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midnight oil

Well, given that it's nearly 2AM as I print off my data summary and spanky colour thesis figures for review and my knee still hurts like mofo, I do believe I shall sleep in tomorrow untli 630. It's gonna be another looooong day...but should be OK. Just have to stay awake and will my knee to feel better. You never realise how much you cross your legs until it hurts when you cross your legs. :)

Well, time to make my lunch and go to sleeptown. Night.

Surprise. Instant wonkiness.

I woke up to a really sore knee. Since I'd been up until 12:30 finishing figure and table revisions on my thesis I decided to sleep an hour until 6:30. It did me a world of good. Knee still hurts but I feel very human again and am not bone crunchingly tired like I was. I guess spin yesterday was a bad idea for a slightly sore knee. Tomorrow I will go in and do upper body and the physio leg work I was given a while back to strengthen my quads and leave the knee alone for a few days to heal.
So a bit of wisdom to all you  kiddies: DO NOT do squats without proper footwear on a carpeted surface. I had poor form on my first day back after holidays...and I'm paying for it now. Live and learn. Ow.

Had chia overnight oats for breaky with some chocolate protein stirred in...yum. It's been ages. I love it. Now I have a big mug of coffee and a lot to do so I am off. Have a great day everyone.

Pining for the fyords

After a long night of thesis revisions I came in this AM for spin class. It was hard and sweaty. Very good for me. Most annoyingly, my left quad/knee (which is the good one) is still being a twingy thing. My first day back when I did some squats at home it felt funny and has been that way ever since. If I use proper form it is fine, but when I just sit it is a bit achy...I think it's my quad more than the actual knee, but nevertheless, but I will try and be nice to it for a bit. I signed up for a 5K fun run next weekend and I want to actually do easy does it cupcake. I'll stick to upper body and the recumbent for a few days and see if it recovers.
I discovered today that 4 of the 6 Lb I gained on my pleasure piggy holidays are already gone, so hooray for that. A week of clean eating and moderate exercise has helped a lot...I don't realise how bloated you get form salty unhealthy food and lots of beer until I cut back and realise how much I lean up and feel better. …

I, Whirling Dervish

Ah. What an insanely busy weekend. SO much got done. I'm really proud of myself. I took friday night to spend with J to relax and psych ourselves up. We went for a long walk, with nothing distracting us.
I was up early saturday and J and I worked hard in the house and in the yard. Saturday AM I brought in all the cardboard and recyclables and got a new BBQ grill to replace our old rusty one. Then we called a plumber to come from the city to snake out our basement drain to the main drain to grind out the roots that come in through the old clay pipe...the roots cause blockages and then we get sewer backup. It's been draining slowly for a while with just the 2 of us and I didn't want to risk it with a house full of company coming.
 THEN, I came back to work on the yard. Our yard was a safari and we haven't done anything to it yet, so I mowed the lawn and trimmed the back area with the weed whacker (I love playing with that thing). Then we did spring cleaning of the back s…

Back in the saddle...thingy

I think I've finally kicked the jet lag. Yesterday I felt normal and didn't have to drag my butt around and got some thesis work done as well. After a good night's sleep I got up at 5:30 as normal today and felt fine.
My workout however?'s amazing what 2 1/2 weeks off will do to you! I feel so...slow. I did ZWOW 18 this morning at home and it was HARD. It took me about 40 minutes to do, as I had to keep stopping for breaks. That was longer than I thought, but I was determined to do all 5 sets through and I did. I probably could have pushed myself a bit harder, but today I am just proud of myself for getting up and doing it. I know it was really the best thing for me this morning. I feel really good (now that it's done!) and I can feel odd stiffness in my quads and shoulders...I did it :)
This weekend will be much thesis revision work- I have to hack my data section in half and revise a few figures. I also have to mow our yard and do some weeding -it rained…

jumping back into life

This morning? Lame. Last night I spent all evening on my thesis and then went to bed at 10, despite wanting to crash early...and slept all night again until 6. Hopefully I will come out of the fog soon. I just could not get out of bed at 530 today to make my early bus. I did, however, go downstairs and do sets of bicycle crunches, v-sits, a few planks and some pushups, lunges and squats this morning and when I get home I will do my best to bang out a ZWOW before I dive into my thesis work again. I just feel perpetually tired and mopey about how much work I have remaining. After 10 blissful days with my husband it sucked royally to have to hole myself up again and work on my computer...I don't like it.
We have been eating better. It's amazing how I am actually craving sugar and carbs right now...I usually love carby foods, but sugars are not my usual thing. Welcome PMS to my crazy life!
I made a loaf of carrot poppyseed rye bread that has been a healthy carb we…

reality check

More jet lag this AM.  I crashed last night at 9 after work and then having meetings all night and didn't wake until 6. I will workout when I get home tonight, even for a little bit, as I just could not get moving today. Jet lag is really hitting me this time for whatever reason...bleh. Just feel like I'm on medication or something...very groggy.
Stepped on the scale this morning to see I've munched on 5 lbs on holidays...*sigh*. I constantly battle the "just a little" effect while on holidays. Especially with new foods and wines all around. It was all a fun experience and I knew I couldn't do irreversible damage in 2 weeks...but J and I have decided that we must learn the art of sharing things next time. Keep it together a bit more. I don't really look any different...I just don't feel myself, you know? I'm hoping some healthy foods and regular fitness will help. We walked a lot and did a lot while away (~20-25 Km walking a day, plus, you know, c…


