This morning was rain rain rain with gale force winds...I would have braved the rain but the wind was silly strong. I thought I'd go downstairs and use the elliptical or do a DVD but then I remembered - there's a sleeping guest bambino down there. I slept for a while. I'll have to work out when I get home. Not even a bike to work as there was rain...only by the time I got to work by bus it was sunny and warm.
I call shenanigans...

Where'd the time go?

Friday I did get out for my run, and the weekend has been busy. It's the Jazz Festival, and we've got company, so we've been out and about seeing shows and visiting. We had a big surprise party at our home yesterday, so that was hectic hectic, but in the end it went well...and we had a great weekend. Yesterday was particularly nice visiting and munching and relaxing on a sunny day, opening our home to friends and family.
I was so exhausted last night that I was giggling uncontrollably at random things by the time I had finished cleaning up after the party, and so I just slept in this morning...tomorrow will be up and run. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week, as wed is Canada day and friday is my EDO, so I'm thinking of taking off thursday as well to make a nice long weekend...I can't wait :)

Have a great day!

A place for everything and everything in it's place

No exercise today, as after work yesterday it was bike home and spend the next 6 hours organizing and decluttering and cleaning our house. Company is coming...AND we're hosting a big shindig on the weekend, so the house/bathroom/kitchen have to be *that* kind of clean...and we haven't really been home for days. Plus we got a lot of boxes and organising things when we were at IKEA over the weekend and are going hardcore to actually organise our lives. Scary I know...but it feels good. AND because my lovely J is doing the organising part it will actually be organised AND will stay that way as HE will know where everything goes.
We haven't done a lot of the headache inducing organizing yet - the computer area was moved and so all the stuff there has to be organised and moved to new locations, and J has to set up his studio down there...then there's MY room still rather full of clutter. J has promised to do a rush organising of the basement today, and then once company is gone we can actually get nitty gritty with all the shelves and books and such. It's contagious...
BUT we're doing it one area at a time and doing it thoroughly - and not skimping, not just tucking something away somewhere for later - this is hard core organizing of the likes of which we have never seen before.
I have a kitchen table - and my kitchen is GREAT now. The bathroom and bedrooms are good to go and the living room looks very spiffy (it needs a few pictures on the walls, but hey, it's organised :) ). It may take us all summer but by god we may someday soon have a house like normal people and be able to find things when we need them.
I rode my bike to work this morning in an attempt to skoosh in some exercise and I will run tomorrow...but by the time I went to bed I was so stiff and tired I just set my clock ahead. I needed it. As it is a squeaked into work just on time...

Running with my own personal drunken cheering squad

Ah yes...I got everything done yesterday on time and had a great popcorn supper at the movies. :) We ended up seeing Drag Me to Hell. If you like cheesy horror movies that don't quite take themselves seriously (like Army of Darkness) then go and see it - spooky and funny. Worth the 4$ at the cheap theater for sure!

This morning I was diligent and got up and went for a run. I've bumped up to 3.5 minutes run + 3.5 minutes walking 6 times. It was high school prom/last day of school yesterday and I ran by a group of kids still celebrating this morning down by the weir. They cheered me on as I ran by...made me smile.

Music to Run by drunken people to:
Bassnectar-Underground Communication
Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

Jump up jump around

Well I didn't run this morning. Why? Well I was in at work by 6:25. Yeah rediculous I know. I rode my bike here at least, but I'm not getting the fitness I'd like out of the day. Tommorrow for sure.
Right now I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting 2 days work in one to fix someone elses emergency which has somehow become my own.
Oh well, after work and then a meeting is done *then* I get to go out to a movie with friends...I think it's a cheesy one. Should be a fun time - I may even end up having (shh...don't tell anyone) popcorn for supper, as I don't think there will be time to eat before the film...
Mmmm...popcorn supper...what could be wrong about that? :P

Have a good day all :)

Music to slave away in the lab to:
Coldplay-Viva La Vida
Stars -Heart
Steve Burns - Songs for Dust Mites

Coldplay and some fishing

I've been away for a while, so no posting until now - off for a Coldplay concert and then up to the lake for a bit to visit the folks. Went fishing and the whole bit - it was nice. Nice to get away...and eat too much of my Mum's cooking.

