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Please help the nerd I'm going to admit something here - I have a sportswatch and don't know how to use it. Yup. I can (and have) extracted and sequenced parts of my own DNA, but cannot figure out the whole lap split function on my watch. And I want to know how to this summer.
I threw out the manual years ago when I got the I didn't run back then or think I'd want to use it then.

Why do I even have a watch with lapsplit and all that jazz then?'s like this: as a labrat I need a timer (the ones in the lab are always cacking out on me). I have a thing against purely digital watches, so I also want a face with arms...and a backlight...and an alarm (soI remember to take my pills). The backlight lights up the face of my watch for 5 seconds when I tip my watch towards...when running in the AM this is great, for me to see how much longer I must keep running in my 6 minute run/2 minute walk thing I like to do (not so great when developing x-ray film..…

Pucker up buttercup

Remember when you were little and you hurt yourself and your Mum would kiss it better?image source
Er...Yeah, that's not in the books at the moment...cuz, well, my butt is sore. My Mum loves me but even she has limits :) Yesterday I had gotten up and done my dance fusion workout - lots of lunges and squats...and then after work I went to my tribal class, where we did a lot of taximes and shimmys...again with the buttwork. Then my craptastic luck had my bus drive right by me after class, so I had a brisk 20 minute walk to the nearest mall terminal where I could finally catch another bus home at the end of the day. By the time I got home my thighs, butt and calves were just done...they had nothing left. IF I had a useful bathtub I would have just soaked for a while. As it was I did some stretching and went to bed. So of course this morning I popped out of bed at 5:10 and went downstairs to do my yoga belly dance DVD...and picked the drills with lots of hip circles, hip figure 8's an…

It's Over!

Well, the recital is over. It was possibly the longest recital in history (audio delays to start, and then some costume change delays...) but all the pieces went well, and my solo was fantastic. I was so pleased. Even the veil numbers went off pretty well. J recorded it all so I'll have a record of it for my parents who wanted to come but were down in toasty warm Nevada (lucky lucky...). Me hee...I am now officially a dancer :) As a bonus, my 2 sister in laws who came to see the show are curious about starting up the dancing too - that is very cool. The more the merrier! My one sister in law is on mat leave and looking for something fun to do to get back into shape and my other sis-in-law has a lot of health problems (she is a big girl) and I think moving more and feeling sexy is always a good thing :) I had a great time, and although I'll be glad to not have the crazy practice schedule I have had with the recital prep, I'll miss the girls in the group. I sti…

One more sleep

Well...the recital is tomorrow. Last rehearsal tonight.
I know my solo...hopefully I give it a bit of flair.
I'm so excited :)
Then? Two old friends will be in town. Then? I sleep and relax. It's been a crazy few weeks.
I need a nap :)

Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday was get home and run to of our last rehearsals. The stage in the gym is smaller than we're used to, so we've had to adjust a few things. Plus the veil numbers are still a gong show...hopefully a few more practiced will pull them together. We've only had written stuff to practice from (the audio file we were sent couldn't be opened by everyone) and for people like me with no veil training the words were just gibberish, so I may bring a camera just to record it so I can practice at home. It's our opening number so I don't want to botch it too badly :)
My instructor had 10 veils for her youth troupe that I had to serge after rehearsal last night. I got them done though...I was up very late doing that and gathering up all my kit for the rehearsal today, so I just slept in today. I'll get in at least 2 hours of dancing tonight, so it's not a concern.
Tonight is dress rehearsal...starts at 6. Heh. I have to pick someone up...and we'…

Nice weekend

Well this morning I was up and did my full yoga warmup and the drills for bellydancing. It felt good. It's less than 1 week until the recital.
I'm excited and a bit freaked out, but I have rehearsals 3 days this week and then class wednesday, so hopefully all that I crammed into my body and brain will somehow settle into place and we'll do great. I'm only in 3 pieces, plus the opening and closing bits, so I don't have as much as some of the more experienced troupe members...they're in 6 or 7 plus solos. Wow. I could have been in one more, but I'd backed out before as I didn't think I'd be able to learn 4 numbers by the original recital date. I probably could have learned it with the thing being moved ahead a month, but seeing as it's my first recital ever I'm pretty excited to just be doing this. I'm glad I signed up for my's made me concentrate and practice a lot. I don't believe I'd be half this far if I was …

owie owie owie

Heh, after doing stomach and arm drills in the morning, guess what we did in class? Yup. More of the same. Worked all 3 ab muscle groups separately...and upper and lower back.
Of course I pushed myself, and the muscles in my back and upper abs are still stiff today, tho not as bad as they were this morning or last night. I did get to do a run of my solo before the beginner class (a "sneak preview" of the recital) and I aced it...that felt good. The last time I did it I wasn't feeling well and I bombed's nice to know all the practicing has paid off. Last night I was so stiff that I actually sucked up to J to get him to rub my back a bit and used the hot water bottle on my back to ease out the stiffness...times like this I really wish I had a decent tub for soaking. Ours is little more than a puddle as the original owners put the overflow too low...not very therapeutic.
This morning I couldn't work out...too stiff. Sitting up to get out of bed was a vi…

