one point twenty one jiggawatts!!

This weekend was so much fun!
It was super crowded (they were at capacity both days) but we got to wander and see lots of great actors and get cool art and collectibles and be a goof for a few days. Tasty food in the evenings, dressing up all crazy, saw some favourite actors (the entire cast of STTNG were there)...AND I GOT TO SIT IN THE DELORIAN. There were a LOT of cool costumes. It was my friend's birthday too and I met up with other friends...and...and...Oh yes. :)
This morning I slept in a bit to relax and today it's back in to everything. I have a busy day ahead. I totally forgot that today is the last day to do you taxes...he heh. So that's tonight I guess, plus I have to rack my mead and add the clarifier. Jeez...busy night ahead. Thankfully our taxes aren't that big of a deal to do...just takes an hour or two I'd rather spend on something else. Usually J and I do them together but he has to work late tonight so it'll likely just be me and the numbers and the mead...I doubt I'll get any thesis in tonight!
Must dash...

Leeeelu Dallas Multitask

Last night was errands and a bit of break and then a few hours of thesis editing. Busy. I was the queen of multitasking and dyed my hair while I made supper (I know I life is like that right now...)
 I wanted to do more thesis work but I got too tired after 11 and couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. So, more today. If I have to I'll take my computer along to do some work on the way back from comicon in the car...we'll see how it goes. The 7 pages I got done are good, but they were the best of the bunch I think and there's still a fair chunk of revamping to do - I doubt I'll get it all done tonight...

I am so very much looking forward to comicon. My good friend (my maid of honor) will be there with her husband and kids and another old high school friend will be working at comicon so we're hoping to all get out for supper and catch up.  I'm heading up with my 2 good nerdy should be a few days of geeky fun away. If anything there may not be enough time for visiting everybody, but I am sure it will all work out fine. I would like some time to curl up like a cat with J, but that just might have to be the plane and train in the UK in a few weeks :). For now...just have to keep at it. He has a busy few weeks coming up as well...

This morning was spin and sculpt with the new girl again. It was OK, but hard. The class doesn't really flow, but I got a solid workout. She doesn't have any stretching after either, so I need to make sure I stretch out some more when I have the time.
Must get going and get some coffee in me to get this day going.
Later taters...

make me move like a freak...

Well this morning my shoulders are a bit stiff bit I'm no worse for wear. I tried to get a bunch of work done last night and I did some basic organizing and put what I have into my new outline so I can start picking away at it...but then J discovered our hiking package arrived in the mail. Then we basically blew the rest of the evening poring over the giant map and all our itinerary and looking up the B&B's we're booked into. I am SO EXCITED. The Arran Island 5 day hike will be sublime... not long now :)

This morning I came in for spin and got a thorough workout. Same instructor as spin and sculpt yesterday and I think she's growing on me. It didn't hurt that she had a really good upbeat music selection and just when I was bagged and wanted to slow down Mr. Saxobeat came on, which is one of my guilty pleasures...gave me another push to keep going. I'm still not a fan of the counting down at the end of sprints, but it's not that bad. She gave a solid workout with no weirdness or things my knee can't do. After some ab work I was done, just like that.  Time for another day. Gotta work hard and earn my Comicon break!:)

hard core

Oh my giddy arms.

The new spin and sculpt instructor is...different. She pushes you hard. The spin part, other than her wanting you to count down from 10 to 1 with her, was hard and good. The sculpt part was mostly up on the bike...and boy was it hard. She's a very different personality than our old instructor...less cheery more lean drill sergeant...this class has more of a bootcampy feel. Not exactly sure if I like her...she's a bit yelley for my taste, but I *do* like her workouts and she is really nice despite how hard she makes you work. After working really hard yesterday my arms are just stiff after all the work we did in class today. It was a solid workout...but no stretching after...I'm going to have some breakfast and think about what I've done :)

