And just look at what you've won

I've finally got all the stuff that was donated for our Scientits gourmet gift baskets for the raffle we're doing for the CBCF breast cancer run on sunday. There's some awesome stuff! Tonight I start sewing boobie hats. He heh.

first prize
Second prize
This Run for the Cure is gonna be fun on a bun!

Support your local Scientit

Good day! I am back from Arizona a bit tanned and quite happy. Holy hotness Batman!
The training was amazing and I managed to get a few hikes in when it "cooled off" (ha ha) to 28 C one evening...

sunrise mountain hike on my last day

I could get used to resort living...
Now I'm back and trying to get things organized for my team that is running the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run fro the Cure in 2 weeks. The Scientits are all trying to rais our pledges and I've gotten some great local Farmer's Market businesses to donate some gourmet goodness for a few raffle baskets too so hopefully we'll do well. I have pink fabric to make boob hats for us all (I tried knitting and well...I have half of one hat, so yeah...not enough for the team!).

As a side note, usually I keep my personal info separate, but if any of you would like to pledge to my run, leave me a message and I will email you the link to my team pledge page. :) I just don't want to post it out here on my blog...with my job I have to keep things very separate and private from my real life...hence the Geosomin and the lack of use of my real name. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid...but I hope you don't all take it personally. YOU all I's all the rest of the interwebs that worry me...

Have a great day :)

Coming to 'Murica

Tomorrow I go to 'Murica for a week for training. Scottsdale, Arizona to be precise. I'm hoping to have a bit of free time to check out Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd excited) and maybe an outlet mall or just indulge my inner teen goth at the Hot Topic in town and leave it at that. I don't have much spare moolah to blow and the dollar sucks at the moment so I may just be wandering for my amusement in air conditioned places :) Mostly though I think I'll just find some decent local ale and sit by the pool in the sun and read a book or two when I'm not in training. It's gonna be really hot (33-40 C) and I don't want to go on any long hikes if it's gonna be that warm. It should be kinda fun exploring a bit...hopefully their transit system isn't to sucky. I like to explore new cities and check out their local charm and architecture and I'm expecting a lot of the surrounding city to be geared to oler people who like to golf so I'm just hoping I can relax and maybe find some authentic mexican food.
 The resort we're in for the conference seems pretty swanky (I'm an Econolodge kinda gal) so I'm hoping they have a good gym in it and a nice pool to sit out in. I'm heading down with a few coworkers so I won't be all alone, but I'm not sure if they're into the same sort of things I am so I'll wait and see. I'm hoping we can sync up for a few things...
We shall see.
I'll just be happy to find my passport and get down there alright...we leave here at 5:45 AM. Who flies a plane at that hour? Noone sane.

On a side note...I just googled going to America and this came up. So much sparkles and cheese. Hee hee.

And then it rained and rained and rained...

We spent the long weekend with friends helping to put on a music festival about an hour from my home town. It was small, and made smaller by the craptastic weather we had all weekend (~10-15 C with lots of rain). Nevertheless the people there made it fun and although I did get a bit chilly and damp at times I did have so much fun despite it all. I brought all I needed to stay warm and dry and enjoy myself and I could sleep in a cocoon of blankets in the van and drink all the cocoa and soup I wanted, so really all was well. The rusty nails on ice certainly helped cut the cold too. I am happy to report that my Doc Martens rain boots work so well and are very comfy...and I have some amazing friends. :)
J & I and friends in our backstage hideout
All my jackets smell of campfire now. :)

It lights the whole sky

“Even After All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,
"You owe me."
Look What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”
- Hafez

 Hello :) It's been a great last little while here at Castle Neufeldo. J's birthday. Fresh veggies form the garden (no squash but oh the tomatoes!). Making crabapple jelly and pickled beans...and spending some wonderful days with my J.

Holidaze is officially over so I am back to Project Uberfrau. I almost ate myself up a dress size while on holidays and so I have some work to do. I don't mind tho - it was worth it. It's all about keeping yourself in check right? And so the next 2 months will be very dialed in and focused. Coming up in November I have my lat flap surgery (not that I have a date yet...sigh) and after that I have to be very gentle with my self...just walking for the first 3 weeks and my physio. Then I can hop on the bike. After 6-8 weeks I can start light exercise. So...I figure it'll be good to be in decent shape before that comes. Healthy to heal better and fuelling my body to be ready for all that surgery business. Having a smart TV has been great - I've just been picking a 25-30 minute workout off of the BeFit, PopSugar or Bodyrock channels and busting them out with my kitten hanging out on the couch with me to watch. A little bit every day makes a healthy happy me.

Fall is starting. I LOVE fall. The leaves are yellowing and the mornings are crisp. My morning walks to work are full of the start of all of the migrating geese on the river and sips of vanilla earl grey tea with sunshine streaming over the grain fields with the light catching the wheat fronds...I can tell I'm a prairie girl. It makes me smile every time. I was thinking this morning about how happy I am right now in my life.

I hope you're all happy too.
Have a great day!