cha cha cha chia!

Mmm...another day of overnight chia oats. With a peach? So good. I think I'll have to alternate with other breakfasts's rather fibretastic. Yeah. I'll leave it at that :)

This AM I was up and in for Ye Goode Olde Workout B with 26 minutes HIIT biking and abfest.
I had to make up for biscuit overload last night. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy - I make delicious things! I made biscuit bowls for the chili (had a brilliant idea to bake the biscuit dough divided up on an upside down muffin tin to make bowls) and they were insanely good...however I ate too many biscuits for someone trying to be healthy. I don't make biscuits often...I love them and they are one of my weaknesses.

It's odd. It was my monthly weigh in at the gym this AM, and I haven't lost any weight lately but I look like I have more I'm wondering if I just need to be patient. Perhaps I'm losing fat but gaining muscle? I know from all the butt exercises I've been doing that my butt is a different shape now...more apple bottomed. So my pants fit different, which is strange, but I'm still the same size...and since I started focusing on my butt in June that was what I was trying to go for I should not be too discouraged I think. (I crave an actually shaped butt that jiggles instead of a flat pancakey butt that jiggles!)I still have 3 stubborn pounds from the holidays that I can feel a bit of from time to time, and am not quite at my bear headed bikini best again yet, but I do feel I'm going to keep being attentive and let September be the month for complete holiday gluttony recovery. It will be tricky as I have to travel to Vancouver (!!!) for a conference/weekend and will be visiting my dad for a week (and it will be trickier to eat well and workout at the lake) but I won't go crazy and eat way too much like I did in the summer and I think all will be well. There is a gym in the hotel in Vancouver and I can do my home bootcamp at the lake, so I think (as long as I actually *do* it!) I will make it thru unscathed.

We shall see. It's all about planning ahead right?


It was my last boot camp class at the fitness center this morning. Pity. We all figured it would carry through the fall semester, but the scheduling didn't work out for the awesome instructor who does it so it will be back to spin and sculpt classes tuesday and thursday with the other instructor...which is OK. It's just that the boot camp is a real challenge, you know? Makes you feel alive! The other instructor isn't as hard core...she does a lot of experimental moves so you can't always get in good form all the time...she just is less my style than this instructor. We're trying to convince them to have another boot camp class, with another instructor if need be. This one rocked...I feel like just found out about it and it's done...:(

I had a healthy lunch and must be off to get more work done. It's been a busy day and I haven't been able to pop in until now. Lots to do!

Later taters :)

New breakfast ideas

I finally found some chia seeds on the weekend and so I was able to try a new breakfast today. Last night I set up what has to be the easiest breakfast ever - chia overnight oats, using this recipe from Oh She Glows with probably closer to 1/2 c oatmeal (couldn't find my 1/3c measure cup and so I guestimated with my 1/2c one). I sliced up a peach with it this morning after my workout and added a splash of maple syrup and I must say - Yummy. A bit different texture than regular oatmeal, but a lot like rice pudding...which I love. I have a real texture thing so I wasn't sure if this would be gross (like overwet muesli) or good until I had some. The almond milk and banana and a hint of cinnamon made this deeeelicious and the chia really thickened it up like a pudding.. The peach pushed it over the top to heavenly. I wasn't sure if cold oats would be good, but wow. I sat at my desk making yum noises the whole time. I will definitely be making this again. It's like having rice pudding for breakfast. He hee...

Yesterday I ached in my legs and back and shoulders from my saturday home bootcamp, so I felt pretty smug, but I think the one legged hops did a number on my knee...if I do it again I'll be changing that to something else as my knee clicked a bit yesterday, which is a sign it's been stressed. It's a bit stiff this AM but nothing major. It's always a challenge to see what is "allowed" and what isn't with my knee. After a lazy sunday I was in to workout this AM doing my workout B with 28 minutes HIIT biking and my abfest.

I got my hair coloured on the's rather red...I like it. It will fade shortly I'm sure, but it's fun for now :) I accidentally made the gym towel a weird color drying my hair...heh. Oops. I also got out to see Fright Night last night. Loved it. Even J, who came with me just to be nice, enjoyed himself. I saw the original in the 80's a zillion times, so I've been looking forward to it for nostalgia's sake. Seeing David Tennant play a very different role was must be such fun as an actor to play outlandish characters :)'s science time. Must go be a good little labrat.
Hope you all have a great day :)

This one time, at bootcamp...