They weeble and they wobble but they don't fall down

This morning I got up at 5:15 and did my yoga conditioning/bellydance drills DVD. The full yoga warm up is good - I had time for it today. It is 20 minutes and has a number of poses and transitions to build leg strength and balance. I'm still really wobbly, so hopefully I can keep getting myself up early enough to do the 10 minutes extra of the long warm up. The drills were challenging as always, and I can feel the muscle groups I used, but I can do more than last time...guess I must be doing something right. My tribal arms are looking pretty damn good, if'n I do say so myself. AND I can do shimmy's with height changes. Woot :)
Today I have a bellydance class after work. It should be fun. Wednesdays my class is right near my brother's house, so I get to pop in and see'd think living in the same city we'd visit more, but we're pretty much on opposite sides of the city, so I'm glad I have my classes near him - it's a great chance to visit at …

Movin on up!

Haloooooo there :)

This morning was good - I got up at 5:20 and did my dance fusion workout, stretched out and had a yummy bowl of pumpkin flax granola and some grapefruit juice for breakfast. So far I haven't skipped breakfast all month.
Last night I had a great tribal class (we drilled old moves and learned a new chest isolation and a move called the "choo choo"-hee hee) and then got in a good hour or so of dance practice after that when I got home, as well as catching up on some chores. Even rebooked my haircut for saturday.
AND...this morning I shovelled snow before I left for work too.

Image: Natalie Dee
Yes people.
It's true.
I am awesome.


PS...found an Irish saying that fits the greenness of the day:
One must pay health its tithe.

tobogan party

Did I work out today? (or yesterday?)
I did go up and down a toboggan hill about 200 times friday night tho. I'm sure our 4 hour toboggan party was a fantastic workout (I managed to come out of it bruise free! I can't say the same for some of my companions tho). I know I was really tired after...the rum and hot chocolate was *so* good...according to this website I would have burned over 1000 calories at this...I do believe it's not entirely accurate. That would be insane. Anyone know how many calories tobogganing really does burn? (just nerdily curious...)
This morning I was also lazy...I was up far too late and I gave in to the duvet this morning...yup, I caved and slept in. It felt great, but I am very guilty now. I will be doing some extra drills and practicing after bellydance class tonight to make up for it.
It's funny how the relaxed weekend schedule screws up my desire to workout. I felt rather bummed out as I had a haircut booked (which always gets me i…


Lat night I tried on my new lululemon workout pants (which they didn't hem right...too short. I figured free hem was too good to be true...??) They fit so nice.
I look hot. J was a happy guy.

I practiced my solo last night in them and a fitted choli. Nothing like being sexypants lady to make you feel good :) And I'm really grinding my solo into my's looking way more polished. Feeling rather good about the whole situation really...

Tonight is toboggan party - the last of the winter. I didn't work out this morning as I plan to run up and down the hill about 4 billion times...can't wait. My knees were protesting, so I thought I'd lay of al lthe shimmy twisting and give them plain old abuse from running around like a 5 year old...

Have a nice weekend!

So cold...

It was so hard to get up this morning. I was up late and it's been unseasonably cold as of late (new cold record temp yesterday...) so getting out from under the duvet is very hard. I'm always cold, and getting up to a cold house is never easy. Thankfully the cold snap is supposed to end this weekend and we'll be back to seasonal norms...I can finally (knock on wood) put my skipants away.
After a few snoozes, I managed to talk myself into it all this morning (thanks Mizfit for the topics on your blog this month - thinking of them gave me the final push out of bed). I went downstairs and had a go at the advanced drills on my bellydance/yoga DVD. They're pretty tricky chest and hip isolations. I'll have to work on them a lot. It felt good to work out...I'm building muscles in my legs and calves that I've not had before...hopefully I'll get stronger as I go. Now I'm just stiff... I didn't do them all with the most style and finesse, but it'll ta…

Good start, really

I got up at 5:15 this morning and did my Fusion dance DVD workout. It felt good...crazy I know. It was a bit easier this time - I think it's because I got lots of sleep last night...sometimes it comes in handy that J has to get up stupidly early for his me an excuse to go to bed early guilt free :)

There is another 20 minutes of cardio dance moves in the extended workout of the DVD...and I really want to do it, but it would mean I have to get up at 5. I skimmed through it on high speed after the cooldown this morning and it looks like fun. But, 5AM is early. It's' only 15 minutes difference...but if feels like hours...Even so, I think I'll try it next week on Wed and see how it goes. I don't want to skip the cooldown stretch part, and I know that's what I'll do if I get behind for time. Taking the bus to work sort of sets limits to when I need to be ready to walk out the door, and I can't be late. Annoying. I can't wait for the snow to me…

Bellydance DVDs are cool

I got up this morning and did some drills with my bellydance yoga DVD. I'm really liking this DVD-Contemporary Bellydance and Yoga Conditioning. I'm impressed with the quality and quantity of things included in it. It has a short or long yoga warmup and then 2 sets of drills, about 25 minutes each, going through basic bellydance techniques, focusing on the 3 main areas, arms, chest and waist and hips. There are even a few level changes. You go through the movement slowly and then speed up and drill it, doing it about 50 times, burning it into muscle memory. Then there is a 8 minute yoga cool down. On top of this there are two 20 minute sections teaching short choreography's that can be worked in to routines...haven't done those yet, just skimmed through them. Even the music is very mellow and suits what you're doing. It's jsut a whole lot for one little DVD.

