S A T U R D AY night

had a lovely day today...
Slept in, made french toast with strawberries and got the BBQ up and running.
i even won a summer solstice bouquet of flowers from a local florist and I picked them up.
They're a bunch f yellow red and orange roses and they smell lovely. I put them in the pottery pitcher I bought at Doolin pottery guild in Ireland. I plan on staring at them a lot...I'm even taking them into my room tonight so I can look at hem in the morning.

AND after a day of things it was nice and sunny and not too hot so I thought "hey, why don't I go for a run?"
And so I did...the usual 2 min walk 5 minute run 6 times thing. It was a lovely run and I came home to J also working out. I've just had a cold glass of melonade and I'm off to shower and use the BBQ...

sleep is good

I had such a great sleep. I've been bagged all week so I wimpily went to bed really early and it paid off. I got up this morning no problem and jogged. It was a crisp morning, with mist rising off the river and the sun glinted off the river as the pelicans circled over the weir looking for their breakfast. It was one of those mornings I was glad to be up and running...it was the right place to be.
I walked 2 min and then ran 5 minutes 6 times, did some situps and stretching and then headed off to work.
It's amazing how much more you can do when you're awake...

slacking on the posting

It's pouring rain (for a change...) so I did 45 minutes on the crosstrainer downstairs varying the incline and tension. THen I did some situps too.

I tried to run saturday and it was dismal...I thought I would die.
It was stupidly hot and after 3 times of walking 2 minutes and running 5 I had to just walk 2 run 2 till I was back home. It was sick...the worst run I've ever had.
Note to self - DON'T run when it's really hot out...

I went to Champion sunday night and spent a good hour or so hopping up and down so I didn't run monday and moved it to tuesday...

I hope I can keep this up...

damp run

Got up at 5:10 and did my run this morning - 2 minutes walk + 5 mintues run 6 times. Then I walked a bit and stretched out well. The weather conveniently stopped raining fro me to run and then started up again when I finished. AND I had breakfast too. Woot.

When I was having coffee before work someone mentioned to me that it turns out there is a cougar loose in the area. I believe I'll be sticking to the non-wooded trails for a while. Eep. I definitely can't run that fast! :)


It's still raining by the bucketful, so I did the cardio crosstrainer in the basement. I'm bnot adverse to running in the rain, but a torrential windy downpour is quite another thing. I still alternated 2 minutes slower with 5 minutes faster, on an incline with some tensionadded...it was harder than I thought to put in 45 minutes on the thing, but I did it, plus some sit ups, curls and other misc stomachy things for good measure.

rainy day

Raining buckets - a downpour all day...so I'm running tomorow...

My own personal cheering squad

Here's a pic of what I saw at the finish line.

Fridays are great

Well...I woke up before my alarm this morning at 5, got up and ran...wierd, I know.
I di 2 minutes walk + 5 minutes run 6 times and stretched a bit...then in the shower and off to work WAY early to do a bunch of stuff.
Tomorrow I'm setting up my glass studio/workroom and hopefully not spending too much time at my brothers helping him landscape crushed rock (why do I get roped into these things?? :) )
Then sunday it a bit of father's day BBqing. Maybe I'll actually fill *my* BBQ tank tomorrow. ..and then when the new grill comes for it that's not all rusted and tetanus inducing I can test it out. Seeing as we invited people over for a BBQ next weekend I s'pose I should see if it works :)

Just for the helluvit

Well...it's my first run for the helluvit after the marathon. I took my 2 prescribed days off from running and thought I'd better be stubborn and stick with it. Seeing as the weather was great this morning, I had no excuse, so I got up and did my run.
It was tha last real workout from the race training: 2 minutes walk + 5 minutes run 6 times and walking 5 minutes at the end, with some stretching. It was hard, but not too bad and I feel great now that I've had breakfast. I do believe I'll keep up with this running business...

Music to Boogie to

Because I feel the need, I wanted to list my soundtrack for running on sunday. It was a great mix of favorite upbeat songs that kept me moving. I only made it up the start of the Mushroom track, but it was great. I like running and walking to music - it makes it that much better of an experience

500 Miles - The Proclaimers
Deisel Power - Prodigy
The Shouty Track - Lemon Jelly
Everybody Loves A Carnival - Fat Boy Slim
Light is In Your Eyes - Voodoo Child
In My Heart - Moby
Crazy Stranger - Nickodemus
Body Movin'- Beastie Boys
Ray of Light - Madonna
Eat it Raw - Infected Mushroom
Direct Drive - ECD
Galaxy Bounce - Chemical Brothers
The White Room - The KLF
SpyBreak! - Propellorheads
Don't Stop Me Now - Lemon Jelly

As for fitness, I walked to work today - briskly for 40 minutes. Tomorrow it's back at the running...eep. I'll have to tell myself what to do know...

