taco taco taco

Yesterday was a long day but I managed to finish I wanted to get done...altho I could have done more if I wasn't so tired from being up so early. I made a wicked taco salad for supper...I had a leftover flax wrap and I cut it up and put it in the toaster oven for some healthy chips for my salad - they were awesome...I'll definitely do that again! I've got leftovers for lunch. MMM. Giant salad. :)

This morning I crawled out of bed and came in to do my step ups, rows, one legged deadlifts, arm/chest raises and squats along with a wonderful 11 lanes in the pool. The pool was so nice and warm this morning...I loved it.

I'm trying to get more work done tonight, altho I may need a nap after work to get to it. So much to do...and so I should get to it. I'll leave you with this song that's been my head since I woke up. Have a great day!


azusmom said...

So, was Peter Gunn not a member of that health club, or was that part of his workout? Or maybe it was Fight Club?
Reading about your swim makes me hope the pool in our complex opens early this year.

azusmom said...

P.S., Gotta love Sarah Vaughan!!!!