I finally did my bootcamp here at home...
I wrote about it on my other blog...and am too tired after (and lazy. ahem.) to retype it. Soooo...have a looksee there if you like :)

Waiting is boring

Well...I'm just sitting here waiting for the dishwasher repair dude. Our dishwasher has made a high squealy noise the last few times we used it so I stopped using before it got worse and called someone to look at it. Finally, 3 weeks later, on my day off, it is time. It sat for a bit and got all super funky (oops) so when I opened it last night and gagged at the smell I threw some cider vinegar in there and let it run a little bit a few times to try and deaden some of helped a lot...but now the sound is intermediate. Grrr. I'm hoping I won't pay some guy a some $$ to look at it and go - "just run more vinegar thru it and you'll be fine..." or something like that. I know nothing about dishwashers. I'm itching to take it apart, but I'm worried it won't go back together and then I'll REALLY need it repaired :)
I'm just hoping it actually makes the noise while he is here or I'll feel really dumb. I just didn't want to cancel and then have it make the noise again. Or pay a bunch of $$ to a guy for doing nothing...oh well, we shall see. Someone told me you can clean it by putting Orange Tang in it and running it. I'm skeptical. I want to ask the guy if some CLR would be OK...It's stainless steel inside so I don't want to wreck it...or wait for the noise to get worse until it's totally dead. It's only a year and a half old...of course just past the warranty. Sigh.
Where's my robot maid when I need it?

At least, after all this I'm getting my hair coloured and cut, so that will feel good. When I get busy I ignore it and it's been 3 months and my hair needs a little love :)

I am proud that I *did* get up this AM on my day off and drive in to the gym and do my full Workout A with 30 minutes HIIT biking and abfest. I worked hard and came home to a nice hot shower and a breakfast of oatmeal (I tried it with an egg in it - not bad -made it nice and creamy) and some fruit (a banana and peach) and milk. Mmm...
And now I wait with coffee for repair dude.
Do de doo de doo...

Doo de doo de doo...

Apparently that woman can spin too

The same lady who does the boot camp on tuesdays has a spin class thursday mornings so I dropped in for it and holeywhackadoodlepoof. It was a tough one! She's more my level of fitness than the other spin and sculpt person...good to know there is alternates for things to do when I get bored of the "usual" or want a change like this morning. I just have to watch the stand up sit downy portions and not do it too much to aggravate Mr. Rightgrumpeeknee and all is well. I feel proud after working hard like I did this morning. I mean -I did it! No turning the dial resting. Go me. :)

I'm feeling pretty good about things...I feel like I'm recovering from the holidays a bit. I'm really making an effort to be under control with my food and drink enough water (not just live on coffee and diet coke. ahem.) I'm relearning what it feels like to be full. It takes me about 20 minutes after I eat to feel full, so I need to watch portions and wait. If I'm still hungry after an hour there are lots of things like apples and hummus I can have to top me up that last bit. It seems that mostly when I think I'm still hungry after a full meal a lot it's just being thirsty. It's strange how easily old habits come back... :)

I was teased by the bus driver this morning when I got on the bus...said he'd make sure I got off at the right stop today. And, so I did...all was good.
Just a quick pop in to log this morning's workout. And so, another day another molecular signalling transfer. I must be off to Sciencetown.
Have a great day everyone :)

Note to self: do not get lost in a book while on public transit...

I learned today why it is important to pay attention to the world around you .
It turns out that there is construction starting today on campus where I work, so the bus I take in the AM, instead of turning into campus as usual, drove along the main road in front of campus and had a few alternate stops instead. I read on the bus sometimes and know that when the bus turns in to campus I have 1 stop to get my junk together to get off at the physical activity building where I work out. Problem was - no turn into campus today...and I looked up from my book (A Visit From the Goon Squad) this AM to realise I'd just gone past campus and was now out on the freeway, heading northeast.
Luckily, the bus goes every 10 minutes in the mornings, so I could get off at the first stop available, then cross the road and wait for the returning bus and get in to the gym to workout only 10 minutes behind schedule, feeling rather silly and chastised.
I finished my book tho! :)
I still got in 90% of my planned workout. I cut back on a few lunges and a set of crunches, but I still got in nearly all of Workout A with my abfest. Then I hopped on the arc trainer for 25 minutes of sweating on an interval program. I haven't been on it in months and it was nice for the change...I love it and it's tempting to use it more often but I know my knee will argue with me if I do so. It felt good today to do something a bit different - I went full out and burned 250 calories...and now I'm in to work as usual and ready for another which I will try and pay better attention :)
Later taters!

