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So far so good.

Day 2 - on point. Yay me.

Yesterday we ate healthy and I avoided snacking while watching Snowpoercer, which is some good apocalyptic sci-fi if you're into that sorta thing. Walked to and from work and had a great day.

This AM I crawled out of bed by 6 and did all my over physio/basic workout exercises. 2 sets of 15 of the following with 5Lb weights:
sumo squats
front lunges
side lunges
donkey kick backs on your hands and knees
ball passes (hands to feet)
bicycle crunches
dumbell ab rows
bicep curls
overhead extensions
tricep extensions
bent rows
T side lift and front lift with straight arms

I forgot chest flys, but since I should be easing into it I'll add those thursday. My thing is actually did it. It was a nice, if mosquioto laden, walk to work with some granola, fresh yogurt and  my friend's yummy apricot compote for breakfast. Nom. I have a healthy lunch and I'm on it. Oh yes. Lets see how today goes shall we? :)

And now -a woman prances and shreaks on a ladder for your entertainment

It was an odd weekend. Friday after work I managed to lock myself out of the house (forgot my key) and J had moved the spare key so I had the swingingest friday ever -hung out in the yard with my dead cell phone (yup - couldn't even call someone to come visit me...) and used my new fire pit for 4 hours until J got home from work. I did some yard work and collected a bunch of deadwood in the hedge and had a nice bonfire...eventually went for a stroll to the local Tim Hortons for a sammich and tea when my stomach started to growl. Relaxing but silly evening. Tried to make the most of it. I love bonfires and it was a beautiful evening so I admit, it was pretty nice for the most part...if a bit dull.

Saturday I helped a friend paint his deck and sunday I decided to attack the spider infestation on my house. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. This year there were more webs on and around  my house than I've ever seen and they kept growing over the last month to the point wh…


Well...I worked out twice this week. Not too stellar. Better than nothing BUT I need to do better. I was embarrasingly stiff the day after the bunny hill workouts...heheh. The main problem? Staying up too late. A friend is in town visiting and I'm still sort of on holiday hours so getting up 30-40 minutes early to workout hurt...I need more sleep than I used to and I'm learning. I can be boring and go to be early and workout and feel good or I can be tired and cranky. We ate out twice this week too which didn't help. I tried to be healthy about it, but and Thai food? Nom. Yeah. I have to work on that. And so I will. Each week is a new one :)

This weekend will be interesting. I was gonna be on my own while J worked out of town but his gig was cancelled so he's only doing a bit of work in town. I'm helping a friend paint their deck but other than that it's wide open. There is an event tomorrow night wiht some good music that I might hit up and see, but…


We're getting a new fridge!!! I am way too excited about this. Humor me. Our old fridge is about 25 years old and we've saved up for a new one for a while. We've been waiting for it to die...and it just won't, so when we went out to look for options this weekend the one we were interested in was $1100 off so we decided that we'd just go for it. J is over the moon at the thought of endless cold water and ice on demand. I am happy at the thought of an inner chiller drawer for beer and wine. Everybody wins...well except maybe my dad who has agreed to help us install it... :)

Because (of course) there is one issue  - it is wider than our current small fridge. OK honestly all fridges are except for itty bitty, some work is needed in the kitchen so it will fit. When we replaced our furnace we made our chimney obsolete and capped it under the roof when it was replaced so the corner part of the kitchen wall to the right of where the fridge is now where the chimne…

The tortoise and the hare I've been lazy most of the summer lapping up the holidays and eating whatever I please with a few beer thrown in for good measure. And so my pants are tight. Ahem. we go with getting back to health again. I'm well healed up enough to ease back into workouts in addition to my walking to work daily so as of today I've started back to working out to rebuild my strength again. I'm focusing on the introductory Bunny Slope workouts from Zuzka Light's website. They are basic getting back to fitness workouts for complete beginners and about 20 minutes long  - so a good start for this sort of thing. A slow work up will be a bit frustrating for me BUT it will be absolutely critical to keep lymphedema at bay. After a month or so of this I'll move up to some other workouts that are a bit more intense but other than walking I am very out of shape what with surgery recovery and then general laziness for a few months. After a few weeks I might get back to my…

The Kootenays

Well...I'm back in the big shiny world again. I admit I'd still rather be on holidays but I had a great time and feel pretty amazing. I picked up an annoying sinus infection on the first part of my holiday from all the dust in the air at the festival we went to but what can ya do. We still had 4 glorious days of hiking in the Kootenay National Park and it was beautiful. The festival was fun and I got to hang out with old friends in the sunshine and dance all night, but the holiday after with J was really what I was waiting for.

We set up base in a cozy little motel and set out for so many amazing hikes into a number of mountain lakes, waterfalls, a few canyons and even a 5 K hike up to a glacier (my favourite!). It was beautiful...

We averaged about 18Km a day of glorious foresty mountainy adventure. We got to soak in the Radium hot springs a few times in the evening after long hikes and went out to a nice german restaurant for our anniversary for a posh meal and some wine.…