This morning I got up and did my exerball DVD and hopped back into the insanity that is my life. Gotta run...just had to stop by.
Have a good day!

Fishing in the Rivers of Life - HEY!

This morning I was exhausted after my 15 hour work day (phew-longest day ever) so I slept in, but I did speed walk to work - a nice brisk 40 minute walk. It's already warm and only 8 AM, so I can only imagine how hot it will be today. Yesterday got up to 31 with some rain in the middle...I was actually glad to be in the lab - air conditioning :)

Last night at about 11:30 as I biked home from work I saw fireflies for the first time. They were all over the place - they were like little embers scattered over the fields by the river. Having never seen them before it was really special - J biked to work to meet me and as we biked home together we stopped a few times just to gape at them - J says he's never seen so many at one time before.
Just one more thing I'd never have seen if I wasn't out living life :)

Have a great day!

and yes that's Tammy Wynette in the Stand by the Jams video...AWESOME :)

Music to walk to work to: KLF - White Room

Shake shake shake that belly!

I had fun this weekend.
It was the annual Boogie Run - the original mini marathon that got me running a few years ago. The boogie run is a city wide fitness initiative - to try and get more people active - to just get moving. There are learn to run clinics all spring and you can walk or run 2K, 5K or 10K at the event. It's a lot of fun and I enjoyed it each year I have been involved-you even get breakfast and a tshirt. I've been at the running again this year, and could have done it this year - but I was humming and hawing about registering as I wasn't sure if we'd be here this year and it is $40, which I could use for something else and jsut go for a run on my own...we ended up being here this weekend after all, but it turns out my Bellydance troupe volunteered to dance at the 7Km point (for the 10K, 3K point for 5 K race) to cheer people on. They have groups every Km or so to cheer the runners/walkers on - it's a lot of fun and really keeps you going on the route.
So, this year Iinstead of running I went and danced with the girls. We were dressed up in full costume and had a stereo with tunes blasting and danced and cheered for 2 hours in the grass. It was great encouraging people - especially those near the end of the 10K run - they needed a boost and seeing them smile or crack up was a great feeling. Some of them started waving their arms and hips around as they ran by-so much fun! One old guy (looked about 75) who was walking ran up and spread his arms and exclaimed "to hell with the run - I'm staying here with you gals!" and danced with us for a second before he walked off grinning. We had lots of fun - we brought champagne and pomegranate juice and muffins. It was a gorgeous day...other than some sore feet and legs (2 hours is a long time to dance barefoot!) it went well! Seeing so many people of so many shapes and sizes out being active on a gorgeous day is so encouraging. I hope it was the start of fitness for some people this year!

It encouraged me to get more done about the house when I got home and then J and I went for a long walk in the sun to get a Booster Juice - almost got sunburned it was such a nice day out.
Good weekend over all I must say.
Totally off topic - I did feel a bit like a gatorade ad on sunday - I got my hair dyed on friday and the overdye of the highlights is still fresh enough to run - on sunday when I worked up a sweat dancing was sweating purple on the back of my neck...pretty wierd...

This morning I was pretty stiff so I didn't run but I did do my exerball DVD and have a good breakfast so I'm feeling rather spiffy. I have to stay late tonight at work (boo) to do work I was supposed to do saturday but couldn't (too long annoying of a story to get into here) but in the end I can bike home and relax.

Have great day all - I should get to it!

Music to jiggle to: "Shake that Belly”, from Boom Shinga Ling- Oojami

Friday again

I was out running again this morning. It wasn't quite so chilly, but a bit more challenging. Still 3 min run + 4 min brisk walk 6 times, with an extra minute run at the end. I was out late last night for a friend's birthday - movie and a few drinks (I'd highly recommend UP by the way - really fantastic film). It's always harder the next day after a few beer. This morning was a bit of a challenge but I did it, had a good breakfast and biked to work. Tonight after work I'm getting my hair cut and coloured - can't wait. The red chunks in it are quite faded out and my style has grown out a bit shaggy(haven't had a cut since end of april) so I'm due. Looking forward to it - I found a guy who costs a bit more than my buddy who used to do it for cheap, but he's very me it's worth it - new hair always makes me feel fine.

