1 day left!

I am bone tired today, but I know it's the last day of work before I am off for a week. So I will persevere and then try and relax and not come down with some sort of cold or other thing once I relax. We shall see. I can't WAIT to get away fora few days.
J and I met up with family for Thai food last night at our favourite place. Great food...I'm still full tho. Blech. Today will be more controlled I think. :)

This AM I crawled out of bed and came in to do my workout #2, with biking and abfest. No working out on my holidays so I wanted to get in a good workout before...I do hope the rain stays away this year. It rained to the point they almost cancelled the festival we are going to, but it's dried off a lot. It will be muddy I'm sure, but as long as there's no more rain I think it will be a fun time indeed.
I know I'm just looking forward to sleeping for more than 4 and a half hours and relaxing in the sun without anything to do but what I pops into my head. I'll see many friends I haven't seen in ages, and hopefully relax down to my marrow and refuel again.
Here's hoping. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

another day another cup of coffee :)

Oh I am so tired...another very late night, but I got some time off last night tho. We have family in town and we went out for sushi. Yum. A bit of relaxing before going home and sorting out all the bills from the party and making sure all is paid. We raised over $400 for charity :) I'll be glad to drop off all the payments today.I don't like having big piles of money in my possession...it creeps me out.
This AM I crawled out of bed just in time...made it in for my usual workout and I am in for work as normal. I must say that I am exhausted so I hope a very dull meeting I have to go to in an hour doesn't put me to sleep. When there is only 8 of you at a table it's hard to hide headbobbing :) Here's hoping...
Must dash...another busy day filled with things. J and I are meeting his family that are in town for the Jazz festival for thai food tonight - that should be fun. Until then...caffeine will be my friend :)
Have a great day all!

Wow...what a relief

Well, no workout this morning. On the weekend some friends and I put on an all night dance party and it went well. I ran the bar and we decorated up the venue like a forest. Seeing as it went late I still was able to dance like a monkey once we shut down the bar at 2 and we had a blast. We broke even on costs and all the bar proceeds went to charity...it really exceeded our plans...we were turning people away! Yes, a fantastic night. I got all dressed up in a costume and looked (if I may be so bold) hot. :) Why work for killer abs when you can't show them off every once in a while!

After the party ended I slept a bit and hunkered down to finish up my MSc 6 month report talk which I had to give this morning...the same one I struggled to make up a report for for the last few weeks. I was up until 2 (yech) so I slept in and didn't workout so I'd have as much sleep as I could to be reasonably coherent and alert. The talk went well. It wasn't stellar, but it was well received and I got a lot of constructive criticism and have a set of goals to try and meet for October...and maybe then if I keep up my efforts and get analysis done I can get permission to write in Oct/Nov...maybe graduate in spring. Oh to dream :)

Having just finished my speech, I'm going to go have some coffee and lunch and try and wake up for the rest of the day. Now that the party and this talk is over there is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I can relax and start planning for the music festival we're going to soon. It will be so nice to have a few days away with no work...nothing! Just good friends, good music. I can't wait. I hope it doesn't rain....I have rain gear, but it's so much warmer and fun when it's nice out. It's been so rainy all over lately...time for some sunshine.

Must be off. Much to do.

Is it friday yet?

It is?
Last night was long and late and busy, but I believe I'm all prepared for all the bar tending duties I am in charge of for the thing we're putting on tomorrow night. I've never gone and picked up enough booze and mix and supplies for 150 people before . Oooh lalah... I have perfected what I think is a rather tasty peach pie jello shooter and will make up a bunch of them tonight...along with finish up some paper lanterns and some other decor for the party.
Oh, and my 6 month speech which I give on monday bright and early.
And find a costume for saturday.
And prep for a surprise 9AM saturday meeting with my supervisor. YAY! Couldn't come at a less opportune time, I must say, but she is in the city so I'll just have to put on my big girl sparkle panties and get down to business...
This AM, despite the tiredness, I was up and in to the gym for regular workout #2 plus 28 minutes on the bike at resistance 5 (woo!) and my abfest. Now it's healthy breakfast time and regular work. Oh lucky me...how did I get to be gifted with all these things to do.

Hee hee. Here we go again! :)


Last night I ran errands all night for the shindig we're helping put with - I am in charge of the bar and have all the stuff I need...and I've decided I'm making jello shooters. Made a few test ones - with spiced rum or vodka to see which is tastier. Inquiring minds want to know! They'll be set to try tonight. I ended up with 16...note to self. Do not eat them all tonight...:) I'll let you know which tastes better...

I was up to workout this morning - my workout with the step ups, one legged deadlifts and upper body work, some squats and schweaty 30 minutes of biking. It felt good. I feel like I've put on a few LBs over the last while. Thick around the middle for a lack of a better way to put it. I plan to keep an eye on that. I don't know if it's PMS or real, but I plan to make sure I don't creep back up.

