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Please stand by


Finally a day off...mostly

I confess to being very busy all last week and then finally relaxing sunday and sleeping away a lot of it. I was exhausted. Starting the winter hibernating you might say. I had to work saturday and then sunday was the walk to raise money for Alzheimers in the early AM. I think I walked about 3K, but there was no concrete distance for it...just walk for about an hour around a track, and not at any kind of a fast pace or anything. I *did* get to jump up and down in the giant inflatable jumping house with my 3 year old niece - THAT was AWESOME. I haven't done that in years and I must say - if you get the shot do it. It's fantastic. I havent' laughed so much in ages...:)

Sunday I relaxed and made culinary disasters. I made squash bread, but the squash I used for some reason was bitter so the 3 loaves of delicious looking bread I made actually taste bitter - like they are made of turnips. Boo. Then I tried out an old recipe that sounded good, but really was just a giant salty di…

Firm, yet achy. Stiff, yet nimble

I am stiff my friends.
Yes it is true.
Last night at class we worked hard. Lots of shimmying with combination moves: shimmy with hip circles. Shimmy with hip slides. Shimmy with various arm movements. After a while I was getting reasonably good at doing multiple things at the same time, but it's sort of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.
I've also gotten more practice at snake in the basket circling hips, chest and head with my arms over my head like a genie...looks cool, and I'm getting reasonably less comical as I go.

Tonight I'm helping someone paint...if my muscles don't revolt on me. I'm getting less stiff than I used to from this, but in different places now. Joy. It is encouraging though, as I am building muscles. I can not only see the tone, but I can do more, and I have more control over my movements now.

Plus it's fun.

I sure could use a nap though :)
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. I have to work saturday and have…

Riding on the Losermobile

My husband had a nickname for the bus in high school - "the losermobile". As soon as he could have a car, he saved up and got his license and drove around. Needless to say he'd rather walk than take the bus.

Me? Not so much. Don't mind it at all. Even tho I lived in a small town, there was a bus into the "city" every morning and home every evening so I could do without a car to go see a movie or go shopping. I took the greyhound bus on long trips and city buses to school...or I walked. I actually didn't get my license until I was 21 - when I needed it to drive for a landscaping job I'd gotten that summer. It just wasn't necessary - I worked around it. I tried to live near where I worked, or made sure I could bus where I needed to go. I didn't shun my car - I just found I didn't need it very often. Even now, I don't drive much, as J needs the car as he works early, before the buses start, and we have a bus that gets me to work faster t…

Chicka chicka!

Last night I had my first bellydance class of the spring session. I had to go on a bus adventure to get there but it was worth it. The intermediate/conditioning class was cancelled due to lack of people, so we all lumped in to the beginner class...our instructor is still as great as I remember her. She's changing her approach this term from learning a routine to concentrating on moves and form, but that 's fine with me. I need the methodical practice to get some of my moves down better. The new group of ladies are wonderful - all shapes and ages, 16-62! And the instructor is giving us girls who've taken a few courses before more complicated combos of moves the other girls are just learning to keep us challenged. I like it already...

I'm still going thru the solo and other routines as often as I can...nearly got the moves down for the solo now too- wohoo! After class, as I waited, all suited up in my snow gear last night to go home I danced away and practiced the routine…

Note to self: you are not a giant 6 foot muscle man

Yesterday I was in a hurry to ship back a large heavy box to a company and meet a pickup deadline. I had no cart for the box within any reasonable distance so I just carried it myself...lift with the knees...stagger arm carry...down two long halls...up 2 flights of stairs...and down the hall thru the door to the desk.
Today my arms and back are stiff from all that. It wasn't too heavy...just awkward and after that long of a carry, a strain on my beautiful arms and back. I was feeling the stiffness when I did my bellydancing last night. I did some extra stretching, but I still feel stiff in my back and arms.
You think I'd learn...but no.
Luckily no harm done...I'm still trying to get the moves for my solo down, now tht I've memorised the routines for the other 2 groups pieces. Anyone have any tips on proper snake in basket chest cirles? I look like a cougar trying to shake her can can to impress the young uns.
I still have a month to practice...thank god :)