Gotta go - stuff calls. :)
Music to run to: Chemical Brothers - We are the Night

And...for some reason I've had this song in my head all morning...
Inane but it is in yours too! Bwahaaaaa...

Thursday Thursday...sometimes it just turns out that way

This morning I slept in and it was lovely. I had an extremely long day yesterday - up at 5:30 and not in bed for any real sort of slowing down until nearly midnight. I was going to get up and workout this AM, but I slept instead, as I have a very complicated experiment to do today, and need to be in top form. I woke up at 5:30 and nearly tripped going to the bathroom and then had an asthma flare up, so I thought....sleep would be a good thing and went back to be for an hour. And I was right - feel great! I rode my bike to work, so I feel as though I'm doing a bit...
Yesterday was a day of healthy food and much accomplishments. Good.

Today I'm going out with J for supper and to see Up in 3D, which will be great...I'm looking forward to it. Then omorrow is up and running again. :)

Have a great evening everyone!

The Fog...starring Geo

This morning was a marked improvement over yesterday. I was woken up by two insistant critters who wanted their food (don't ask me why they won't let J feed them...) so I was up on time and out for a run by 5:30- 3 min run + 4 min walk 6 times...with an extra minute run on the end, just cause it felt good.
This morning was beautiful - days like this remind me what I'd be missing if I just rolled over and went back to bed and slept through the workout. It was about 0 degrees, but the sky was crisp and there was a fog filling the valley - you couldn't see more than 20 feet ahead of you and the other side of the river was enveloped in mist...kind of like a spooky movie. As the sun peeked over the hill and started to warm things up the mist slowly sunk downwards and by the time I turned back home at the halfway point it was thin layers of tentrilly fingers on the river's surface, just thin enough to see the geese and pelicans through it. As I headed up back to the house in the final stretch, the mist was almost gone and the river was sparkling and shining in the sunshine. An hour later when I hopped on my bike to head to work the mist was gone - clear blue sunny sky, with sparkling dew on everything.
This morning I had a great stretch out and breakfast but I'm honestly excited about my lunch. I have a "brown bag training session" today (business talk for "hey come work over your lunch hour and bring your own lunch too - we're not made of money ya know") so I figured I'd make the best salad ever...spinach and tonnes of veggies with some cheese, sunflower seeds and a can of drained tuna. I got this great little salad container a while back that holds about 1L and has a little bulb in the lid that holds about 2 oz of salad dressing so you can add it right before you's full of low fat greek dressing right now. Yum. Perfect for a big salad. The critters and I snuck a bit of tuna as I put it yummy.

Well, I should be off to the lab - lots to do :) Have a fantastic day!

LATER - seriously-the best lunch ever. A lot of people at the meeting who were "too busy" to bring their lunches kept up eyeing up mine. I just smiled and munched good that I'll be doing this at least once a week for lunch I think.

food fix

Image Source
Does anyone else find that if they have breakfast - specifically cereal for breakfast that by lunch they could gnaw their arm off?

Cuz for me...that is the case. I am MORE hungry when I eat cereal for breakfast than when I don't. I'm not sure if it's because my metabolism is ramped up ,or if the carbs in the cereal are mucking with my bloodsugar. I'm going to try out something next week as a test - complex carbs like oatmeal, or more protein like eggs and oh, say an omelette or something. How long can it take to scramble an egg? I'd go all out and make poached eggs (my fave) but then I'd need some toast, so that kind of mucks with that one... I'm trying to figure out how to keep the food monster at bay.

