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Not finished yet

I'm excited. 

I've just called and asked my GP for a letter of referral for me to see a plastic surgeon here in town to get the final fat grafting part of my reconstruction going. It's not covered under our health care like the rest of the recon was, so if I have to pay for it I want to choose and get a few opinions and see a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation/reconstruction and liposuction so I get the best results I can. I've done some hunting and learned that there are 2 of these highly rated surgeons in my home town who are both in the same office and I am excited to hopefully have an appointment with one of them soon. I want  their opinion on how to finish up my reconstruction so you can't see the edges of my implant under my skin anymore. The bottom of my foob looks alright because of the muscle moved around to build the breast pocket and I'm pleased with it sizewise, but the top and side of the implant are really visible through my ski…

Count to ten

This weekend was nice. Spent time at friends, board games and wine and laughs. Went bowling with friends last night - I broke 100...I'm a particularly sucky bowler so I was pretty smug. Didn't get too much done as far as chores and practical things though. I need to start to make a list of things needing done and spend either saturday or sunday working on some things...because It's good to be happy, but it's also good to actually accomplish things as well. Things have been better lately. Lots to work on...but good. Got to talk to old friends on the phone. Drank some nice coffee.
It's a start...

I have lost it once before I've pulled myself up from the floor 
And I am looking for a reason to stay standing 
But sometimes it's just too much or not enough or something else 
It's so much bigger than my head, it's too demanding 
Sometimes the fastest way to get there is to go slow 
And sometimes if you wanna hold on you got to let go 
I'm gonna close my eyes…

Brace yourself

Picked up a Tensor knee brace with side stabilizers at London Drugs before class last night. It is ugly as hell, but it really helps. I could do the Tabata class, although I was modifying a few things (like no switch lunges or knee killers moves like that) - I didn't have any clicks or pain with it on.  Later that evening my knee did get stiff and click more after when I would straighten my leg (the clicks are what hurt) so I put the brace back on. I've work it all day today. It's comfy and has kept my kneecap oriented and tracking correctly all day with my stiff weak leg muscles so it doesn't click. I'm gonna take it easy to the leg, do knee strengthening exercises only and just walk lots and do upper body stuff until class next week to let it get stronger. Once I get stronger this will fade. It's annoying, but I can deal- a reminder I can't just jump back into things all the time - and I MUST stretch after. Skipping a stretch is what I think started all t…


This AM my knee was clicking, so instead of a heavy workout, since I have my Tabata class tomorrow I just decided to take it easy and that the walk to work would be good enough. It was a nice walk.
 I've been devouring new podcasts lately in the mornings: Science VS and Sci Fri along with Welcome to Nightvale and StarTalk...I am on the quest for new ones. If any of you have ones you love (don't have to be sciency) please tell me - I'd be curious to try them. I don't get to learn a lot of new stuff in my current job (meh) so I try and use my brain when I can this way. With my memory issues I often drive J crazy trying to tell him about all the things I learned about that I can't remember all the specifics of later - but I feel like having more knowledge can help me be a better person. If I'm more informed, I can be a more helpful part of society...of my circle of friends...of my family.
I must say tho -I have a bit more focus than before...the medication I'm…

10 Kg of rice is a lot of rice

I finally stopped creaking by sunday. Whew. I was pretty stiff. My left knee is doing it's "thing" again, so I'm trying to be kind to it. As my legs get stronger it should fade. I'm modifying if there is any pain. So far so good. I had lots of hot baths over the weekend to help get rid of the aches and had a beer or two in the bath...bubblebaths with beers are really the best.

On sundayI bought 10 Kg of rice and put it all inside ziplocs and into my new sandbag. It's ~22 Lb and I can remove a few bags that should weigh about 2 Lb each if I find it is too much. I used it this morning and it's challenging but not overwhelming. Very versatile tool I'm loving it already.

This morning I got up and did Bodyrock HIITMax 1 and 2 again through as instructed. I modified where needed (skips and jumping jacks instead of burpees) and pushups on the knees. I still can't do suspended tricep dips either, but I tried :) I made it through. AND as an added bonus th…

Friday the 13th

It's friday. The 13th. I love it - they tend to be lucky days for me. Here's hoping the trend continues.

Oy tho -Talk about delayed onset muscle soreness. Ooooeeee.
This AM I almost wimped out because I was so achey and didn't sleep very well last night (woke up a zillion times), but I managed to finally haul my ass out to the living room and do the HIITMax 2 workout, although I switched out burpees for skipping for cardio because after a few of them my lower body was ready to quit all together. I had a heckuva time doing the lunges because my legs are quite stiff...but I did the best I could. It is done...that is the important part. I think a hot bath with epsom salts may be in order tonight tho...
This weekend I'm gonna buy some rice for my sand bag. I'm hoping it'll be heavy enough. It would be easier to clean up than sand if things I don't know where to get sand in the middle of winter. I'm hoping I'll be able to fit 20 Lb into the b…

I'm still alive!!

