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Tiny Tits McGee

My appointment with my surgeon was good. It was over an hour late, and I was ranting about it in my head until I learned why when he arrived. He had been doing plastic surgery on 2 people from LaLoche, where the tragic shootings had happened here a few days ago. He was going above and beyond to help people. He's a good guy. It was a big reminder to me that yes doctors make you wait but yes they are helping people and it might be me next time, so I should be happy and grateful that I get this kind of service and it costs me nothing.
I am happy to say I have the go ahead to exercise again and build up a bit in my upper body. I have to work slow to build up my upper body, but I can run, use the elliptical and other sweaty things, including my core. Just wear a good sports bra and stop if something hurts - makes sense to me. I am also now officially in line for my swap out surgery too, which will likely fall sometime in late April. I am hoping it doesn't fall over the comic expo, …

NINE! Nine weeks! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Finally! The last piece of healing is completed on my surgical incisions. I don't know what they put in that surgical glue but good grief!! I've been waiting patiently for it all to fall off and be fully healed and exposed for NINE FREAKING WEEKS! I was trimming back the scabs (tmi? sorry...) as they loosened so they wouldn't pull off or snag on clothes and my scars would heal up as well as possible and when I was trimming back the last tiny piece that was about the size of a short grain of rice it just came off all together. At last!!! Finally healed!

Now I can go swimming! I can have a bath in my new bathtub again!!! I bought all these bath salts and bath bombs before christmas as a treat to myself and I've been dying to use them...J has been having baths all the time and I've just been hanging out with him and dreaming about when I can get back into the tub. Truth be told I also feel a bit freer walking about in my knickers in the house too... I don't like P…

Too many. Just too many.

I just learned that my friend's mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year had a relapse and she died his morning. Rosanne Parry was one of the kindest brightest souls I have ever met...
Fuck you cancer.
Don't come around here again.

A respite from the cold

It's warming up a bit for a while. I was good all week with my morning biking but this AM I didn't for a good reason. This morning it was only -7 and although there was some wind (~20 kph) I dug out my long down coat and good boots and walked to work. It was FABULOUS. I sipped my coffee and strolled to the sounds of an old Coldplay album. Such a great way to start the day. And my hat head when I got here was spectacular! :)

It's gonna be a fun weekend. Tonight I'm excited to go and see a few shows (they all come at once it seems). My old high school friend Tabitha is in town from up north with her bluegrass band and they're playing a show at a coffee shop at about 8 tonight so I'm looking forward to seeing that and then a bit of a visit after. I never get to see her enough. Then a friend of mine is in town playing breaks at another club at midnight so I'll likely head over there as well for a bit of a dance and a visit...I can finally dance again and I coul…

twice as nice

30 minutes on the bike again with my upper body physio exercises. I was really light headed after the biking so I didn't do more. Just made some protein steel cut oats and blueberries and a decaf and made it to the bus on time. Today I will be healthy and strong.

Your tauntaun won't make it past the first marker

This weekend was a good one. It was Hoth level cold (-33 C and -42 with the wind) but I managed to get the errands done I needed to for work and still make tasty sweet potato lentil soup for lunches and do some relaxing around the house. I finally picked up a few eneagram books from the library and am going to start reading to learn more and improve myself I hope. 2016 is the year of the eneagram...and the ukelele...and the crafting. I will not waste this winter in front of the TV. I will expand my mind and create things. This includes making more wine too. Cuz, you know, wine.

This morning I was up and rode my bike for 30 minutes and then did the following with no weights: 30 squats, 30 lunges on each leg and 30 good mornings. Then I had a healthy breakfast - steel cut oats with protein powder and blueberries. Tomorrow will be 2 months post surgery. I have no plans to diet while I am healing but I *do* plan to get back to pre-surgery pre-holiday eating again. Only having boozxe on t…

Memories of Future Past

Yesterday I learned that David Bowie died of cancer. He was a huge influence on me...I think Low is still my favourite album. I discovered it and Ziggy Stardust after my initial love of his Let's Dance album when I was a teen. He did his own thing fearlessly and I admired him more for that than his music really...he was the Goblin King. I will miss him. It's like my childhood years are fading...the end of a generation almost. Strange.

Today I learned that Alan Rickman also died of cancer. Professer Snape is gone too.