back at it again

That friday workout kicked my ass - I was stiff all weekend...even my feet were stiff on saturday :) Just  creaky stiff though (which I'm rather amazed about). J and I ran errands this weekend and got a few things for ourselves we've needed for a while like decent hiking boots and good raincoats. It's always painful in the wallet to get good gear (especially for 2) but we're set for years now. I am hard on gear. I have needed a good raincoat for about a year now with my old one getting me wet when I bike and bus to work. My old hiking boots are completely cracked across the bottom, so it's nice to have some dry shoes again...a good pair of Merrels that should last me another 3 or 4 years. I'm wearing my hikers right now. They're quite comfy so I'm hoping I can wear them in before we do some more serious hiking. You'll also all be proud of me for being practical with the raincoat choice. I turned down a coat I was completely in love with (breathable and stretchy and soooooooo perfectly my style) for a more practical one (longer, nice hood but a it less breathable and boring). It is yellow tho, so I'm happy. :)
Sunday I finally got around to getting a haircut and then let the bread robot make us some yummy pumpkin nut bread and made some homemade mushroom soup to go with it. Simple meals are the best sometimes - so delicious. It helps that you need to add wine to my mushroom for the soup and a glass for me. :) Made thesis writing a lot more fun to sit with a glass of Reisling and think. I actually woke up to ideas and got up to type them down on sunday - that was a pleasant surprise. In the midst of life I now have managed to get  22 pages of discussion and conclusion to work on for my thesis over the next week. I really want to organize and cut it down and look for gaps to make it better before Comicon this weekend. It will make for a nice guilt free weekend away with the girls (I may be nerdy and print off a copy to edit on the car ride home). After that only about 10 days until our holiday. I do believe I will have a completed draft by then if I keep at it. :)

My ass felt normal this morning finally so I decided to whoop it again. I did ZWOW 14  (no weights on the switch lunge jumps as my knees can't take it) and then the Bodyrock TV Hot Girls Sweat workout (2 times through) this morning. This is the first day I have ever had sweat drip off of me onto the mat. He hee. It was while doing a the end of this workout I must say, I was fatigued. I actually had to change a few jump switch lunges in the second round through to regular step back legs are rather jello like at the moment. I have refueled them with a protein shake, some pumpkin spice overnight chia oats and a huge Tims coffee (seriously - they just upped the sizes and the XL is like half a pot!).
Now - it's time to get some work done. I have more yummy soup and bread for lunch. It's gonna be a good day -  can feel it!

1000 rep workout

Whah? Blogger changed formats. This is a bit unusual...hmmm. 

I came in today and (with much trepidation) did the Bodyrock TV 1000 rep workout. I don't know if it was cheating that instead of 50 reps of each thing I did 2 rounds through of 25 reps, but I don't care, I still did all 50 reps of each...It took me about 50 minutes to do it and the bonus ab work and I am not sure if I could have done 50 of each in a row and been done in time...(or not hurt my knee - as it is it's a bit stiff from all the tuck jumps). I could have gone a bit faster, but I was tired. I just wanted to get through them all.

The 1000 rep workout was 50 of each:
-high knee (opposite elbow and knee in to touch while standing, one both sides=1)
-Pickup 20Lb weight to shoulder, squat, then put weight down, drop and do burpee with a tuck jump instead of regular hop.
-scissor lunges (one each side = 1. I *hate* those...)
-elevated plank bringing opposing elbow and knee in to tuck and touch (one both sides = 1)
-touch floor jumping jacks
-holding weight overhead with one arm do one leg reverse lunge and kick forward- L leg
-tuck jumps
-holding weight overhead with one arm do one leg reverse lunge and kick forward- R leg
-situps with criss crossing scissor legs, tucking arms in behind each leg, alternating (one both sides=1).

Then, 500 skips (high knee)

The weighted lunge kicks started with 20Lbs but after 10 of them I almost dropped the dumbbell and was worried I would end up twisting my shoulder or twinging my knee - I refuse to hurt I went down to 12 Lb which was much more possible to keep good form and still really be hard. Still My knee is stiff after all the jumping - I didn't do a lot of the skipping high knee, as my knee was not interested, but I did it all... I was dripping sweat at the end. 

Then I did the bonus ab part and called it a day:
50 seconds on, 10 seconds plank/rest:
-oblique L side plank with reach up and down under and back
-oblique R side plank with reach up and down under and back
-Plank, alternating extending opposite arm and leg calls. Must dash.
Later taters :)

longest week ever...

This morning was my last spin and sculpt class with my favourite instructor. *sniff*
She is done grad school and is starting a new job that starts early so she can't teach int he mornings anymore. I hope they replace her with someone equally cool :) This class has become a staple of my morning workouts on tuesdays and thursdays. Time for change I guess!!

