Jumping back in

Well I was true to myself this AM and got up and came in to workout. I did my usual tuesday - deadlifts, armwork, lunges, a few leg things on the machines and one legged squats together with 29 minutes of cardio on the arc trainer. Now I am in with a healthy breakfast and I'm ready to go. I already have more energy than I did yesterday, so that is a very good thing.

It is strange after all that to be back here same old same old, but I am glad for it. I feel refreshed, and it was nice to visit with my Dad last night. Poor guy - at 66 he's helping a friend shingle a roof. If it were possible to creak I'm sure he would...I know he'll be glad to be done it in a day or so. It's nice to see him...

It was election day in Canada, and while I'm not happy about who won, I am pleased that the party I've supported for many years has come up from being in the back to be official opposition. It gives me hope that people wanting change can really bring change...we shall see. For now I shall see what today brings...
Have a great day everybody! :)


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