birfday blessings

This morning I came in for half an hour on the elliptical before I had to run off to a bunch of medical appointments. Now I'm free and in for a bit of work and then a nice birthday dinner out with my luv.
Gotta run. Much to do.
I feel very blessed with all the good wishes and help from family and friends in the last while.
Have a wonderful day! I plan to.

shiney earlobes

Spin class this morning with Mel and I feel AMAZING.
I had sweaty earlobes. That's a new one...
Sorry. Insanely busy day. I must run and do labby things...
Here's a pic of ze hair as requested. It is spikey yes? :)

amazing weekend

I had an amazing weekend: Bonfire for my birthday with friends. A new short funky haircut (my "fighting hair"...and yes, I'll explain *that* soon when I have time and headspace to do it's a lot to process so I'm taking my time).  New sparkly blue nail polish. Tasted my strawberry beer (it's divine).

Sunday I raked an obscene amount of leaves in our yard on a sunny day with J, had a great supper, ran some errands and even had time for a bit of snugly movie watching to end it all off. All sorts of goodness in a few days. I feel so blessed and loved. I will soon turn 40 on wednesday with a big smile on my face...

This morning I came in to workout and went to the spin and sculpt class and had a great workout. I must say - working out with super short hair ROCKS! No ponytail or bun or bangs in my face... and so much cooler...I'm liking this :) I even managed to make my cool hair look like it did when my friend cut it in the salon today and so I'm feeling all funky and ready for the day.

Game on.

too early...

Had to come in to work at the crack of stupid to get caught up so no workout today.
Plan on a long hike to a bonfire tonight so it's not too shabby :)

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Day 2: squidoooodeleeeeedooo

Hello and hooray.
Welcome to another day of feeling good and working out. Man you don't reslise how good it makes you feel to exercise until you come back to it. I came in for a spin class and made it through OK. Now it's just me and my decaf and breakfast getting set for a busy short day so I can take off for a medical appointment and a late dinner out with my luv.
Hope this is a groovy tuesday for you too.
Later taters.

Back at it

Ah. Had a nice weekend and now I am finally back to the workouts. I feel so very very normal. It's lovely.
Finally back to some movement and sweating!
I tried not to go too crazy so I'm not super stiff tomorrow but I had a great workout and I feel amazing! I did 3 reps through of the following with 10 Lb dumbells followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical:
-15 one legged bulgarian lunges with knee raise (both legs)
-15 bicep curls
-15 box step ups with knee raise (both legs)
-15 shoulder press
-10 dragon curtsy squats (both sides)
-15 side ab raises
-15 bent rows
-1 minutes planks on the box
-15 tricep extensions
-15 back raises

Now it's off to a busy day.

Bronchitis begone!

This is the first day in a long time that I am not breathing like an 90 year old.
Hooray! Crossing my fingers I can get back to workouts by monday.
I am loving this sleeping in business, but I sure feel the need for some good adrenaline.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

May the turkey god smile up on you this fine weekend

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I'm having  a date night with J tonight and tomorrow it's off to my dads to relax and make a big turkey dinner for 25 people. Can't wait.

Love and light to you all.

Knock on wood

A little better today. Mr Misty Frog helped me sleep better. It's a great mist humidifier and incredibly cute. My cats are not sure what to think of it though...
Still have a tender core and innards from yesterday to go with my cough but I am hopeful in a few days I'll be right as rain. All in all, less than I expected. Never google minor procedures before you have them done - from what I read on IUD forums I half expected to be in agony...but really not so bad. Not great, but I put on my big girl sparkle panties. It's gonna be OK.
I am looking forward to the weekend with my Dad and some relaxing. J can actually get away with me so we're going to relax. I am hoping I'll be up to a few short hikes and that I'll be off all cold and pain meds so that I can enjoy some of that cider I laid down about a month ago.  With any luck I'll be working out next week again (knock on wood)

How to have a very unusual day

1. wake up sickly after your first full night of sleep in days
2. work most of a hectic day squeaking like a 90 year old smoker
3. leave early to go have a copper IUD installed (owie)
4. realize your gynecologist used to be one of the first residents you worked with about 10 years ago...then end up talking to them about it to make weird conversation about his family and how he's been in 10 years...*after* he's put the IUD in...(wierd does not even begin to describe it)
5. Head home to sit with a heat pad on your tummy nursing cramps all evening while a fine mist humidifier shaped like a frog blows on you so you won't cough (cuz, y'know, you still have bronchitis)
5. Randomly nibble Panago pizza while analyzing statistical data all evening when you'd rather nap
6. Give up, pop some advil, move your humidifier and go to bed. 

Tomorrow is a new day.
Thank frog.
Tomorrow HAS to have more to offer...


Since the end of last week I have a nasty cold that's turned to bronchitis so I'm at home today coughing to myself and not bringing it to work to rest up and get better. I had grand plans to start a 30 day fitness challenge this week from Bodyrock TV but it will likely be the end of the week before I can think about that sort of thing. :( I did get out last night for a bit for my sister in laws birthday (made her a GF DF pumpkin spice cake that was deeeelicious), but other than that I've been lying low and coughing up a storm.
 Hoping I'll be on the mend for the weekend for thanksgiving so when I go up to visit my Dad I won't bring this nastiness up to him as well. I like it when I'm more active and feel like I've earned my pumpkin pie!
Hope you're all doing well