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With the wind this morning it is a balmy -46 C.

I call shenanigans. This sort of weather is absurd... the cold snap is supposed to lift by the weekend thank frog. There's only so much of this you can take before you go all Shining on people from being cooped up indoors...

Last night it was just me so I took some oven time to make myself a most tasty meal. Oven roasted sweet potatoes and beets with pork tenderloin. A little spices and red wine on the pork and...mmm...Yummy. I'm just getting the hangs of roasts and that...I've only ever done them on a restaurant scale for over 100+ people so I have trouble making these kinds of things on a smaller scale. My gas convection oven has some tricks up it's sleeve and I need to play with it more. J's not one for roasts and meat on the bone so I usually reserve it for when we have big gatherings, but I felt like treating myself last night, and there was a tenderloin on sale at the grocery store I stopped in at on the way hom…

I is for ice cube

Tired. It looks like I may not be able to go to comicon this year since the friends I usually go with can't and the cost alone is too great...BUT...since I'm busy trying to figure out plans for going to Europe to present my MSc project at a conference I'm trying to be happy anyways because...well...Cool! I have to try and find a cheapish place to stay. Since my ticket and conference registration is being paid for we're gonna get one for J and he's gonna come along too and we're going to stay a few extra days and be tacky tourists. Meep! Spent time I should have on my paper looking up flights and hotels. Cuz I get to go to London in April. EEEEEEEEEE! :)

Other than that - it's a giant freezer here where I live. Dug out my ski pants last night because it was -33C before the wind and below -40C after this morning...could feel it through my winter gear. Brrr. I am strangely amused that we just go on as usual in this kinda weather. I don't mind taking the bu…

doop dee doop doop....ching ching!

Last night's belly dance class was fun. We learned a short choreography to a classical drum solo. Complicated, but it's so much fun taking basic moves we know and putting them together. I'll need to practise or the moves will float right back out my ears and I'll forget them, but it makes you feel beautiful and fluid to move and sway and shimmy, sweeping your arms and hip dropping to the rhythms as a group. No pressure to be perfect - just to learn and enjoy the movement.
 *Loved* it.
My abs are starting to have definition  again, so I was proud to bring them out into the light for class. Dug out a choli top and old hip scarf too and saw my husband's eyes light up at the sight of me on my way to class. Softy he is. He loves the way I look in my belly dance gear.
Garsh! *blush*

Anyways...yeah. I'm in a good mood today. No real reason...just am. :)
Came in for yelly Mel and a particularly evil high tension spin class. It was hard and I pushed and sweated and, yet…

here we go again

So tired.
It's my own fault tho - stayed up late. It was a long fun weekend and I just didn't want it to end :) Yes I got some work done, but I also got to spend a leisurely saturday morning and afternoon with my husband and sunday I spent out shopping for fabrics and costume ideas with a few friends and ended up picking up a few cool things at Old Navy and Value Village - cardigan, skirt, top, two workout tops and a dress which I initially bought for fabric to turn into a bellydance skirt but when I tried it on it fit perfectly, so I'm just going to keep it as a dress. I love bargain much stuff for so little. It's been ages (literally years now that I think about it) since I've been out with just me and some girls and then back to the house for craftiness. Add in some tasty food, fresh powdery snow (shovelling the snow) and some good coffee and I'm grinning. :)
This AM the  instructor failed to show, so I made up a workout on the fly again. 3 se…

Kicking azz and chewing bubble gum

OK I lied about the gum part. :)
This morning I felt fierce. I came in for spin and sculpt with yelly Mel and I rocked it. High tension intense spin with resistance band sculpt moves for the upper body. I think it's cause I was wearing new workout duds. I felt good and I looked's funny how that can make you work harder :)
Last night  a new fitness store selling Lorna Jane workout wear opened in town and there was a "VIP" early opening for fitness instructors around town and a few of their friends, since there were a few cancellations. A friend of mine who teaches kick boxing invited me along to come and I'm glad I did. They had prize draws and 20% off the store. I won a free pair of workout pants of my choice which is what I had come there hoping to buy, and so I got a tank top and a new spider shaker bottle instead to go with the pants...SCORE! I picked out these cropped workout tights and I love styling with the stitching and MAN they make…

Quick! Make something up!