Today is another long day. Last night I prepared and organised my writing plan for my conclusions, but I was pretty tired by the end so I didn't get done as much as I would have liked to. I'm going to try and get some more thesis writing in tonight and really get set up to attack it on the weekend I'm taking off to comicon in Calgary with some friends to be a big nerd, so I'll be losing my normal weekend work time. Gotta catch up so I can go be a geek for 2 days guilt free with the girls. J is covering it for his work so he'll be there, but I won't see him much...girly geek time is so much fun. I haven't seen my buddies Heather and Lisa since before christmas with all my work and school, so I am really really looking forward to the time hanging out with them. I don't have time to make a costume...I'm curious what they'll come up with tho.
Until then: Head down. Coffee on.
Let's do this :)

My body rocks :)

Bwaha! Gooood morning!
I feel so rejuvenated after a night off! J and I had a thing to go to but we just decided to play hookie instead and stayed home to make some almond baked chicken and yam fries, catch up on Game of Thrones and just talk and snuggle and plan a bit about our trip...which is in less than a month now. Holy crap! This weekend we have to get some hiking boots to work in and decent rain coats...and figure out this week if we're going to get tickets or buy Brit rail passes instead...decisions decisions :) I have 3 weeks to write the conclusion section to my thesis. That is totally doable. The light at the end of the tunnel has officially been switched on.
Yay :)
This morning I came in and tried out the monday Bodyrock TV workout through four times thru instead of three (I wasn't paying attention when I set my interval time...oops) with the ab bonus. I was sweating like crazy when I was done! Then I hopped on the elliptical for the remainder of the time (30ish min) and I'm in to work now for the day. I am finding having a protein shake after my workouts again has gone a long way towards cutting my delayed onset muscle soreness and today I feel fantastic!
Must be off. Science awaits :)

mission impractical

Ah. Last night I worked like a badger to finish off my most recent thesis section. Got the data summary section with all figures revised. I was even in bed by midnight. Wohoo! I am really tired...couldn't sleep until 1 and I got up at 5:30 so it's gonna be a long day ! I am looking forward to taking most of tonight off...I haven't really done anything except write and summarize for about 2 weeks and I need a night off to reboot and to just relax a bit and most likely go to bed early. I will get to see my husband - what a novel idea. :)
This morning I got up and came in for spin and sculpt class and now it's off to work so I don't slow down and get sleepy :)
Hope you all have a great day!

Whackadoo central

Well then.
Sunday I sure was stiff, especially on my abs :) I took a break late saturday night and went out with friends to go dancing for a few hours. It was what I needed. To be able to girl myself up and be out with J and dance to a favourite DJ who was in from New York- it really let me blow off some steam. All weekend was redo data and summarize it and recheck it and write about it. Little did I know how redoing all that section of data would affect about 1/3 of all my figures and have me redo SO much stuff...BUT I think I may have actually done it. Tonight is time to edit over it all and make sure it actually makes sense before handing that section off for editing to my poor, patiently editing supervisor. Then comes the final fun part (yes I will actually enjoy this part!) - the conclusions and future prospects. All this 60 odd pages of blathering so I can now actually TALK about what I've done and why it's so great.

This weekend I tried my hand at a few new foody things. Some were good and some were a bit of a flop. I made some potato bread, but was short of white flour so I threw in 1cup of rye flour I had...the loaf was not very fluffy...but still tastes pretty good. I did make another batch of maple roasted brussel sprouts with supper last night...and wow. Heavenly. I can really take or leave brussel sprouts but my husband LOVES them - this recipe earned me big time cuddle points :)

I grabbed some new protein powder finally on a trip to costco with a friend. It's pretty good and much cheaper than the super delicious stuff I've been buying. It's a dark chocolate flavour with cocoa and stevia. Not too will do. I got up and came in to workout this morning to earn my chocolate and wandered through the last snow sprinkle of the spring. It is light out now when I catch my bus now so spring is coming!

