I can tell I haven't worked out for a few days...man is my butt sore!
This AM I was in again to do some abfesting, 35 minutes on the arc trainer and then a few new arm/back things I've never tried before. I feel great. Mennonite fruit sauce (yum - thanks Grapecat's Mum) and cottage cheese for breakfast and I'm good to go. We just went grocery shopping last night and we are once again stocked up with lots of healthy foods to eat. I have a giant salad with tuna for lunch and healthy snacks. Yum.

I get to have supper with my family tonight (except for J he has to work...poor guy) so it will be nice to see them all. I got to visit with dad a bit last night, but I'm so busy I haven't seem him too much and I'm looking forward to some visiting. He's almost done helping his friend shingle a roof - I've never seen him that stiff. I'm amazed at 66 he offered to do it. He said he'll probably get used to it and then they'll be done :)

I'm determined to lose the few pounds I put on this past weekend on my wine and food fest, so I'm going to be good for a while, stick to my exercises and eat healthy. I can do it :)

Have a great day everyone!


azusmom said...

All will be well! And remember, the pounds you put on may well be water weight, and that'll come off quickly. Have a great night!

Scrumpy said...

You can do it!