HIIT class last night was intense and awesome. I love the format and the teacher is great. It was a very solid workout. She does 4 minute tabatas of 4 different things with a 1 minute break in between before you go on to the next set. Last night we did 6 sets total with a warm up and cool down. Phew. My friend Robin and I certainly got in a solid workout.

This AM I got up to do the Bodyrock HIITMax 1 workout with my new gear. I don't have sand for my sandbag yet, but it was cool to have the gear for everything else. And the weighted vest? Phew! Challenging. I admit was a bit weak weak in some muscle groups from last night so it was tough, but I got through it. I'm stiff in my butt and hammy's this morning but not too bad. Everything else has that I worked out but am not actually sore feeling...better than I figured I'd be. It feels good to exercise again.

A blizzard blew in last night while I was in class. Driving home was like jumping to hyperspace in the millennium f…

HIIT and some deep thoughts

I signed up for a community fitness class every wednesday with a friend from work. It's every wednesday at 6 - a HIIT class. I do believe today may kill me since I've been really slack about workouts since before christmas and it's been too damn cold for regular walks. She's looking to get into better shape too so we'll both be starting out at similar levels so I feel better about that.
With life being so crazy the last while I've been just sleeping and trying to be good to myself, but I like the idea of both getting out with friends and taking a fitness class.

I've been back to eating healthy, but need more activity again, so this will be a kick to keep at it - if only so the classes don't kill me :P    I used to really like HIIT workouts so I hope it's a fun time. I'm also considering signing up for Sweatflix online and starting in with my new gear on the weekend. I'm getting ready for some good workouts starting today. Gonna build me…

Make it so

This weekend was nice. It was emotionally tiring, but really nice. My sister came down friday night and she, my bro and I went to the funeral. J came down with some kind of crazy cold plague so he stayed home so as not to infect us all with his insane sneezing. The funeral was really nice. Small town great. The town hall in Ridgedale was full to standing room only and we got to see some family we just never get to. Terrible reason, but it was good to see them. And it was the only funeral I've ever been to to where the person being remembered was fondly spoken of for his avid use of the word cocksucker. Hee hee - my uncle's language was always very colourful...but he was also a big teddy bear. A cattle rancher and farmer who died doing his chores...I suppose there isn't a better way to go for someone like Earl. I feel so sad for my auntie and cousins, but I saw them smile and laugh through their tears remembering him. I remember how that felt when my mum died. I k…

mixed bag today

I have a coffee stain in my area rug. I am trying to get it out. My friend who was visiting spilled coffee and didn't mention it until later. I dabbed up most of the liquid when I knew about it, but it will take some work to get the stain out. I treated it with oxyclean and thought I got it, but it appears to require more love since there's more liquid in the rug wicking up. I will try once more with my rug shampooer just to wick up more of the stain and liquid tonight...and if it doesn't work I'll take it to someone in town next week - it's about $40 to have a stain removed by someone. It's 92 for the whole rug which is kinda tempting but I just want the stain out. I'd rather not pay, but we really love the rug. It's our soft comfy living room rug so we can sit on the floor and right now it's not nice tot sit on - the parts I cleaned are stiffer - I think it needs to be rinsed a lot more to get the oxyclean out. I'll try my best to fix it once …

Hump day

It's good to be back at work after the break. Having an increased focus has been neat the last few days - I hope it will help me be more accomplished at work and not feel like such a derp. Not having my home life in shambles and getting some sleep is also a bonus. I need to start to feel like a useful hooman here and it's sort of starting. I'm glad.

I hope January will be a good month. A start to a good year. I hope to get up to workout tomorrow morning as well. My arm has healed up enough that I will be able to work out without worrying about damaging it - it isn't sore anymore and sweating won't harm it at this point. I don't really technically need to cover up my scrape anymore, but being in a lab I feel it's appropriate. It shouldn't leave a scar, which is good...I have enough of those already.

My old bestie friend Cindi who has found herself separating from her husband after almost 20 years just got her condo keys's a happy/sad time …

Blooming initiated

Well hi there.
I am glad to say things have gotten better. There were tough times. VERY tough times. Almost insurmountable...but love as they say conquers all and I am very glad to say that in the end we made it through. Having a visit from an old dear friend and his new lovely girlfriend for the last few days helped a great deal. They head home this AM so we shall see how the new year goes again with them gone...I hope we both can continue to improve in our soltitude.

As for me? Well I have a hematite ring on my right hand to remind me of this in the new year:
-I am loved unconditionally by my family
-I must decide each morning to be kind, optimistic and weigh my words before I say them
-I can stand up for myself and be strong...and I can do this without being cruel
-I must work to pay more attention to the world around me...both to words and to things. This will keep me safe and show due respect to others.
-I must explore my opinions and desires dfor things and make sure that I do w…