I have to move my alarm clock

I keep hitting snooze in the mornings...it's getting out of hand. I set the alarm and extra 10 minutes early just in case and I'm glad I did, or I would have missed my bus. I still got up and got in 35 minutes at resistance 3 with 15% incline on the elliptical (523 calories), but I could have done more...there just wasn't time. I feel great though.

Must go...I have to work all day, then stay in and work some more - probably until close to midnight (swinging friday,I know!) finishing off a project. The instrument I need to do it is (oddly enough) free on friday evenings - go figure eh? :)
...so a busy day, but tomorrow I can relax with J.

On the food front, I've decided that I'm not going to count calories, but I *will* start journalling my food on monday (not sure if I'll do it here or just at home...this blog is dull enough at times without a list of food on it). Perhaps paying better attention to what I eat will help me keep portions in check. We shall see.

Have a happy weekend all!

Make with the loss already

Yesterday was a looooong day. I'm tired.
I slept in a bit but I still got up to do my ball workout and have some toast and I have a healthy lunch - tuna salad wrap.
I'm getting annoyed, as my workouts are getting better, but I'm still not losing any weight at all. I guess I have to start addressing what I eat more. I've been avoiding it, as I'm eating healthy...I think I just need to cut back a bit. Just a loss that would stick around would be nice...
The whiny side of me says "I don't want to go on a diet!"...and I don't. I hate counting calories and obsessing about food... But after my weekly weighing this AM I realise that I still haven't lost the few pounds I gained over the holidays.I know working out builds muscle, but still...I with I could make with the loss already. It doesn't help that the elliptical and squatting have been shaping up my butt a bit...so it feels bigger, even though it's just firming and toning up.
Ah, I'm just tired. I have to keep at it and not snack away all my hard work.
Off to work!

Shhh...my parents are home!

I got up this morning and worked out - I tried to be quiet as my parents were here visiting over night, so the music was quiet...it's not as much fun working out with quiet music. I did 37.5 minutes on the crosstrainer at resistance 3 and 15% incline and stretched out afterwards. I was going to do some curls and lunges but my parents were up and talking to me as I stretched, and it just seemed a bit too weird to lunge and squat in front of my Mum and Dad while talking to them...so I did a few stretches and hit the shower and had breakfast with them after. The robot in my machine says I burned 545 calories and went ~ 4 miles so I'm happy.

I was talking with one of our grad students the other day. She's the same age as me and runs a lot, even in the winter. Her and her husband do a lot of 5K runs and she's finally getting back at it regularly now that the weather is a bit milder. She was telling me about the lower end Garmin GPS pedometers and now I'm itching to get one again...not the high end 405 model like I was looking at, but she said there are a few out there for about $150-$200 that you wear like a watch and you can track your route, speed and length of run by hooking it up to a computer, with the GPS models it'll even map out where you went...it sounds really cool. Now I think I want one again...I'd love to know how long I run and my pace of running when I do it.
I'm itching to get to running again...the sidewalks are still wickedly icy but the walking paths near the river are getting better...

Not soon enough :)

Workout music: U2 - Achtung Baby


I was out of bed at a run this morning, always behind it seemed. I did my ball workout (barely with enough time), but had no time for extras. I had some toast for breakfast, but I feel a bit like I slacked off...I'll try and do some lunges and squats today when I get home from work...busy busy busy.

Food for thought

I had a nice relaxing weekend...I got the cooking bug and cooked up a storm all weekend - I made multi grain flapjacks, tofu parmesan and some delish homemade pizza last night. I made homemade granola bars too, which are yummy. I love knowing exactly what's in my granola bars...no preservatives and all my favorite stuff. And they're so easy to make, I honestly don't buy granola bars anymore...years of experimentation and munching have made for some tasty healthy snacks for us. I didn't work out on the weekend, but we went for a 3 hour walk on Saturday, as it was a beautiful -4 out. We went for an hour walk on Sunday too as it was so nice. J and I got to spend the whole weekend together, which is rare, and I loved every minute of it. Naps in the sun and lazy evenings watching funny movies...it was so nice :)

This morning I crawled out of bed and worked out...I hit snooze too many times, but still fit in a full workout. I did 35 minutes at 15% incline at resistance 3. The whole thing at resistance 3 again...that's exciting to make a bit of progress I can actually see by being able to up the pace a bit and still do it. Now I need to expand the length of my workouts...soon the snow and ice will mel;t and I can be outside again. This weekend the melting started, but it's rather slippery, so until I invest in some ice spikes for my shoes, I don't want to risk falling on my head running about on icy paths. I'm itching to be out there after my weekend walks though. Working out in the basement with cats staring at me from the top of the bookshelves is just *not* the same :) *AND* they just posted the date for the 10 Km fun run I want to do this summer...I did the 5K last year as my learn to run and I'm a bit nervous but very excited to do the 10Km this year. It'll light a fire under my butt to have a goal and keep me disciplined in my workouts...now the snow just needs to melt so I can get at it!