I came in and wanted to sweat like a fool so I did ZWOW7 as well as a bodyrock TV workout. No clue which one it was - I only have scribbly labelled in my notebook as "The 50/10 workout with bonus abs".
What is was is 50/10 intervals of the following 3 times thru:
-pick up 20 Lb weight to shoulder and do back lunge + side lunge and put weight back down. Alternate sides. (~4 each leg)
-weird monkey pushup and tuck jump (~10)
-Pushup, then slide/hop left side and back and then right side and then back (~10)

Then a quick bonus ab work of 3 X 50 seconds of:
-In plank position, hop knees like a frog and back out, then pull in one knee to elbow and back and other knee in to elbow and back
-V sits
-In plank position, hop knees like a frog and back out, then pull in one knee to elbow and back and other knee in to elbow and back

And beckons. Must go be good.
Later taters :)

ready to work

It is crunch time...I am ready to write all day. After 8 solid hours of sleep, I got up and did ZWOW 13 with a 5lb weight. Total score: 73 alternating one leg bend burn, 138 bunny hops, 70 weighted leg raises and 25 broad jump burpees. It was awesome - I love tabatas! So hard...but I really push myself in tabatas. It was odd to be sweating and panting as both my cats lay languidly in the sun in front of me in the living room, but hey - we're all happy :)

Then after I did a bootcamp mashup of things, with 25 reps each of :
-1 arm floor to overheadlift with 10Lb+ side kick and front knee lift left side
-1 arm floor to overheadlift with 10Lb + side kick and front knee lift right side
-switch lunge jumps (hate those things but they really build leg strength)
-plank hop out to right side and in and to left side and in + a standing woodchop with 10Lb weight (alternating sides)
-pushup + 2 steps side plank steps+ pushup + stand up for a tuck jump

Yes. After some stretching I am still sweating :)
But it worked. I feel all amazon and ready to go.
Time for a hot shower and a humongous 2 glass smoothie I concocted out of some stuff I found in the fridge - cottage cheese, vanilla, protein, fruit, oats and almond milk :) I am off! Wish me luck! I'm nervous at what must be done, but if this morning is an indication, I'm gonna rock it today. :)

Listen to the ones who know you best

Ah. I feel lovely.
Last night I listened to my loving husband's advice. Instead of slaving away again, I finished up the table revisions I was given, printed off my section for revision on the bus this morning to retype on the weekend and planned out my work for the weekend...and then I stopped.
Yup I stopped at 8:30.
Then J and I ordered a few books we've been eying up from Amazon and tried to get our train tickets to get up to need a UK address so I am going to see if I have to order by phone. But, no biggie tho, we'll figure it out. After, went to bed ridiculously early and snuggled and talked and listened to an old favourite CD and I fell asleep early smiling in the arms of my love.
And I feel recharged and human again. Still tired...but not frayed or spindly. Yes, I will make do :)

This AM I came in to see what would come up at the gym and my favourite instructor was teaching a spin class so I dropped in on that. Then I did my abfest as well as 3 sets of weighted cursty lunges on either side and that was that. Done and in to work. I have much thesis work to do this weekend, but right now I feel like I know what I'm in for and I am as ready as I can be. I have plans to hopefully meet friends on saturday night for a few hours to see a band play, but other than that it will be a weekend of thesis work. I can do this...oh yes :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

the numbers are taunting me

Last night was a lot of work and much yelling. Thankfully J worked all evening so he didn't have to listen to me randomly yell and rant as I formatted and printed off figures. Yeesh. I think I may actually be done them now...time for my supervisor to look at them. You know you've had enough of something when you start thinking your numbers are conspiring against you :P
I woke up at 4 to a cat and couldn't get back to sleep again so I am a bit tired today. I came in for spin and sculpt and pushed was a nice hard workout. Sad she only has one more week of teaching, then it's a new schedule. I've really grown to like this class...I hope the new instructor does something similar.
For now - it'a another day of this sort of thing...I really am feeling burnt out again.
Just keep swimming, swimming swimming...

hello world!

I'm back in the big scary world today. Lots to do so I just wanted to pop in and log.
Yesterday was another long 16 hours of thesis work. I'm quite proud of all I got done.
This AM I was up and in to work out and dropped in on the spin class and let the nice lady kick my ass. Then some abwork and I'm in to work for the day and then home for more thesis work. I've been away 2 days...hope the place didn't combust while I was away...

Have a great day everybody!

working from home

Well, yesterday I got a whack of work done onthe thesis. Ordered pizza so I could keep working -not the healthiest, but having the extra work time was nice. I worked all day until 11. I am home again to day to do more summary work for my thesis and hope to have another good day of it. I got up and made an effort at working out...I was mentally tired and I figure it's not a huge workout like yesterday - but it's something. Get's my blood pumping and my brain working. I know that doing something every day is the key.
I did ZWOW 3 today plus my abfest and that is that. I was sweating by the time I was done - it's a tough one! I think I will take a walk this afternoon for a break from my work - I'm lucky enough to live near the river so I can take a little 30 minute walk and get the blood pumping again if I run out of steam. It sounds ridiculous to say it but it's exhausting to think think think constantly...