I for one crave carbs...and occasionally salt. And it's been an up and down few days with food. Today, in the light of day I'm trying to look at what I eat and see if my diet is sabotaging my diet...if you know what I mean. To see if what I eat at meals is wrong - maybe I need more protein? I just don't know. Last night was a long stressful emotional day, which ended up OK in the end, but I found winding down very difficult after it all. J was in bed silly early after a long day prepping for another 14 hour day today at work...while I solved my annoying problems and then tried to calm down and unwind. I just couldn't (rare for me) so I went for a drive to do some errands and came home...and I'm annoyed to say that when I came in and got settled that I looked for something to entertain myself...and that I was craving food. I was/am/hope to someday not be an emotional eater. Sometime I crave it to comfort me. Last night was definitely one of those times...
Now, more often I can ignore it as I know it's just my emotions. I had made a healthy meal of chicken/veg curry and rice for supper so I knew I'd eaten enough, but I still needed something. I tried water...nope. Tea...nope. Finally I popped open one of my 80 calorie packs of rice crackers and dipped them in a few spoonfulls of salsa...which finally killed the cravings...mostly. When my mind is racing I find I cannot calm it down. I should have exercised or done something physical to focus on something else, but last night I just couldn't find what I needed... and the food medicated me. It really did.


I finally gave up and went to bed, but still laid there for a while trying to cool off my brain before I finally slept. This morning the sleep in due to no alarm and being behind on a rainy day brought annoyance, bit not the same thing. That's gone...I've been a good eater today. Tonight will be something healthy...I don't feet "it" like I did yesterday. Whatever "it" is...

Once again I'm faced with this fact: I need to figure out a substitute for this food thing. It now happens far less than it ever did before, but still - I often feel as though I can't keep a hold of myself...that food can make me feel better. That's WRONG. I'm not talking about just wanting a little something...I'm talking about expecting food to fix something. To actually make me feel better.

It just can't...any suggestions? How do you deal with this sort of thing?


Well my alarm didn't go off this morning, so I did well getting to the bus in the rain on time. I am tired...but perhaps I'll work out when I get home. At the moment I could just go right back to bed.

Reunited and it feels so good :)

I finally got out for a run this's been too long. The weather has been rather craptastic this spring, but it's finally up above zero in the mornings so I psyched myself up to go out stopped raining by the time I left, so it was chilly but nice. I ran 3 minutes and walked 4 minutes 6 times. I'm hoping to add 30 seconds to the run part every week until I'm up to run 5 walk 2 and then stick with that, adding reps of the run/walk thing. My knees are happier when I do that. It was a beautiful morning out...birds everywhere, and zillions of gophers. So glad to be back out there...

This weekend I got some yardwork done (please tell me I am not the only one who *loves* playing with the whipper snipper?). J and I also had a great relaxing weekend together - went out for a play friday night and to a great lounge for drinks and tapas after that. Saturday was relaxing together too...a bit of chores and a lot of rest. So nice.

This week is continuing with organising my life...working on my room downstairs to get all the stuff from the renos out of there and either stored organised-like in boxes or back in the rooms they came from. It's hard to go through and purge things, but in the end it is good. A lot of stuff I've found I can't even figure out why we kept in the first place, so it's good to declutter a bit. Then I can be back in my room make glass and sew and al the fun stuff I love to do to relax. We have company coming the end of the month for a week or so, so I want the house in reasonable shape by then...AND our new stove (!!!) is arriving which is kicking off operation pimp my kitchen...which I'm totally stoked for. We've picked out the tiny glass tiles for behind the stove and larger subway style tiles for backsplash that my dad is going to help us put in. We will also need to cover in the top of the cupboards, as the stove vent fan will heave to vent out and that will cover it up. I am going to build some glass panels to go up there (all frank lloyd wright style) so it will look amazing...whenever it's actually done. We want to sand down and refinish the cupboard doors it'll take a while to do. There's no way I'm going to start that until after the company is gone...tearing the house apart before people come to visit is not a nice thing to do...I'm so excited though...the new gas/convection stove is coming this weekend! Meep!
Gotta go. Duty calls...

