So many leaves

I am happy to say I was good all last week - worked out mon-friday every morning and ate well and walked to and from work. Saturday I raked the whole dang back yard. Sunday I relaxed - a bit of a cheat day with a light beer and some snacks with friends playing spooky D&D. Was so tired I was in bed by 930. Really needed some sleep...Kept nodding off reading a book in the recliner with my cat so I just gave up and went to bed.

This AM I slept through my alarm (oops) so I am sad to say I didn't have time to workout BUT I still walked to work and am eating healthy. I hope to workout when I am home tonight, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday am. I'll be going to Winnipeg  (ooh aah) Wednesday PM until Sunday to visit an old friend who is here from the UK and we may go for walks and runs while there...shall see. I'll try and be healthy and wing it.

So very much looking forward to the visit :) It's been years and we may go relax in a spa for part of the day where I can nap in a heated hammock and sit in hot and cold pools with a book and ice water all day and visit in whispers. Never been to a spa before...just hot springs.

Never been so excited to go to Winnipeg haha

Whelp, here we go again

Yes I'm alive.  :) Long time no post - I've just been busy doing stuff. Life. Good things. Bad things. The myriad of life.
What I haven't been doing though is exercising. So - now that summer is over and I'm back home and in more of a routine I'm getting back to the fitness logging and healthy sorta stuffs again. Why? Well a wondrous summer of adventure (and beers and snacks a plenty) has had me lose most of my muscles and gain about 11 Lbs. Boo. It's enough that my pants are tight (really - I have 2 sizes of clothes and I'm tight in my upper sizes of them and really feel self conscious)....and more importantly, physically I am very weak. Yes I had to rest and heal, but it's been 6 months - I have no reason not to work out anymore other than just wanting to sleep in.  This weekend while helping set up decor for an event I was frustrated at how little I could lift and I am glad to know I'm starting back to fitness again. I couldn't even hold my arms up for long periods to hang and mount stuff - it's remarkable when you are used to being able to do a lot and you just can't...

So, since the start of October I've been slowly getting back on the train to being more health conscious. Other than thanksgiving day (where I had a yummy meal with my family and 28 other people - wine and pie and snacks playing cards and all that) I've been sober all month and not snacked on junk. Yep, no more beer or a drink after work. October will be sober, but after that I'll go back to just a drink on sunday...or e
lse I may pick up some Canadian 67 or some G&T for when I just really want a drink. It was becoming a routine and not a treat and although there's nothing wrong with a glass of wine with supper it was getting out of hand with all the (delicious) craft beers and once I have one I have a few beers ...then I have a snack and...yeah...that's how your pants get too small.

True story. :)
I have been walking to work, there and back as weather permits. I should not diminish this - it is 3.4 Km one way and it does help a lot - I really feel it when I don't. But - it doesn't give me strength, and I really need that back. So - last week I did a few days of a workout DVD and this week I'm going at it full tilt - Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD. Last week I felt pretty pathetic since I couldn't even get through the first workout without stopping and I had to modify a lot of things, but this week on my first "official" day at it I made it all the way through with only 2 modifications - pushups on my knees as requested by my surgeon and my front raises of weights were one weight between my two arms  instead of one in each. Misplaced my 3 Lb weights and only have my 5, 8 and 10 to work with.

I admit, I feel pretty proud of myself that today although I was pretty sqeuaky in parts I made it through the whole DVD with no breaks or cheating and just those 2 changes. I'm hoping to be up to a weight in each hand and a heavier weights for a few of the other moves by the end of the week that don't involve my arms. Having only one lat muscle really changes how your back works and I have to remember that to ensure I don't hurt myself.  Plus I have to remember -the first few weeks kinda suck. I can make it through and I won't's neat how quickly I don't get crazy stiff and fall back into the routine of being up and getting this in before work. Plus my asthma gets dialed in again and I'll feel a lot more confident and strong. It gives me energy and helps my moods too. Really I just want my clothes to fit a bit better again. I just want to be healthy.  So... I'm gonna be back logging my stuff again for a while. :)

So this AM - week 1 workout was done. Had some cottage cheese and fruit and a mug of coffee with cream for breakfast and I'm off to a good start.
Here's to a good day!