Had an asthma attack this morning and by the time I felt a bit more normal, I decided to just skip the run today. I feel guilty, but this weekend I should dance a few hours at soundburn, so it'll all even out.
Plus breathing is cool...I didn't want to push my luck

The Gauntlet

I have a new ubercool name for the long run path I'm doing at least once a week-"the gauntlet".

Ooh. There now. Doesn't it just sound super challenging and awesome, like a video game level full of twists and caverns and dangerous cliffs and such?
Yes I know I'm a dork.

Actually it 's the route down our side of the river to the university bridge, across it, winding back along the river trail to the path across the river from my house - about 49 minutes of exercise. It's tough - 2 minutes walk and 5 minutes run 7 times, but it's on the riverbank and I love it.
I think it's between 6 and 7 Km but I'm not certain, as I can't get mapquest to calculate the runpaths...

I love being on paths by the river - it's a great perk of living where I do. This morning there was a HUGE rainbow to watch while I ran... and there's pelicans and other critters on the paths too. Do any of you have a favorite place to run?

Rest for the wicked (ly stiff)?

Questions to all you actual runners out there in blogger land.

How many rest days are you supposed to have a week when you run?
I'm not hard core - I run 3 days a week, every other day, ~6 Km (well walk/run 42-50 minutes) and feel great. I leave 2 days off in a row once in a week, as recommended to me by the learn to run program I was in as they said when starting up I'd have less chance of injury if I took it slow. And I did....but now I'm sort of up to speed, and the running program I'm in doesn't exist anymore so I'm confused.
The thing is, if I were to say add some yoga or my exercise ball workout tape into a couple of other days a week, how many rest days should I still have. Do I still need 2?
I don't want to go crazy or hurt myself doing too much...I feel like my upper body could use a bit of workout is all, since I stopped doing my exercise ball workout when I began to run my muscle tone and strength aren't what they were.
BUT I want to be sure I have time to rest and heal so I can do this forever. I want it to be fun and not hurt.
Should I still take 2 days off?
Just one?
Am I obsessing and it really doesn't matter at all?
Help me out here :)

Cat free stretching

Well, after a lazy weekend (reading all day Sunday) I crawled out of bed to run this morning. It's been so ungodly hot lately and not cooling off at all. Even with air conditioning it's been evil - it was 23 degrees C at 5:15 AM. This is NOT right - I was sweating like a fool by the time I got back. I did my 2 min walk + 5 minutes run 6 times, altho I admit on one of them I walked a few extra seconds befire I ran again...but I ran an extra minute at the end of it all so it all evens out right? Yeah. OK...whatever I think :)
It was harder today - I always know I can run 5 minutes, but today I made sure I kept a brisker pace to challenge myself a bit and ran back over the train bridge to keep to the shade on the other side of the river on my way back to the house...then when I came home I had a brainwave and sweated all over the cats by hugging them (much to their annoyance) - but my cat deterrent worked. By the time they'd cleaned my *filthy* hugs off them I was done stretching and doing sit ups uninterrupted.
Aha! I've found a cat free way to stretch.

Everything is OK

Well, despite no sleep and a stressful night I got up and ran...not the fastest ever, but I did my 2 minutes walk + 5 minutes run 6 times with some stretching and situps.

I still can do it...good. I was worried I would suddenly be unable to run anymore. I need to work up a bit faster, but my knees were a bit sore so I figured I'd take it easy today but still get a decent workout.