On days like today when I hit snooze too many times I can do the short warm up and then go through basic …

Some new workout tunes

Well, my knees were sore so I took saturday off. Sunday, my husband was volunteering for Telamiracle (24 hour televised pledge drive) so I kept all manner of odd hours and didn't work out sunday either. We did eat well though, and I went out on the weekend to finally get myself a good pair of workout pants. I keep buying cheaper workout pants, and some of them are OK for yoga and bellydance, but when I try and run in them they fall down. Annoying (step step step yank up pants step step step yank up pants) to say the least. I splurged on a nice pair of reversible lululemon running/yoga pants. Pricey, but very good quality and comfy. AND they fit perfectly. For someone who is long waisted and short legged with a tiny waist and's hard to find workout pants that don't give me a muffin top or fall down. These fit nicely. I also love that they are reversible - cool waistband on one side and all black o the other. And free hem to perfect length (they cost e…

Practice practise do it again...

Another night of practicing. I went over my solo last night for an hour. Then the other 2 pieces I'm in a few times...I'm exhausting my muscles. Feels good.
I did some stretches and then was off to bed. Because it's another 3 hour rehearsal tonight I didn't work out this morning...I've noticed my knees are getting annoyed with me so I don't want to make them unhappy...I'll still practice a bit on my own at lunch tho. I vowed to practice my solo every day this month. That way if I still bomb on the day of, I tried all I could and will feel good about it all.
I just don't have the graceful flourishing arms I wish I's a learned thing I know, but I'm taking ages to learn it. I see people who've been dancing for 7 years and expect to be that good right away - silly I know.
I am getting better tho. For me, I tend to overdo moves and bounce about. I'm trying to be more precise and graceful.
Heh...if you know me you know graceful is not exa…

All you need is love

It's my parent's 49th wedding anniversary today.

I don't have much to say other than that (tho it is pretty cool :) ). I woke up today with a killer headache, so I didn't workout, but bellydance class last night was hardcore and I did some practicing after so I feel OK. The headache went away as the day went by, so that is good. I'll be doing some practice tonight, and hopefully my dance workout DVD tomorrow...along with recital practice. I'm looking forward to the recital, but I'll be glad when it's's sort of taking over my life at the moment and I'm neglecting other thing's I need to get done. Plus I'd like my friday nights back. The instructor picked friday nights as the hall was always free then...gee go figure? I can shake it like crazy tho - that counts for something :)

Hmmm...I just keep going back to 49 years.
That's a lot of years to love someone. :)

Creaky me

Last night I finally had some time to do some technique practice with belly dance. The tribal fusion/yoga DVD I ordered recently has over an hour of technique drills, broken into 2 sections. I did the warm up and first drill section and I must say - what a muscle workout: chest isolations and circles, tribal arms and hip shimmy's with level changes...over and over and over so you get the feel. I'm finally getting the proper stance, which makes the movements freer, but having a mirror is helpful. It allows you to see and focus on what should be moving and what shouldn't. THEN I practiced my solo 6 times. It's still ragged, but getting there. I've altered a few moves to ones that feel right, and am still working on memorising the moves I've assigned to the "improvise to the music" part of the solo...I'm not good enough yet to do that.
I watched the few performance pieces on the DVD and was blown solo is not even close to that cool...and a d…

Snake Charmer

This song is stuck in my head...especially after last night. My instructer was playing it while we did some drills...I like Bassnectar - he does good dance and dub music - I've seen him play sets a few times. He makes you shake your ass. :)

Tribal class was a blast. We put a bunch of moves together, with arm cues and drilled them. FOr some reason they just felt "right" and I got them right off...I had on my arm sleeves and scarf and yoga pants and top and I felt all sexy and swirly and just plain wonderful. We danced in groups, and (get this) the teacher let me lead one end of the class in the egyptian moves and turns. Considering my bombing of my solo on friday night, this was just the thing to boost my confidence.
I came home and attacked my solo, and hammered out the vague "improvisation" sections in the choreography so now I have moves to polish and study in stead of just trying to improvise them as the intrsuctor has there - I can do that fine at home, but i…


I crawled out of bed this morning at 5:20 and did my dance workout DVD. It was really hard to this morning...I kept getting light headed. You know that feeling when you stand up too fast? Yeah that kind of feeling. it was weird. I finished the workout and the cooldown too, but I did have to pause a few times until the sparkleys went away...I'm chalking it up to a very lazy weekend and having a few beer last night. Beer makes workouts really does.
Tonight it is tribal class, plus practicing my solo. I butchered it in front of the class on friday, and I realised how much work I have to do on it. The recital is at the end of the month, so I have to practice every day. I do not want to suck like I did at practice (it was embarrassing).

Off to the lab. Much to do. Bye :)