I am trying to finish my speech tonight so that I can enjoy planning this party...it's coming slowly. I would love to just NOT work on my thesis for a while...and I would love to get more sleep. Soon is a holiday. Soon :)
But, I must go...lots of work to do.

Where has all the time gone?

Wow...sorry. Apparently I've been falling behind in a lot of things lately, including blogging.
Comic Expo in Calgary was a blast. road trip with the girls and lots of time spent gawking at costumes and finding a few amusing odd things (like a bunch of cheap Godzilla DVDs, a Venture Industries T Shirt, Moltar figurine, bday gift for J, and some steampunk goggles) I was sorely tempted by a gorgeous corset...but I did not have $200 to spare. Pity. it was all sorts of hotness :) I got Elvira's autograph for my brother...she looks AMAZING for 59. All real too. I hope to look that good when I'm that age...and saw many cool people: Maurice LeMarche, and a number of actors, and graphic artists I admire. Even Mr. Shatner himself. Sat in the Ghostbusters car. Oh yes...even tho I had to come home saturday night with J and miss superhero VS zombie rollerderby it was just what I needed. It made working all sunday to finish off my paper evil after having a break, but it was nice to be normal for a few days.
My 6 month report is done, figures made and handed in. It's not perfect, but it will do. Currently I'm back at the slave labour putting together my talk that I give monday morning all about that paper. I and a group of like-minded peoples are putting on a dance/party saturday night and so I will be busy all weekend with that - my job, after decor, is to run the bar all night. So I must get this mostly done before it, as I may not be in great shape sunday! Of course my MSC supervisor picked this weekend to come to town for a visit, so I get to meet with her 9 AM saturday too, just for sh*ts and giggles...*sigh*. Grrr. I just have to keep going. After my speech it will lighten up a bit. Plus, next weekend I go away to a music festival for 5 days...and it can't come soon enough.
Other than attacking a bag of fruit gummies on the weekend my eating was pretty good. I had a few mojitos, but all in all, I did well. Monday I was back in at my regular workout and tuesday was more of the same. This morning I dropped into the spin and sculpt class to have my ass kicked. I'm PMSing to the nines so I tried my best to not eat everything in sight yesterday...
Monday night after handing in my paper i took the whole night off. IT was glorious. I hung out with friends, brainstorming and planning for the event we're putting on this saturday, and made a zillion origami things for incidental decor. I can now make origami devil masks, tulips, irises cranes and roses. Giggedy.

And so...I must run. Lots to do, as always. I just caffeinated myself up so I must use that energy and get busy in the lab for my "regular" job.
Oh the glorious life of a lab rat!
Later taters :)

The game is afoot

I'm not entirely sure what happened this morning. Whether I shut off my alarm or jsut pressed snooze without knowing it I slept in 30 minutes. I guess I needed it :)
I still got up and game in to the gym for a shorter workout - 30 sweaty minutes on the arc trainer and 3 sets of deadlifts. I watched my knee and it wasnice enough to let me have a day on the arc trainer. I'm rather proud of myself that I'm not sore from yesterday, because I pushed myself in the class. Guess I am in shape after all!

Last night I tried to do some more work on my paper but didn't get too much done after I got home. I couldn't access some of my data on the server and there was a roaring thunderstorm so I did a bit of work, but then just just decided I'd done enough and spent some time with J. We caught up on Doctor Who once the lightning let up (MAN I love that show!! As the Dude would say - "new shit has come to light man!")
I was in bed by midnight and today I just have to work hard because tomorrow - COMIC CON in Calgary! I can't wait. I'll likely come back early to finish up my paper on sunday (and miss the Zombie VS superhero roller derby...:( ) but it will be 2 days of fun. A good reward for working hard and keeping it together.

And so I must be off. Have a wonderful day everybody :)


I was up until 3 last night again. Yeesh. I slept in instead of working out..so that I kept sane. Now that I've got my paper mostly done in a draft that I can work at on sunday and the next few evenings I can relax a bit tonight. I'm done my work in the lab today, so I'm going to go workout on the way home, then have a nice mellow supper, work on my data and then go to bed at a humane hour for the first time in over a week. I am delerious at the thought of more than 4 hours of sleep.

Joy :)

Later: Classes to the rescue again. I got to the gym right before a class was starting - step and sculpt. Not a lot of cardio but really good muscle workout all over. I feel great! Now a good supper and to work. :)

Once more into the throng...

Because I've been burning the candle at both ends (and in the middle) and was up again until almost 2 last night I slept in a bit today and then came in a few hours early to work on my MSc cell stuff. No workout, but the sleep feels really good.