Our instructor was a no show today (probably due to the blizzardy arctic weather), so I just made up a workout on the fly and it was a good one. I can feel it in my azz already...

3 sets of:
20 one legged dead lifts, each leg, with two 12Lb dumbells
20 clean and press with deadlift with 35 Lb barbell
20 "kettlebell" swings with a 20 Lb dumbell

2 sets of:
20 back raises
20 suspended ab crunches
15 outer thigh weighted extensions (90 Lb)
20 inner thigh pull-ins (90 Lb)

Then some side ab raises with the 20LB dumbell and 30 minutes on the elliptical with an interval program and a bit of stretching and tadah! Done.
I had some chia overnight oats for breakfast and man...I forgot how much I love them. I need to have it more often for breaky...that and get some more protein powder. I ran out back in early december and haven't gotten more, and I think I'd like to get back to that. I wanna build up some sexy azz muscles and that'll give my body some booty fuel! :)

I'm …

One day...

A friend sent me this today.

Yup...things will be OK somehow :)


yesterday was better than monday night. I didn't get a lot done, but I had a much better day overall at work and started on one of my posters...and I made muffins :). Tonight I will do more and get down to some real work and plug away at things bit by bit. I am waiting for yet another whirl of crazy meetings about academic stuff as people try and tell me what they feel is better for me (*sigh*), but for now I'll try and avoid them, work hard and hopefully keep sane for a few days at least. I'm trying to just focus on taking charge of what I need to do and the rest of the craziness can just dance about madly around me...I refuse to get involved in it unless I have to...until I've finished what's on my plate for now.

This morning I got up for sculpt class and it was a very solid overall workout. Now that that is done, I've got full day ahead of me at work and later at home. Work is rather tense at the moment as we're in the middle of the university downsizing…

grrr. argh

Last night sucked. See my other blog for rants and details if you like.... I'm just so not in the mood to dredge it up again. Suffice it to say the world of academic science is seriously f*cked up and I am so glad to me nearing my time of being done with many egos...and I just don't care to be involved with it, but yet I still have to be to a certain degree until I finish my final MSc obligations, which keep getting mutated further and further from what I care to be involved in.

After hours on the phone with collaborators and my old supervisor after work I was picked up as a sniffly mess by J and driven directly to dance bellydance for 2 hours, and THEN came home to a good ranty cry and some leftovers and just went to bed.

This morning I came in so spin class with yelly Mel. And I used it. All the anger and stress and frustration came out through my legs and I had a sweaty mess of a spin class. It helped.
Today I'm in at work to try and work hard and then adapt to …

monday already?

This weekend was relaxing. I tried to stay healthy and succeeded for the most part. I wrangled up a kickass low fat multigrain banana waffle recipe that we enjoyed both mornings (~250 cal for a big belgian waffle! Yum). I also had a chance to whip up some absolutely delicious & healthy moroccan sweet potato chic pea soup and edemame hummus for my lunches this week, and took a stab at some healthy-ish pizza for supper last night after all that (homemade multigrain crust with spinach, tomatos, olives and feta. Yum...).
We did get out dancing late late laaate on saturday night which was so much fun. Sunday I forced myself to not sleep in too much, but found this morning to just be too early, so I slept and extra hour and feel much better for it since I have a stressfull long day ahead of me. I just had a bowl of oatmeal and blueberries instead and came in on this frozen morning (seriously, with the wind it's -41 C. My eyeballs started to freeze).  I have my workout stuff with me …

Ha HA!