I hope you all had a nice relaxing easter. I've had some cottage cheese and blackberries and now some cuban coffee and I are going to get some work done :)

Today is brought to you by the letter C

Well yesterday I got some thesis proofing done and then had a nice supper at my brother's house with my Dad. Ham and scalloped potatoes and my yummy trifle. Gluten free dairy free meal and it was tasty :). If you are looking for a good gluten free mix - I used Betty Crocker's golden mix and added a bit of cardamom and made it into cupcakes. They are very good mixed up with some strawberries, bananas and raspberries and chocolate pudding. MMMmmm. Delicious.
And today? Well I booked off today and tomorrow to be home and work on my thesis. The idea was I'd be writing the conclusions, but I am a bit further back than that thanks to my "helpful" supervisor, but I will do all I can in the next few days. I just slept in until 830 (!!!) and polished of a great home workout. ZWOW 9 three times through as a warmup and then the Hot Girls Sweat Bodyrock tv workout twice through. Man that makes you sweat! After a shower and a protein shake I'm getting ready to get down to business. My brother brought me back some tasty coffee from Cuba and I finally got to get it from him so today's work is fuelled by Mr. Castro and his delicious coffee minions. Yummers.

Must get to the data it before I get distracted. Have a great day!!

Saturdays rock

After a lazy day yesterday with family lunch and naps I tried to work on things, but was just exhausted. My brain was not ready for anything. So I made some gluten free dairy free pudding for supper tomorrow (I'm going to make a gluten free dairy free trifle for family easter supper) and just vegged. Yum. J went out to see a friend's band play. I was super cool and went to bed early.
But you know what? I feel great.
I am ready to work hard today. I woke up aroun 8:30 for a nice hard core home workout: ZWOW 8 through 4 times followed by the Bodyrock TV Thong Shape Up workout with ab extras and the weighted cool down. I only have two 8Lb dumbbells and one 10 Lb dumbbell at home, but I made it work. I sweated and feel great. After a long hot shower and some baked apple oatmeal with J it's time for some thesis work. I hope you are all having an awesome day.
So far it's all good here :)

hard work is its own reward

Last night I met with my TO supervisor on the phone to go over some data and was given a lot more work to do last night. I came home with a pre-roasted chicken and some pumpernickel and got down to it good and properly. I worked until almost one but re-summarized all my data for my TO supervisor. I have one last summary table to do and then it's complete for an email to her. We are meeting on the phone again today to discuss it. I will get this done...I have 2 weeks. My summary goes to my other supervisor in 2 weeks. It's ON. I never really got that saying "hard work is its own reward" until now. Sometimes you just have to work hard, with no reward, other than the completion of the work and not having to do it anymore. I must just do what I can for as long as I can....

This morning, despite being tired, I got up and came in to the gym for spin and sculpt. It was a solid workout and after some cottage cheese and blackberries I am feeling ready to go. My gym is closed tomorrow for good friday so I may just workout saturday instead...we'll see. It's J's side of the family easter dinner and I have sleep on the agenda for the most part to fuel up for the long haul. I'm making tapioca for J and his gramma...mmmm...

Must dash. Science beckons.

start again...

Yesterday was a lesson in not-freaking-out-staying-sane-not-killing-people.

Oh yes.

Turns out, after having my data summary for 4 months, one of my supervisors mentioned yesterday -the day after I'd finished my data summary and was ready to write the conclusions (I've booked off next week and everything to work)-that my data needed to be revamped and to be restated and should not be presented in the way that it is.
4 months she has had it. FOUR.
Suffice it to say that last night was not the relaxing time I had hoped for. I am proud that I did not lose my sh*t on anyone or by myself, but it was mostly because there was things to be done and the sooner I got started the sooner I could...well...redo a bunch of hard work. *sigh* I refuse to be wastes precious energy that I need to be awesome...
Note to self. Pester supervisors to see if they have actually *read* things...