Avoidance tactics 101

Last night was an elaborate procrastination attempt by yours truly. I did eventually force myself to get some solid work done but I wasted a few hours doing everything *but* work...silly I know. But sometimes I just can't focus. I finally did, and then wished I'd gotten to it earlier as I had to quit at about 10:30 as I was tired enough I knew I'd make mistakes if I kept going...I will learn eventually. I am the queen of procrastination! :)

This morning was boot camp madness. Bwaha.
Ah that lady is lovely...she made me sweat. I actually got a stitch in my side at one point...that hasn't happened in a while! My shoulders and abs have that fuzzy feeling they get when you use them a lot. I feel rather invincible at the moment.
Yes. Success.
So I must be off. So very much to do.
Have a great day :)

Old friends

An old friend from high school was here to visit this weekend. It was so nice to catch up with her and just talk out on the deck, sipping wine, getting to know her kids a bit. I love when you can meet up with people and talk and it's like the years just fade away :)

I had honestly planned on having on my own homemade bootcamp saturday, but after my friend's memorial service I was feeling rather introspective, so I spent time with J instead...and don't regret it a bit. I know where my back yard is - I'll just have to make another date with myself for *this* saturday.

This am, despite my late night visiting, I was up and in to work out. I did my workout A with abfest and HIIT biking. I have a healthy lunch and supper for today which is's gonna busy one. I didn't do as much as I should have on the weekend what with visiting with T and J and I spending some time together at Folkfest and then working hard at making a serious dent in house cleaning before T and her kids came (noone should know how we live! :) ). It was all things that really needed to be done...and now I can work without looking around at things I will feel I should stop working to hopefully tonight will be a productive night school wise.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Have a fantastic day OK :)

Friday finally

This morning at the gym I really pushed myself but it didn't seem like I was working as hard. You know how some days your heart rate just doesn't go up as much as it normally does? Yeah. Like that. I know I worked hard tho and I feel good...I came in to do my workout B plus abfest plus 28 minutes of HIIT biking (which right now is 2.5 minutes fast biking + 30 sec sprint biking over and over again...). I am working on making the non sprinty intervals shorter...I'll get there. It's a great workout.

Tonight we are going to Folkfest, a multicultural event in the city with lots of pavilions from many countries with displays and food. I'm trying to be good with a healthy breaky and a small lunch to give myself a little space tonight...I will do my best to not blow the hard work of the past few days. I will try. I turned down workplace pizza for a healthy lunch yesterday so I know I have it in me. I've decided that when I indulge it's for things I really want. Lame Pizza Hut pizza didn't make the cut. I'm not sure if I'll be able to turn down some of the international goodies tho :)

This weekend I want to try boot camp in my back yard, or down by the river, but we'll see what life lets me get away with. I have a funeral to go to and errands to run and lots of MSc work to I need to really buckle down and get back to the crazy worky life I was in before holidays.
I don't wanna!

Burpees are forever

Heh heh...this morning a coworker just asked me what a burpee was so I dropped and did one right there to show her.
Just like that.
I used to not even be able to do one non-girly one.

Do the reptile baby!

This morning I was tired - how tired? Well, I banged my shin into the door on the way to the kitchen. Ow. Heh. Yeah...I *did* wake up tho. I had to go outside into the rain to get to the bus :). Despite that, it was a good morning. At the gym I just felt like giving it my all...and was full of energy. I did my workout A, using a slightly higher platform for my step ups than normal, with some HIIT biking plus I added in 3 sets of 10 reptile butt lifts from the Aug 3 Bodyrock workout. They looked cool and I wanted to try them out. I used a bosu ball for it...had to find a wall so I didn't slide and tip over :)

My friend Rachel sent me a link to this bootcamp - she wants to figure out how to do the crazy crawling pushups on it. Me? Yes. Thing is, after watching it I totally want to do the whole damn bootcamp this weekend. They list off things to do for it...and now, so help me, I want to go out in the sun and might kill me, but man. It could be so. freaking. awesome. The thing I loved about running was being outside...and this would give me that.
Cuz I totally want to know how to do those weird crawly pushup walks too :)

Just let the nice lady tell you what to do

I was feeling moogy this AM...all PMSish and lazy, so I dropped in on the spin and sculpt class so I wouldn't just laze around and pick at things at the gym. It was a good workout...30 minutes spinning plus 30 of mat work and weight work. After boot camp it seemed tame, but it was definitely a solid workout and much more than I would have done left to my own devices. It could have been a bit harder actually...but today - it was good for me. What I needed.
I just wanted to log this and say hi before I run off...must be off - full day of labwork today!
Later taters...

