saturday again

I'm in on a saturday to get a bit of work done. It was nice to sleep in a bit until 9, have a leisurely breakfast (egg, toast, coffee, bacon, ah!) with J and come in to get some stuff done. Until I get all my data in I can relax a bit this weekend...poor server is chugging away so I am nervously awaiting all my numbers and doing a few other things. THEN boyo do I have me some work to do, but it's not crazy go nuts university right now...yet...
By the end of May if I can keep this horseshoe securely lodged in my tush I'll be done with my cell cultures. Just think - no more cell culture! Yeesh - it's been every day with the cell will be a relief to kill off those cancers and just focus on other stuffs...numbers. Results (ack!)
So, I must be good.
That's the next few weeks :)

J is going to meet me after work and we'll walk home together in time for Doctor Who and then who knows? BBQ maybe? Relaxing time :)
Definitely smoothie time!
I have an idea - I think I need to pick up some cheaper vanilla protein powder for mixing into smoothies (my prescious cookies and creme stuff is too good to pollute with other things!). I have an idea of when I get home to toss some coffee, a frozen banana. and some almond milk to blend up. Maybe even toss in some cocoa...or some tahini. Yum yum! If I had some vanilla protein powder I could have so many new choices.

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