But enough of that.
I had a late night of grocery shopping and then revamping my data and rewriting tables for a different presentation. And, YES it is a better way to do it. I have a meeting with my other supervisor today (the good one) and I was supposed to be giving him this data summary today, but will rant to him and beg another day for this. Hopefully it will all make sense and I can hand this to him tomorrow and then work on the thesis all weekend and hopefully not be so far behind...I am aching physically to be finished and this has just lit a fire of angry resolve under my butt. I will finish this. I will. IF it kills me please drink a martini in my memory. Preferably a dirty vodka one.
This morning was a tired one, but I woke up to 2 cats sleeping by me purring. They got up with me and we had morning food and playtime and I gathered up my stuff -well most of it anyways...turns out in my ranty packing last night I forgot my bra. Heh. Yeah. Good thing I'm wearing a sweater today - Nothing says professional manager like hippy nipples... :) I did the spin class this morning and wow...solid workout. I'm a bit stiff in my butt, but not half as much as I thought I might be. The class was a struggle to keep pace, but in the end I'm proud. It helped me funnel off a LOT of angst and get me in to work today with my head on straight. I have a few important meetings today and tonight is try to get my data finished up...again...
Well, time for cottage cheese and taking over the world.
Later taters.

Creak creak...

Oh man...I think I'm gonna be stiff tomorrow. I'm already stiff now :)
Yesterday's workout was a challenge and by the time I went to bed my butt and shoulders were stiff from the mule kicks and all the push ups I'd done between the two workouts. I also fell on what must be the only remaining piece of ice yesterday too, which may have added to it-not sure. I was still a bit stiff when I got up, and after a killer spin routine what do we work on in spin & sculpt? Why, a new program heavy on shoulders, arms and squats! Oh lordy. He heh -I do believe this stiffness will continue. I really worked hard today and have that feeling that's hard to describe that I love when you've used your muscles well. My shoulders and arms have muscles. He hee. I'm very proud of myself :) I can do a lot of things now that I couldn't do a few years ago.

It's gonna be a good day. :)

Today I have much boring computer work to do (safety thrilling) but I get to go stock up on healthy awesome groceries after work today. J has to work so I'm on my own - and I can squeeze fruit and read labels to my heart's content :) Yes I'm one of those people...and I'm a frustrating person to shop with so I reign that part of me in when I shop with others. I do so love when I shop alone occasionally and have the time to geek out on nutritional info and look at new things when I shop. Sometimes I find new delicious things...

Must dash-much to do today. Have a great day everyone!

This is how we do it

Well hello there :)
I had a great weekend. Yes I worked slavishly on my thesis, but I have section 3 (of 4!!!) in final draft for my supervisor to proof. I also got to go see my little 3 year old niece's dance recital. Oh the cuteness :) Zoe is quite shy and a bit scared of crowds and people but she did fantastic, remembered all the moves and wasn't scared at all. It was cute to see that some of the kids were all over the place but they were all dressed up and having fun. Zoe is in the non-competitive preschool dance classes here in town and they do a great job. Then I went on a quest to get my other little niece her birthday present. In her words -"all I really want auntie is a sprinkler to jump over" I hunted around and found an awesome one for her and her sister to play with this summer. Add in a friday night escape for a few hours for a nice foggy walk to the local art gallery for a show opening and it was a busy but nice weekend. Last night was late finishing it all off and I had to tape the first episode of the new Game of Thrones to watch later when I have time, but all in all? I feel really happy about how busy yet balanced it was. J worked all weekend too so I got up with him and we had breakfast together and it was nice to start the day off like that. :)

My cat likes brussel sprouts. We were having turkey pesto burgers and brussel sprouts for supper last night and one sprung off my plate when I stabbed it wrong and Geek ran away with it and ate it. Weirdo. :)

This morning I'm in at work after a full workout. I picked up a new workout shirt over the weekend so it was nice to wear something new. I did a double up workout again with a bit of abwork at the end ( 2 sets of 20 back raises, suspended crunches and side crunches each side) and I feel great. I did ZWOW 11 (5 times through) and the Hot Girls Sweat workout on Bodyrock TV (I did it 2 times through). My mule kicks probably weren't the best but I tried to make them as strong as I could for the ZWOW. They feel really weird... I pushed myself on the other workout. It was hard...I was panting the second time through but I tried my best and thankfully kept my asthma from kicking in. After a healthy breakfast it's time for some science.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I'm off to the lab...