Rated M for Mature

I think my taste buds are "maturing"

I'm starting to like some red wine, and a lot of things I used to like just seem bland or fake to me. Take ranch dressing: I recall a time when I would drown things in it, dip away, even use it in making cream sauce. tastes oily and bland and blechy...give me some homemade spiced mayo with chipotle or garlic anyday...or oil and vinegar...or curried sour cream. I can't eat Velveeta either...tastes like plastic.
I've found some tequilas I like, and have developed a fondness for some of the better scotches and bourbons. Still love a good beer, but no longer American lager. Weiss beers, Ales, Stouts...I'll take them instead.

I like mustard now...particularly the seedy Guinness kind.
Pickles? Yup...even on the odd sandwich. Horseradish too.
I'll voluntarily eat tomatoes and brussel sprouts when I'm in the mood for them...

What gives?
Either I've worn out some taste buds and new ones have jumped up to fill in the …

Then Captain Marvel zapped him right between the eyes...ah!

All the children sing...

I have weird and strange stiffness today. I did 2 hours of bellydancing last night. The cats kept trying to help by sitting on my notes, so I have choreography taped up all over the wall and mirror now, but I got a lot of practicing in. I'm starting to feel the coolness of my solo...I hope I can pull it off, as I *love* the music. Having my iPod to dance to is great...I can restart and skip around the song as I need to and J isn't forced to listen to the same song dozens of times...

I ended up stopping at 10 when I realised I wasn't doing proper hip circles anymore, as my muscles were just used more to give me. I couldn't practice proper technique I stopped and did some proper stretches on everything...except my arms. You don't realise how much you use your arms...until you wake up with aching shoulders at about 3 AM. Eep.
Note to self: stretch your arms...
I'm feeling good today. I have to register for spring bellydanc…

Hips Don't Lie...much

Practice practice....I'm getting to know a few songs really well.
My solo song is Ancient Ruins (link to song, but not me dancing it or my routine). The other group routine is TamallyMaak. Pretty songs and nice routines... No problem. Another group routine I'm not in is Brooklyn Baladi (again link to song, but not routine). It's a beautiful routine I wish I was in, but it's very tricky and I just don't have time.

But a song that I really am having issues with...that I must listen to over and over...and catch myself humming to myself is Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. The routine is fun and pretty, and the song has energy, but the gawdawfulharpish squeak of a song...that I must listen to over and over...and learn the lyrics for motion cues to. Ick. I've never liked this song when it was on the radio.
Yet so help me...the more I listen, the more fun I have...and I find myself starting to like it, despite my best efforts...

My mind rejects it...yet I am powe…

Procrastination 101

So here's the thing...back in November I agreed I'd be in a bellydance recital. I would be in 2 group numbers, and in a fit of insanity I said, "why sure, I'll do a solo too. And hey - given a choice between a short veil piece and a longer dance piece I'll take the longer one, as I like the music a lot more."

Heh heh.

Last night it occurred to me, that despite all my best efforts of thinking about rehearsing and dancing and practicing at home, I have, in essence practiced less than 5 hours total for this recital, not counting the group rehearsals twice a week. That is really sad...and so last night I panicked, realising that the recital is on valentines day...and that, my lovelies, is almost 1 small month away.

That's not a lot of days people

So last night my brain kicked in - I was on a mission...I went on iTunes, spent some of my birthday $$ and got the tunes I'll be dancing to, along with a Djinn album to practice other moves to. I was almost distracte…


Wella wella well.
Over the holidays I wasn't bad, but I confess to mostly hibernation, with breif stops for snacking and dancing. I did some renos, visited some friends, but mostrly read and putzed around doing as little as possible. Was this good for me? Mentally yes. physically, I don't think I'm in too bad a shape...maybe 1-2 Lbs up. Nothing to get excited long as I hop to it and be a good little fitster starting right away.
Now that the reality of life is here again it begins.
And I look forward to it. Sloth is nice, but I need to do things...I miss the feeling I get from workouts...and how I feel whenI eat well.
As of today I'm officially back on the