Music to run to: Brother's Gonna Work it out - Chemical Brothers

135 BPM and I feel fine

Nothing like some good psytrance music to get you moving in the morning.
This morning I got up and did 45 minutes hardcore on the elliptical (15% incline, resistance 2). I put on a favourite psytrance album from '96 and for some reason I was feeling the music and so I just zoned out to it and went all out and enjoyed the feeling of moving and breathing, it was great! Sometimes the music just takes me over and I could go of those days :)
I had a nice stretch out, some breakfast and now I'm off to work on my day off...ah it's not so bad. I'll be done early and I can just take off when the experiment is done...we're going to a play tonight, so I'm quite excited a what the weekend will bring. I've got stuff to do in the yard and have to start at Operation Paint My House yeah. Lots on my plate, but so far so good!
Off to sip a coffee and then back to work. Have a great day!

Music to zone out to: Hallucinogen - Lone Deranger

Even Steven

I find myself to be pretty even keeled. On the level and all those sorts of cliches.
It takes a lot for me to get stressed out & angry, & usually I'm only tipped over the edge by lack of sleep or good old PMS. Reading a few posts on the webosphere has made me realise just how much of a big deal we make out of things for ourselves...and that *noone else cares about them but us*.
For example: Thinking people are judging us. At the gym. In the store. On the street. Oh sure there is always some jackass who needs to put others down to feel good, but I used to think people were looking at me because I looked different. That I was the *big* girl. Now I've realised that probably noone noticed I was there :) Noone was obsessing like I was. Noone really cared but me. I've lost a lot of that, but I still get nervous in big social groups...

My husband? He is a worrier. Big time. I see him get all worked up about things and think " much energy you could spend on something else...". I try and remember that when I get all agitated about things that aren't real...

I got a compliment today on a new shirt I bought - it's fitted and bright colours, not what I'd usually wear (pink and yellow) but it looks good. J made the "are you sure? look" when I took it out of the bag, but when I put it on he admitted it's good. I took the compliment at work like the awkward bumbler I can be (still haven't learned to just smile and say "thanks!") ...I have to mutter on about things a bit. This whole social interaction thing with women always confuses me a bit- a leftover of the worrisome past. Men are so much easier to talk to than women...seems like there's less issues going on that make no sense to me. ANYways - I wore the shirt and felt good in it...confident. Thin. If I feel uncomfortable in things I don't like the fit of or think look bad I fidget, pull on things and generally keep to myself...and STILL...noone is looking :)
I have no idea how to pull this together to say what I want to say other than to tell you all you are beautiful, and that noone is watching you so do whatever you think is right. Do it for you!

This morning I slept in as mr tossy turney nosleep guy kept me up most of the night, so I tried to grab what sleep I could after he left for work. I did ride my bike to work and have eaten well. I've got stiff muscles from my workout yesterday so I know I did good :) It's a busy long day so I haven't had TIME to be sidetracked by food. My break is over now and a few more hours and I can go home and make something yummy. Yay.

Power 90

Sooo...I'm seriously eyeing up the Power 90 program.
Anyone have any recommendations about it?

It looks like a good mix of all over goodness. I need more sculpting and I need people telling me what to do to get all my exercise in...I've come to see I'm not really a "wing it" kind a girl. I'm feeling the need to finally get the ass I daydream about, especially now when I have no bellydance classes to keep me motivated. My abs and my arms have some nice definition thanks to bellydancing, but I need more. This looks like the "more" and it's not too pricey...nothing's too good fro my butt :)


Safety meetings can be fun

Yesterday was such along day. There was a "safety meeting" after work (code for we're all getting together for a beer after - then it's in our schedules as a real meeting, which noone can book stuff with us's brilliant), and then grocery shopping and then home for a rediculously late store thin crust pizza. Not great I know, but by then we could have eaten anything we were so hungry. It was 9 before we sat down for food! I'm glad I had a few beer and a few pub fries to hold me over or I may have just started nibbling on produce in the grocery store. Shopping for food is marginally more fun when you have a slight beer buzz...overall an odd experience really. I had a list though so I stuck to it and didn't buy rediculous things. :)

This morning I got up and did my exercise ball DVD workout and then ran for the bus to work as I was running around the house doing little things and lost track of time. I'm meeting my brother after work for supper, so I don't need my bike, and since I have a meeting today where I actually have to look nice and not all scruffy and sweaty I figured walking was out, as there is no shower here at work and I would've had to leg it to get here on time. I had some mini wheats for breakfast in the hopes of keeping the gremlins in my belly at bay stomach grumbled all yesterday morning. Loudly. Made for embarrassing meetings...