I've got a protein shake, granola bar and some cottage cheese and blueberries for breaky, so I'm all fueled up and ready to go. Must dash. Full day ahead.

Over the hill in into the fray my friends. Have a good day :)

weekend of work

I spent all weekend on my data. All. Weekend. And no I am not done yet.
I missed out on a kegger although I did get to see my Dad for an hour when we went out for brunch on sunday...wish I'd had more time to visit. Then we had people over crafting at my house to make decor for an event we're helping out with in a few weeks. Lots of people making origami and cool stuff in my living room and I was...yup...with my data. Grrr. My report is due in a matter of days and I need to finish the data up tonight to the point where I can start writing up my report for wednesday. I wanted to be done last night, but I stopped at 2 AM and threw in the towel because I was just done. Exhausted. Oh, and did I mention I had to go in at 10 PM last night to subculture cancer cells? Yeah. Good times. I am not enjoying this, but it is what it is. I just have to make it to the weekend - then I get a day at comic con in Calgary (before coming back early on sunday to work on my report again...sigh). I plan on getting my bro an autograph from Elvira Mistress of the night for his birthday!! Hope to find some cool steam punk goggles por moi too. But before then...my bi-annual report is due on monday, so it's crunch time.

This morning, despite my weekend of slavery I was determined to work out. Last night I had a bit of a wobbler and so J (sweet man) ordered in pizza so I didn't have to worry bout food. It was tasty, but I had a lot and it was not the healthiest...and it felt good to workout. I've experimented with having a cup of coffee and a granola bar before I work out and it's been working. I can do more. I did my same workout as friday, complete with abfest and HIIT biking and some pushups. I'm in to work with some healthy food after a protein shake, banana and some cottage cheese and fuit and I'll try and stay awake thru all my work today...we shall see.

Have a great day!

Getting Jiggy With Something

After another long tedious night of trying to make sense of my data, I was up and in to the gym this morning to a solid workout. Deadlifts, one legged lunges, side lunges, walking lunges, pushups, my abfest and 28 minutes HIIT on the bike. Whew!

Now I can meet with my MSc supervisor in a few minutes to see if I get any sort of weekend or if I'll be holed up yet again with my numbers. Boourns.

Must be off. Lots to do today. Science and all that. :)

Later taters.

Love that man

MMM. I just finished cottage cheese with pineapple and blueberries for breakfast. How can something that healthy be so decadently delicious? Best breakfast. I also have a Nature's Path Lotta Apricotta bar...it's a yummy day so far!
Despite getting worked up last night and not being able to sleep until about 2 I was in to workout this AM (with a little help from a cup of joe) and I did my usual step up lower body workout with the upper body work and 30 minutes of HIIT biking. My abs and butt are sore from yesterday but nearly as much as I feared. I was able to do my thing today without cursing and I sat down at my desk to type this without wincing. Pretty good :)
Tonight I have more numbers to crunch after a nice day of a complicated and hideously expensive (but highly enjoyable and challenging) experiment to do for a diabetes study. It will be good to be busy...
I'm hoping I can walk home alone the river with my luv before I get down to work tonight. A little break in the middle of another full day...I luv that man :)

Have a great day everyone!

Booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere

I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl. Not a bad read...historical sexy intrigue and all that. Interesting enough to drag me in and not so complex. It's kept me sane while on the plane (tee hee) and been a nice diversion on the bus when I want to rant and rave my stress. It has also given me a new mental image to toy with while avoiding my data and feeling dread at all the analysis I have to do but to be completely honest do not quite have a grasp on how to: I feel like Anne and her brother walking towards the guillotine. Hoping for the best. Dreading the possibility of what could happen. It is safe to say that I am ready to begin the final analysis and be done with it all and have my life back.

Or something like it anyways.

This morning I came in to workout but couldn't figure out what to do so I lumbered into spins and sculpt to get my ass thoroughly kicked. 30 minutes of viscious spinning followed by crazy lungey squatty ab curling depravity that has left me with a slightly seized posterior and a desire to move as little as possible. i am quite sure tomorrow will be a stiff one.
And yet I like it. It's good to push yourself. It's good to FEEL your body there and know it's stiff because you made it work. :)

And so, I must be off. I am downloading a free month of analysis trial software as my boss has no $$ for the real one so I can try and have a go at all my data and try and get over this slightly drowning feeling I get whenever I think about All Those Numbers...

Later Taters...


Well, today is better. My headache lasted most of yesterday so I just relaxed with J for the evening. I couldn't have concentrated on anything useful. And really -it was nice. Caught up on the Doctor Who I missed and had a nice BBQ. I'm sure I'll regret it from being so busy later, but for now. I'll take it. :)

I came in to do my "other" workout and 30 minutes of sweaty HIIT cardio on the bike and it went well. Now I just have to keep it together and get some work done. After grocery day tonight I have to get started on my data. Yuk.

