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I'm done my paper.
Do do dooo!

Last night I was able to get home at a decent hour and clean up the house a bit, make real healthy supper and muffins and relax a bit befor etucking in to finish my paper. It took me nearly until 1AM but it is done and done well. I have had a good breakfast and I am ready to face the day. PMS crazies have left. I weigh 0.5 Lb less than I did last week. No workout, but I will do what I can when I can today to fit in isotonic and resistance muscle exercises. Every little bit helps.
My supervisor is giving it the once over and then tomorrow I send it off and can relax for the weekend. I have decided that I have earned a 2 day weekend.
I can't wait...
What a load off my mind :)

all work and no play makes Geo something something...

Ladies and germs-I am tired.
Last night I didn't get home from meetings until after 8 and by the time I ate and settled in to (hooray) work on my project summary report that is due in a few days it was around 9...and didn't get to bed until nearly 11 when I gave in and stopped as I'd developed a killer headache and couldn't do anything else useful. J ordered me to sleep. I woke up mid sleep with a killer headache still lingering and gave in and had a few advils and a huge glass of water and went back to headache has lingered on in baby form this morning, but is fading finally, I think. I slept in and although I had a good breakfast and packed a healthy lunch there was no workout. Again.
I'm not liking this. Working and doing your master's at the same time is a lot of work - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'm still figuring out scheduling and what to do when. I took too much time for relaxing earlier in the month when I should have been di…

Junk is bad....mmmmmk?

Yet another study out showing how foods bad for us actually cause addictive behaviours. Chemicals released in the brain from consistent over eaters that are the same as those of an addict to heroin. I am annoyed that this has to be scientifically proven, but maybe now that it has in multiple studies it will be taken a bit more seriously. Yes it is harder for some to stop...even when we know it's bad.
Eating some foods can release dopamine in our brain...happy endorphins. The more we get the happier we are. People with addictive personalities can have less dopamine receptors...requiring more "fix" for the same bang. When this applies to food...well, you can guess. Yes it's obvious that unlimited access to unhealthy foods can trigger repeated over-consumption and obesity but it's not just plain eating too much. There can be more to it.
This can be applied to both drug and food addictions to help people deal with their problems...

My beef is that of course not a lot of…

busy weekend again

This weekend was BUSY. So much so that I should use a bigger font. :)
It was a lot of fun though.

The annual Hindu society vegetarian banquet was a lot of fun. Rani dressed us up in beautiful saris again and the curries were delish. The one I wore this year was red and brown with gold and it looked very nice on me...once I get around to dumping photos off the camera I'll have to post a few. Completely as a surprise (bwaha) I won the 50-50 draw at the banquet! $Squee$! My friend Mitch screamed out when I won and scared me actually - I thought she won...I usually don't win anything and I buy a ticket because the money raised that year goes to a charity (This year it was the Broken Wing Society - a house for disabled children in Haiti) that was definitely a cool thing. I used a bit of my new-found cash to bid on a silent auction item (a pair of amazing white tortoiseshell sunglasses that I really really wanted, but couldn't justify $90 for...until that point) and the rest …

Grand schemes for the weekend

Last night was a twinge party for my knee. The weather has been suddenly cold, and I don't know what the deal is, but it's not painful...just odd weird twinges all evening. So I took it easy this morning-no workout. My knee feels better in the AM and is not doing what it was, so I will work out after work when I get home. Seems like a plan. I think I'm just going to listen to my body and as I gain strength in the leg muscles this will become less and already feels stronger. That's a very good thing.I'm hoping due diligence is the key to rebuilding strength in my knee and my core. I'm not giving up, that's all I know...
I'm psyching myself up for a weekend of MSc work as I have to get my first progress report together for monday for my supervisor to look over before I send it to my committee. I have to try and coherently show what I've gotten done so far and explain my plans for the next 6 months...heh heh. Actually it's not too bad, whe…

PMA Day 4: forgot about my new toy!

Long day yesterday...dealing with some very frustrating people, but on the whole things went well. I got home tired, so I just went to bed early...

I got up this morning and did 32 minutes on the elliptical. I was very careful about form and rotation of my knee and my new shoes really helped keep my leg in better alignment. My legs seem OK after wit some stretching. I also did a bunch of crunches.
And I forgot to use my heart rate monitor! I can't believe it...I thought about it when I was half done...there is one on the handles of our elliptical but it's not very accurate - besides...I have a new toy! Can't believe I didn't try it! Next time for sure :)

My cat tried to eat my oatmeal this morning...I ran upstairs to grab my iPod and came down to see a little head in my bowl starting to lick at it...grr. I didn't have time to make more so I admit I just spooned out the little edge where he'd licked at it, half-heartedly punished him with the water sprayer and then…

Note to's not rude to plan ahead...