I was encouraged though - I stepped on the scale this AM and I'm nearly back down 4 lbs since the holidays. Only 1 more to be back at pre-holiday weight. I still have a bit of jiggle belly, but I'm getting there. The muscle tone is coming back and I feel much better about that. A few more weeks and I think I'll be happy at where I'm at.

I went bathing suit shopping over the weekend. Oh lordy. You'd think all women had no ass, the way most suits are cut now. I have no issues with the tops of 2 fact I like to wear them with shorts and jeans, but the bottoms are always a challenge to find that fit bottom. My fave suit is dying - the clip that holds the back together broke...I may have to try and fix it if I can't find a replacement. From the choices I've seen so far, I'm not holding my breath. :)

Anyways...should be off. Lots to do...
Music to run to catch the bus to: Dandy Warhols - Earth to the Dandy Warhols

It's not a crime when you look the way you do-the way I like to picture you

This morning was nice - yesterday was a tired day all day, and after I got home and made supper I basically relaxed until I went to bed...lazy. Of course once I was there I couldn't sleep at first (which is rare for me) so I read a bit of Queen & Country before I drifted off.

But I got up this morning and did 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical at incline 15% and resistance 2, with little 2-3 minute spurts of resistance level 3 every 7 minutes. The last time was hard...I almost set off an asthma attack but I made it through. It was hard today, but I did it. I feel great after! I stretched out very well and did ~100 crunches and made a great strawberry banana smoothie to drink on my way to work.
I walked to work this morning - a nice brisk 40 minute walk. The weather is gorgeous - not a cloud in the sky. And tonnes of gophers...the pelicans were fishing by the weir and the birds were singing up a storm. It's a very nice walk to work along the river - I love it. I'm meeting friends after work, so taking my bike was out...and I'm glad. It was a nice way to start the day.

I must be off...lots to do. Just keeping tabs on myself :)

Music to work out to: Jesus Jones - Doubt
Music to walk to work to: Pet Shop Boys - Singles Collection & Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious

We like to rock the party

This weekend was nice - I was supposed to go in and work saturday, but it was cancelled at the last minute, so I had a fun day wandering about with a friend, and then relaxing with my husband.
Yesterday we put on a surprise come and go tea for J's parents 30th anniversary. I was up early baking and making stuff for the party and gathering together last minute things like video projector and decorations. It went well - they had NO idea. All their friends came, and there was lots of snacks and coffee and visiting. We even had a few nice decorations and a slide show. Once they got over the initial shock (apparently J's mom hates surprises...ooops) they had a nice evening visiting. It was a nice cozy party - it's nice to do things for them, as they're always doing things for us...
We didn't get home from cleaning up the hall until after 11 and then had to put stuff away so it was a late late late night. With all the busy busy hurry hurry I didn't actually eat supper yesterday. Didn't notice either...I'm sure I nibbled enough as I set up things to make up for it. There's tonnes of leftovers which we all divvied up...J and I are bringing them all to work today to share with our coworkers, as there's just too much for the 2 of us.
This morning I tried to get up, but just couldn't. Instead I snarfed some cornflakes and rode my bike to work and will eat well today. Tomorrow will be a cardio day. We had house guests last night from the tea so I couldn't work out in the living room like I usually do, as someone was sleeping on the fold out couch...and the weather out is cold and crappy. I suppose I really should've gone out for a walk/run instead, but I was lazy...that will just have to do for the day.

Have a great day!