I have been trying to work multigrains and healthy things into our diet this month. My attempt at multigrain flapjacks (J calls them flapcakes) was a huge success - they were tasty and fluffy with a hint of cinnamon and honey. I made some fruit sauce, which certainly didn't hurt :) I also added some flax powder to a strawberry banana smoothie I made yesterday and it was really good...so I'm going to do that all the time now. And I am going to try my best to be healthy food wise this week. I know pizza isn't entirely healthy, but I made whole wheat crust and used really good roast turkey and low fat cheese, so I don't feel too bad about it. Food really is my weakness and my indulgence all in one, so I need to find way sto make what I eat healthy. Then it's back at looking at my portion size again. I gave away my food scale to a relative who needed it to start modifying her diet once she was diagnosed with diabetes, so now I'm sort of eyeballing portions...and I'm not too good at it. I saw a cute digital scale for ~$20 and I may pick one up for when I need it. Portion sizing is something I've always had trouble with and it's how I consume too much. If it's there I'll eat it, but if it isn't I generally won't miss it. And passing the extra over to J to eat when I'm full just sabotages him, so I need to find a way to keep both our food intakes at a regular level. I just like food, what can I say?
Eating healthy is a lot of fun for me - I love to cook and bake. It's exciting to try new healthy foods. I'm learning how to cook new things (like lentil curry...yum) and trying to make our diet better bit by bit, so we continue our healthy lifestyles...here's to a healthy week!

Music to work out to: Prodigy - Fat of the Land

Great workout

It's wierd.
They say alcohol is supposed to make your exercise harder the next day. Usually this is true for me, and I definitely don't lose weight when I have a beer often, but yesterday was a goodbye beer and snacks after work for a coworker. There was 2 pints of ale and nibbled at nachos for me. I didn't have much for supper either besides some ryvita with salsa on it and some fruit as I wasn't really hungry.
My husband made us the salsa on ryvita when he got home from work...he was very pleased to make *me* a snack. It was quite cute. And tasty too...I know I have to really take myself to task and watch what I eat more closely if I want to lose the last 8-10 pounds I want to shed, but I dont' want to get wierd about food like I used to be. I hate counting calories and weighing food...I get obsessive about it.
And (unfortunately?), I do like a nice red ale once in a while.

...yet despite being quite giddy by the time I got home yesterday, this morning I rocked the workout world. I expected doom and 35 minutes of hating it this morning, what with the beer and bad supper, but it was quite the opposite. This morning (after a great sleep) I did the entire 35 minutes at resistance level 3, incline 15% and aeven pushed myself at the end to see how long I could go full out...and did until the end. The robot in the elliptical says I burned 528 calories. I feel great! I can't quite figure it out, but I can't complain...I'll take it :)
It's good to feel good.
And it's friday.

Music to rock out to: Collective Soul - Collective Soul

Busy busy busy starts with B

Well today is busy!
But I wanted pop in and log my workout...I did my ball tape PLUS 15 lunges on each side and 22 squats...and some side curls and stretches. And breakfast.
So there.
Gotta run...:)

February will be over soon

I was right...ay, there's a tingle in me bottom, yarrr.
But not as bad as before.
I pushed myself this morning on the 15% incline of the eliptical and did 10 minutes at resistance 3, then 5 at 2, 5 at 3, 8 at 2 and the last 7 at 3. Right around 20 minutes I was hit with a profound exhaustion...not the usual out of breath, but that feeling I get sometimes when I run that I simply *must* walk for a bit. So I spent a bit of time more at resistance level 2 than I'd intended, but I figured that finishing the workout is better than stopping and huffing and puffing and not being able to start up again. I had a sip of water and went back at it, and by the end was back up to a nice pace. The friendly robot in the machine said I burned 462 calories so I'm happy. And I stretched out well (with cat help) and altho my butt is still a bit stiff, I feel great.
Today while waitin for the bus the sun started to rise....soon no more dark mornings! I can't wait! And there's a lunar eclipse tonight around 10 PM...I hope the sky is clear for me to take a few pictures or bundle up and go down to the river to watch it all.
It's a good day with lots to do, so I'm off to do it.
Have a great day everyone :)

