Thought of the Day

At the centre of your being
you have the answer,
you know who you are
and you know what you want.

~Lao Tzu


Last night I made a copy of my exercise ball DVD for a friend who wants to get back into things. She was wondering what she could do at home with an exercise ball - so I figured I'd help.
Thing is, it made me realise that I need to get back into things.
There's something about fall and the sun going down at 6 freaking thirty and not coming up until after 7 that makes me want to curl up, read and drink tea and definitely not get up and work out. With no sunrise it is very hard to get myself up to and the cat would rather stay curled up under the duvet thank you very much. Sure I've got tonnes of yard work this weekend, but that is then. This is now.
Well, nothing for it - tomorrow is back on the ball.
It hasn't all been bad. Tonight is my weekly hour and a half of bellydancing. I love it - a more fun workout has not been found :)

Wouldn't it be loverly?

It was a great weekend at the lake. It snowed saturday and sunday after a day of rain, which made it all a bit too slippery to run on, so J and I just went on a long hike every day instead, getting longer each time it seemed. The last one, yesterday, was about 7 Km and took a few hours as we stopped at the Narrows to watch the lake for a while. It was so beautiful out...
Of course I'm sure I ate enough to counteract all that, but it was nice to be out in the forests and just walk, seeing chipmunks, rabbits, prairie chickens and geese...picking the odd wild blueberry as we walked. There was strange snow and frost on things making it all shiney and drippy, but it was only just below 0 with little wind, so perfect for walking. I even got to go hunting for nice orange and red leaves, branches and berries for my Mum as she wanted a thanksgiving centerpiece for the table...that was fun.
There were lots of games and relaxing, and a crowd of 19 over for supper sunday night. Lots of fun, and wine and political debate over pie.
It was nice, and entirely too short.
But it was loverly.

Here comes the rain again

We had our 5K Cancer Run for the Cure on sunday the pouring rain. I was going to run it, but I was on a team with girls from work and some of them couldn't run it (they are in physio and forbidden to even think of it) so we all walked together. All for one and all that. Very wet, but not cold, so we muddled through and squidged our way to the finish line together.
We did well...we raised ~ $4000 together for research and patient support, and had a nice morning. Again -I'm glad to have been involved and know I could help. I did my walk in memory of Shirley...I hope we can help other women have a better chance than her.
A survivor gave a short speech before the walk and it was quite inspiring. You could take the attack of cancer as a life ending crippling thing, but this woman was amazing. Her spirit and attitude were so positive, even after treatment and chemo...the attitude of enjoying every day, and living life freely and without guilt. It is truly an attitude for all of us to keep in our lives, healthy or sick.
And, bonus points for tastiness, I made tomato sauce from scratch (a friend gave me tonnes of tomatoes) and a deeeeeeeelicious pie on sunday. - apple gjetost pie. An experimental pie that is, dare I say, brilliant. This norwegian dessert cheese goes very well with apples. In a pie? Yum. I will be posting photos and recipe in the next day or so on my food blog...should you care for any amazing pie of your own, the recipe will be there.
I must run. Lots to do.
It's *still* raining, but oh well...:)

J is for Just 2 Left (I know it's cheating...bear with me)

Today I walked to work.
It was lovely.
All the leaves have turned and are starting to fall, swirling in the breeze.
Good way to start a day.

Only 2 days left in the pledge drive.
Then I get a life again...

Hot damn.