It's friday.
This week has seemed very long and tiring. Not enough snuggles and naps. I will correct that this weekend. Friends are throwing a shindig, so I know I'll get out for a bit of fun. I have much to do on stuff, but I feel ready to get things started, along with making some tasty healthy meals for the week to come. And... I am finally feeling at peace with my needing to get work done. Like I am ready again to do some work (knock on wood). I actually have to have a talk with one of my supervisors -she had convinced me to let someone else write all my papers since the time and stress was getting to me and I'm not the best writer, but now? I wish to change that I think. I can do most of them, while my husband is busy working on his show this winter. the end they will be good. Not perfect...but the way I want them to be. Altho the thought of having a pro researcher write up things and have them optimal and publishable is tempting, it would mean letting h…

Alarm kittehs r teh ossum

Last night I spent an hour fixing the internet (again...grrr). I may have fixed it. Maybe. After I upgraded things it was worse than worked this morning again so we'll see when I get home. What is more annoying is that I had work to do that didn't get done instead of this. In the end I finished my "fixes" and went to bed...and forgot to set my alarm. Thankfully hungry kitties got me up, but I ended up sleeping an extra 20 minutes and being ready too late for my regular bus. I considered working out at home, but my runners and all my get dressed-up hair face stuff was in my locker at the gym. So, I got my stuff together and just got on the next bus, and still made it in in time for a 30 minute workout on the elliptical. Not quite the sweaty spin class I'd signed up for, but still good solid cardio. It'll do for today. The point is I *did* it. :)

I had an good visit with my brother and his wife for a bit last night. My SIL has started eating for her…

oops. Sorry africa. That wasn't supposed to's just so tasty...

This article in the Guardian UK has reported something I've been wondering about for a while now. I love quinoa, but it doesn't love me so I don't eat it much anymore. Many vegetarian friends of mine do and do so often and its gotten so popular you can buy it at places like Costco. Sadly, our demand for quinoa here in a land where we already have more food than we know what to do with has driven the price of it up so much that those who live in the poorer countries that actually grow it can no longer afford it. Where it used to be their dietary staple, now it is more expensive in some places than chicken. The people who grow the food can't afford to eat it...they get crappy junk food instead.
THAT is messed up.
True, this article is very biased and a bit antivegan, but things like this make me wonder just how ethical our desires are to be healthy are. We see something on Dr. Oz (though, personally I can't stand the guy) and go jump on the latest healthy bandwagon, …

Walking in a winter wonderland

Last night was nice. Talk about putting things all back in place. I was able to do a bit around the house, fix (I think...knock on wood) the internet wifi issues we've been having in our house with the new computer and make a nice tasty supper. Turkey pesto burgers (no bun for me) and oven roasted maple/balsamic brussel sprouts. Mmm. It was so utterly gorgeous outside ( about -2C) with soft fluffy movie style snow and J and I went out for a drive, listening to this funky remix of stuff by the Fort Knox 5 (have a listen - seriously so good!!) and then parked the car by the river and went for a nice long walk up by the river through the woods. He's finally feeling back to himself after being so sick for so long and we could just walk and talk and relax and take in all the snowy glowey beauty of it all. There were lots of happy walking people out enjoying the weather. Nice way to end the day :)

This morning I came in for sculpt class form the new instructor again. I like her alre…

Ah, middle manglement

This morning the spin instructor was away so we had a guest instructor for a boot class. Booyah did it kick my ass...three 10 minute cycles of 30 seconds of different exercises non stop with 2 bouts of upper body weights and pushups in between them. I maintain I can do anything for 30 seconds...but by then end of the cardio cycle I was sweaty and kicked my butt. As a bonus, the instructor gave low knee impact options for a few things so I was able to go all out and not stress out my knee which is fabulous for me. So many instructors get in the zone and are more advanced and want you to push yourself and forget that there may be a perfectly valid reason why you can't do some exercises...for me things like scissor jumps are not good and having alternates given like lunging step backs made for a great workout for me. I'm kinda dumb and will try and push myself  and often end up having to take time off workouts from stressing out my knee too much...this reminds me to be…

Welcome to crazy town. Population me.