Music to pant by: Leftfield - Leftism


Well, back at it.
It was so sad to get up at 5:40 again...*sniff*
But, I did my exercise ball workout, as well as some side curls and 20 squats and 22 lunges...they're so much easier to do when your butt isn't sore :) I'm able to do puchups further out from the ball than when I started so that is encouraging. I have to say, exercise balls are wonderful for doing muscle toning work...wven situps seem more fun when there's a ball involved.
I don't feel stiff yet from the squats and such, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll have a bit of an ache again...it was nice to focus on technique though and not just trying to get through them all. And I hope it will get easier as it goes along. I got the running itch this weekend when we were away, as it was so nice inEdmonton we were outside without jackets. It's still cold here, but not as bad as it was...still too cold for me torun yet. But soon...I hope.

Ah...how refreshing

I've been away on a lovely romantic weekend away at West Ed fantasyland hotel...We had a great time staying in polynesia...with their giant rock pool jacuzzi tubs and attached mall where they make the finest avacado bubble tea.
No exercise of the conventional sort while we were away, but we had a great time in our theme room with fruit juice, wine and cheese and grapes...Madagascar green peppercorn cheese and grapes and Gwertzemeiner are wonderful together.
And I tried deep fried pickles in a pub. They are surprisingly good with a pint of bitter.

So altho I confess I've been a slacker this weekend...I don't care :)
I'll be back at it tomorrow, but for today...it's still cream coffee for me.
I've got the day off, so I'm trying to be good and doing a few useful things about the place so as not to feel *too* lazy, as my husband is stuck on nights this week seeing as the soulless corporation he works for doesn't give him today off. While away we picked up a book of short stories by Neil Gaiman (a favourite author of mmine), and once I've made some sort of supper I do believe I'll stick my nose in there for a bit.
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.


Quick update

Whew. Just finished 35 mnutes on the elliptical, 5 min @ tension 2, 5@3, then 6@2, 6@3 and 6@ 2 and then 7@ 3...then a cool down and a few situps.
Now for some breakfast and I'm off. Lots to do.
Later :)
Have a good weekend.

Slowly but firmly

Well it was up this morning and doing the ball workout DVD. Only one helpful cat today, so I made it through relatively unfurred. Did some side curls too, and I even did 20 squats...but only 10 lunges. The muscles right above my knees started to hurt a lot by the time I'd neared 10, so I stopped after 10. I think I'll have to ease into the lunges so I can still go up staircases without squinting with stiff pain. It's the same pain I got when my legs were getting used to running. I know soon it'll stop, but I don't want to spend the weekend hobbling about. I'd rather enjoy myself and have the ability walk around all by myself :)
It *is* fabulous how much muscle tone I've gained back, just in about 2 weeks. It's so encouraging - makes me want to keep at it. And I love being able to feel my muscles move about...neato. I just have to keep at the lunges and increase them a bit every other day. One thing running taught me was to listen to my body and when to take a step back and ease into things so I wouldn't get hurt. So I must be patient...someday my ass will come

Doooodeleeeee dooooo

Well, I hit snooze once, but I did get up to do 33 minutes @ 15% incline on the crosstrainer this morning. My legs and butt ached this morning, so I had to alternate back and forth between level 2 and level 3 resistance on the machine in 5 minute intervals as my thighs and butt were starting to burn...but I did it. I didn't do the squats and lunges though. I remembered you're supposed to give a day off when you weight train. Plus, my ass and legs are rally quite sore, and while I like the reminder I'm pushing myself, I don't want to hurt myself, so there will be more lunges tomorrow (oh boy).
I feel really good though, as I had some miniwheats for breakfast (I could eat them all day) and a healthy supper last night (BLT sandwich on a flax bagel with turkey bacon and carrots and apple). I would like to find a sweetener that doiesn't taste like chemicals though. The whole "tastes like sugar!" thing is *so* not true. I've yet to find something I can put in my coffee to cut back on the amount of sugar I drink in it a day that doesn't taste off. I've taken to drinking tea at home, but here at work...it's hard to resist. I could take the approach of drinking less coffee, but I'm stubborn - I'd rather do this first. I just finished a cup with milk and Splenda and blech...I can still taste the sweetener.
I've had some spare time what with it being colder than the eternal bowels of space outside and to fight cabin fever I've been puttering. Seeing as we'll be off to a romantic holiday, I've put off the baking-type puttering and been doing some tidying the past few days. Bit by bit the clutter is being fought back, and it feels nice to be inside my home and not look about and see thigns I need to do. I've been attacking little things each day when I see them...and stopping when I'm sick of it and it's gone well. Tonight I'm going out with a good friend for coffee that I haven't seen in a while...I'm looking forward to it...no sweetner either.

