Doing too much to run??

Getting really bad here...
Last night I helped Jay at *his*work after working all day at mine and didn't eat til almost ten or get home to sleep til after 11. So running this morning? Well, I set my alarm, but I couldn't move, was exhausted and my knees and back ached from being on my feet for about 16 hours solid, so I wimped out and slept in a bit...and as a result, just had a long hot shower instad of any workout at all. I feel much better though.
And tomorrow, as it's my day off, I'll sleep in a bit and go for a good and proper long's even supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I won't have to wear my red sweats that are starting to fall off as I run (gotta get some smaller ones - yeah! :) )
And I do believe I'll run at the lake this weekend really I will!
This slacking must cease forthwith...


he heh...last night I went out with friends to a movie and before we made a yummy supper of baked fish and wild rice and raspberry salad. Healthy and scrumptious.
BUT I was out very late, so I didn't work out today.
I feel a bit guilty, but not a lot.
I'll just get up and run tomorrow. :)

The squeaky wheel gets the pudding

I did it.
This morning I hauled my ass up and out of bed and ran.
I'd like to say it was like I'd never stopped, but lets be realistic here !
I managed to do 2.5 min walk + 4.5 minutes running twice, then backed off a bit and did 3 minutes walk and 4 minutes run 4 times to be kind to my knees. I'm a bit stiff after al lthe stretching, but I'm still kicking. I really didn't think I could do my 5 minutes run intervals after being off for 3 weeks, but I was hoping it would be a bit easier. Hell to be honest I was hoping it would be a cake walk, but well, such is life.
I don't know when it started happening, but the sun isn't up in the mornings anymore - that really makes it harder to get up. It's harder to read my watch too to know when to start and stop. And it was cold and rainy - but at least it was light by the time I was finished the run...

But hey - after it all I do feel great and alert, so I guess I"ll keep at it. I'll do the 4 and 4 1/2 this week and then qwork my way back up again. The run for a cure isn't until Sept 30 so I have loads of time to get back onto peak condition.
1 day at a time I suppose...

Easing back into things...

Heh heh...well now that I've signed up for the race, I have to get back at things.
This morning I did my exercise ball workout, to get my muscles used to the whole idea again.
Tomorrow I'm going to crawl out of bed and do some running...I don't know if I'll be able to do the 5 minute stretches like before. I'm going to try and do 4 minutes run 3 minutes walk and work my way back up from there. I've got a month until the run to get back into shape and I want to enjoy off I go.
It feels good to be doing things for my body again!

Running with my breast friends

I am very excited! I just signed up to run the Breast Cancer Run for a Cure race here in Saskatoon on Sept. 30.
I humbly ask - If anyone would like to pledge to my run, please contact me. You get a tax receipt...and a warm fuzzy feeling...and maybe help cure cancer by raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm on a team of tech's and patients from here at the hospital and we'd like to raise as much as we can...this is a cause I really believe in. It's part of what funds what I do and helps so many women. And I get to run and train with a group of great women.

Bring it on!

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Breathe deeply

Today finally I didn't have to use the inhaler to breathe normally.
Think I'm finally on the mend from this cold business.
Next step - a whole day of breathing normally and no shortness of breath going up stairs.
And then...perhaps a short jog up at the lake this weekend.
Gotta burn off all that pie...

Please stand by

I'm sick with a nasty cold...and my luncg dont' quite work at the moment.
Will return soon, when I can breathe.
Then I'm back at the running.

For now...I'm eating pie.
That helps with a cold right?

back from the void've been away on holidays.
But I'm back now.
...And wickedly ill with a cold.
I hope to be back at running as soon as I can breathe an entire lungful of air without wheesing all over myself.
I did dance like a monkey every day while on holidays, so I feel that I'm still doing well. In fact I danced so much my butt and hamstrings were stiff and sore - :)
I'll post when I run next.

no worky

Today I"m going to do my ball tape.
Yesterday? Got out and ran...5 minutes run + 2 minutes walk 6 times.
Lots to do to prep for Shambhala...but I don't care.
I'm not at work.


So, yesterday, did my exercise ball tape, as it was 29 degrees out at 5 am. I know. Sick.

This morning I hit snooze too much, but I used the crosstrainer in the basement for 28 minutes. Better than a boot to the head...
Running tomorrow. Honest.