Slacking off and loving it

Well aren't I the slacker.
All of MOtion Notion I danced probably 5 or 6 hours each day and was up all night, but I was good and made sure I ate well.
When we got back I realised how exhausted I was...all monday I basically layed around slightly queasy, watching Babylon 5 with J on the couch and eating ordered in chinese food (I got dizzy making pancakes and decided cooking was out). Tuesday was better...we cleaned up our camp gear and got it all sorted away and did come laundry. We even went through some stuff in the basement to clear out space for our newly organised camp gear and got all nostalgic going thru our old stuff from before we were married. J even had some really old things like cub scout badges and toy cars. We tossed a lot of junk as we hadn't really touched the boxes since we moved in the house years ago.
Then we made a snack of hummus and pita chips and relaxed for the evening before going back to the real world. I put off running (so I thought) until thursday to be kind to my body.
BUT last bnight was a concert with free food and drinks and I was exhausted from being out late so...I skipped out. I feel very guilty, but I'll eb sure to be up and running tomorrow morning. I hope I can still do it - it feels like ages!
It felt good with friends going through our trip photos, complimenting me on how good I looked in my bikini top and bear suit head (long story - see my blog for some photos).
Who knew I looked good to other people besides J?
Feels good to know the working out pays off :)
I'll be back at it tomorrow - honest!

Last run before I run off...

Today is my day off before we leave for 5 days camping holidays to a electronic music fest in the woods in Alberta. I have had to bake a zillion things and pack all manner of stuff, but before I got to the work, I made sure I ran this morning, the same distance I did on monday. I slept in a bit longer than I planned, so it was a lot hotter than I'm used to.
It was harder was much warmer (I like the whole rain thing cuz you don't get warm), but I did it. 7 times 2 minutes walk and 5 minutes run. I'm always surprised in the last few reps that I have to keep telling my brain - no you can do it, keep pain, no strain and you can still breathe, you just want to stop. And sure enough, I keep at it and I finish off the 5 minutes. If I were ever in pain or dizzy or anything I'd stop for sure, but it's odd how I have to argue with my body about what it can do...granted it's an extra running rep when I go this route and I'm at it 50 minutes instead of 42, but I think I've managed to fiti it in, although the last bit was tough. Even on the exercise machine in the basement I have to bribe my body to keep going. I honestly think part of the fitness is mental training. Having the beautiful footbridge over the river to finish off is a lovely reward for hard work...but I don't think I could've run too much further. I'm glad you get the effortless runs every once in a while so you feel good about keeping with it. For some reason running has given me chiseled and defined abs I'm not complaining.

I do feel good tho now after a day of baking goodies. I just made 2 dozen muffins, 2 dozen bacon cheese biscuits, 2 pans of cookie bars and 4 dozen granola bars (and last night I made 6 scotch eggs). I think we're set for food with some puddings and fruits and cereal...I always end up sharing and like to have lots so I don't hoarde food. Plus it's fun going around giving away the leftover stuff on the last morning. I love Motion Notion - it's the 4th year I've gone and the atmosphere and music is great - I can't wait to go...
I won't run while I'm away, but I figure dancing all thursday friday and saturday night will be good enough :) I bet I can dance a lot longer than before...I can't wait to find out.


Although I went on a looong walk sunday, I didn't do much this weekend.
BUT this morning, I went further than I ever have. I did 2 min walk + 5 min run seven times...why? I ran down the river to the university bridge, over the river, back down to the newly opened footbridge by my house back over the river to my house. It was great, Sure it was raining, but I loved it...

Easy like a sunday morning

Today was nice. I slept in a bit, but was on the paths by 5:30 and did my usual 2 min walk 5 minute run 6 times. Then I stretched and did a few situppy things.

It seemed deceptively easy this morning...after a miserable day yesterday and not actually getting to eat supper until almost 10 PM (long story) I thought it'd be brutal running, but it was really easy this morning. I even pushed myself a bit speedwise and am no worse for wear. I *liked* it.
It's odd how every day is different...

come back fat as a rat

Despite a monday with family barbecuing and drinking and generally making a pig of myself, I got up this morning at 5:10 and did my thing.
2 min walk + 5 min run 6 times. And although I didn't love it, I didn't hate it.
The moon and sun were out at the same time which was quite cool. And I got to kiss J goodbye when he left for work which is not very common, so I'm glad for that. I even did situps and stretched when I was done.
Had to burn off all that BBQ and beer...