take that alfredo

Well - today I kicked ass at the gym. Kicked. Ass.

I woke up all alert and chipper, gathered my gear and lunch and was out to the bus on time. Today I did a few back exercises and then 30 minutes HIIT biking...I actually had sweat trickling down my face when I was done! Booyah. THAT is a workout. Sweaty me. :)
Then I went to do my ab fest...since a few of you have asked - here's my Wednesday all out abfest. I've tried to look up the actual names of all things I do because I'm not exactly sure what they all are called...Minus the knee to elbow pull (I saw someone doing them and it looked like fun), this is my abfest that I do 2 or 3 times a week in my quest for a 6 pack...

50 captain's chair crunches (broken up into 3)
50 back raises (broken up into 3)
25-30 hip raises
50 lower ab crunches with exercise ball (broken up into 3)
50 half curl crunches with exercise ball (broken up into 3)
30 bicycle crunches
50 side crunches (each side)
30 V-up/pike situps
25 seated oblique twists with medicine ball (12 Lb)
20 knee to elbow pull (in pushup position)

Heh heh. Take THAT alfredo! :)

I've had my protein shake and my cottage cheese and blueberries and I'm ready with my coffee to work hard today. Another long day of data crunching. I'm all proteined up and ready to roll...