F*cking cancer.

Makes me grateful to be alive.

Hello old friend

I did it. I actually got up this morning. I rode my exercise bike for 20 minutes and then did 3 sets of 10 lunges on each side and 20 squats. Then it was steel cut oatmeal and off to work. It feels good.

Ha! Maybe I can do this after all. It helps that I am finally getting back into a regular sleep schedule. J had classes all weekend so I was up with him having breakfast and I actually went to bed on time too, so I could get up at 6:15. I'll try it again tomorrow.  Slow and steady wins the race...

My back is completely healed and my front incisions are about 2/3 healed. I wish they'd hurry up! Whatever glue they use on the incisions is better than any crazy glue I've ever seen! Thankfully the front scars are super tiny compared to the back. The back, what with moving and stretching has much wider scars...but I don't mind. Battle scars and all I don't really see them unless I spin around to look so who cares :) I just want to finish healing so I can have…

Oh Hai

Your earworm for the day.

You're welcome...

Finally friday

Last night I once again slept really poorly. J too. So instead of biking I took the sleep I could get. I am in a better mood though. Yesterday my day improved as it went on and I got lots of J love and kitty love when I got home so in the end the day turned out OK. I need to do more physio, but I can do that and my lunges and squats when I get home from work so I'm not too concerned. Cuz it's friday. Thank frog.

I am looking forward to tonight. We were given Avatar in 3D for christmas so we're gonna fire up the old 3D glasses and watch a snuggle movie tonight. It's getting to be stupid cold now and the high is -20 C (-4 F) for the next week or so, so it's going to be crafting and movies for the next while. We have good food and a warm cozy house so it's all good. I am glad for the weekend - my friend is having her ARCT piano recital "practice" on sunday where she will play all her performance pieces for her exam at the end of the month and I hope to m…

*mumble mumble*

So tired. Slept in. Again. Did my physio this morning, but not much else. My legs are stiff from yesterday. Rediculous...but to be expected. Tomorrow I will try again to add the bike and do some legwork again. It's amazing how quickly this stuff fades...

I did make the best breakfast ever tho - protein powder with some Tazo chai tea mix, eggnog and ice. Oh my. Delicious. And I made some eggnog rice pudding last night and it was, indeed, heaven in a bowl. AMAZING.

My sleep schedule is whacked. I need to get back to being in bed by 10 and up by 6 and it's gonna take a while. Ugh. I am just tired and cranky and sore, so I'm having to watch I don't snap at people...mostly J. J is preparing for taking an entrepreneur's business course the next 3 weekends and hope there will be some good stuff in it for him. It's only $200 but there may be a lot of things that aren't relevant for him in with some useful stuff and he's not good at dealing with office business …

Physio day 1

This morning I did a set of upper body physio exercises and 30 each of lunges and squats. I'm supposed to start with doing the physio 3 times a day and working up from there. I'm building up gradually. I'm stiff, but I can do the moves without pain so things are alright. It's a start.

Tomorrow I will hop on the bike for a few minutes as well for some cardio, since winter makes walking a difficult cold thing that I don't do much and am back to taking the bus (boo). I slept in a bit too much today and so I didn't have time for that :) I did make myself some steel cut oats for breakfast though and it was a nice thing. I think I'll start cooking up a bit pot of oatmeal every monday and then reheating it all week for breakfasts...I like my morning smoothies but there's something about oatmeal in the winter mornings that is all warm and cozy.

Winter is here. Let the mugs of tea begin :)


It was a lovely holidays. I don't want to go back to life.
Being off for surgery recovery before holidays gave me a long stretch off and it was lovely. Even tho a good chunk of it was a bit of a blissful painkiller-induced haze, being home with no stress was a lovely thing. I could honestly refuse any and all duties if I wished with no guilt. Having gotten uberfit before surgery gave me some wiggle room for christmas goodies as well, and the week of christmas I thoroughly enjoyed any and all snacks and cookies and apricot beer and mulled wine and...well you get the idea. I got it out of my system for a while and am now ready to get back to a bit more balance. Visiting my sister and family was lovely and low stress and I wish I could be with them more. J's family was nice, but it was a bit awkward since his brother and his wife are newly separated and I was quite close to his her absence was very noticed and she was was a bit weird, but still a nic…