After a very frustrating morning of being rushed I did not have time to work out or eat breakfast...or much of anything other than to sit and wait. I need to remember that my husband takes longer than me in the mornings (twice as long as me *ahem*)...the odd morning we have to get ready at the same time is always a gong show. I'm quite the routine girl and need to just get up earlier and make sure I have time to do what I need or I get all flustered and screwed up...if I had worked out I'd be all sweaty and gross as there was no time for me to get a proper shower...I didn't want to be up and ready for work an hour early and was out late visiting a friend last night so I thought I'd sleep in a bit and have a quick shower - that didn't work. I should have gotten up early before J...I know he's a slow morning person. I never learn... I suppose it's a blessing I didn't get up and get all sweaty and smelly working out seeing as I have 2 important meetings to…

PMA: Day 2...Dance Fusion kicks my butt

Last night I ended up in bed early, so it was no big deal to get up at 5:15 and workout. I took a risk and popped in my Dance Workout's a solid all body workout. Haven't been able to do all of it for a while because of my knee. I figured I'd give it a go.
Whew! It was hard. Harder than I remember, but I did it all. If you're looking for a solid workout DVD that uses all the major bellydance muscle groups and adds in cardio check this DVD out. I like takes a full hour with the full cool down, but it's great.

The good thing is, I could do it all...even the lungy squatty parts. I was careful - no jerky movements, no extending my knees over my feet and I got through it all - no strains or knee pains or clicks. My knee is a bit stiff now, but not sore. No popping as of yet, so maybe these new shoes are worth it after all. We shall see. Ideally I would have liked to go out for a power walk, but it's still a bit too cold yet...soon. I want to use my new…

Operation Pimp My Ass: Day 1

I had a glorious weekend. It was one like normal people have - 2 whole freaking days of nothing. Saturday off. I *know*. I haven't had a saturday off in about 2 months. I am beside myself with squee.

And am I ready for looking after me? Hells Yes.

Saturday I had to go and try on my deep red halter style (think 1950s Marylin Monroeish) dress that I'm wearing for my friend's wedding to make sure it fit. And did it? Hells yeah! Like a glove. A sexy red glove. I look seriously fierce in it. :) Good way to start the day.

Then we went for sushi and were all girly, finding her a veil and tiara and jewelry for us girls to wear with our amazing dresses. She picked a colour and let us pick the style, as long as they were cocktail length, so we all look fantastic...great idea.

And the rest of the day? Well, J was working, but I had the car (squeee) after hanging with my friend a bit I made my rounds to get ready for my Pimp My Ass program that began this morning.

I now have a 6"…

It's official - my cat is smarter than I am

Cats know what's best. They really are smarter than we give them credit for.
My cat knows that I usually get up at 5:15, feed him (*ahem*) and then go workout for ~40 minutes, have a quick shower and make breakfasts and lunches, check my email and head out to work. This must not be deviated from for more than one day...I'm stupidly busy now, and this little guy is quite demanding of the little time he gets with me. He gets great joy out of howling at me when I workout from the top of the bookshelf and would wait patiently by the window for me when I went out for a run...and he helps me stretch out after by randomly crawling all over me. Lately he sits in my lap as I eat breakfast...on the weekend he is very confused at the sleeping in and deviation from routine, especially as I'm up and at this on saturdays now too working on my Master's project. On sundays, often I bumble out, feed him and go back to keep from strangling the little guy for all his pesteri…


I'm taking my fate into my hands...and eying up the FT4 heart rate training "computer" watch...anyone have any opinions of it? No not the pink girly one...the silver cool one...:)
I need a HR monitor for my Core Performance for women fitness program that I want to start soon...along with some stretch bands and a foam roller. This weekend is pimp my fitness. I'm on a mission. Core Fitness is supposed to help strengthen joints. I need to stop whining about my knee and just find alternatives...So here I go.

So...yeah...heart rate monitoring fitness watch thingummies. Know of a better one?
(preferably under $ I need shoes too and I'm a grad student...)


New day

Yesterday was a bit of a miserable grumble of a day.
Sorry 'bout that.
Today feels better.
My knee feels normal this morning and I have belly dancing tonight (swordancing!!!)

