you spin me right round baby right round

Well...I found a way to relieve my stress a tiny bit. My post from last night was in the midst of preventing a stress out melt down...and I sort of did, I carried myself off sleep soon after.
This AM I came in to work out tired and grumpy and stressed. I went to put on tunes to start my workout to find my iPod was dead. I fumed. Then I saw a spin class starting. I said "that's it I'm going in" and strolled right in, wheeled up a bike and joined in as class began....and proceeded to sweat like a fool and push myself and have a long sweaty spin class. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it, as it was hard, but it was good for me. My knee did not complain a bit. After class, there was just enough time for my abfest and a shower before I'm in to work with granola, fruit and yogurt and my coffee and my mind is much clearer.
Yes I'm still tired. Yes, I'm still stressed out and have lots to do...but I feel grounded. I think I might be coming down with a cold, but I'm hopeful it's just allergies and my asthma acting up and I'm ging to push forward...I'm ready for the day now. I can do this-it's just one day. I only have to get through *this* day. The rest isn't here yet... :)

Have a good day everybody!

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azusmom said...

Ah, honey, I hear ya! (Had a week like this last week, including the weekend). Just keep pluggin' through, and it'll be done. Sending lots of virtual hugs!!!!