This weekend was something else. Poor J worked pretty much all weekend and I, altho I had great plans, didn't get much done. Yes I took down all the christmas decorations (*sigh*), but then instead, every time I tried to focus on working on my thesis papers I got a heart clenching ball of ansgt in my stomach. Eventually it was to the point where physically I couldn't deal with it and I panicked, curled up on the couch under a blanket...and then...I ate. I focused my whole mind on the feeling and emotion of eating and blocked out everything else. Sure I ate relatively healthy stuff (my weight in rice cakes I think), but I haven't done that in ages. It freaked me out...I'm an emotional eater, regardless of what I try and tell myself. I've worked hard to separate food from life and emotion, because it really is my biggest challenge, but what happened can only really be described as a bit of a binge...I tried to fill the empty angsty hole with food, like it was salve o…

what if he comes at you with a pointed stick?

Winter has returned with a pointed stick. "Only" -21C but with the windchill it feels like -32. Which after our little warm spell cuts through your clothes and into your eyes like pointy little cold needles. Brrrrr. It's back to this for a while now...
Courage :/

Spin and sculpt class was good though. I almost ALMOST slept in but I sucked it up, got up gathered my stuff and came in and had a solid workout. I'm tired, but happy. I just keep telling myself that this weekend I'll be grateful for the frigid weather to keep me indoors and let me get some serious work done on my paper. Cold you can bundle up for but cold and wind makes you curl up inside with cats and a mug of tea. J works tonight and most of the weekend so I have no excuses (well none I've come up with yet!).

I think I may curl up on the vent beside my cat when I get home. Geek's got the right idea I think :)

Off to the warm lab for some cool science. Have a good weekend!!
Stay warm taters!

gathering up the loose ends

I'm not as creaky as I feared, just pleasantly (??) stiff in my legs and shoulders. Whew! Last night as I tried to work on my paper (based on my thesis) for publication and got distracted by...well...anything really, I felt really stiff as I went up and down stairs tidying and doing laundry (it's amazing what you can find to do when you genuinely don't want to work). Thankfully it did not multiply overnight and I'm still feeling good. This AM I came in for yelley Mel and her kick-my-ass spin class workout and I feel ready to take on the world. It was hard but I have felt great from the minute I woke up this morning (before my alarm even!) so I pushed myself and just had a great sweaty old workout.
I am amazon. Bwaha.

The next few days will be me holed up  attempting to write my paper for revision my my old supervisor. The last remnants of my MSc. I'd like to say I care as much as I should, but really? Not so much right now. Altho I find the work fascinating I still…

pyramid scheme

Blogger just ate my post. Gargh. Here we go again...
Our regular evil sculpt instructor has a new job so we have a new sculpt instructor. I love interval workouts and today we did an interval, pyramid sort of workout and I LOVED it. I like mixing it up instead of 10 sets of 10 something and my muscles screaming at me like the old instructor (who still rocked, don't get me wrong). I prefer this, since you still end up doing the same number of things, but you can focus on form and use heavier weights because you're doing one set at a time.
After our warmup we built up the following pyramid of moves, adding one set of things each time through:

-10 pushups (all on my knees - holla!!)
-10 forward lunges, each leg
-10 bicep curls
-10 side bends with weights
-10 tricep extensions
-20 deep squats
-10 shoulder presses
-10 upright rows
-30 seconds of superman/flutter kicks on your stomach
-30 side oblique crunches, each side
-30 side lunges into a woodchopper each side

Then we finished …

Cha Cha Cha

Last night was boring. Computer stuff. Boo. We are trying to migrate over 100GB of music from our old clunker computer to our new Mac in iTunes before it dies altogether, and admittedly don't quite know what we're doing. J didn't really look up how to and just did it, so I'm staying out of it and offering moral support cuz I have no idea what's going on and don't really want to. Thought we had it, but all the albums are alphabetical and not in track order. If I have to go through all 400+ albums and reorder them you will hear my screams from wherever you live, I assure you. Just a dull evening. I may have to do some online research as to how to to it properly, but I'm leaving that for a bit first and letting J do this - staying out of it for now. Trying to fix something in the middle sometimes isn't helpful. Instead I made muffins instead to occupy myself...blueberry cornmeal. They're yummy.