It's funny -J's Aunt in Vancouver said I was well on my way to looking like Linda Hamilton in T2 with the muscles I'm getting in my arms. Heh heh. I think she was joking but it made me grin from ear to ear. She has no idea that when I feel I can't lift anymore and I'm tired and I want to stop, I just think "Come on! Linda Hamilton baby!" and I lift a few more reps...:)

There and back again. A lab tech's tale by Geo Baggins

Well...I'm back! Didja miss me? Say you did :)

I had a great few days away. It was exhausting... but very good. I learned a lot at the conference, made a lot of contacts and had a lot of good discussions with collaborators and my supervisors and have a real focus for the analysis I have to do this week of my MSc data. I have much to do, but I know why I'm doing it. I got to be a part of medicine making itself better. Booyah! Thursday night I got to meet my old friend Pete (he's an old friend...not old. Well I suppose we're both getting old...but, yeah. Anyways) for supper and a drink which was nice too...

Then after the conference (which was at the poshest hotel in Vancouver - I mean I bought my supervisor a glass of wine and it was $14! Yes that is the per glass price. Yeesh -it was a good Pino Grigio but seriously? wow...) I let the posh bellboy take mybag out to a taxi (ooh la la!) and went to have a nice visit with my gramma - she turns 100 in a few weeks. Can you believe it? We spent 2 hours talking and visiting. She's still all with it, despite being very frail. It was really nice to visit with her. She doesn't travel and I haven't seen her in person in at least 10 years...she's having a big party at the end of June that I can't come to, but I could at least come and bring a card and visit while I was there. She is so tiny and sweet. I'm glad I got to see her again. :)

Then J's (and mine) favourite Aunt and her husband came and picked me up and I got to spend a day with them before I headed back home to my luv on sunday. It was nice to see their new place and see their daughter Cloe and her little boy Gage. We went out for dimsum to my favourite place in the world - the Flamingo. We too took Gage to free tour day at the landfill (don't laugh it was cool!) and he got to climb all over the equipment and push the buttons and we got a bus tour of the facility and gardens and came home to a cheese fondue and a good visit. We also stopped in at the COOLEST scifi toy store in Langley...so many cool things. I managed to contain myself and only got a few cool things. I snuggled with their cat Kinkers...and tried to avoid the hockey insanity of Vancouver. They're in the Stanley cup semifinals and were playing 2 home games on wednesday night and saturday afternoon (which they won both of!) and whole chunks of downtown were roped off with big jumbotron screens set up to watch the games. It was a real party atmosphere...but most crazy too. I didn't do any shopping or anything to avoid the craziness...just decided to visit instead.
Sunday AM I made us all some lemon buttermilk waffles with fruit before they dropped me off at the airport. I was ready to come home. By then...I just missed J. I wanted to be home with him and my critters. It was so good to see him at the airport...and to know I was home again. We spent the evening relaxing and I was reminded that although it is exciting to get away, there is no place like home. :)

This AM I got up and came in to workout after 4 relaxing days off. I only did 2 of the 3 circuits I normally do in my workout "A" as I had a splitting headache all morning (it's just fading now). I did 25 minutes of biking and my abfest too. It wasn't at the intensity I normally do...my head just would not let up. It was quite annoying. I didn't stop. Since I bus there I can't just quit and go home so I made an effort to do something...and in the end it wasn't a total waste.
Now I'm in to work with a bunch of advil and coffee and I'm hoping things will shape up. Time to catch up on work and get back into the swing of things. I have a lot of work to do on my MSc but I think I might just take the evening off with my J and relax. I know I shouldn't but I think I need to. I need to step off the hamster wheel and have a short rest...but we'll see how I feel later.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did :)

feel the burn

I didn't really know what to do this morning for a workout. I was up before my alarm because I'm so excited about my trip, so I was in to the gym no problem. I saw there was a new spin instructor, so I figured I'd take the spin class. It was HARD. I was a sweaty mess at the end. I didn't exactly enjoy myself, but I got a really good workout and in the end I feel great. She tended to yell a lot, which I'm not a huge fan of, BUT her workout was solid and she really motivated you...so in the end I think I'd go back. There was enough time after for my abfest and then it was off to work.
I leave early for my conference today. I'm hoping I can sneak in a workout at the hotel, but I'm not really going to stress about that. A few days away to learn will be really exciting. :) And I can visit family and hopefully see my grandma, whom I haven't seen in person over a decade.
I'm a little nervous to be going on my own, but as long as I can make it to my hotel, the rest will be gravy - I love Vancouver. I can't wait to wander about in my spare time....I just wish J could be with me. It's fun to wander with him. I'll miss him.
So, I'm off taters. If I'm near the net I'll post, but likely I'll see you all monday. Be good :)