The weekend of numbers

Hey Hey!
Guess what I did all weekend? Compile data! Wohoo!
Yes...I certainly worked my ass off this weekend. My wondeful J kept me from going crazy with the endless numbers. I took time to make pumpkin oatmeal muffins (yum) but for the most part I was chained to a computer. I took a brief break saturday to get a few things to wear to the conference (most of my clothes are too baggy to be professional) and found a bunch of things I love. I'm used to not finding anything I like, so I got some shorts and shirts and a few pairs of pants in the end. It's nice to have a few more things to choose from and I'll definitely look professional at the conference.
I gave myself the opportunity to back out of a workout this AM if I needed to since I was up until 2 AM finishing my data (begone foul numbers) but I felt up to it for whatever reason, so I came in today to do my lower body workout A plus abfest and 29 minutes HIIT on the bike. Admittedly my HIIT was a bit lackluster, but I came in and that's the main thing. It felt good to burn off all the stress I've filled up my brain with over the weekend with the constant work work work work.

I have much left to do with all my numbers and things to catch up on before I leave for my meeting, so I must be off. If I keep moving today I should be OK until I can get home and have a nap! :)

Have a good day everybody...

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azusmom said...

Whew! You must be so relieved!!!!!
I'M relieved, and I'm not the one doing all the work, lol!