but I'm on top of it now after a few days of crazy. Contamination issues obliterated my cultures...but after disinfection and sterilization of my work area, incubator and flow hood I have begun to grow some cells up again. And they seem to be alive so far. So far so good...
All that remains is to start making my ass submit to my whims and desires again. Yes...there's been very little of that going on. Sleep took priority over that to make sure I got enough rest to get better. And I mostly am...
My cold is 90% gone (just the odd sniffle) and I'm rarely using my inhaler anymore, so I'm going to start biking to work (once I fix my bike tire) and get back to workouts as of May. I'm dreading and welcoming the stiffness that will come...but I know I'll feel great :)

Here's a little chill music to start your day...later taters :)

Lazy weekends in the sunshine

Had a relaxing weekend with visiting friends...sunny and warm so we spent a lot of time out on the deck, ate poorly at first. My stomach reminded me to stop and I got back to better eating. We pulled out the BBQ and grilled a cold smoked steak and a bit of melted blue cheese on top of it. Never tried that befor but Mmmmm....with baked potato and salad? YUM.
As a plus, my cold is nearly gone. My head no longer feels like a floating balloon and I think tomorrow I can start up my workouts again. My cough is nearly gone and my breathing is getting much better.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

squeaky me

Waiting for my cold to go away.
Go away already...

When I get chest colds my asthma goes whackadoo (yes it's my new favourite word? What of it?). My lungs lose capacity, become inflamed and squeak. Gurgle. I cough. I wheeze. If you have asthma you know what I mean. It's not just regular chest congestion...your lungs actually inflame and seize up and it takes ventalin and steroids to breathe like a regular person. I thank the lords of pharmacy every day that I live in an age where ventalin exists. I just don't want to imagine otherwise...

So, yeah, working out is quite honestly not possible for a few days yet.
But, soon, I know I'll get back to it.
I can do it.
When I don't get squeaky lungs from basic things like going up a few flights of stairs I know I can start short cardio stints again.


Why I still don't trust "health" advertisers...

For a better start in life, Start COLA earlier!

How soon is too soon?
Not soon enough. Laboratory tests over the last few years have proven that babies who start drinking soda during that early formative period have a much higher chance of gaining acceptance and "fitting in" during those awkward pre-teen and teen years.

So, do yourself a favor. Do your child a favor. Start them on a strict regimen of sodas and other sugary carbonated beverages right now, for a lifetime of guaranteed happiness.

The Soda Pop Board of America
1515 W. Hart Ave - Chicago, IL

- Promotes Active Lifestyle!
- Boosts Personality!
- Gives body essential sugars!

My friend Aaron sent this to me.
Makes you wonder just how many new "good things" right now are just not so good after all eh? Yes. Laboratory tests. On children. With cola. Measure acceptance.
Makes me think of all the "healthy choice" ads on TV right now where a lady in a labcoat sells certain products...
As a scientist I have to say...just cuz you have a labcoat, I'm not gonna believe you. I have one too.
Nyeah nyeah.

Sneezing and evil pizza

Well I am dogged with a cold so no workout for me. All weekend I've been sniffling and wachooing up a storm. I tend to wear myself out meeting deadlines...and often get sick after. Oh boy...fun times for me. I feel like I just got over a cold. But what can ya do other than take it easy and try and get better right?

Yesterday I drugged up myself to get to my cute little niece's birthday party. It's funny - they said no gifts, so I just got a few little fun things for them to do outside and get active like a skipping rope, some bubbles and cidewalk chalk...glad I did as noone lietsned to the no gift thing. There were LOTs of gifts. Most were (sigh) princess themed. Lots of them requiring no imaginations at all. Humph I say. I am determined to be the wierd aunty who gives fun toys you actually play and use your imagination with and then play with them until they wear right out having fun. It can be tricky at times. :)
At the party I learned how much differently I've been eating lately. Last month was all homemade foods...healthy menu choices (still is mostly). At the party, my sis-in-law had munchy snacks (which I of course ate-I have no willpower) and then made pizza and iced tea and chocolate cake. She's a good cook and it wasn't really that "bad" of stuff, just lots of fatty meats and lots of whole fat cheese on the pizza. And...well I gotta say. I only had 2 pieces of pizza and soon after - blech. That pizza made my stomach HURT. Little ice picky stabs of gas pain for an hour or so after. Not cool. Enough to not want pizza for a while.

All I can think of is that lately we've beet eating low fat cheese and homemade sauces and lean meats. I've not been not crazy restricted. I mean, I had just made J and I homemade pizza friday night...chock full of healthy stuff-lean meats, veggies and low fat cheese. I guess full on fatty sausage and lots of full fat cheddar makes me ill now. Wierd.
Sure I had already felt rather crummy, but wow. Makes me wonder how I used to eat all that stuff all the time before...

Seeing as food currently has not a lot of flavour I don't think it will be an issue to eat healthy today. I don't munch when food tastes like nothing. I drink lots of tea.

Mmm. Tea.

Here's to feeling better.

Have a good day all!

Friday finally. Strength workout #2. Wowzers...

Well, it's my day off (technically) so I slept in and then did my second day of strength on my Core Performance workout. Wow...My legs and butt were just wiped by the slide back lunges. And yet...knees AOK. Woo. I don't think I could have done anymore after though. It really works your core muscles...I did lots of stretching and had a long hot shower so hopefully I can still move around tomorrow!

Last night at bellydance class was a lot of actual performance drills...which is nice. It's one thing to follow a teacher, but entirely another to be in formation and be pulled up to lead position nd have to just come up with 2 or 3 moves to lead...a challenge. That plus some zills and it was a good solid lesson.

