Weeding workouts.

I'm going to spend the afternoon weeding the yard.
I can't focus at work and I've taken a fw days off...of course now I have too much time to focus, so I'm looking for something...anything to do for a bit. Given the jungle overtaking my yard, it should really be weeding. So off I go.

I was surprised this morning to find I'd lost a few pounds beyond the few I'd lost while on camping trips this summer and weigh 134. Good I suppose, but I'm not pleased with having lost my food fetish. It seems that cooking has lost it's fun right now...so eating has become simple and plain. Still very healthy and nutritious, but not so elaborate or fatfilled. Apparently dealing with stress makes me eat better. Who knew? Maybe I'll finally crack the 130 mark I've daydreamed about for years...at least I'm not gorging on food to make myself happy. Suppose I should be greatful for that. A few years ago I'd have packed on the pounds. Now it seems a silly way to hide from my emotions. Besides, I've run out of peaches.

Anyone know how many calories weeding is worth per hour?
I'm curious. With the amount of weeds in my yard I could seriously start up an exercise chain if it's worth a bit.
Hmm...anyone want a membership at Jungles R Us??
You could compost for free!

and tomorrow and tomorrow

Well not only was I up late, but it was raining this morning...so that sort of was that.

well...maybe I should get at things

Despite my life still being rather a steaming pile...I think some fitness would do me good. I've taken time to get my head together and now maybe my body could use a bit of help too. It's supposed to help with stress right?
Sooo...tomorrow morning I'm going to get up and run. It may be more of a wheezy pleading with God to take me now before I die (I haven't run in almost a month) but you have to start somewhere. I'll be happy with 3 min run intervals...we'll see. I need to do something and it will be a start. If I survive, I'll post :)
There are some really big thing I'm trying to deal with (and help others deal with) right now...but I guess 1 day at a time will be the start and the ongoingness of it all. No quick solutions, and not all up to me.
What will be will be. Running around in circles will give me something to do in the interim I suppose...


Be back in a while when I've got my head together.

Be well. Eat your veggies. Hug your cats...

Pie anyone?

I brought back a case of peaches from BC and they are all now ripening at the same time.
I've got a helluva lot of peaches to do something with. So I'm gonna make a bunch of pies. It'll keep me occupied and they'll be damn good.
I could freeze them but it seems like a waste of delicious, in season peaches...
Anyone got any ideas for something good with peaches??

Breathing in and out

Due to the rather spectacular implosion of my personal life, my workouts have been more than a bit shit at the moment...but I know I need to look after myself. The weather is very hot (+30) so I'm trying to find things to do indoors...soon I 'll figure it out...and when I do workout, I'll log it.
I'm still here...honest. I've tried to walk home from work despite the heat as often as I can, and will drag out my bike if I can find somewhere to shower here at work so I don't send everyone running away from my sweaty self (at the mo the only shower I know of to use is in the morgue attandants prep room...I just can't bring myself to go in there to shower yet...we'll see)
Thanks for checking in.
I'm still here...