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berry berryy nice

I had so much fun yesterday doing an online workout that I did one again today. The BeFit Youtube channel has a good set of workouts to choose from. I did the Leg Thigh and Butt Be Fit in 30 Level 1 workout this morning and liked it a lot.1 minute intervals of things with a rest after 3 minutes between sets of things. 20 minutes total. It had switch lunges (which both I and my knees hate) and had to revert to backward lunges for part of them, but other than that I made it through. Then I did 4 minute scissor legs with crunches after and called it a day. Boom.
I was happy to have found some fruit buried in my freezer last night so I could have a saskatoon berry raspberry smoothie for breakfast and now I'm off to science town. Just wanted oto log.
Have a great day!


Happy hump day y'all.
After a nice evening with J (who just got a big lighting gig this weekend because he's so awesome - yay) and a trip to the library to pick up a book I've been waiting for for ages it was an early night for us. This whole week has been lunches out and treats at coffee break (we have someone retiring...sniff) so I made a simple chicken breast and salad supper. This morning I did the Level 2 of the 30 day Shred with my 5Lb weights as well as a short Blogilates ab workout video after. Whew! That was a good workout. Tough. Solid.
It's already 16 degrees and I had a virtually snow free walk to work this morning (crazy!) wtih my cranberry green tea smoothie. It's gonna be a good day. There was already iced cream cake for coffee break. This is shaping up to be my kinda day hee hee :)

The way of the nerd

Last night was a family meal - went out for chinese. Mmmm. It's been nice having my Dad here for a few days. He heard me up and about this morning and decided to get up and be on his way by breakfast time.  He was sitting sipping coffee and eating breakfast while I worked out. He kept laughing and felt like he should be doing something while I worked out...he was so happy to see me be able to exercise again. I'll miss him. It was nice to have some company in the morning. I get to see him soon the first week of June so I'm looking forward to it.

The snowpocalypse is almost gone already if you can believe it. A few days of 15-20 degree weather have made most of the foot of snow melt already. Another day or so and you'd never know it was ever here except for the odd broken tree branch. It's so nice out you don't need a coat. I'm looking forward to a really nice walk home. It's spring again...

This morning I had a doc's appointment at 9 so I got to slee…


It was snowpocalypse this weekend. It went from sunny spring to having almost a foot of snow in a day. Meh. I spent sunday shoveling all the wet heavy snow out of our back is a bit stiff.

Friday night was fun - nice to catch up with my best pals. This weekend I did get a bunch of painting done (colour! finally!) and did some baking (meat buns mmmmm) and finished up a book I've been trying to get to for ages. Jay worked pretty much all weekend so I could do a bunch of chores and random stuff. Even got a haircut in the middle of snowpocalypse, during which the power went out and Ren had to finish my cut with the light coming in the's a nice short pixie cut- easy peasy for now and looks nice. I think I'll be keeping my hair shorter for a while. It's fast and easy and I get a lot of compliments on it this length so I'll go with it :)
This morning I was nice to my achey back and did lower body exercises. 3 sets of the following (both sides):

Friday :) butt is stiff today! Pilates definitely works. Yowza.
This morning I did my upper body workout with some ab work between sets and had a nice walk to work with my tea (it was a chilly morning). After some banana oatmeal I am off to the lab. Much to do - things have been breaking all over the place and I need to go deal with them. Fun times...

Just have to make it through to tonight. Tonight I get to have a girly night with my friends Lisa and Heather (OK our version of a girly night - supper and zombie movies!) and I am looking forward to it. Should be a nice weekend too! Lots to paint in the house and do around the yard.

Have a good one :)


A new friend of mine introduced me to Blogilates the other day. She said it's the site that got her into fitness and had nothing but good things to say about it. She's now very active, runs, weight trains and even does acro yoga but still uses the site so I thought I'd check it out. The host is a bit overly perky and happy at times, but she *is* happy...I like that. She has a way of talking while you're exercising that distracts you from what you're doing as you do reps of something. Sneaky. She has a lot of shorter workouts to mix and match from and appears to even make calendars of monthly workouts for people to follow along. It seems like a very positive environment with lots of different exercises - not just pilates. It's a different kind of endurance than HIIT... I've always been curious about pilates and am trying to find exercises to scult and thin up my trunk and butt along with the old usuals that I do so I thought I'd make today's lower bo…

Jackie Warner kicked my ass

Yesterday I didn't work out since I was up really late (~2). J's laser show went spectacularly and it was a good night of funk music with Fort Knox 5 and some of my friends at Skylab who put on the show (which J is now a part of he hee) -good people and I got in a lot of dancing. Muahaha. Yes, it was a long tired work day on tuesday (I admit to actually drinking a real cup of coffee to be useful in an important meeting I had) but I made it through. I did walk home from work with J though and ate healthily - we had homemade refried bean tacos. Something I forgot how much I loved until I made them last month after not making them since university. So easy and healthy - saute up some diced onion, garlic and a jalapeno and then add a can of rinsed white beans and about 2 cups of chicken or veg stock and simmer it all until all the liquid is gone, mushing the beans as you cook. Add them to a taco wrap with veg, cheese and salsa and you have an easy meal full of protein. Yum.