Das boot

I did boot camp again this morning.
Oh lordy...that woman is good. After a 5 minutes warmup she leads us through three 9 minute cycles of 30 seconds of different things...from lunges to skipping to football shuffles to burpees...yeah you get the idea. In the 2 intervals in between those intervals she does upper body arm weight/pushup/strengthening sets...then finishes it all off with some ab/plank stuff and stretching. Brutal...yet fun. Every week is a bit different.
It's crazy but I am loving it. The thing is - it's only 30 second if I am hating a move, or am having trouble keeping up with it, it's *only* 30 seconds. I can do anything for 30 seconds. :)

And so...after a shower and breakfast and coffee I admit to being strangely stiff in many places. I know I worked hard. It feels good to push myself. Today is another day.
Here's to another great day :)

And I'm learning that I wouldn't want it any other way...

"You're like a baby, I'm like a cat
When we're happy we both get fat..."

Lyrics to describe my life!

Lovely weekend. There was much relaxing and indulging. We had a fondue and fruit meal for supper...a lovely evening nibblefest as we spent the evening together. Lychee martinis and free evening with my J. Lovely :)
Saturday we relaxed, saw a movie and I made some lemon crepes for breakfast...I haven't made crepes in years. J and I had to work for most of the rest of the weekend, which was a bit more sane food wise...I have learned lately just how entrenched I have made food with happiness and celebration. In the future I need to figure out how to temper the celebration with healthy choices. I'm getting better but there is still more to go if I'm going to keep maintaining. I am sure that this weekend I have not made any dent in my efforts to recover from my holidays but as far as anniversaries go - lovely.

I did penance this morning. Workout A plus my abfest and HIIT biking at resistance 4. Nice and sweaty. Now, a full day of science and jumping back into my research. It's a new day to be good to myself and others. I feel great :)
Have a great day!

"But I don't tend to worry 'bout the things that other people say
And I'm learning that I wouldn't want it any other way
Call me crazy but it really doesn't matter"

strange day yesterday

Yesterday was a strange day. Someone I know had a heart attack. They didn't make it.
It made me glad to know I'm looking after myself. My friend who left the earth wasn't in terrible shape, but he was a bit overweight and smoked occasionally. Makes me wonder if he'd done things differently if he'd still be here.
I'll miss him. I can't imagine how his wife is feeling right now...

Last night I tried my hand at baked falafel and homemade tzatziki made with fat free sour cream and some quinoa bean salad- success. Definitely. I have the rest for lunch to day. Yum. I am also currently obsessed with the cherries that are in season right now. I've never really had fresh cherries before. Man...I was missing out ! :)

Spent the evening with a friend...was encouraged at seeing his incredible joy for life and have enjoyed watching his creativity blossom lately (he's a very talented musician). Seeing people take joy in their abilities is a very beautiful thing.

And today I am's my 11th anniversary. Tonight J and I will just relax and spend the evening together. It's been a long busy week and we've seen very little of each other in it. Tomorrow is another day together as well. I can't grand plans. Just together... :)

This AM I was up and in to do my workout A, 29 minutes on the bike and my abfest. I am feeling really good. I have been focusing today and yesterday (since the news of my friend's passing) to be very mindful of my life. To take in things. Experience them and not just let them flash past as I busily go about my day.
It has driven home to me how very blessed I am.

And this song? It's been almost on permenant repeat on my iPod last night and this morning.
It is...lovely.

Later taters :)

I feel na na na na na na!

Well yesterday was a better day. Having one whole day of reasonable eating and fitness is encouraging. Here's hoping today is another one...I thought I'd lost the use of my Mac with iTunes yesterday and was feeling very rantish, but I managed to revert to older versions of software and things that work on my ancient Mac laptop and it seems all is OK again. Between that and cleaning the house a bit I didn't get a lot of schoolwork done, but it is what it is...having music and podcasts is a very important part of my sanity with all the busyness in my life - I couldn't concentrate on anything else until I'd fixed it...luckily it was fixable.