So ,today is a new day.
We'll start her up and see how it all goes.
I've got salad and a sword and I'm not afraid to use them!

Sometimes I think it's harder to maintain than strange as that sounds.
I'll settle for a little of either today :)


I keep reading on people's blogs about how they "warmed up for 25 or 30 minutes on the elliptical before their workout...". And it's really pissing me off.

Well, currently I can't even do just that without my left knee being annoying. That's all. No real workout to speak of. Sure lots of long walks but no endorphin pumping sweat dripping workouts. I'm slowly gaining weight...I am up 2 pounds...because I am not able to be as active as I want to. Not a big deal...yet...

Grrr...I believe it may be that I need new shoes. So I will do that. I pronate badly, and it may be making my knee go funny. It's not sore *yet* but it has that feeling like it will if I don't let off. It's starting to click. And I'm not even *doing* anything strenuous to speak of...
So no workout today (again), as it was starting to stiffen up after an hour long walk with J last night.

I hope the new shoes and the leg strengthening exercises I am doing will help.
If that doe…


This morning I did my knee felt odd.

We shall see what comes tomorrow.

Stupid knee...

Spring is on it's way

I got out for a nice long walk on sunday.

This morning I was up at 5:15 and did 32 minutes on the elliptical, with some cooldown. A muscle on the inside of my left leg is a bit sore. This is making me very very nervous. I did some stretching and I am crossing my fingers (and toes...and eyes...) that it is not knee related. We shall see. I'm trying to be positive. I haven't done anything overly strenuous to my leg, so who knows...

This week I'm going to focus on healthy eating and making sure I get in my 3 aerobic workouts and 2 bellydance workouts. Slowly I can build up endurance.
Plus I'm getting new workout shoes this weekend. My old runners have become my work shoes, so I need new ones. My old ones are pretty beat up. I don't have a chance at keeping my knee in good shape if I don't get new shoes...

I'm quite excited at how quickly the snow is melting. Within a few weeks, maybe even the beginning of april, it should be nice enough out to go for walks in the …

Sun sun sun here it comes...

Last night at bellydance class we did a lot of practicing, and more zill work. I loved it. I find I'm losing my self consciousness and don't worry so much about "maybe screwing up" anymore.
After all, how else am I going to learn?
My instructor brought one of her snakes to class. When she solos, she dances with one of her 2 corn snakes wrapped around her. She brought her little red one Ruby for us to see after class...beautiful thing. Bright red and inquisitive...and soft as velvet.

This morning I was good and got up to do 31 minutes on the elliptical. Then a few minutes cool down, with some sit-ups and lots of stretching. I so very much want to do more...but I'm trying to be patient. Three 30 minute elliptical workouts a week plus bellydance the other 2 for now. I'm easing my knee back in properly. I will ease it into that by the time the great spring melt is over I can go out for walks (jogs?) in the mornings.

Already the sun was starting to lighten…

More tired than I thought

Last night I was more tired than I thought and kept falling asleep, so J nudged me in the direction of the bedroom and I was asleep by 9. I slept through full to this morning, and then some. I was all snuggled in and hit snooze a few times. Then I didn't workout, but I did a bunch of stretching, and then the rest of my workout time putting together a huge batch of chili in the slow cooker (I was supposed to do it last night but forgot in my sleepyness...ahem...), made healthy lunches and breakfast and was out the door to the bus right on time. I feel so utterly rested. It's lovely. :)
I have been having spinach salads for lunch lately as I bought a HUGE bin of organic spinach last week and it needed to be eaten up. I've had spinach in everything lately. Yummy. Today is the last of it. I'm having it with an avocado and some nuts and veggies for a lovely full salady lunch. I find as long as I have some kind of protein with my veggies (felafel's, chicken or avocado) I …

Nice weekend. How about you?

Well hey.
I got out for a long walk on the weekend (it's been all warm and melty lately) and this morning I was up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical again with lots of stretching after.

We went out for Vietnamese food on the weekend (after going to 2 other restaurants first that were randomly closed - Indian or Burmese food t be found for some reason. We were starving by the time we got to Red Pepper and overjoyed that they were open!). Yum. Salad rolls...wonton soup...noodle bowl. Yum. Other than that - healthy eating all around. I had a beer, but I figure 1 beer as a reward for working hard in the lab won't kill me.