This m…

so much salad!

We had a nice weekend. Got a nice visit in with my Dad and had a few good family meals. Ate a bit much and had a good visit with both sides of the family. Even had time to get a bunch of priming done, watch a movie and make some tabbouleh - here's the recipe. It turned out really well and made enough for us to eat off of for lunches all week. The longer it sits in the fridge the better it tastes. Nom. :)

This morning I got up to do upper body work and walked to work. Tonight J is doing his first big dual laser show for an event so I'm going out to support him even though I'll feel terribly tired tomorrow. I can't wait for him to be able to do this - he's been waiting to for ever. He's so excited. I hope he gets lots of exposure and has a great time. There will be funk music so I think all will go very well :)

I must dash. Hope you had a great weekend!

Fabulous darling...

Whoop! It's friday! Bring on the weekend.
My Dad is popping in for a visit on his way to Georgia this weekend and I have some plans to make some new tasty foods this weekend when I have some more time (tabouleh...yum...I've got some cool grains and lentils and a shwack of veggies). I'm also starting up some crabapple mead this weekend as well to get the rediculous amount of apples in my deep freeze out of there so I can do some food prep and start freezing meals and things in advance. Plus there is a family meal on J's side on sunday so it'll be a family and food filled weekend. I spent time last night cleaning the house a bit to prep it to visitor status so I won't have to look around and mutter at my messy house - I can actually use it and relax instead. I like! :)
This AM I did lower body work with some ab work and then made my cranberry green tea smoothie again and had a great sunny walk to work. The workout was three times through:
-15 deadlifts (2X10Lb)

Nutella and Baileys

I just found a recipe for Nutella and Bailey's popsicles. It's a nutella popsicle (1/3 c nutella + 1 cup milk) only you swap out half (or all, he heh) the milk with Baileys.
Oh my gawd. Summer can't come too soon.
Turns out there's a whole lotta enhanced popsicles out there...seriously a lot...who knew?

cocoa and cranberries go well together

Quick log. Must dash.
This AM I did my upper body exercises along with some ab work and pushups between the 3 sets. I've upped my sets to 15 from 12. Then I had some oatmeal with cocoa and cranberries and walked the 2Km to work.
It's gonna be a great day :)

Whoop there it is

This morning was DVD wednesday. I found workout 1 of Jillian's 30 day shred on BeFit's youtube channel (Really liking this channel for workout options) the other day and decided I would try that. I was a bit nervous, but I must say - I LOVED it. A challenge in some spots, but I did it - all of it. :)
It was the exact kind of workout I like - doing sets of compound exercises through for 30 seconds or 1 minute each movement and alternating with cardio chunks between sets of exercises. Nothing tough for the knees either -bonus...and I felt awesome after. I needed to use my inhaler midway through after the cardio, but I was able to keep going through it all with my 5Lb weights and feel really good after. Makes me want to pick up the entire DVD to see what some of the other workouts are like. I work harder when there is someone telling me what to do :)
image source For breakfast I made my new favourite smoothie. I tossed a handful of frozen blueberries, a handful of frozen cra…

No hard core weightlifting for me

Today I tried to do some lower body work without stressing my knee. I had a cardiology appointment this morning so I didn't walk to work (and got to sleep in a bit muahahah), but I did get the following done:
3 sets of:
15 reverse lunges
20 deadlifts (20 Lb)
15 squats
20 butt raises and hold/pulses (from Josie's workout)
20 kickbacks on my hands and knees (birddogs??)
20 firehydrant side leg raises on my hands and knees

I also did 20 ball passses and 20 ab dumbell rows in between the sets and stretched out afterwards. Good stuff.

My cardiologist gave me the all clear for whatever cardio I wish to do and was quite happy I was exercising again. Sadly, the only thing I was told specifically not to do is (sigh) no heavy weight my plans to do more of that later at the gym are not allowed, but I can still work with dumb bells and body weight so I should still be able to do solid workouts. Kinda sucky, but I'm sure I'll be able to set up solid workouts without th…

What's the big deal about anchovies?