Good start to a good day I think. :)

I broke my bottom

Soo...my husband found my workout DVD (yay!) so I could do my ball workout this morning and actually see the peoples instructing me instead of an audio file from the computer - it was nice. I did it all, as well as some side curls, and then went for the 20 squates and lunges again, to keep up with the ass challenge, even tho I was already stiff. The squats were a bit easier today, but the lunges...well my right leg was into it, but my left leg was fatigued by the end of it so my last few lunges were rather pathetic...but I tried.
And wow...is my butt sore. It's odd, as usually when I'm stiff there's other muscles involved, like my whole back or sholders or legs. Now? Just my butt, all on it's own. It's odd.
I know it gets better with time, but seeing as we're going away on a romantic holiday soon I'd rather it did rather quickly, so I'm not hobbling about like a senior citizen while we're gone...perhaps I'll lay off a few days before we go. Unfortunately crunchy does not always = sexy :)
Ah well. I had breakfast this morning (mini wheats), so I'm off to a good start. And now...I must go be a good little scientist.

The Year of the Bottom

Well, perhaps I shouldn't have made bread on the weekend. I made acorn squash bread and we've been devouring it like locusts...not the best way to lose weight. Ah well...it'll be gone soon :) And it was minus bazillion degrees, so I had to do something to keep occupied. I cleaned out a whole room in my house over the weekend and just couldn't do anything more "useful"....I love to bake when it's cold outside. Warms the house, is fun *and* you get to eat the results of it all. Perfect :)

I got up and worked out this morning - 33 minutes on the elliptical at resistance 3 and 15% incline. I had to back of fto resistance 2 for 5 minutes in the middle, but I managed to push through and ramp it back up at the end. And then I did my lunges and squats and side curls, using my 3Lb girly weights. What was I thinking when I figured 20 would be easy? Sheesh! I did 20 squats and it nearly killed me (I had to break them up in to 2 X 10) and then forward 10 lunges on each side - total 20 (or is it ...I'm wondering now it was only 10 on each side and if I have to do 10 more tonight...you think?) Wow...it really burned towards the end! I stretched out rather well after, but I do think I'll be a bit stiff tomorrow. I thought "oh lunges look easy - no prob!" Heh...I have learned :) But I'll keep up at it. My bottom needs some special attention...and seeing as it's my problem area and I can never seem to get it as toned as the rest of me, I'll give it some extra tough love this year and see what happens.
This year - is the year of the bottom.
Oh yes...I shall prevail :)

Torture Tunes: The Prodigy - Fat of the Land

Asssk me no questions and I'll tell you no lies

I just joined the tight ass club.
Because my butt...well it's my major complaint. I can get washboard abs and still have a jiggly ass. It eludes me. Like a slippery ass jiggly elludey thing.

Well...no more! I'm on a mission...100 lunges and 100 squats a week. They'll add to the situps I already do...I do some squats as part of my ball routine. But...not enough.

My ass and I are on a mission...

Hurry back please

Worked out this morning...no sandwichy delays.
33 minutes on incline 15% with magnetic resistance 3 (out of 10). The machine said I burned 476 calories...not too shabby. J has been shaming me...he is up to 50 minutes at resistance 5 and incline 25%. I am not that crazy...but it gave me the kick I need to ramp things up a bit. I never realise how much difference the magnetic resistance makes until the last minute when I go down to zero resistance for a cooldown...it's crazy. I need to challenge myself to improve.
And now, I feel really great! Happy endorphins all around.
I'd like to get up to 40 minutes on the machine by the time temperature gets near zero, so that I have a good base when I staat running again. I really can't wait...I'd like to run a 10 K marathon this year. I hope I hope. I'm not sure what my knees will think of it, but I sure owuld like to try.
I'm slowly starting to get muscle tone back. It's amazing how slowly it comes back and how quickly it goes away :) Hurry hurry back please.