And so after a glorious night of sleep, this AM I was up and in to work out, doing Workout B with 2 sets of 10 burpees and 30 minutes of sweaty biking at resistance 5. I am wondering if I should go back to HIIT biking at a lower resistance...any thoughts??
Today is looking to be a good one.
I feel na na na na na na!
Later taters :)

has anyone seen my spine?

Seriously people. I have no willpower lately.
Yersterday I had a great day workout and food wise until supper. My hubs got free passes to a press promo meal for the local Exhibition Fair that started up this week...where there was free food and beer. I didn't eat everything badly, but honestly? I could have done better. I didn't need 2 beer. The food wasn't good for you either (mostly glorified delicious fried fair food...sigh). The only "veggies" available were waffle potato fries or mixed veggies drowned in italian dressing...and there were corn dogs people - delicious corn dogs. I will say that I only had a bite of a corn dog tho - which I am proud of...because I *love* corn dogs. I could have had more...and I kept the fried to a minimum in my vain attempt to stick to my healthy diet plan...then a few bites of donut for dessert...*sigh*.
Try as I might I cannot convince myself a chili cheese dog is a healthy meal.
I am frustrated with myself. If this were one off day it would be no biggie...but I've been having odd days a lot the last month...and I can feel it. I dislike having to be attentive to the amount of food that I eat. Grr.

This AM I broke my once a month on the scale rule to find I am still 4 or 5 Lb above when I went on holidays the beginning of July. I'm sure some of it is salt ...and I know it isn't the end of the world, but I'm never going to get back down there if I keep this up. I don't want to let things get out of hand. It's frustrating. So frustrating. Truth is, I really need to work on my self discipline. The whiner in me wants to give up...but I won't. I deserve better.

So this AM is another do over. Reboot. I was up and in to workout my workout B with abfest and 28 minutes on the bike. I ache in odd places from yesterday, but I did my entire workout. And I also packed a healthy breakfast and lunch. Again.
Today will be better.
Yes it will.

Open letter to Boot Camp Lady

Oh crazy boot camp instructor lady: you nearly killed me this morning...but I think I love you. Thanks for the hour of sweaty body work and the low impact options for wonky kneed people like me. I ache beautifully. :)
I am definitely making this my regular tuesday morning thing.
Bwaha :)

Some things never change :)

I was talking with old friends this weekend...and I forget how different I look now.

At the request of a friend, in honour of my 20 year high school reunion this past's a little 20 year flashback action (and evidence of my lifelong obsession with penguins...). Yup it's lil' ol' me back 20 years ago in Grade 12:

Aaaaaaand, me now:
He hee... time flies when you're having fun :)

Music to feel nostalgic to: Do You Realise? by the Flaming Lips

Lets do the time warp again

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY really don't want to go back to working on my MSc.
Just had to get that off my chest.
Had a fantastic weekend. Everyone that came to the reunion was great - lots of just hanging out and visiting. There was only about 15 of us from my class (and only 3 of us girls) so it wasn't too big. We had BBQs and picnics and a school tour but mostly time to just hang out and catch up. I was worried it would be an "impress the people" weekend but it wasn't at all. Just catching up on people who were genuinely still nice people and who I wanted to talk with. One of the guys has 10 children they are all amazing. I ended up getting to stay with my friend's parents, who are my second family, and got in some nice visits with them too. A great weekend. Strangely, a lot of people gained weight over the last 20 years while I shrunk. It was odd...It felt good to be healthy. I tried not to be smug about it. Much.

This morning? Well. I feel chubby. Moogy. It's mostly moping from the whole fog I'm in about having to go back to work and dive into my MSc again on top of everything else I need to catch up on after holidays, but I'm going to try my best to be good food/exercise wise to try and shut that muttering voice up in the back of my mind. Kick those last few pounds I put on over the holidays. I was in this AM to work out and I have healthy meals, so we'll see how today goes.
Hope you all had a great weekend.

road trip!

