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sniff sniff

In for boot camp this morning despite this stupid headache I've had for days. It was ass kickingly hard, but I feel good. I just tried to ignore my head and for the most part I could. I think this headache is allergies...the snow melted from it being so unseasonably warm. I'm not complaining, but all the dust and leaves and such is making me sniffle and wheeze. Either that or I'm getting a cold. As annoying as that would be, I suppose it is OK if I do..all that I need to get through has been pretty much finished, and I've put my body through a lot. IF it needs to crash to recoup so be it...I can afford to be slowed down after tomorrow. And winter will come soon enough I'm sure...
Must go. Tomorrow is my permission to write meeting. So much to do. Crossing my fingers and toes...

Little luxuries

Well this morning I popped in for spin and sculpt. She's going to start a december workout with holiday music...I'm curious how that will be...It was so nice to work last night but not work to exhaustion and be in bed by 11. Oh the luxuries. :) I must go. Today is a full day. Just wanted to pop in and log and say hi.
Hi :)

I will survive!

Whew. What a whirlwind November has been. I feel like I will survive though. Almost done. The worst of it is over now. I hope you all had a good past few weeks...mine are a bit of a caffeine enhanced blur to be honest...I've compiled my 45 page thesis summary report complete with 14 figures and 11 tables and it's pretty swanky. I have to give a talk to my committee about it thursday, but the bulk of the work is done now. Hopefully they'll approve what they see and I can star digging into my thesis.
My new job has been great, although I've been in a bit of an exhausted haze until today what with pulling near-all-nighters for my report. Thankfully, I kept it together, and things got done. My new job has been a lot of fun so far, and after a weekend away with friends at a Star Wars themed dance party (at which I won best costume - hehheh) I feel refreshed and a bit more myself. I had a lot of naps over the weekend and caught up on my sleep a little bit. I enjoyed the 5 hou…

the end is nigh

Last night I got a LOT done. i feel like this report will come together nicely. I managed to sneak in a nap after work which went a long way in boosting my morale. Ive been burning the candle at both ends lately and it can be discouraging. Thankfully only 1 evening left and things seem to be working out. I slept in this morning and skipped my workout and feel much better for it. It got me a positively luxurious total of 4 and a half hours of sleep...which I know doesn't sound like much, but sure feels good after a long exhausting day. Getting up for boot camp might have been too much I think. I don't need to go crazy right now.
So talk amongst yourselves a little while longer, and have a giggle at this:

My husband showed it last night to cheer me up and I giggled until I snorted...he hee :)

Revision sucks

Long night revising figures. I admit I don't much care anymore as I'm tired and just want to be done. I find I am forcing myself to be attentive. It's hard to catch errors in writing you are infinitely familiar with.Soon it will be over and I can't wait.I was in on 4 hours sleep for spin and sculpt, and it's another long day. Here we go again.


Wow...missed a few days there!Well thursday was spin and sculpt and friday was nap :) I was up until 5 finishing a draft, so I needed it. I got a bit of recouping on the weekend with more work and this week is the last of the crazy edit work. The document is due thursday. Thank frog.Other than shovelling snow on the weekend, not much fitness related to tell. I did get to go shopping for a few new clothes which was nice. Still can't adjust to the whole size 6 thing...
This AM I came in for workout A + abfest + 27 minutes on stair master. Must dash. Crazytown awaits :)

middle of the week already?

Boot camp this morning...killer at the time but I feel great now. I was up late late number crunching, but feel pretty good for 5 hours of sleep...I'm off to another work day and evening of MSc slavery.
Have a good day!

T-0... New Job Today!!

First day at my new job.
Mee hee.
Just popped in to log. Monday was workout A + abfest + 28 minutes on the bike
Today was spin and sculpt class.

Gotta run.
New job and all :)

Then home to analysis. I'm finally getting somewhere...which is good because a draft report is due soon!

Life is exciting!
Sleep is for wimps :P

snooze time

I was going to get up and hop on the elliptical at home for a bit before coming in to the lab for my last (*sniff* and hooray at the same time) experiment in my laboratory. But I slept right thru the alarm and woke up an hour after it was set for...with just enough time to shower, have breakfast and catch the bus in to work...I figure I needed the sleep more than the exercise then!

It's been a long day in the lab finishing up the last of the work left I can do for people here...and now I'm settling things up to go home and relax with J tonight. The rest of the weekend is work like a slave. I am starting to panic -I need a draft of my thesis outline with detailed graphs by friday and I've had writers block a lot's just overwhelming at times staring at all the data. Summarizing it all is not so easy. Last night I'm annoyed to say I accomplished next to nothing...very frustrating. But I will keep at it. They'll get what I could put together by the submi…


My last Wed at this job. YEAH!
Tuesday I was in for spin and sculpt and today I came in for asskicking bootcamp. That lady loves to torture us.
I am trying to eat well and snag 6-7 hours of sleep a night. Working hard.
Tomorrow is spin and sculpt and more project slavery.
So. Much. To. Do....but I'm not cutting out sleep so far.

FUrther up and further in...


Long busy weekend. In for workout A + abfest + 28 minutes stairclimer.
Just keeping on :)



spin and sculpt on 3 hours sleep. :/
J is sick as a should be a challenge staying awake and away from the cold that everyone seems to have


Boot camp class. more tabatas. I am jello. That is all...


Logging in: Spin and sculpt class