I got lots done on my MSc and my kitchen is back I have to finish up the doors to put them back on.
All in good time.
Just popped in to log my workout, but I must go.

Science beckons...

bhangra and bellydancing. Yes. Good...

I got up this morning...shut off the alarm once I was sitting up!
Bellydance last night was a lot of fun. We learned a lot of bhangra moves as we're going to use them as warmups-want a good cardio thing? Bhangra dancing. Seriously. And it's so much fun to screw in the light bulb...:) We danced our groove out to this much fun! (this version without all the rapping is much better...) We did some sword balance practice too. That was great. I'm getting better slowly. My sword only fell off's so cool to get to use it :)
So this morning I wanted to do more bellydance...I remembered why I love it so much.

So I whipped out my tribal fusion drill DVD with yoga warmup. Love this DVD. Good stretch out and then 2 full sets of drills for arms, shoulders, chest, hips and legs. Solid 30 minute of movement in each set of drills. I did set one...ah that lovely arm burn you get form tribal burns so good!!
Had my oatmeal and a trial of a glass of pink lemonade …

Another brick in the wall

Tough one...I was having supper at my brothers and his wife (who is ~300 Lbs) was telling me how she is quite frustrated at not being able to lose weight. How she has tried over and over and it never works. She has. Many times. Her weight keep slowly inching up and her health keep s getting worse and her depression certainly doesn't help. I just don't know what to say anymore. I've seen her try, and sometimes, yes, she has given it her all...for a few weeks. They eat quite healthy (at least when I'm around) at meals. The main thing with them is snacks. LOTs of them...and not healthy ones either. Lots of ice cream, chips and candies...mindless nibbling in front of the computer and very little activity. We'll go out for supper and she'll have a salad, baked potato and large milkshake. It's just's' wired up wrong in there for a lack of a better way to put it.

Being that big lends to lots of aches and health issues, so it's not easy for her.…

Don't blink

Heh...this morning I turned off my alarm, blinked and it was an hour later.
No harm done, except a lack of workout. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I was up doing a bunch of chores around the house and got to bed late, and then woke up again for a bit when J got home from a shoot about 1 AM. What can you do?
Tonight I have bellydance class so it's not a total loss, and I have healthy meals, but I am going to have to actually get up before I turn off my alarm it would's to shaking my stuff tonight and getting up tomorrow (knock on wood!)

Paranoia makes you blink!

I must admit...I'm so incredibly paranoid about my knee. I kept focusing on it all day yesterday. I was a bit stiff from working out...what was that? A twinge? Am I stiff or sore? What does it mean? *sigh* Every little nuance of kneedom was obsessed over to see if perhaps somehow I had aggrivated it on the elliptical yesterday morning. So, with the odd click in my knee last night, this morning I did some situps, curls, and some arm work with resistance bands and weights, but no cardio or knee stuff. I did some leg extensions and things recommended by my doctor to strengthen the muscles around the knee. I'm going to do them every day. My legs were stiff last night and it freaked me out. Perhaps too much, but what can you do? Colour me paranoid.
Truth is I *wanted* to do my Dance fusion workout DVD this morning...I want that endorphin rush, but there's lots of lunges and squats and stuff in it and...well...I honestly I swear that I would lose it if my knee goes on me rig…

Day 2: elliptical

Just a quick pop in to log my workout.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this AM. I wanted to ease into things and be nice to my knee so I started with that and I'll work up adding 5 minutes a week from there.
So far so good. I'm stiff in places from the ball DVD...feels good though. It's been a while since I felt that. Nothing painful...just the feeling that lets you know you've done something good :)
And so far, my knee is happy. Woo.

Have a great day!

Day 1: a good start

Well, this morning I finally got up and worked out. It was nice. I did my ball exercise DVD and had a healthy breakfast, and I've packed a healthy lunch.
I must admit I sort of went on a crappy food binge this weekend. We went to a b-movie horror film party (chips & beer) and on Sunday I went to a bollywood film with my brother where there was popcorn, pokoras and some chocolate. Oh, and I made pizza on saturday. Yeah...Not absolutely horrible, but not at all the generally healthy eating like I usually manage to pull off. I'm putting my clean eating hat back on today and I'll be good. I can't do that all the time or I'll start expanding rapidly...

My knee has not given me any problem at all so so far so good. Tomorrow I'll hop on the elliptical for half an hour and see how it likes it. My cold is banished and over with as well, so I've got the green light for fitness again. I hope it goes feels good to exercise again. I haven't done tha…