This AM I came in and got into the spin class. It was a go…

Enchanted Forest

Last night J found a way to help me shake my mopey funk away. It was the last night of the Enchanted Forest lights at the forestry farm, when you can walk through it (which is my favourite way to see it). J was feeling a bit better from his plague so we bundled up, and I put on my new boots (so warm, and not a hole in sight! On sale too-score!) and enjoyed the balmy winter weather we've been having (only -7C!) and went for a nice 90 minute walk through a snowy winter wonderland. It was great. There was free hot chocolate half way thru and I felt like a little kid oohing and awwing at the lights. When you drive thru you don't have the time to look and enjoy, and you could walk right up to the displays, which was cool. There were some decidedly odd displays, like the walrus next to Santa's village, and the part where the displays overlapped so that it looked like Mary and Joseph were being visited by some gophers. My favourite though, was the angels playing music over an arc…

Mumma you've been on my mind

I've been a bit morbid lately. I suppose it came through on friday's post on my non-fitness blog. J has been quite sick with the cold/flu and so I have been thinking a lot, with time to get lost in my head. You see, today, 3 years ago was when my Mum passed away, so I get a bit morbid this time of year, with the cold and snow. The song "momma you've been on my mind" has been in my head a lot the past few days. Not mopey...just introspective I suppose. Days like this I wish I could call her up and chat or make some cookies together, you know?

I was sure I was coming down with the plague J has been suffering with a few weeks ago - felt achey and awful yesterday, but after 14 hours of sleep and some fresh baked scones I feel worlds better today. It is only -5 today, so I may take my creaky bones out in my new winter boots for a walk. It is a nice 30 minute walk to the pet store and grocer. Perhaps I will pick up some food for the kittehs and for me. A little sunshin…

there was an old(er) woman who lived in a (cold) shoe

Morning taters!
Other than a bit stuffed up I'm still feeling pretty good. Crossing my fingers that the plague will be kind to me. J is still sick, so we shall see.
I was in for spin and sculpt class today and I admit the spin bike was not entirely comfortable in the race position (thanks to the my sore lower back and butt leftover from what is now mockingly being referred to here as the "boxing day shuffle"). Other than that though, it was a solid workout. Tough, but it felt good. Healthy breakfast and I'm off to workytown.
So glad it's friday. My right winter boot which had a small hole in them has now split it's side seam completely so I will finally have time to go find some new winter boots tomorrow. I must say -one warm foot and one cold foot while outside feels really weird. Thankfully it's not super duper cold at the moment...

Totally off topic,  but I want to give a shout out to a colleague. If any of you are interested in some information about …

but it's a healthy recipe

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed to come in to workout. I did an old bodyrock workout (12 minute magic) with two modifications, since the muscles around my tailbone I injured on boxing day still hurt when I do some things. Tuck jumps became box step ups and switch jump lunges became regular alternating step back lunges. Then I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes. I feel great! I missed this...

Last night I had an odd, frustrating conversation with my sister in law.  I was over for supper and we had a nice veg stew with toast. After we had some Japanese specialty cookies for dessert. Then my SIL (who now weighs over 350 Lb and is always struggling with her weight) brought out some Christmas chocolates. Then some homemade nut chocolate balls. I politely declined those last ones. I wasn't hungry and saw no need to mindlessly snack on chocolate, after having overdone it all holiday season. After this she asked why I refused - I said I wasn't interested. She said "…

holiday over. boourns.

This morning hurt. I'd like to say I was up at 515 no problem and hammered out a workout, but I couldn't properly fall asleep until 2AM and then slept poorly all night. I kept waking up to the snoring coughing of my J who is still not well from the plague he contracted over the holidays...which I think I am finally falling prey to. I have a sinus sort of headache today and feel alternatively warm and cold at the same time and just lethargic. So, I did not workout this AM, altho I am going to do *something* like a workout this evening when I get home. My back and butt are still a bit sore from falling down the stairs on boxing day, but I think I can do a decent workout without hurting myself by now. It's been a week since I worked out and I feel it. I feel like I've put on some pounds over the holidays and feel blechy from all the junk I've been eating lately, so I'm looking forward to just getting back to healthy food and more activity. Especially if I'm go…