Tin foil is in this season

I am stressed.
To the gills.
Things I'm trying to do for my project are taking way longer than they should and I am exhausted. So much to do. I spent 3 hours scanning slides today...I needed those hours for other things. Something I thought was completed must be repeated again...and I am just *done* for the day. There is just not enough time and sleep. I really need to do more, but I am just tired. I want to sleep...and I think I will...even tho I feel like a quitter for not getting enough done tonight. I have so much data. Seriously. I'm swimming in it. It's freaky.

I get to work all weekend (whee) and I can feel the old defenses kicking in...I just want to stop and eat...eat my stress away. Funny how I still get that feeling...but it's empty eating now. There's no comfort in it now...a work i almost ate 2 muffins out in the lunch room but realised i wasn't actually hungry so i stopped (just had eaten a huge meal so i knew i was full). When i got home I still felt this way so I had some popcorn, and after a few handfuls realised this for what it was as i wasn't even tasting it...just shoving it in my mouth...and since then I've been ignoring it and trying to get some work done and keep it together. I'm honestly not hungry. Just stressed.

I will prevail.
Tin hat and all...
All day everyone was talking about how they were going to spend their long weekend...and i want one too.

ah well...this thinking gets me nowhere. to bed with me...

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