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Holidaze 2.0

Hi guys. Sorry I've been away so much. I'm in holiday mode and we've been away in the wilderness with no internet/cell reception for most of it and just really busy otherwise once we got home. JJ has worked every weekend except one this summer so it's been hectic. I haven't gone to all the festivals with him (he's at one right now actually) but will join him for the next one. My old friend Jeff who has been in China for years was home in Canada for a month and he came to visit us for a week with his wife and baby and it was so very good to see him. The festivals were a great time too and I loved every minute of it. Made some new friends and reconnected with the old. Danced until I couldn't dance anymore. Mission accomplished!!
We leave on monday for another 2 week trek out to BC to a festival and then to wind our way back home through the Kootenays with some hikes and hot springs...a bit more of a relaxing holiday with just J and I. I admit I'm looking…