The Worst Sandwich Ever Made

It's been a wierd day...after J woke me up to say bye when he left for work I drifted off to sleep and had a truly odd dream...about having to eat the Worst Sandwich Ever Made.
I don't recall how I got the point of being given the sandwich, but I was presented with this hideous thing to eat on my own...a large loafy onion bun with some sort of smelly corned beef and pastrami, gorganzola cheese, and then this whipped topping (about 1 inch thick) of creamed goo full of onion, garlic and horseradish...and obcene amounts of mustard and pickles (which I don't like). NO vegetables. Nada. I rememeber taking a bite to be polite and gagging...and still eating it for some reason, hating every minute of it, trying to finish it so I could leave. And all the while, some horrible death metal music was playing on the stereo, which I kept going and turning off, and someone else kept turning back on.
I finally awoke, after having hit snooze about 5 times in my sleep thinking "What was *that* all about?". I had snoozed through my workout time and was on the verge of very soon being late for work...apparently my brain REALLY wanted that extra sleep. Unfortunately *I* wanted the workout. Hopefully I can fit it in when I get off work tonight...I workout in themornings because I can't fit it in any other time.

Very wierd.
Not only am I moving my clock away from the bed...I do not want to have a sandwich for a very long time. I really need to workout in the mornings and I can't have my brain getting in the way.
Some of my coworkers said they had wierd dreams too last night. Somethig in the water maybe?

Shake it baby

I woke up this morning and did 30 minutes on the elliptical with increased incline...and breakfast. Miniwheats are sooooooo good. And I feel absolutely amazing. I really do.

Totally off topic, I must to make a plug for goat milk soap. I have the driest of dry skin and in the winter I'm always dry and feel like my skin is too tight. Someone suggested goat milk soap for me and I bought some and tried it...It feels so nice! My skin is all soft and not dry at all. Hooray for goats and hooray for goat milk I say.

J and I decided, besides more veggies and fruit, we are going to try protein shakes after workouts. We both usually drink a glass of flavoured milk or a fruit smoothie after a workout (OK, more him really...I often am running late and wait til I'm at work as I get here way early on the bus and have something here. He works out after work so he has the time). I figured, why not try out the vanilla flavoured power/protein shakes you can get instead of coffee/vanilla flavoured milk. A friend of ours drank them after working out while on the Body for Life program and said it really helped her body add/tone muscles and gave her body fuel after a workout, so she didn't crave stuff later in the day. I figure it's better for us than a glass of flavoured milk...but have NO idea what ones taste good. At the local Sangsters alone there are 4 kinds...I figure we'll try it with our workouts for a few months and see what happens.
Anyone tried any good protein shakes? I'm not a chocolate fan, but if you know of a good vanilla mix out there, I'm all over the fake vanilla flavour! I'd be grateful for any points in the right direction.

Workout tunes: Shout Out Out Out Out - Not saying, just saying

Being watched

I find it amusing that my physical efforts are entertainment for my cats.

Usually it's my cat trying to crawl all over me as I work out or watching me on the elliptical from the top of the bookshelf. This morning, my husband's cat (who largely ignores me unless there is food involved) came down and sat on the couch as I did my ball tape, meowing and howling encouragement at me as I worked. I choose to think it was encouragement and not mockery...he's not that mean hearted. Geek did his usual crawl on me and "helped" me do situps and pushups by adding furry resistance.

I'm glad they're taking an interest in my life, but it's odd having them *watch* me.
They're far more interested in it than I am it seems...I suppose I'll have to feed them before I exercise and see if it helps keep them off...

All Systems Are Go Go

Although I was bad and made lots of cheese sauce yesterday (cauliflower on its own is just not the same...) I was generally healthy all weekend and this morning was up and good and did my 30 minutes on the elliptical. I've decided that Feb. is a new month and it's time I was stricter with myself...so I'm back at being diligent with exercise and food. Month starts are always so encouraging to me- it's a startover I can deal with...and somehow I need a little kick every few weeks to be good in the winter. Otherwise I'd just hibernate :)

It helps that I hit up the mall and picked up a few new things to workout in...so I have to work out you see...gotta wear them. Sure my husband would love it if I wandered around the house in workout clothes, but I know I feel less silly when I *use* them :)

Here's to less hibernation and more rump shaking action.

Music to sweat to - Ursula 1000: All Systems Are Go-Go

Incline boost

Worked out this morning - 30 minutes on the elliptical. I ramped up the incline and tension for a bit of an extra boost.
I feel great!
Much to do...gotta go.