-We are home safe and sound. Jetlag always dings me on the way back...I still feel rather groggy and listless after a day of sleep...hoping it will fade quickly. With a few days I'll put up some favourite pics form the trip. My friends are happily married, and she and I managed a bit of our own My Drunk Kitchen baking up her scrummy wedding cakes the night before...J and I went to what must be one of the most gorgeous places on earth - Arran Isle in Scotland. Hiked for 3 long glorious days...and climbed to the top of a mountain on one of them, scrambling across a whole ridge on one day before heading down to walk along the burns with the sheep and see the ocean. Weather wasn't perfect but we had rain gear and it was great for walking...we hiked through meadows, over rivers, up and down hills, and along beaches and rocky coastlines - Blissful.

 While away, we walked much and indulged in all delicious things...I admit we didn't make a point of overdoing it, but we did try to…

Groovy ducks

Killer spin class this morning! My first performance review went amazingly well and my thess sections are in for review. Time to gather my things and run around across the pond for a while. As J would say-groovy ducks! :) Later taters! PS-Meep!

This is how we do things around here

This weekend rocked. I finished and edited my thesis final chapter, got the last of my hiking gear together (water/utility belt, rain pants, hat, trail mix) and successfully bottled my mead. There are 15 bottles of the lovely stuff that can sit and age for a year or so now and I can take a few bottles with me for my friends in the UK. It settled out quite clear and looks nice. The mouthfuls I got while bottling are a bit harsh, but with aging I think it will be quite tasty. I didn't really know what i was doing, but it all came together :) I even got to spend time with J catching up on Game of Thrones and watching a movie. It's helpful when it rains all gives me incentive to get things done because I don't want to go out in the rain! Even tried out a new recipe - sweet potato African chili. So delicious and healthy. Recipe is on my food blog if you want to try it out.

This morning I came in to work finally stopped raining!! It's usually yelly spin…

friday finally

Oh hello!
I'm busy, so just wanted to pop in to log. This AM I came in for a workout and did the hot girls sweat bodyrock workout twice through with some abwork and then 15 minutes on the elliptical.

My muscles are stiff in awesome ways and I feel great!
Later taters!

Crazy Days

Last night I finished the first proof through of my last thesis section. A few more times through and I can hand it off for my holiday and relax a tiny bit. Still stressing out because my mead is still cloudy and I have much to do...but I will keep at it, bit by bit. Picking away at the chores and trying to prepare for holidays...

Ah ha hah. Life is crazy but good. Ish.

This morning I came in for spin and sculpt and it was a bit odd. My butt is stiff from all the weird lunge squats yesterday, but the class was...odd. It was 4 minutes on the bike interspersed with reps of weight hour total. Seemed odd to go back and forth, but it was a solid workout, so in the end, it's all good.

Must dash. I have to prepare for a "big important" meeting. Ooh. Aah.

Back with a vengeance

Happy boot camp lady was back to kick my ass today! So tough. So good. I feel great, but all those curtsey lunges and tabatas? Owie :)
Last night was an odd night of errands and I got a bit of work done and we have some more healthy food to keep us going. I added clarifiers to my mead and it's still cloudy, so I'm hoping it settles out soon...I have to bottle it before we go to the UK and it has 5 days to settle...I am impatient! What if it doesn't clear? That, my good peeps, would suck.

Tonight I am hoping to get some serious thesis editing done. I've been picking away at chores here and there (laundry, home disaster abatement cleaning...) to try and make the house less of a gong show...we shall see. We still need to get rain pants and a backpack liner for hiking...and a wedding card might be nice too. And bottle my mead. And finish my thesis... Plus my mum in law had a bright idea of getting together for a family thing this weekend too for her and my niece's birt…

If you feeling warm I'll tax your heat


Today I came in to workout and they've changed things a bit in the new summer schedule...I think I'll live. Tuesday and thursday are by the other spin instructor I like a lot, with thursday being a spin and sculpt. And - cool beans - the boot camp is back wednesday mornings with the awesomely crazy boot camp lady who had left but for whatever reason is now back! Yeah :) That means I only have to figure out a few Bodyrock/ZWOW workouts for myself on monday and friday for a week of great workouts. Of course (meep!) we'll be away for a few weeks in there, but hey...I'm glad to know the new fitness schedule isn't just all spin...nothing against spin, but I like mixing it up, and I really liked the boot camp class...I'm glad it's back.

Today is another day - got my taxes done last night and posted with 15 minutes to spare (he heh). Once again my employer was unable to do basic math so I owe close to $500 in taxes. Grrr. Every year I owe. How you can be o…