lost a cyborg- gained a cyberpunk

Well the day surgery went well. My arm isn't sore at all. I can't use it much for about a week and I have to wear a stupid opticlear bandage over it until I get my stitches out in a few weeks to keep it clean, but if all continues to go well it should be fine. It'll have a nasty bruise once the stitches are out, but that's to be expected after they rummaged around in my arm to dig the port out. They just froze me up and let me watch the procedure (I'm such a nerd...) - it was so cool and at the end the doc took my phone and took a picture of it (they cleaned it up a bit but it's not clean, sorry of you're at all squeamish). That port served me very well for when it was needed. I was glad to have it. Now I'm glad it's gone. It's a physical way of declaring that I'm done treatment.

Goodbye cyborg implant. I'm glad to say I don't need you any more.

I also got my first haircut in over 14 months. It's rather cyberpunk. I feel rather badass. It's finally a STYLE I chose and not just growing out. It's nice to have a choice to be "me" again if that makes sense. So much of what happens during treatment is just adapting to what you're given and it's been a while since I could choose. It's about time :)
I can't workout for about 10 days, but I'm going to try and be as good as I can while I wait. It just rained for a day over all our snow so it's like a skating rink, but I bought some walking cleats for my shoes so I'm good to go for a little nice weather strolling. I will try and walk home from work as long as I can with this winter chinook we've been having before the winter dives back down into doomy chill.
Hope you all had a nice weekend! :)

bye bye port

Tomorrow I get my chemo port removed. I am thrilled and nervous at the same time. I no longer need it  (yay!) so it makes sense to have it out...but it means no workouts for a few weeks to ensure I heal properly. My trainer just gave me a new workout and I'm itching to try it. New M/W/F workouts with tabata sprints on the bike T/Th. Kicking it up a notch. I must be patient...
It didn't hurt too much to have it put in and I wasn't allowed painkillers for that so I am hoping this will go similarly well. I have plans for movie watching and popcorn and tylenol. Do I know how to relax or what....

Heh. Since I'm gonna be on painkillers tomorrow I booked myself in for a wax tomorrow afternoon after it all. I figure I am either brilliant or nuts...

Tomorrow should be a strange but satisfying day.

start the day off right

This AM I got up do do my weights workout and then walked to work because it was so nice. JJ tagged along for a good morning wakeup. A great way to start the day. :)
Now to just hang in there and get to work!


This week I so do NOT haz it. I am still doing my exercises as before and doing Josie's little daily add-ons, but I could have very happily curled up and slept the extra hour this morning instead...but I will keep at it and try better to reign in my eating. I am trying to find time to prepare more healthy foods again so that I am full with less. I still have a few pounds to lose to make my pants comfy again...I just want to keep snacking and noshing like over the holidays. Dang.

I had a great weekend but stayed up super late on sat and had a few (ahem) beer so I am just groggy these last few days getting back into the groove. It was good to get out and about tho - like real peoples do. T'was worth the tiredsies :)

3 for 3

Another morning another workout. I did the same workout as Monday and I'm all set with healthy meals for the day here at work.
I'm hoping we'll get out for a nice long walk today. It's nearly 0 C which is positively tropical after all the other weather we've had lately. I need a little sunshine :)

Quick stop

Hi - must run. I have a long day of training but wanted to log to keep accountable. This morning after a 5 minute warmup on the bike I did 7 cycles of hiit biking on my spin bike (30 seconds all out + 2.5 min regular speed) and then 2 minutes to cool down. Think I need a few more minutes cool down though- my ACE inhibitor meds lower my blood pressure and I got a bit dizzy after on my way to the shower (like when you stand up too fast) so next time I'll cool down a full 5 min before getting off.
Feels great now though.
Later taters :)

Starting up a brand new day

Well hello :)

After a lovely long holiday of much indulgence (and tightening of pants...ahem) I am back and ready to go here in the land of health and fitness. I feel strong, and have the go ahead from my doc to get back to things on a more aggressive level. I have to watch to not get crazy, but I am apparently doing way better than I should be at this point, so I'm encouraged. He said "whatever you're doing keep doing it". So I will :)

So, I'm back to regular workouts that I was building up to before the holiday noshing via my physical trainer and I'm going to really dial in my eating and dump the few pounds I added over the holidays. I have a reprieve until the fall when I meet my plastic surgeon to start the journey to boobies so I plan to use the time I have to get as healthy as I can so that I can heal up well. My pants are starting to get snug. A reminder to dial it in for a while and not snack so much. I resolve to take my vitamins and supplements daily. My doc reminded me that tamoxifen depletes you of calcium and  vitamin D and can lead to early osteoporosis so I'm gonna nip that in the bud if I can with strengthening exercises and vitamins.

My morning workout was the following:
3 rounds of:
-15 low isolated crunches
-15 chest press on the ball (8 Lb)
-15 dumbbell curls on the ball (8Lb)
-15 front dumbbell raises (8Lb)
-15 standing rows (band)
-15 kneeling pullbacks with tricep kickbacks
-20 ball passes (from hands to feet)
-10 side lunges with floor touch (each leg)
-10 sumo squats with side leg raise (each leg)
Then at the end I did 10 legs passes "around the world" over a chair forward and back and stretched with my cat and that was that.

My exercises are upper body intensive because of the rebuilding I've been working after my mastectomy on but my next appointment with my PT we will be adding more lower body stuff...which is good. With it being hothlike outside I'm not as active as usual...

I don't weigh myself often, but I have as a starting point. The slightly low scale I have says I am at 128, so that's my baseline (it's about 5Lb below the docs scale...erm, and about 5Lb up from before the holidays...ahem)

All I know is I feel great and I hope that by the time Feb rolls around I'll have built some new habits and muscles. Every day is a new day to get up to new shenanigans and start over again towards a better me. Here we go :)

Have a great day.