Ah - I was up stupidly late gathering things, packing up a baby gift/birthday gift for my nephew and his new little boy and packing for my reunion. I found a nice little sweater and some Dr. Seuss books for my new great nephew (man that makes me sound old...) and want to get them in the mail along with a birthday card and one of the last jars of my Mum's jam (my nephew's fave) before I get busy and they are stupidly late. Still got up this AM and after an apricot I was in for Workout B and my abfest and 28 minutes on the bike. I've found fruit is OK before a workout and it gives me a little extra oomph when I can fit it in...I'm learning what I can eat pre-workouts. I checked the gym scale on my monthly weigh in and I'm a little reassured - I have only 3 Lbs left to return from my holiday splurges...I can do that. August will whip me back into shape.

Now it's a morning of work before I head out back to my old stomping grounds for the weekend. I'm so curious to see what everyone has been up to the last few decades. I'm planning on doing my best to not be shy and just visit and try and catch up with people. There will only be about 20 of us plus families so I'm sure I can be a social animal for a few days...I refuse to clam up and slide back into the old shy self conscious me...that isn't *me* anymore. :) I'm really looking forward to a nice visit with the parents of one of my closest friend's - they were/are like second parents to me and they still live back where I went to high school. Here's hoping for a nice weekend of visits...I think I will enjoy driving on my own, blasting tunes and singing to myself in the car :) J will hold down the fort while I'm gone...

Hope you all have a great weekend


My name is Geo and I have a Dim Sum problem.
My boss took us out for Dim Sum yesterday...and I didn't go nuts, but I certainly showed little restraint. I enjoyed it. But this indulgence thing has to stop.
I need to really refocus more on what I eat and not overindulging as much. It's been happening a lot lately and if I want to shake the 5Lb I put on over the holidays I need to be more diligent. I refuse to let things creep up slowly by snacking myself into oblivion. I will do more. Better. It's easier to rebound to 5 Lb than try and tackle 10 or 15...

Exercise wise, I'm proud tho. This AM I was up and in for Workout B with 30 minutes on the bike. A nice sweaty workout and healthy meals for the day and I feel ready to go. Every day is a do over and I'm making today count.

I'm *still* stiff from yoga today in my's odd. My thumb is also stiff from peeling 20 lemons last night. I started some limoncello up. Yummers.

20 years?

Well...I guess I did do a thing or two yesterday in yoga - I have muscles in my hips, shoulders and arms that are letting me know about it :)
This AM I was up and in for Ye Olde Workout A plus 28 minutes on the bike and my abfest. I was sufficiently sweaty after. Protein shake and banana and breakfasty yogurt/granola/fruit in me and I do believe that myself and a cup of Java are going to do a little DNA methylation studying and data crunching to get things going upstairs in the old grey matter before I jump into the labwork with both feet today.

I am getting excited and weirded out - it's my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. Other than feeling slightly old, I'm looking forward to it. Most of the people who are coming I really want to catch up with, and I'm ready to catch up with people. Mainly, because I'm just not that self conscious anymore...I mean I'm a fit healthy scientist. The pudgy shy awkward me from high school is just not me anymore...oh yes I'm still the biggest nerd around, but that just makes me more lovable!
I've got Brains baby - what's not to love about that?

Oh Yeah, I'm cool :)

Change Places!

This morning I came in and thought I'd finally drop in on the tuesday AM boot camp class they have...for something new.
Aaaaaaand as it turns out it was cancelled, and in it's place there was a bikram yoga class...harrumph. BUT, since I've always wanted to try yoga and feel like I have enough strength now that I wouldn't fall over, I stayed. Turns out I was the only one in the class, being a holiday weekend. In the past it mught have made me feel awkward, but it was kind of nice. Noone to feel nervous around and I got a lot of correction on my poses.
So, yeah - I did my first yoga class. It was challenging and cool to see what I could do with my body, and I was inwardly pleased that I could hold some of the more advanced positions having not done anything before. The teacher complimented me on my strength/ability to hold some poses and that I was somewhat flexible, which was nice to hear. Many yoga poses are rediculously hard to hold.
I enjoyed it, but I can't get over the feeling like I slacked off. I am used to being drenched in sweat at the end of a workout and pushing myself physically - this was a different animal all together. After this I know I used many muscles and got in some amazing stretching, but I have to keep my mind away from seeing yoga as less of a workout. I think I would go again, given the opportunity...but perhaps on an evening. I like the focused movements. Concentrating on my body and what it's doing - I dig that.
I will say - I feel very relaxed. Calm.
After a nice weekend with my husband seeing Fringe plays and relaxing together it is a nice way to start a week. :)

Successful experiment I think :)