Best part? A girl in class ordered in something fro me and it finally came...my very own dance scimitar....muahahah! Oh yes. In tribal they use these wicked curved pointy scimitars for balancing...I have a more dainty traditional style Egyptian one...which is beautiful...but now in the group I match. And it's wicked cool...and she got it for about half normal price.
I can't wait to practice with it next week...bwaha!
I just have to keep it together for the rest of the day...a bit of work here and there...and I get weekend evenings off with my J. Movies and chillaxing. I can't wait. I've picked up a sniffle which I'm hoping is due to the wierdass windstorms and weather...if I'm sick all weekend the queen will not be amused.
Either way...life is good. My presentation yesterday was well nigh flawless and I'm on track with my MSc committee...yes. Good...

Rolling Rolling Rolling....

Today is my progress meeting speech. I think I'm ready. Mostly.
Wish me luck...

Just think - only 20 more months of this MSc left!

I did some of the Core Performance moves this AM on my "recovery day" with the foam roller. Self massage feels so nice. I have to pick up a tennis ball after bellydance class tonight to do the rest of the muscle recovery moves...should be good.
The parts of my butt I could get to this AM feel a bit less stiff. I'm not as sore sitting down this AM...It's more of a hamstringy thingy now. My friend (who is a professional massage therapist) told me once that a muscle that hurt to put pressure on needed to be massaged out...and that would be my butt and hamstrings right now :)It'll all work itself out in time...feels good to exercise again and not have my knee bother me at all :)

Oh - I got a reply back from the Core Performance peoples...apparently the 2 inch run intervals given are in seconds (???) so the 2 X 8 is 2 sprints of 8 seconds. Doesn't seem like much, admittedly, but I'll take their word for it - they seem to know what's what...

Yay! My brother's sick!

Wait...that sounds awful.

What I mean is usually most wednesdays I go to my brother's to hang out and have supper before heading home. I was bemoaning my lack of workout time today for most of the day, since once I got home I would have to work on my speech for tomorrow...but now I can go home and workout, shower and THEN still have whatever the heck I want for supper and *still* work on my talk I have to give tomorrow...

I've never been so happy about my brother having the flu before...

Did my Core workout and the Cardio part in the lovely sunny outdoors! Speedy walking in the sunshine. Man I keep forgetting that walking is good too...I gave in and ran for about 30 seconds and then reined myself in...baby steps grasshopper.
Then home to a tasty healthy supper...major procrastination and relaxing and now...to work!

He's wearing Velvet Pants...

I now understand what Charlotte means when she says a workout makes her toilet sore.

Ow. :)

I was up until after midnight (*sigh*) working on my MSc talk I have to give tomorrow, so I slept in and didn't workout today (boo). Unfortunate, but necessary, as I have lots left to do tonight. I wanted a weekend off and so I'm paying the price.
Good news is that my knee is still fine, but my glutes and hamstrings? Well, *I* know I've made them work yesterday! It feels good to know I've done a lot to them. And that was the beginner level! Sitting down is a challenge!
I'm hoping tomorrow I can fit in in a workout. If nothing else I have bellydance class. Once my talk is over Thursday I'll have a bit more time as far as just regular chaos, so I'm hoping I can get at the Core Performance more regularly. This first day sure was encouraging though.

Still utterly baffled about the 2 inch run though...

In honour of my busted ass, I leave you with a song about velvet pants....

CP1: Core Performance kicks my ass

My resistance band thingamagigs came before the weekend so I thought I'd start off my new month by getting up and starting the Core Performance program.

Whew. I thought it would be a cakewalk.
By the end I was huffing and sweating and I felt it...I can still feel it in my butt. Lots of strengthening and stretching moves...and all you need are some free weights, resistance bands and a foam roller. Not expensive and I have to say - a solid workout...even on the newbie startup level. They have pictures. For a clutz like me that was invaluable. Apparently you can see video examples of the moves on the website...
The only part that confused me is they have a "2 inch run" where you run and slowly shuffle forward. It is for 2 reps of 8. The book says "do it for the required time". I'm baffled as to what that time is. It doesn't say anywhere. Do I do it for 2 X 8 minutes? 2 X 8 2 inch runs? Very confusing. I just did 4 X 2 minutes as fast as I could slowly moving around the room...it was hard. Maybe I should do it for 8 X 2 minutes? 2 X 8 minutes? If anybody knows what to actually do I'd be grateful. I'm going to see if the website says anything. I want to make sure I'm actually doing it all...
I used my heart rate watch - I know why the monitor is made of rubber now...it stayed in place even when I sweated all over it :) AND I was definitely in range...I even was over the top of it in my run in place thingamagigs. It was cool...

And the best part? My knee feels AOK. I can tell I used it in the lunges to the side and sliding lunges but it doesn't hurt or click.

Best free book I've ever gotten :)

Easter is here

Please talk amongst yourselves.
I'm going to go pet some bunnies for a while...see if that helps

All aboard the train to Whackadoo

I am so tired.
I was up half the night as dazed moral support.
My husband is having issues with his audio gear....and needs to use it in 48 hours. For a live show. Yeah. NOT good news. I love him dearly and he's very talented, but something like this makes you just want to quit and sell your stuff...when things randomly just don't work? I can't help at all. Just watch. There is nothing more frustrating...

Me? I'm working on my project and extended to the wing wang...and now, very tired. When J is stressed I am stressed by proxy. This was supposed to be my happy break weekend away and all I want to do is sleep.

I would like it very much to give the world a good smack and tell it to smarten up and act it's age. I don't need inanimate objects mucking with my life...there's enough going on already.