Had a really nice weekend. The northern lights were incredibly bright on friday night. J and I had a date night and after we went for a late walk and watched them streak across the sky. The pizza at the italian place was amazing...I had artichoke, peppers and olive with goat cheese one with a lemon cocktail. I even tried an anchovie (bleh). I just don't get the appeal. They aren't awful...they are just so overpowering...not what I want on a pizza.
Saturday I spent the day with Heather and we had a great day - brunch at Cora's and an afternoon of shopping and then an evening with her family sewing baby stuff and hanging out. I found a dress to wear to my summer weddings :) Sunday I did some painting and prepped some food for the week for my lunches and after some homemade curry and chapatis we settled in to watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special in 3D. Nifty. Nice way to end it all...
Now it's back to work.
Today I did my upper body exercises, some abwork and wal…

Spring is here :)

Spring is here. New beginnings. I saw a crocus the other day on the walk home. That's my official sign of now it's for real :)

This morning I got up and did my lower body exercises. I picked up a book to log things, so when I get time this weekend I'm gonna start from this monday and log my workouts form now on. I also took some measurements initially last weekend just to be able to see my progress (if any) as I go. I only step on the scale about once a month (it makes me crazy otherwise...and when you're trying to build muscle it can be deceiving). I want to be able to measure how I do by how I feel and how my clothes feel. I want functional strength - to be able to hike where I want to go and do what I need to do in my daily life without strains. Already my pants have lost their uncomfortable feeling they were getting from me over indulging pretty much daily and drinking beer and wine often instead of occasionally. Moderation is the key. After a week of …


“All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways.”
-Yann Martel (Life of Pi)

“No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side. Or you don't.”
-Stephen King (The Stand)

Sun sun sun here it comes

It's warming up! The last few mornings it's been sunny and around 0 with little wind so I've had some lovely walks to work in the morning. The weather during the day is getting up to 9 or 10 C which is glorious. All the snow we got is gone again. It's supposed to continue this nice weather for the next while, so I'm looking forward to more time outside in the near future.

Yesterday on my DVD humpday I tried out Jillian Michael's Yoga meltdown workout (having youtube on my TV is pretty sweet I must say). I enjoyed it a lot. It was still yoga, but with a bit more speed and reps. It felt like a very nice workout. I will definitely do it again. I have learned I cannot do camel pose...but I am hoping in time I will be able to. My back just does not like to bend that way...yet. I also dug out all my old stack of workout DVDs last night so I have a few things to try out on my random wednesdays. Should keep it interesting. :) This morning I did upper body weight work l…

Snow again

It's snowing again. Spring is being elusive. There was no walk to work today because the weather is a bit miserable - windy and snowy and I'm not in the mood to walk along a riverbank with no wind cover. Hopefully it'll be nicer by the end of the day for a walk home. This morning I was up and did my tabatas on the bike and then my lower leg workout, with a few ab exercises thrown in for good measure. A nice solid workout. I cooked up some oatmeal with banana and blueberries for breakfast and have a ham sammich for lunch with lots of veg on some fresh baked buns I made on the weekend. Yum.

I discovered this AM that my chest strap for my Polar watch needs replacing. J is worried I may be doing too much with the tabatas so I said I'd wear my chest strap to keep an eye on my heart...but it doens't work right now. You can apparently pry them open and replace the battery which I think I'll try to do tonight. It just has a big watch battery in it and I feel better abo…

Nice weekend really

Friday was a nice day off. I worked out (leg and ab stuff as before and then I hopped on the bike for 25 minutes). Then I had the weekend off to relax. I got some sewing done (and managed to mangle my finger with the sewing machine...don't ask). I went in with J to co-host his radio show on community radio. We took an extra shift like we do every good friday and had fun playing music and being weird on the air together. Saturday J worked all day so I managed to sew some more and nearly finish the baby sewing I am trying to finish for my friend Heather's upcoming baby. Then we went out to see 2 of our friend's bands play on saturday night. It was nice to be out and see and hear my talented friends and enjoy some live music. Sunday J was sick with something miserable so I had a solo easter meal at my brother's place. We played games and ate good food. Yup it was a good weekend. I hope your weekend was great too.
This morning I got up and did my upper body workout (with s…

Mmm. Eggy oats.

Did my bike tabatas again this AM with the same upper body workout as earlier in the week. They seemed slightly less evil this time. Somehow knowing they are short-lived makes them easier to deal with.
Since the weather is crappy (snow, sleet and strong wind) I didn't walk to work this AM had some extra time for a  hot breakfast. I made some oatmeal up with an egg stirred in at the end for some protein with some blueberries and a splodge of milk and honey. Dang. So good. I also made some peach bran muffins last night...I have one staring at me right now waiting for me to get to my coffee break and eat it.
I have a more relaxing weekend coming up than I thought. My Dad was going to stop in for a few days on his way home from his month in Arizona but he has a bad cold so he's just heading on through home. A bit less stress...but I'm still making myself clean up the house even tho it's not really needed :) Then I can sit around all weekend and not look at things I need to…

Yoga again

This morning I got up a bit earlier and did my entire yoga DVD before I walked to work. It was nice....but I can't get used to the slow pace of yoga. I'm wondering if that means I just need to do more yoga. It seems so sloooooow. I feel good after though.  I'm hoping I'll get more flexible. I'm tempted to try a yoga hybrid workout as well, like the one by Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown which is more of a regular workout based on some yoga poses...less mellow, but maybe more my style...what do you all think about yoga? Maybe I need to learn to relax more? I'm just not all that namaste kind of a person...

I had to fast for a blood test I had this AM and I am now happily eating my chia overnight oats and an apple. I must get back to the lab tho - Just wanted to log this in.