This morning my knee was quite stiff and I didn't bother to try and stress it. I've been babying it all day - no going up stairs and nothing aggressive at the gym (man there's a lot of stairs where I work...). At the gym I still got a solid workout by working the muscles supporting the knee and some physio movements, but nothing involving lunges or squats, as pressure from that or going up stairs seems to aggrivate it. I tried walking on the treadmill for the least inobtrusive cardio, but after 15 minutes my knee was very stiff, so I decided to stop and go make friends with a foam roller and stretch out a lot. Then I did my abfest and came in to work.

I've been in on my day off pulling cases for my MSc at the 3 hospitals in the city. Not the most exciting thing to do, but necessary. I ran into my brother who works at one of the hospitals and got to see his office over there- that was cool :)

And now, some cell work and a bit more data crunching and I can go home and spend the evening with J. I may need a nap first...we shall see. I'd like to go out to the movies tonight, but we've both had a crazy weekend. We just want to hang out together...we'll see what else comes of it. We may both just nap :)

I must go snarf some nuts and fruit (I am now addicted to almonds and dried apricots) and finish up.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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