I did it :)

I deeeeeed it!

ON sunday morning I ran the 5Km race in 40 minutes and 20 seconds...I only walked 2 minutes of that! I can't believe I ran almost all of it...I'm really amazed.


And my sweet husband and some of his friends surprised me at the finish with signs and crazy loud cheering and it really made my day. Apparently there's a shot in the paper of us all later cheering on another friend who was doing the 10 Km run and me warming up beforehand...now I have to track down a paper...:) J took some photos of me running but they're rather blurry...what with me running and all. It was a wonderful time - becuase you could walk or run there were people of all ages and families doing the events, 2, 5 and 10 Km. It was a wonderful experience - a real community event. There were over 800 people involved in it. And me? well, I am very proud of myself. I plan to keep at it.
Who knows, maybe I can do 10 Km next year?


One more sleep

Danced for about 3 hours last night. I'm counting it a sa jog...was likely more than I should have done, but it was a treat to hear Simon Fosford play live PA psytrance. THen a drive back home to rest up, try and stretch out the stiffness and prep for the race tomororw. With any luck I haven't fatigued myself too much...and I'm ready to go :)

I boogie tomorrow. If anyone is near Wrigley Stadium in Saskatoon tomorrow, I start ~ 9:15 and should finish up at ~10. Come on out - we'll have breakfast after :)

The final countdown

Today was hard, but not as bad as tuesday.
It's my own fault really...it was a meeting with free food and booze and I didn't have to drive myself home and people kept refilling my glass when I wasn't looking, so by the time J came to get me I was well on my way to singing random phrases out loud...I've heard that drinking alcohol the night before you run can effect your stamina by dehydrating you. I felt OK this morning, but it was harder, so I think I did that to myself.
BUT nevertheless I did do it all. It's tapered down as the marathon is on Sunday...so I did walk 2 minutes run 4 minutes 5 times and walked 5 minutes at the end. I'm having a dilemma about what to do on saturday. THere is anotehr workout identical to the one I did today scheduled for saturday, but the marathon is sunday. PLUS I'm going to Regina tomorrow to dance like an idiot into the wee hours of saturday morning. We're supposedly slacking back the workout to be energised and invigorated for the marathon and we're not supposed to work out 2 days in a row...So I may count 3 or 4 hours of vigorous dancing as my final workout and then relax and sleep and do nothing on saturday. I have to pick up my race package and get my shirt and (maybe) timing chip for the big day.
It's so exciting! I don't know if I can run the whole way, but I want to be rested and refreshed (well as much as I can) and do as much as I can. Just finishing it will be such a huge goal forme.

I can't wait!


This morning was MISERABLE. I was tired and cranky and although I was supposed to do 2 min walk + 5 min run 7 times, I slacked off in the last minute of the last run before my 10 minute walk. Not a big deal, but I"m mad at myself for giving in at the very end. I was just so incredibly tired I couldn't do it anymore...

Today I feel so very tired...I was hoping th erun would perk me up.
No such luck.
BUT soon - this weekend is the marathon.

One week left!

Just had to add that LAST saturday I did my thing too...3 minutes walk 4.5 minutes run 7 times plus a 5 min walk.

Today?? Well I walked to work.
It's the last week of workouts. I'm wondering if I should run my Sat run the day before the marathon or jsut wait...I'll decide when I get there, since I"m going out to regina to dance like a twit on friday night.
Less than a week until the marathon...
Cool & frightening.
I'll have to tell myself what to do after that...odd

A week behind

Bit behind on the posting...been a busy week. And we'r eon holidays in Edmonton too...so limited internet access. BUT I've been a good little runner girl I have.

Workout 1: 2 minutes walk and 5 minutes run 7 times plus 10 minutes walk

Workout 2: Walk 3 minutes and run 4 minutes 6 times plus 10 minutes walk

Workout 3: Walk 2 minutes and run 5 minutes 6 times plus 10 minutes walk.

I was good and even did my runs while on holidays here in Edmonton. Running in the city is a lot more boring than along the river tho...

I can't wait - only 1 more week...:)